She Pleases Him

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I must have been crazy for even considering canceling our date. We had already chatted online for weeks, and I knew she understood me; she knew where I was at. She had a degree in law studies and could hold her own in any conversation. I hoped that we’d talk on the telephone soon, meet for a cup of coffee, or fuck in the back of my SUV. By the time I first heard her voice on the telephone, I knew we’d have to meet. It was the kind of voice you’d pay $1.99 a minute for at 1:00 a.m. when you’re too tired for real sex, but too horny to sleep. The kind of voice you’d want waking you up in the morning. This was the voice of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted.

She was wearing a black, silk chiffon dress; the spaghetti straps exposed the silky softness of her shoulders. It was a simple silk sheath, cut a few inches above the knee, and sprinkled with sequins that caught the light and made her shine. I watched her as she walked through the door. The maitre d’ escorted her to my table; her confidence exuded the room and I watched the men at each table passed as they stared at the beautiful creature that graced them with her presence. I couldn’t help but wonder what they thought about doing to her as she strode by them on three and-a-half inch black sling-back pumps.

She sat at the table, confident and comfortable. I ordered a Bordeaux from Château Pavie’s collection. A mature wine vinified in a slightly lighter, more elegant style. I wanted a wine to compliment not only our dinner, but her elegance and beauty as well. St. Emilion wines are restrained and austere when young. The occasionally severe tannins mature with age into a fine sinewy structure. The better vintages are deep, intense, and concentrated. Nothing suited her more fittingly.

I studied her carefully from across the table; she really had piercing blue eyes; they drilled right through me. It wasn’t uncomfortable, invasive. It was inquisitive, probing. I wanted her to see as deep as possible regardless of my insecurities. And, she seemed to. She seemed to know me. I watched her eyes, the slight movement of her eyebrows, and the corners of her lips. She spoke IN to me, not “to” me, and it felt as though she could somehow look across the table and know every detail of my thoughts. How would she feel if she knew all of the dirty thoughts I had about her? The thoughts of sucking and biting her nipples, licking and biting her beautiful ass, or massaging those gorgeous legs. What about the dirtier thoughts of her hot, fatih escort wet pussy? I could sense her wetness; taste it. Could she tell I had a hard on just from watching her slide her fork from between her lips? Had she known I had dreamed about those lips around my cock, would she have still been there?

I clamored for something to say… just a few words; something to break the silence and tear me away from my thoughts of ripping her dress off of her.

“You changed your hair; it’s red.”

For the first time, she looked away; she stared into her salad, playing with the lettuce.

“I just recently colored it. Do you like it?”

I sensed her shyness; a submissiveness. I thought about how soft her hair looked, and how radiant she was under the light. Her eyebrows arched slightly and she seemed to be staring into her salad as if tea leaves at the bottom of a cup. I wondered what she was thinking. Could she possibly want me as much as I wanted her? Impossible.

“It’s gorgeous. You’re stunning.”

Her gaze returned to me, and a smile revealed itself. I caught my breath, and breathed more of her in. Her hair brushed over her right eye and cascaded over her shoulders. Red hair spilling over soft, white shoulders, contrasted with the black of her dress. “I’m so glad I’ve pleased you,” she whispered.

“There’s so much more…” I started, but she interrupted,

“But you’re a complex man.”

I felt a pressure between my legs, a rubbing. She rubbed my hard cock with her bare foot for what seemed hours. She wanted nothing more than to please me while I enjoyed a fine wine with my dinner. She talked to me while I ate; talked of the things she’d done. The men she’d been with. She never stopped rubbing. There was so much more I wanted to know; wanted to tell her.

After dinner, we left the restaurant. I walked behind her, watching the men stare at her and grew harder at the thought of what they’d do to her, if I allowed them the opportunity. I opened the car door for her and slipped my hand over her ass as she climbed in. I felt a tingling sensation in my hand and knew I was about to explode.

“Where are you taking me?” She asked.

I smiled, but said nothing. Her curiosity made me hotter, and the intense pressure of her energy was enough to get me off without even a touch. Her hand rested on my thigh and slowly made its way to my crotch which anxiously awaited its arrival. She began rubbing çapa escort and squeezing my cock; my eyes blurred momentarily as I tried to regain control and stay on the road. Her fingers worked their way to my zipper. I could hardly concentrate on the road, but my cock was straining and needed to be released. Soft palm stroking my cock with fingers reaching down to my balls, she whispered,

“Does this make you happy?”

