She Needs To Be Taught A Lesson

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“I am so pissed off with her teasing”, Judy said to me as we lay in bed. “She’s always wearing those low cut tops and short skirts, her tits and ass hanging out all the time. I’d love to show her what teasing will get her in the end”. I burst out laughing, I couldn’t help myself, Judy was looking very serious as she spoke about Sandy, the gorgeous blonde bombshell that worked with us in the office. “I know what you mean hon; did you see her yesterday after I had dealt with that silly bitch with the burst hot water pipe? She filled her cleavage with sweets, came over to my desk, bent over and asked me if I wanted some. I made to grab some and she ran away with a look of shock on her face that I would actually do it”

We lay in bed for another hour talking about Sandy and how we should teach her a lesson for all her teasing. I kept getting visions of Sandy, on her hands and knees licking Judy’s pussy, her arse presented fully open to me as I first licked and sucked on her clit then moved behind her and slid my hard strap on cock inside her. I could imagine her muffled cries as she came and Judy holding her mouth to her pussy as she too came hard.

These thoughts were having a predictable effect on me and I slide down the bed, kissing and licking Judy’s body as I went, until I was positioned between her legs, staring at her wet pussy, feeling the heat emanating from it’s centre, drawing my mouth closer so I could slide my tongue deep inside her. Judy started to play with her breasts, a sure sign that her orgasm was approaching. She was pulling hard on her nipples, stretching them out from her body. I could hear her groans of pleasure which always gets my juices flowing. I raised my arse of the bed and slid my hand between my legs, finding my hard bud and rolling it between finger and thumb.

I slide two fingers inside Judy’s pussy, crossing my fingers and turning them from side to side, causing Judy to arch her back and push her pussy up to meet my mouth. She started to hump my face, placing a hand on the back of my head and pulling my mouth as close to her as possible. I removed my fingers from her pussy and when I knew she was about to explode, I slide the two fingers into her arse. Judy’s whole body jumped up and she screamed, “Oh My GOD” Her whole body went rigid; she was balancing on the tips of her toes and the back of her neck, her body bent into a bow shape. Then she started to vibrate as her orgasm took full control of her body.

She had stopped breathing and I had just sucked her clit into my mouth when my own orgasm started. I bore my weight down onto my hand so it was trapped between my clit and the bed and rocked from side to side as I enjoyed the pulses of pleasure exploding through my body.

As we lay in each other’s arms, getting our breath back and coming down from our heights of pleasure, my mind went back to the images I’d had earlier of Sandy. A plan started to develop on how Judy and I could introduce Sandy to the world of Bisexuality and also teach her a lesson for all the teasing she’d put us through.

Over the next week, my plan started to take shape. I began to take more of an interest in Sandy, the way she walked, what she wore, who she teased (Judy and I seemingly her favourites) and how she reacted to the general sex talk that always seemed to dominate the lunchtime chats outside the office. Sandy was quite open about her sexual preference for men but I could see, whenever one of the other girls mentioned making love to a woman, how she went quite and seemed very interested in what the other women would say. During the Wednesday lunchtime talk, I asked Sandy if she’d ever been with a woman, Sandy started to blush and said,” Definitely not.” She then got up, said something about finishing a report and went back inside the office.

Before we all went back inside, I drew Judy aside and gave her a brief outline of my plan. We would invite all the girls around to my place ostensibly for a few drinks that Friday night, what they wouldn’t know is that I had arranged for a friend, Mary from the local sex shop, to bring a few of her toys and give a demonstration.

That Thursday lunchtime I told all the girls about the drinks at my place and as they all lived fairly close by; they could leave their cars at home and not worry about how much they had to drink. Judy and I went straight to the bottle shop after work and chose some nice wines, reds and whites, and a few bottles of scotch, vodka and bourbon. We then went to Woolworth’s and bought heaps of dips and chips etc for nibbles. That night we made up the dips, some strong jelly shots and, when they were in the fridge, we sat down and went through what we hoped would happen.

