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The cabin is on top of a hill, miles from everything. The sun, which has burned down all day, is gone, and has been replaced by a full moon. A moon, so bright and intense, that it seems to be giving off a heat of it’s own. Moonlight floods into my room through the skylight and open window, where the sheer white curtains flutter, as a tepid breeze flows in. The walls are illuminated to such a degree that I can clearly make out the design created by the grain in the wood paneling which surrounds me.

No blanket, no sheet, no clothing… nothing to block the faint breath of air from my bare, naked body, as I lay motionless on the bed… desperately trying to will myself to sleep… desperately trying to will myself not to sweat in the warm, humid closeness… But, I fail… As I lay on my back, with my head flat against the mattress, the first sensation begins to tickle… to trickle… at the hairline of my brow, the first drop of perspiration starts to condense, and grow… into a heavy bead which begins to run down through my hair, and across the top of my skull…… Well… at least I now have something other than the heat to focus my attention on……… But, what is that?…

A muffled sound flies in the window… A sound much more provocative than the crickets and cicadas that chirp outside in the trees… Not the sound of Nature, but the sound of an automobile… moving up the hill toward my cabin… making almost no noise as it travels along the dirt road covered in pine needles…

Now, I hear something familiar… a distinctive squeak… a tell-tale sign that leads me to know… She is coming… in her old Jeep with the bad front-left shock that cries every time it hits a pothole… And, as She arrives… the passenger side headlight, the only one that works, shines in the window making strange shadows dance across the room… and cause my imagination to begin running wild……………….. She is coming…

I continue to lay still, but my attempt to control my sweat glands is fruitless… Beads have broken out all over me and are commingling to cover my entire body… dripping down to the sheet beneath… soaking it… Yet,… allowing the air circulating around my body to have a cooling effect…

Her Jeep pulls up in front… the ignition is turned of… the light goes out… her door opens and then slams shut…

All is quiet, once again… I listen… Nothing… Nothing… and then I hear the front door open… There is a ‘click’, and the light to the front room turns on… it shines under my bedroom door… and so, I turn my head to watch… to see… how this is all going to play out… Because this is not my plan… but, hers…

My bedroom door is in deep shadow… I hear the doorknob turn… the door swings open, flooding the bedroom with light… it takes a moment for my eyes to adjust…

Standing in the doorway, backlit and silhouetted, is a figure I’ve memorized over the last twenty years… Her arms extended upward… her hands pressing against the jamb… her feet spaced slightly apart… The luscious line of her body moves down from her shoulders, curving inward dramatically at the waist, and then sensuously back out and rounding the hips… And there, between her legs… the cute little pucker of her full, pouty lips… My God, she takes my breath away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I guess I’ve always loved her, but she became my sexual obsession the summer I turned nineteen. Still inexperienced with women, I spent most of my time trying to show them I knew what I was doing, instead of enjoying all the possibilities of my own sexuality. She taught me to forget about those unavoidable embarrassments in life… just open up and let good things occur.

A couple of weeks before my first semester of college began, I was sitting around the house doing nothing. My parents were on a Bahamas cruise, so I had the whole place to myself. I sat on the couch in the family room watching STAR WARS 3. You know, the one where Princess Leia is Jobba the Hut’s prisoner, and she’s running around in that little slave outfit… God, she was looking hot.

Anyway… there I was sitting on the couch… fantasizing about Princess Leia… my pants down around my ankles… a raging hard-on in my hand… when I heard someone clear their throat… “AHEM”… Almost breaking my neck, I whipped my head around to find her staring at my crotch. She had that cute little smirk on her face… That smirk that means, ‘NaNa, NaNaNa… I gotcha!’

“Well, Dicky Boy, looks like I caught you between a rock and a hard spot. We might say I caught you holding the bag… or, should I say, your scrotum… But at this moment, I could probably say I shot JFK and you would promise to keep my secret until you die… and I’d be able to count on it.”

Leaning with her elbows on the back of the couch, she took her stare from me to the television screen, “Still got the hots for Princess Leia, huh? Yeah, well… can’t blame you. I would love to slide my tongue down between her legs too.”

I didn’t know what to do. Here I was, trapped. What could I say to explain this situation?… “My zipper got stuck and I was trying güvenilir bahis to repair it”… “There was an earthquake and my pants fell down.”… There was nothing I could say… a fact is a fact… So, with my erection withering down to a limp lump of flesh, I asked a stupid question… “What are you doing here?”

