She can Take Care of Herself

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While I was camping, you were undoubtedly glamping.

I stumbled onto your abode while looking for a stream to fill up my canteen. The first time I laid eyes on you was as you were walking away from me. You were carrying something that I could tell by your posture was remarkably heavy. I saw the sweat glistening off your tan back and perfectly sculpted shoulders.

“Need a little help there?” I yelled, as you continued walking away.

“Nah, I can manage by myself. Thanks!” you said, never seeming to break stride.

I resumed walking toward the stream. As I thought about what I just saw, I wasn’t sure what was more impressive: this luxurious abode you – or someone – had created or the way your ass looked in those capri pants.

As I made my way back to my tent, I caught sight of you again. You were inside your tent – honestly, it closer to a yurt – and your hands were pulling your hair into a bun. The setting sun cast a silhouette and put your beautiful breasts in sharp relief.

I wanted to see more, but I didn’t dare get caught gawking. As I pressed on, I looked around for signs of a husband or boyfriend. Someone so striking could not be here alone, I reasoned.

Once back at my pop-up, I caught myself fantasizing about running into you. What would I say if given the chance?

I readied my tent for the night, but found myself restless when I tried to sleep. Who were you? How did I get so lucky as to find myself near a beautiful woman in this semi-remote area of the Adirondacks?

As the sun crept up slowly over the horizon to begin a new day, I once again found myself in need of water. The day promised to be hot and muggy. But with the sun not yet in the sky, the sweatpants and my shirt with the three-quarter length sleeves was the perfect attire for a cool morning.

I wanted to keep a respectful distance as not to seem creepy, but I was extremely curious about the interior of your place. I didn’t have the means for anything glamorous, so I was admittedly jealous of your dwelling.

A small light was on inside your place and the door – or whatever Onwin we were calling that piece of canvas that folded back – was open, although a net was hanging down. You were likely enjoying the breeze, without having to worry about the bugs.

I caught sight of you inside the four-post bed. Even from a distance, I could see you squirming beneath the comforter. My initial thought was that you were merely adjusting yourself to find the perfect spot in which to lay. But as I slowly – and I mean, very slowly now – made my way toward the stream, your wiggling did not seem to subside.

Oh my, I thought. Is it possible I’ve caught sight of this beautiful woman masturbating? I bravely took a few steps closer to your entranceway, ducked behind a tree and froze into place, careful to limit my sound.

I don’t think I was quiet enough, because you seemed to stop whatever you were doing, sit up and look around. I pinned myself against a tree, hopeful you could not see me from your vantage point.

After what seemed like an eternity, I saw you melt back into your bed.

The restlessness resumed. The only exposed skin was your face and a solitary arm. When you turned away from the doorway, I sensed this was my best chance to get closer. I tiptoed toward you and used the outer shell of your dwelling to shield myself, just in case you were to turn around.

I was in that position, when your legs kicked off the comforter. I could see now that you were wearing a sheer, but cozy looking, T-shirt and no pants. The T-shirt was long enough to cover your butt, except when you moved your arm up to feel your left breast – exposing part of your bare ass. Although I wasn’t certain because your back was still turned to me, I assumed your right hand was either teasing your clit or had made its way inside your slit.

My erection immediately started tenting my sweatpants. I hadn’t cum in days, so this visual of a beautiful woman lying naked in front of me was almost too much to handle.

While enjoying your beautiful, round butt, your thighs spread ever so slightly. With the lamp inside Onwin giriş your place serving as a backlight, I for the first time caught a small peek at your luscious labia. I could now see that you were sliding two of your fingers in and out of your pussy, and the rhythm seemed to change as your body writhed.

Although every fiber of my being was telling me not to do it – that I would get caught and possibly get in trouble – I slid my left hand down under the waistband of my underwear and took hold of my now bulging dick. My right hand braced a post that held up your amazing structure, careful not to press too hard lest I be discovered.

I watched as you brought your right hand to your mouth to taste what I could only imagine was heavenly grool, and then return them to what I supposed was now a gushing peach.

I felt the pre-cum run down my thighs, and my hand started stroking my shaft from balls to tip. You were a beauty to behold as dawn broke, and I was so turned on watching you start the day by pleasuring yourself.

You then placed your left foot on your right thigh, creating a triangle that actually provided a better view than what I had been seeing before. Whenever I lost sight of your fingers, I could see your hips bucking forward (away from me), almost as if you were ramming your clit into the palm of your hand.

You were making it so incredibly difficult for me to breathe because I was entranced by what I was watching. You were beginning to let out very loud moans, which would have been heard in the paper-thin walls of a hotel but we were strangely appropriate for the middle of nowhere.

I saw your hand more aggressively rub your breast and bring your nipple closer to your lips (at least that’s what I think I was seeing). The speed at which you were fingering yourself seemed to intensify too.

Inadvertently, my hand started matching your rhythm. I was now stroking my thick cock quite vigorously. I was totally not prepared, but I figured walking back to my tent with a hot load in my briefs was worth this moment.

Within minutes I was ready to cum. I continued to watch you as you approached what I could surmise was your climax. Your body went from wiggling to quivering. Your thighs seemed to involuntarily spasm and you open and shut them aggressively.

I felt the hot load hit my hand and drip all over my boxer briefs. My cum was everywhere – on my fingertips, all over my nuts and inside each crevice between my thighs. It was clear you were slowing down now too. I couldn’t tell if your orgasm was as intense as mine because I closed my eyes when I started blowing my load.

You pulled the comforter up over your bare butt and shoulders, and resumed a position that looked more akin to sleeping. I figured this was my moment to slink away. I looked down on the ground for errant twigs or anything that could cause alarm or give away with my position and then proceeded to tiptoe ever so slightly away from your abode.

I only made it about ten feet when I heard you call out.

“Hey! I told you I could take care of myself!”

I froze. Fear mixed with confusion. She definitely realized I was there, but she was being playful. I decided to return the volley.

“Yes, you did! You are very handy,” I offered as I spun around.

You had come to the door. The T-shirt came down to your mid-thigh and covered up those breasts, ass and pussy I had been so recently adoring.

“It wasn’t my intention to put on a show, but I was glad to have an audience,” you said, smiling wryly. “But now you’d better move along. My husband’s foraging for breakfast, and he’s not big into sharing his stuff.”

I nodded, my mind still in that post-orgasm haze. I hustled in the direction of the stream and replenished my drinking supply. When I walked back to the camp, I purposefully kept a wide berth from your place. It might not have mattered. While the light was still on, the door no longer open.

Though I found every excuse to fill my canteen that weekend, I never encountered you again.

It would be windy and cold and my tent gave way to the elements once or twice, causing for some less-than-ideal sleeping. It was hard to start a fire in the blustery conditions, so a lot of my food was eaten straight from a can.

It was still the best camping trip I’ve ever been on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32