We knew that most of the other girls in the office had had sex with another woman before, only Sandy and another young girl called Leanne had not. The difference between Sandy and Leanne was, although Leanne had never tried it, she did express an interest in trying it should the opportunity kastamonu escort present itself. I had told the girls to be at my house at around seven, and then we would have the jelly shots and some of the dips. At about eight, I would open the wine and make sure the girls had had at least two glasses before Mary arrived with her showcase. This part of the plan was a little vague as I had no idea what Mary would be bringing and when she gets going, Mary could be quite demonstrative.

That Friday lunchtime I made certain all the girls would be turning up, especially Sandy. I had hinted that I had arranged for a special guest and that they had to be there at my house no later than seven. They were all excited and kept asking about what I had planned, I just gave them a smile and told them to wait and see.

Judy and I left the office spot on five and headed straight home. My pussy had been wet all day at the thought of what I hoped would happen tonight, and I think Judy was in the same state. I had just walked through the door, when she grabbed me from behind and started to grope my breasts and kiss my neck. I stood there letting her do whatever she wanted. She squeezed and teased my breasts then pulled my T-shirt over my head, released the clasp on my bra then went back to playing with my breasts. Judy kissed her way down my back, her tongue ran down my spine as her fingers rolled then pulled on my nipples. I closed my eyes as she dropped her hands to the waistband of my skirt and pulled the zipper down. My skirt dropped to the floor closely followed by my knickers.

Judy’s hands went back to my breasts and she started to lick her way down my arse crease. I placed my hands against the wall, pushed my arse backwards and spread my legs wide to allow Judy’s mouth to reach my clit, pussy and arsehole. Judy dropped her right hand to my clit then teased my puckered arsehole with the tip of her tongue. She slid a finger into my pussy then placed the wet tip back onto my clit, rolling it around the hard bud. My orgasm hit very quickly, my legs giving out so I crumpled and fell onto my knees. When I had recovered my composure, I turned to find Judy lying on her back, her skirt pulled up to her hips and her hand under the knickers moving furiously over her pussy. She arched her back and came hard, closing her legs on her hand.

She opened her eyes and smiled up at me,” Well I hope that’s a good omen for tonight” I could only laugh as I gathered my clothes together and unsteadily made my way to the shower. Judy started on dinner; at the very least we would make sure we had plenty of food inside us before the drinks began flowing. I finished off the cooking while Judy had her shower then we bickered for a little on the clothes we would be wearing.

I chose my black bra, g-string and suspenders, a shear cream top, see through skirt and black fish net stockings. Judy wore opposing colours, white underwear and very shear black top and skirt. Her stockings were the kind that stayed up with out suspenders. I love the feeling of running my hand up the inside of a woman’s thigh, reaching the top of the stocking then stroking the skin just before I reach her sex.

The girls started to arrive just after six thirty. I was a little surprised and very pleased that Sandy was the first to arrive. I was also very pleased to see that she was wearing her normal low cut top and mini-mini skirt. This was going to be a night I don’t think she’ll ever forget.

I showed her the jelly shots and she had swallowed two before she realised how potent they were, “Wow, these are strong enough to run a car” but that didn’t stop her having two more. The rest of the girls arrived in dribs and drabs over the next ten minutes and by seven they were all there.

I put the dips and chips on the dining room table and opened two bottles of wine. The girls soon polished off the jelly shots and I had to open another two bottles of wine. I put some Fleetwood Mac on the stereo and we all chatted and drank quickly demolishing the dips and chips. At quarter to eight, I brought the bottles of spirits in and poured everyone their drink of choice. Most of the girls were pretty tipsy, but Sandy was well on her way to getting totally pissed which was the last thing I wanted, tipsy yes but falling down drunk no. I distracted her from the drink by getting her to choose the music.

Mary arrived at five to eight and I helped her carry the two suitcases into the living room. Judy kept the rest of the girls busy and out of the way until we were ready. I was amazed at the assortment of sex toys Mary had brought with her, she had different textured vibrators, all sizes, dominatrix wears, restraining ties, gels and creams and my favourite strap-ons. We set them up on the settee and lounge table then I gave Judy the nod to bring the girls in. The looks on their faces as they came into the room differed from amazement, to fear, to shear pleasure. They moved around the toys touching and showing each other the ones they had used before or were curious about.