I could barely utter a “Yes!” She leaned over, laying her head on my thigh while she played with my cock. I could feel my heart racing, scared to take a hand off the wheel. But, I managed to slide my hand under that little, black dress, over her smooth thigh and ass. Her lacy panties were ecstasy to my hand. She moaned as I slid my hand around toward her pussy. She slid my cock into her mouth, slowly pressing her tongue against me, and squeezed my balls. I felt her envelope me; take my cock completely. She had said during dinner that she had been well-trained, and it would take no further convincing to prove her point.

I couldn’t control the car any longer. I-280 on a windy night at 80 mph is no place to be receiving the best possible blow job. I needed to give her my full attention anyway, so I pulled off at a rest stop just passed the vista points along the highway just south of Millbrae. She wanted to show me her skills, and who was I to stop her? Besides, I’d need both hands free for what I had in mind.

The rest stop was slightly busy. Travelers rode by, looking for a little relaxation to break the monotony of their trips, and cruisers stalked parked cars, hoping to catch a glimpse of skin or even a hard cock. I knew it would be the perfect place and a perfect night after all. I parked next to another SUV; I could see the silhouettes of what appeared to be four men in the vehicle. Perfect.

I quickly unfastened my belt and pulled my pants down around my ankles; she was eager to start from where she left off. We laid the seats back and I positioned myself so she could easily suck my cock and work my balls again. It didn’t take much time for me to pull her dress up over her ass and work my fingers into her pussy. She was so wet at the thought that of the four men in the other car watching us; she knew nothing pleased me more.

I watched the SUV next to us. It rocked from side to side as if a mutiny had occurred inside. The four men struggled and fought to look through the windows steamed by their own heavy sarıyer escort breathing. Finally, the doors opened and all four stood next to us just outside her window. I pressed the button and the window slid down. They were in their twenties; no older than 26. Two of them were rubbing their cocks through their jeans while one stood shyly to the side. The fourth was the most daring and vocal.

“She’s hot! Does she give good head, man? Are you gonna share?”

His words excited me all the more. I pushed her head into me and fingered her wetness. She was soaked by the thought of the four men watching her pleasing me, and more turned on knowing that I wanted them there.

“I want the shy one over there,” I said, pointing to the guy who had been standing quietly off to the side. “I want her to suck your dick.”

His three friends barked and cajoled in envy. They too wanted to see their friend pleased by my girlfriend for the night.

“Suck his dick for me, it’ll make me happy.”

She smiled, turned around and opened the door. He stood, shaking slightly and she unbuttoned his jeans. His rock hard cock jumped out at her and she gasped then laughed. I rubbed her clit while she devoured his 6 1/2″ college boy cock. He trembled while his friends cheered. Her wetness flowed, and she too began to tremble. I knew she was excited by my joy in seeing her please another man.

“Ohhhhh my god,” the guy became tense.

His legs trembled and he yelled, “I’m cumming!”

The three other guys cheered, “Yes! Wooooo hooooo!”

He exploded in her mouth; the cum ran from her lips and she gagged slightly. He continued to shoot his load onto her face until he had finished. She looked up at him and smiled, and he thanked her, caressing her face and kissed her forehead. She turned back to me for approval.

“Very good job,” I told her, “finish me.”

The guys stood by watching as she swallowed my cock in a ferocious vigor. I couldn’t last; their cheering, the comments, and my hot sub-girl. It was all too much. I knew I had to shoot a load, but wanted them all to see her take it. She wanted it. I pulled her up, holding her by that red, beautiful hair, and shot a load on her face. Her mouth open, tongue waiting anxiously, she moaned and wiggled with each blast of cum. Rubbing her clit with her own fingers, she gasped, and screamed,

“I’m cumming!”

The guys began cheering again, as if their home team just scored the winning touch down. She laid her head back on my thigh and quietly moaned for a minute. The guys each shook my hand, thanking me for making their trip something memorable, and I held her for a while before taking her home.

This would be the beginning of many other visits, and I knew I’d be a very happy man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32