Without taking her gaze from Princess Leia, she said, “I just felt like coming home for the weekend, hang out for a while and do a bit of shopping… You’ll be in college soon… Sometimes you need a safe haven to recharge your batteries… Anyway, I heard you were without parental supervision and thought I should look in on you… and now that I have, I realize you definitely need some help”.

Her gaze returned to me… sitting on the couch… with a limp dick in my hand… “So, tell me, what were you going to do with that?… Princess Leia isn’t going to come and ask you to ‘Do what you will’… But, baby boy, perhaps all is not lost”.

She walked around from the back of the couch in her T-shirt and short denim skirt… to stand in front of me… blocking my view of the TV… removing my view of Leia, and replacing it with herself… Showing, and proving to me the difference between FANTASY and REALITY.

“So, Dicky, what happened to that lovely erection you were playing with when I came in? What you’re holding now isn’t going to do anybody any good, and I was hoping I might use it myself. Perhaps a little inspiration will re-inflate your balloon.”

With that, she took her hands around behind her back, unzipped her short skirt, and let it fall to the floor. Standing there in her powder blue satin panties, she said, “Aw, come on, don’t look so startled, you’ve seen me in swimsuit’s a hundred times, and this is no more revealing. But, would you like to see something you haven’t seen before? Look at my tits. You see how my nipples are trying to poke through my t-shirt? I think they want to see you… Would you like to see them?”

I couldn’t say anything, I could only stare in shocked disbelief. “What’s wrong Dicky, tiger got your tongue?”, then, with a wicked little smile, she grasped the bottom of her shirt with her expertly painted fingernails and began to raise it slowly upward… above her flat belly and midriff… until the shirt covered her face, and her expression of glee over my apparent state of discomfort, yet, awe… until her exposed breasts came into view… My God!… they were perfect… not too large and not too small… round and firm… her nipples pointing out and up as if to say, ‘look at me… suck me!’

She pulled the shirt over her head and threw it to the floor. As she shook her head to make her sandy hair fall back into place, her beautiful breasts swayed with the movement. “Dicky, I’d like to introduce you to ‘The Girls’… Are you happy to make their acquaintance?”… She glanced down at my lap and said, “Well, it appears you’re very happy to meet them.”

Reluctantly taking my eyes from ‘The Girls’, and looking down, I realized my raging hard-on had returned with a vengeance. It was still in my hand… the purple head and bulging veins… I remember thinking, ‘what a silly looking thing’… “Come on Dicky, don’t be ashamed. I think it’s a very handsome erection. Any woman should be ecstatic to have it in her”.

“OK, I’ve got one more little treasure to show you”… She looped her thumbs in the top of her panties and pulled them down below her knees, let them drop, then kicked them to the side… With a playful giggle, she stepped up on the couch and stood with her feet on either side of me… I could see her… smell her… almost taste her.

Placing her right hand between her legs, she began to rub her tender, pink folds… her body swaying gently from side to side… her left hand behind her, caressing her sexy ass… wearing nothing but a dreamy expression of contentment… …I watched as she masturbated just inches from my face… I listened to the moist, sticky sounds she made as her first and second fingers disappeared into that warm honey pot… I smelled the pungent odors of a woman in love with sex…

“Oh Dicky… I’m afraid I may be just a bit horny… Can you see how badly I need to fuck?”… Looking down directly into my eyes she said, “Dicky, I want to fuck you right now!”, then she squatted down over me, taking my hard cock in her cunt juice covered hand …

“But, Beth”, I blurted out, “Wouldn’t that be wrong?”

A sudden trace of irritation washed across her face, but then vanished as she sarcastically stated, “Well, I think we would need to consult with the world’s greatest philosophers and theologians to answer that question. But they’re not here. But, if they were, and you didn’t want to fuck me, I’d fuck one of them… Now, here’s the situation: I’ve got the itch and you’ve got the boner, so just sit back and I’ll make you a Moaner”.

I couldn’t help but laugh. The sly gleam in her eyes was irresistible, and I said, “You are quite the poetess”, to which she lewdly replied, “Yeah… Now you poetess this!”