Mary had them sit down and then she began to go through the selection of toys. All the time Mary was talking I watched Sandy. She was watching Mary intensely and every now and then she would stare at a large pearl vibrator that was on the table in front of her. Mary had us all pick up a vibrator and turn it on, and then she told us to run it along our skin. I watched as Sandy grabbed the pearl vibrator and examined it. It was 8 inches long with the pearls in the centre, and, like most of the newer vibrators, it had little feather-like protrusions at its base. She picked up the dual control and spun the top dial; this caused the pearls to spin around and the shaft to vibrate. She ran the vibrator up her arm then across the top of her breasts. I was hoping she’d slide it up and down her deep cleavage but she just ran it back down her arm.

Mary let us play around with the toys for a while then she said, “Ok who wants to try theirs for real?” I looked around the room and all the girls had looks of embarrassment so I thought, “Shit, best I do something to get the ball rolling here.” So I told her I would and picked up a pearl vibrator similar to the one Sandy was holding. Mary came over to me and told me to lie back on the chair and scoot my arse up to the edge. When I was in position, she slowly raised my skirt until everyone could see, first my stocking tops then my black G-string. Mary slowly slid her hands up and down my silk covered thighs a few times then grasped the waist band of my G-string, I raised my arse and she pulled it down. All the girls leaned forward to see my pussy. Judy had waxed it the previous night and it was almost completely bald except for a small tuft of hair over my cleft. My pussy lips were swollen and it was obvious I was turned on by the glisten of juices between the lips.

Mary took hold of the vibrator, turned on the shaft and placed the tip just above my clit; I jumped, smiled at her then relaxed. She ran the tip up and down my slit then, when it was covered in juice, positioned it at my pussy opening. I held my breath as she slowly slid the head inside me; it felt wonderful, the vibrations pulsating throughout my pussy. Mary pushed the rest of the vibrator inside me, and then moved it in and out slightly, the feeling was perfect. After a few minutes, she pushed the vibrator as far inside me as it would go, held it there then she turned the lower dial on the control. I had forgotten about the little feather-like things on the base of vibrator. They were pressed against my clit and when Mary turned the dial they started to vibrate very fast, I nearly hit the roof with the sensations they generated. I came almost immediately.

When my orgasm had eased off, I looked around at the sea of faces staring at me, they were all smiling and each had a flush on their cheeks. I knew that they were all very turned on by the display they had just witnessed, “OK ladies, I think it’s time for you all to start to enjoy the evening.” Judy was next; she grabbed a little pot of clit cream and pulled up her skirt. I watched as she lowered her panties and sat on the edge of her chair. She opened up pot, covered the tip of her finger with the cream then applied the cream to her clitoral area. “Oh, it’s cold” she said, and then her expression changed as the cream started to take effect, “Fucking hell, it’s tingling.” She cried. Then Mary knelt between her legs, placed her mouth close to Judy’s pussy and then blew onto her clit. Judy’s head went back and she moaned loudly, ”Oh my God that’s wonderful” she cried aloud.

Some of the other girls had removed their underwear and were using different types of vibrators on their clits and pussies and when I looked over at Sandy I could see her visibly squirming in her chair. I stood up and walked over to her. “What’s the matter Sandy, are you going to play with us?” Sandy looked up at me and I could see the indecision on her face but I also saw that she was ready to burst. I told her to lie back and I leant forward and kissed her lips. I kept my lips on hers for a few seconds before she opened hers to let my tongue slide inside her mouth. I felt the vibrations as she groaned into my mouth and then let her tongue explore mine. I placed a hand on her breast and could feel her erect nipple through the fabric of her top and bra.

Sandy was breathing deeply as her excitement built inside her. I stood up and started to undress and soon I was standing, wearing just my suspender belt and stockings. The rest of the girls followed suit and I watched Sandy’s eyes as she looked around her. The other girls were very soon in various states of undress and I could see Judy with her head buried between Mary’s legs. Four of the girls had also paired off but the last two where busy rubbing clit cream onto their clits. I watched as Mary got onto her hands and knees and then hand Judy a medium sized Butt plug. I returned my attention back to Sandy. I took hold of her hand and pulled her to her feet, she didn’t offer any resistance.

