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Quinton heard the covers rustling as he walked past his bedroom. He peeked in and saw the full-figured redhead moving around in his bed and he took a moment to gaze at her. It was a sight he never thought he’d see. For months he’d been visualizing her in his bed and now that she was there he wanted to keep her there. He moved silently into the room and picked up his digital camera. He took several shots of her sleeping, trying to capture every angle of her in his bed. These pictures would have to last him a lifetime, unless fate stepped in. They had eight weeks to love each other and then she returned to her life and he resumed his final semester of schooling. When he was satisfied, he placed the camera back on his desk and slipped out of the room.

Quint headed back to the kitchen and readied supper. He’d always wanted to cook for her. They had used a few “foods” to play with when they had been on the phone together. He chuckled as he remembered the frozen banana ordeal and how her moans became giggles. When he’d asked her what had changed, she explained her pussy had thawed the banana and now it had become mushy. They decided cucumbers were the way to go, since she didn’t have any vibes, though in time as their relationship grew, that problem went away.

A curse reached his ears and he raised a brow, set the knife he’d been using down and turned the heat on the stove to simmer. He walked back to his bedroom and peeked in on his girl once more. She was rubbing her big toe and he assumed she’d stubbed it on the leg of his bed. He was about to walk in and offer to ease her discomfort when she turned around and stretched. Her body was still bare and her ass was wiggling in front of him.

She ran her hands down her torso, cupping her breasts and then sighing. He watched her open his dresser drawer and pull out a shirt; she looped it over her arm before heading to the attached bathroom, the only perk to having the small bedroom while his roommates shared the larger bathroom that was connected to their rooms. Once again he was giving thanks for his two roommates and their desire to visit family over Summer Break.

He waited until she shut the door and then Quint walked into the bedroom. He removed his clothing, slowly folding the pieces and laying them on his bed. He waited somewhat impatiently for the sound of the shower to enter his ears; when it did, he eased open bahis firmaları the bathroom door.

Alissa let the water flow over her. The heat helped to ease away cramped muscles. She buried her face in it until she felt the draft enter the room. A smile creased her freckled features and she turned toward the shower curtain. Running her hands over her face, she pushed her hair back and stepped free of the heaviest fall of water. “Don’t flush,” she warned, hoping the toilet wasn’t like hers at home and she was suddenly frozen or worse burned.

Quinton laughed and pushed the curtain away, stepped in and smirked. “Okay.”

She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. His body was cool compared to her showered, wet one, and dry, at least it was for a few seconds, before she slithered all over him. “Hey there.”

“Hey, rest well?” he asked and picked up a bar of soap from the shelf behind her.

“Yes, I did.”

He lathered up his hands and ran them over her shoulders. “I’m glad. I have supper on low, so they’ll be something for you to eat when we’re done.” His fingers moved in circles over her flesh and down her arms. He massaged the muscles, the soap adding in his exploration of her.

Alissa’s eyes fluttered closed as the water sprayed her back and his hands played her body. He cupped her breasts and smoothed a sheen of soap over the round globes. He lathered his palms again and then lifted first her right tit, circled it with the fragrant Ivory soap he used and rubbed her nipple with the pad of his thumb.

“Mmm . . . ” she moaned and leaned into him.

“We never did act out a shower fantasy on the phone did we?” he pointed out.

“Nope, talked about doing it once. Taking the phone into the bathroom with me, but we never did it.”

“We should have,” he whispered and kissed her lips as his hand slid down her stomach and left a trail of soapy bubbles behind.

She kissed him back and tasted a sample of what he’d been making for supper. “Mmm . . . garlic.”

“Yes, you don’t mind?”

“No, I love garlic. Though it doesn’t work on me,” she answered.

“Work?” he asked and slipped his fingers against her mound.

“No,” she whispered back. “I’ll still bite your neck.” She pushed her fingers into his hair and dragged her lips over his jaw and then down his neck where she proceeded to bite and suck on his flesh.