Then she took my dick and rubbed it back and forth several times across the slit of her pussy to lubricate türkçe bahis the head with her sopping fleshiness… and, positioning it at the entrance to her vaginal canal… she stared into my face to watch my reaction as she slowly lowered herself onto me… impaling herself on me… pushing me into her as far as my cock could go…

OOOOHHHH MYYY GOOOOD… The sensation was sooo divine… It was like my penis had been engulfed in velvet… I felt like a submarine commander submerging his vessel into an ocean of warm strawberry pudding… It was like I had been plugged into a high voltage transformer… the electricity ran through my male connection… jangling my nerves as it passed up the spinal cord to my brain… leaving me with only one thought… “Fuck me Beth… Oh, please fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” She smiled so sweetly… Angelically… Like the Goddess of Sex that she is… then leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “Don’t worry about a thing, baby, because I’m on the pill… Fill me up… Shoot your cum in me until I can’t hold any more”.

Grabbing the back of the couch for leverage, she started to move her pelvis up and down… taking my cock in and out… pumping sexual pleasure out of herself and in to me… OOOHHH JEEEZ… How long could I possibly hold out?… I was about to cum merely from the sight of her gorgeous labia… how they glistened… how they compressed in to her as she moved down… how they extended as she moved up… clinging tightly to my cock which was covered in her liquid essence.

She rode me like a jockey at the Kentucky Derby. She began to lather up as beads of perspiration formed between her breasts, then trickled down her stomach… And her breasts… her perfect tits bounced each time she pounded herself onto me… The experience was heaven… it was torture… it was unbearable… it was addictive… it was… it was… OOOOOOHHH, MAAAAAAN… EWWWWWW, YES… “OOOHH, Beth, you fuck so good… Do me, Do me… OOOHHH shit, I’m cumming, God I’m cumming inside you… Oh Yes, Oh Yes… Pump me… OOOOOHHHHH, MMMMMMM… OH,OH… OOOHHH, OOOHHH yeaaaaah… M… M… M…

I came so hard I almost passed out… When I opened my eyes she was sitting there on my lap with a pleased expression… sitting with my dick still inside her… sitting in a puddle of my cum which had begun to seep out of her mysterious cave of delights… She said teasingly, “Aw, come on Dicky… is that all ya got?”

“To tell you the truth”, I said, “Yes… That was the single most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me… Beth, you are so fuckin’ hot!”… She leaned forward again and lovingly kissed my cheek, almost in a motherly fashion.

She rose off of me to stand, and as she did, my ‘once again’ limp dick pulled out of her and landed on me with kind of a soggy PLOP… As she stood there I could see the combination of her juices and my cum starting to collect and flow down the inside of her leg… I inquired, “Can I get you a towel to clean up with… I’m afraid we’ve made a mess.”

With an unconcerned air, she said, “No, that won’t be necessary”, then she stepped off the couch… put on her panties, skirt and shirt… “I don’t want to clean up… it’ll feel kinky walking around the mall with your cum squishing between my legs… But, it was great hanging out with you… You be good, and I’ll see later… Bye-Bye”…… and out the door she walked.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Anyway, that was twenty years ago… and here she is again… standing at my bedroom door… backlit and silhouetted, in the full bloom of her mature beauty… once again, to offer me aid and comfort in my dark hour of need as I try to find an escape from the monotony of a long, hot night of restlessness.

We share a life history… a detailed intimacy so close that no other person can interfere… a relationship more connected than even a husband and wife.

“So, Dicky, is this how you treat all your guests… you go to your room and hide in bed?”

“Actually, I just do that for the gorgeous naked women who come in unannounced… By the way ‘Danger Woman’, did you drive up here all the way like that… in nothing but your invisible Versace body suit?”

She giggled as she walked in the room, closing the door behind her. “No, I wore a sundress in case I got pulled over… but, nothing underneath… I set the AC vents to blow up my dress to keep me cool, but it didn’t help… I still had to frig myself twice on the way.”

With her right foot on the floor, she bent her left knee and sat on the end of the bed facing me. Below the moonlit skylight… her features were so distinct in the contrasting scene of dark and bright… I felt like we were in a black and white movie.

“You know, I was pissed when mom and dad died and left this cabin to you, but the truth is, it’s nice to have a place I can run off to where no one will think to look for me… a little AC would be good, though.”

“Yes,” I agreed, “But it rarely gets this warm… Anyway, how did you get out of the house tonight… and are you sure Howie’s bloodhound isn’t out there watching?”

With a pained grin and a shake of the head, “I happen to know güvenilir bahis siteleri that Mr. P.I. never works on Monday… he’s got a kid that gets chemo-therapy once a week.”