I placed my hands on the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled upwards slowly. Her gorgeous body was being revealed to my eyes at last. Sandy resisted for a fraction of a second then raised her arms to allow me to remove it completely. She was wearing a very small bra that just barely covered her nipples. I turned her around and undid the clasp then turned her back round. She had instinctively had caught the bra as it was released then as she looked into my eyes, she lowered her arms allowing the bra to fall to the floor. I stared with what must have been open lust as her nipples became visible. They were very hard and stood out proud from the centre of her breasts.

I tentatively reached out and ran the pad of my thumb over one of them. Sandy took a deep breath and threw her head backwards. I lowered my head to her left breast then licked along the lower part of it up to her nipple which I quickly sucked into my mouth. Sandy grabbed hold of my head and pulled me to her. I took a breast in each hand and squeezed and massaged as I moved my mouth from nipple to nipple. After a few minutes of this I stood back again. Sandy had a full flush on her face and I was sure that she was getting close to an orgasm. I got down onto my knees and released the top button on her mini skirt. Sandy didn’t resist as I pulled it and her panties down in one full swoop. She stepped out of them and seemed happy to let me lead the way.

I told her to sit down on the chair and when she had done so, I opened her legs and for the first time I saw her pussy. She had shaved her bikini line but other than that, she was quite hairy. I used my fingers to uncover her cleft then, realising this was no time to hang around, placed my mouth over her mons. I caught a faint taste of soap then I was over whelmed with her juices. They flowed from her as I slide my tongue inside her. I swallowed them as I flicked and teased her clit then pushed my tongue back inside her. Her orgasm hit very hard and fast and she raised her legs high to allow me further access to her pussy. I stayed away from her over sensitive clit and lapped at her juice filled pussy. After a minute, she lowered her legs and looked at me with a huge grin, “Fuck that was amazing” she gasped. I stared back into her eyes and said, “That’s the start of many baby.”

I looked over at Judy and saw that she was sitting alone on her chair holding a small bullet shaped vibrator against her clit and watching Mary and the other two girls licking each others pussy’s in a triangle. The other two pairs had swapped and where trying out different toys on each other. I grabbed some restraint ties, a small butt plug and a strap-on then motioned to Judy to follow us. I took Sandy by the hand and pulled her towards the bedroom.

When Sandy and I entered the bedroom, I told her to lie down on the bed. She very happy to comply and didn’t even raise an eyebrow when Judy walked in. Sandy lay on her back then I changed my mind and told her to get on her hands and knees. I touched Judy on the shoulder and pointed towards the pillows. Judy knew what I wanted and climbed onto the bed sitting on the pillows with her legs wide in front of Sandy. Sandy looked over her shoulder at me with a look of confusion on her face. I said, “Don’t worry honey; you’re going to enjoy this.” I got onto the bed behind Sandy and began licking her arse hole, then ran my tongue down to her pussy, slowly sliding my tongue over her clit.

Sandy dropped her head and groaned. I picked up the Butt Plug; put it into my mouth to get it nice and moist then positioned it against her arse hole. When the plug touched her arse she jerked away, then she seemed to come to a decision and pushed her arse backwards. I moved the plug down to her pussy then slide it in and out a few times. Judy was stroking her clit as she watched me playing around Sandy’s arse. I removed the plug from her pussy then placed it back at Sandy’s arsehole again. This time she didn’t move. I gently pushed the plug against her tight anal opening. The sphincter muscle held for a few seconds then started to relax. I moved the plug in and out a few times until she was fully relaxed then I pushed it all the way inside.

Sandy arched her back and dropped to her elbows. This put her head very close to Judy’s pussy and Judy wasted no time. She placed her hands on either side of Sandy’s head and pulled it towards her fully engorged pussy lips. Sandy again hesitated then pushed her face into Judy’s pussy, licking like it was second nation to her. While the two of them where otherwise engaged, I got off the bed and climbed into the strap-on. The cock seemed larger now than it had on the table, about 8 or 9 inches, but I wasn’t going to and get a smaller one. When I had it on tightly and positioned the way I wanted it, I got back onto the bed behind Sandy. She didn’t seem to notice that I’d gone and started to move her arse like a kite in a wind when I stroked her clit and pussy with my hand.

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