She Left Me Alone for the Weekend

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On occasion my wife will leave town for the weekend. She’ll go away with her best friend and shop, visit friends, go to Chip ‘N’ Dale’s or what ever it is women do when the get together and gout of town. I always get excited when she leaves. No, I’m not cheating on her, or a closet homosexual. My fantasy is a bit more exotic then that. The minute I hear her car pull out in goes my favorite porn DVD: Big Titts and Bigger Dicks. Yes, I love transsexuals.

I live in a small town were everyone already knows to much of my dirty laundry so to let this one get out would be career and social suicide. Well that and the gay community is very small and I really doubt there is more then one transsexual in this city.

That doesn’t work to well because I’m extremely picky. Well maybe not extremely, her breasts don’t have to be huge. A handful will do. Her cock doesn’t have to be massive 5 inches is ok. But she can’t look mannish. That’s were I’m picky. She can’t look like a guy with breasts. Her arms çapa escort can’t be bigger then mine. She has to be very feminine.

After watching movies form my secret stash for a few hours my balls were heavy and churning so I decided it was time to retire to the bedroom. My wife has a very thick eight-inch dildo in the toy box. I decided that it should satisfy my hungry ass quite well. I got a picture in my head a hot large breasted eight in Asian girl. And I started sucking on her cock like a porn star. Bobbing up and down on the dildo getting it good and slobbery. My balls were starting to ache so I tied on my rubber cock rings. One ring went around my cock and balls and the other nice and tight around my cock. I lied on my back and slapped a big dollop of lube on my rectum.

I started inching in the huge cock. Picturing that gorgeous Asian girl and her tits swinging above me as she worked her cock into my ass. It took some work but I finally took it all thick eight. It fatih escort was bliss. Complete ecstasy. I didn’t even touch my cock for at least twenty minutes, that fat cock gliding in and out of my hungry ass. Stretching me filling me to new limits. My cock raged turning purple, as veins were so large they looked like they were ready to burst.

Bondage is another of my fetishes well that didn’t have much to do with what I did next as much as wanting that big Asian cock in my ass deeper and deeper. I grabbed the belt to my bathrobe hanging near by. I tied one end to my ankle ran it behind my head and tied it to my other ankle. This held my legs way up tin the air and allowed my to ride that dildo even deeper. Every movement that big plastic head was rubbing my prostate. I sunk it in deep. As deep as I could take it and I held it there. I squeezed all around that huge cock. I could barely keep form cumming. Precum was oozing form my cock like a leaky faucet.

With one sarıyer escort bayan hand I held that cock. This mind-blowing tranny girl in my mind. Fucking away at my ass. With the other I started working over my cock. It didn’t take long before my balls were tight and heavy with cum. The thing about the way my legs were in the air it tilted my head. My cock was no more then four inches from my face.

I worked over my cock jerking in rhythm with the dildo I was riding. Picturing these huge Asian tits in my face. I accidentally bumped the base of the dildo. I didn’t know it but I vibrated. That was it, I exploded. Thick streams of thick hot cum spit from my cock. And it exploded al over my face and in to my moaning mouth. I collapsed the dildo slipped out of me with a “pop”. My body was tingly I had never had an orgasm like that before. I lay there for a few minutes before I had the strength to bend my legs enough to untie them. I went to bed just like that, cum all over my face. I felt so sexy and sluty at the same time.

I had the balls to tell my wife about my fantasy. She actually like the idea and said she might think about a threesome but, I couldn’t have my own girlfriend if I want going to share. I’ll keep you posted on that situation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32