“OK, so what did you tell Howie to get out of the house?”

“Well, dear Howard had a rough day… He hosted one of his high-powered business, slash, golf outings… Which means he drove around in a golf cart all day with a bunch of guys lying about how much money they have and how all the women want them… and of course, drinking so much beer that they couldn’t pick up their balls even if they could find them… After he got home from threatening the whole community with his drunken driving he opened another beer, laid on the couch, and passed out in front of the Golf Channel.”

“But I didn’t come here to talk about my dysfunctional marriage”, she said as she rose, then stepped up onto the bed. Standing above me in the moonlight, her feet on either side of my pelvis, her breasts pushing out proudly, she explained the reason for her visit… “What I need is not a drunk, flaccid dick, but to touch a real person who can look in my eyes… stroke my soul… and let me know I’m loved… Think you can handle that?”

Yes… I could handle that… I would handle that… I wanted nothing other than to handle that… “Then speak openly to me O’ Goddess of the Night… Fill thy servants ears with thy wishes and desires… Wont not of asking all that ye may crave and”…

“Aw, shut the hell up,” she commanded…

The light shining from above held her face in shadow as she peered down into my illuminated face, and demanded, “Are you going to fuck me or not?”

Well… talk about your stupid questions… this one took the cake, and I said, “I would if I could, but I’m not one of those porno actors with a dick two feet long… I’m just a normal man, with a normal erection,… so if you want some action from me you’ll have to get a bit closer.”

Although her face was in shadow, I could sense the wry smile beaming down at me… as she slowly bent her knees… until her dewy cunt was suspended an inch above the aching cock laid out hard on my belly… I could feel the naked heat radiating from her sex… I could smell the perfume of her body, and the perfume she had dabbed behind her ears.

Leaning forward onto her hands, her face moved closer to mine… close enough that I could feel her hard nipples pressing upon my chest… close enough that I could see her eyes shining in the dim light…

She paused there like a wild jungle cat preparing to pounce… the energy of her lithe body coiling up… compressing the spring in her spinal cord to a point where it’s tension could no longer be contained… “You better hold on to the headboard, Dicky, ’cause I’m going to make you cum so hard you might just slide out of bed.” And, as I stared into her eyes, she brought her mouth down upon mine… with our eyes open and locked on each other, our tongues began to dance a tango… swirling around, pushing and gliding.

After thirty seconds or so, she released my tongue from between her lips, and straightened up into her original crouching position… Her expression was now serious as she lowered her body that final inch… pressing her soft, wet folds on my rigid member… and, wiggling her ass a little bit, her velvet lips parted, engulfing my dick in her smooth, sticky warmth…

Then… she began to move back and forth… sliding her pussy along the entire length of my cock… going forward until my purple head rested at the entrance to her magnificent hole… and then sliding all the way back, rubbing her clit across my scrotum… drenching my dick and pelvis with the prodigious amount of pussy cum her excitement was producing… She might as well have taken a bowl of melted butter and slathered it on me with a paintbrush.

Placing her hands on the bed behind her, she leaned back as far as she could… and, with this increased extension she could now rock further forward… bringing her tight ass up and drawing my well lubricated cock through the valley between her round globes… and bringing her pussy back across me again… back and forth… back and forth… MOANING… “MMMMMMM… OHHHH… OH, YES… OH… OH… OOHHHH!”

She was working hard… Sweat beaded on her breasts… flowed down her firm belly to the tiny patch of pubic hair above her pronounced hood… dripping between her legs to mingle with her juices, and the pre-cum that was leaking out of my engorged penis… Her orgasm was not far off…

Switching positions in an instant, she threw herself forward… laying her breast upon mine and panting in my ear… I wrapped my arms around her and whispered, “I love you.”

She simply heaved the word, “Yes”, then slid her hand between our sweaty bodies and grabbed the head of my cock… she held it tight so it wouldn’t move around… then started sliding from side to side across it… abusing her clit on it… sending jolts of electric impulse through the core of her body… emitting low guttural sounds through her clinched teeth… animalistic, primal… groaning, as she savagely forced her most sensitive area to grind without mercy… “UH, UH, UH… OH, MMMM… Oh Shit… Oh Shit… OH… OH… OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHCHRIST… OH… oh… ewwww”… Then she went limp on top of me… We lay there… Our bodies glued together with sweat and cum… the room heavy with the aroma of sex… we lay there in Heaven.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32