The kaçak iddaa water slashed at Alissa’s back and Quinton’s face. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of her drinking his salty, wet skin. He pushed his further down and spread her lips with his fingers. One dipped inside and he toyed with her fleshy lips. “Alissa,” he moaned and lavished her shoulder with his tongue drinking up the now rinsed off skin.

She released his neck and arched her back, offering her body for his exploration. She felt his fingers move deeper into her sex and she squeezed her muscles around them. “Quint, baby.”

He smiled and lifted his head. He left her pussy and traded places with her. Shielding her body over the onslaught of shower water he lifted her leg and placed her foot on the tub rim. “Grab my neck, babe.”

She did, wrapping both arms around him and holding on as they worked together to lift her up and ease her legs around his waist. He spread his legs, anchoring himself to the floor, by pressing his feet against the floor and sides of the tub. “Can you feel how hard I am? How much I want you?” he growled into her ear.

She whimpered and slid her hand between their bodies. Her fingers wrapped around his cock and she smiled at the groan that left his lips. She lifted herself up just enough to ease his shaft between her pussy lips. Quint felt her teasing him and bit his lip, from demanding she fuck him. In time, he told himself. He’d demand and make her please him later. Right now this was all new for them. They were living the dream that so many online lovers wanted to live, but couldn’t. “Allie, my love.”

She pushed the tip of his head into her opening and sighed in pure bliss as she swallowed him up. “Quinton,” she moaned.

“Yes,” he grunted, swallowed his words and then grabbed her ass tight.

“Fuck baby,” she hissed and squeezed his dick with her inner muscles. Her hands rested on his shoulders and she began to lift herself up and then drop herself down onto his stiff member. His fingers massaged her cheeks, squeezing and kneading them with firm gropes and teasing strokes.

“Harder babe,” he told her and proved his point by pinching her ass hard.

She ground her pussy against him, welcoming his rod and wanting to feel him possess her. “Quint, oh God baby. You feel so good.”

He moved one hand along her ass and then into the tight kaçak bahis crack. “May I?”

She knew what he wanted. Another form of play they had imagined entered her mind and she shook her head yes and then whispered her agreement.

Quinton’s fingers were moist from the shower water and he pressed her tight entrance with one finger. “Tell me baby, remember we had a word we’d use in our play on the phone if what I suggested you didn’t like. You use it here too okay.”

“I will.” She promised him.

They stopped fucking for a few minutes while he toyed with her asshole. He slowly eased a finger in and then out of her. “Okay?”

“Yes,” she whispered and shifted nervously on his thick member.

Quinton groaned and then slipped his finger back in. This time he went deeper and didn’t retreat. He let her settle around him before telling her whenever she was ready she could move again.

Alissa took a deep breath and began the slow, steady rhythm of lifting and falling onto his thick member. As she did Quint eased in and out of her anus, teasing her opening and then plunging back in. He heard her moan and knew she was receiving new sensations, ones she was apparently enjoying from the sound of her moans and pleads for more.

“Quinton,” she growled and felt his cock and finger press against her. Her body responded and her arousal continued to grow. Her fingers dug into his shoulders and she arched her back as she felt her climax threatening to consume her. “I’m going to come, baby. Oh God, Quint, harder please.”

He pushed his finger in deeper and played with her ass as he felt her shower his dick with her honey. The heat of her juice slithered over him, bringing his own arousal to a heady front that exploded and lathered her sex.

Both of them clung to the other as they recaptured lost breaths that had been coming in gasps while they loved. Now they breathed in the scent of each other as well as the scent of soap. Eventually Quinton eased his lover from his dick and settled her feet onto the floor. His leg muscles were sore, but it was well worth it. He looked into her eyes and kissed her lips. “I think someone liked that a lot.”

She blushed and shook her head. Her hand moved to his cock and she gripped it. “Eventually we’ll work this in there.”

He growled and kissed her again. In time they washed themselves and each other, dinner was ruined and Alissa enjoyed her first night’s supper in Independence, Oregon at the Rainy Day Gourmet restaurant. Thoughts of what the week and the Summer would bring to the couple played in her mind. . .To be continued. . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32