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My My My.. you were VERY NICE.

Before I went to the shower I checked with you and cleared both our calendars that we may spend the rest of the day together.

With a kiss on your lips I am off to the bathroom.

I was in the shower when you came in. My eyes were in opulent bliss as you started to undress. As you started to undress you looked up and our eyes met. You teased me as you sensuously unveiled every inch of your sexy body for my opulent pleasure. By the time you were completely undressed every part of my body and mind was peaked with excitement.

You stepped into the shower, we embraced. Your body felt so good to behold so closely. I pulled you under the water with me. Your warm, smooth, flesh, combined with the warm water excited me even more. We stood there for minutes in the warm embrace.

As I put light kisses on your neck and shoulder, I washed your back with a soft mitten and soft soap, Victoria’s Secret. I kiss my way down the front of your body as both hands wash your back, over the smooth, tautness of your GORGEOUS butt, down your thighs, slowly running the sponge up and down the inside bahis firmaları and back of each thigh and your calves.

I sit you down on the seat in the shower to wash your feet. Each toe is treated separately, cleaned with the soapy, sponge, rinsed, then kissed and sucked, Slowly.

My lips and tongue kiss and lick a trail for the sponge up your legs, past your, knees, to your, luscious thighs. My tongue reaches your pubic area and stops. There It licks around your mound and lips before spreading your lips to taste your juices. From the excitement of it all it is not long before the tremors of orgasm run through your body. As they subside my lips release your lips so the sponge can continue caressing your body.

I move to your inner thighs, making my way to your love nest. I clean around your mound then move between your legs to wash your lips. The sponge touches your clit and causes an involuntary shake of your body, aftershock.

Moving up your belly, my tongue moves to your beautiful breast. The sponge tends to your stomach as my tongue circles the areola of your left breast before my lips wrap around kaçak iddaa your erect nipple. Tenderly I lick and suck that nipple before moving to your right breast to repeat the same.

As the sponge tends to your breast, chest and neck, I sit back and let my eyes enjoy ALL of you.

Now that you are all bathed, I reach for my razor. I aim the hot water at your pubes. Some of the water makes direct contact with your clit. I move your hood to allow better contact with your clit. Soon the warm water has your head laid back with your eyes closed as another wave runs through your body.

I soap up your pubic hairs, then slowly and carefully shave away all the hair from your mound and your lips. You are smooth as a baby and an absolute splendor to the eyes.

After rinsing you, my lips and tongue explore your new, smoothness to yet another orgasm. As you come down from that one, I lift your legs to my shoulders and let me tongue move further south to your tight, cute, rosebud. I lick all around it while squeezing your cheeks. As your body relaxes more, I spread your cheeks to allow easier penetration past the outer ring kaçak bahis of your ass to go inside it as deep as possible. I play inside as you moan your enjoyment.

Kneeling in front of you I aim my erection at your smooth, juicy love nest. I rub the head of my erection up and down your lips and over your clit until your lips appear to spread and invite me inside you. Slowly I put my head inside your inviting lips. Our eyes meet as I bury my entire length into your warm depths. We embrace as I begin to work in and out of you. Our lips meet as the waves of orgasm rip through both our bodies.

We stand together to rinse off. I grab the towel to dry your body. Then I grab your favorite VS Lotion. Gently I rub the lotion over your entire body, from head to toe. Sensuously caressing EVERY inch of your body. Then I begin to dress you… I start with your pretty panties, white, shadow-floral print, Victoria’s Secret thong. You put your hand on my bald head to steady yourself as you put one leg then the other into your panties. I stand behind you to admire your ass as I slowly pull the panties up and adjust them from the back then come around to the front. Then your shoes. Black, high heeled, strappy, sandals. Since our calendars our clear with no expected guess you agree to let my eyes enjoy you in just that.

All I can think of is WOW!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32