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It’s mid-March and “Professional Bull Riding” (PBR). The “15/15 Bucking Battle” has begun inside the local Johnson arena. The fifteen-top bull-riders face off against the fifteen-top bulls in the PBR. Jay (23 yrs.) randomly draws the bull, “Under-Dog.” He never rode this bull before who had thrown every rider this season.

Debra (21 yrs.) is a horse barrel-racer (32-24-31) who stands at 5 feet. She isn’t competing this weekend and drives into town for the PBR battle. She is known to wear tight-fighting wrangler jeans tucked into black cowboy-boots. Her brown braids hang down under a black cowboy-hat.

Debra has been watching all of the top bull riders on her iPhone. She bumped into Jay last month who knocked her onto the floor in a country bar. He was with some blonde, but pulled her up with his injured wrist and asked if she was okay. She never forgot his brown sleepy eyes and that bulge inside of his wrangler jeans.

Jay climbed onto “Under-Dog” and felt the heat inside of the bucking shoot. He rode only 15 seconds and lost control quickly. His body was thrown forward and the bull’s horn slammed his helmet. Jay was knocked unconscious who dropped to the dirt and onto his back. The rodeo clowns chased the bull away from him.

Inside the hotel bar that night. Jay sits alone and takes a quick drink from a whiskey glass. His hand pushes up the white cowboy-hat and he shakes his head. There is a large bruise on his right cheekbone. He stands up, turns and bumps into Debra who falls to the floor. Her cowboy hat falls off bahis firmaları too.

He says, “Sorry young lady. Didn’t see you.”

She recognizes him and replies, “You keep knocking me down Jay.”

He says, “Come again?”

She stands up and puts her hat back on.

He chuckles, “That was you last month. Sorry again. I was goin’ to the restroom.”

Jay begins to walk away, but gets dizzy. She wraps her arms around his waist and holds him up.

She asks, “You okay honey?”

He answers, “No, still shaken by my bull ride tonight.”

She says, “We all saw you get knocked out.”

He leans against the bar, “Just give me a second. I’ll go to my room upstairs.”

Debra pulls him onto his feet, “Come on. Let’s go. I’ll help you to your room.”

He leans on her even though she’s really short.

Inside Jay’s hotel room. He lays back on the bed with his western shirt unbuttoned. His jeans, boxer shorts and boots are piled next to the bed. His knees are bent as the legs dangle off the bed. He leans back on his elbows who still wears his cowboy hat.

Jay watches Debra who is in between his legs. She wears her cowboy hat too. Her western shirt is unbuttoned showing her bare tits. Those braids fall down her back.

Her lips are clamped tightly around his thick-6-inch-cock. Her left-hand cups his enormous balls. She’s been deep-throating his shaft with insane control.

Debra’s wet lips slide down his whole shaft and holds it inside of her throat.

Jay responds, “Yeah… Swallow-My-Cock… kaçak iddaa Fucking-Swallow-It.”

Her tight lips slide… Up and Down… Up and Down… Up and Down.

He closes his eyes, “Oh-Ohhhh.. That-Feels-Good… Fucking-Good.

Up and Down… Up and Down… Up and Down.

He says, “You’re-A-Fucking-Pornstar… Fuck.!!”

She slides all the way down his shaft again and holds it a little longer.

He replies, “H-How… Do you do that… S-So easy?… My-Whole-Cock.!!”

Her lips go… Up and Down… Up and Down… Up and Down.

He says, “Better-Than… My-Fucking… Ex-Girlfriends..!!”

Up and Down… Up and Down… Up and Down.

He screams, “I’m-Gonna-Shoot… Gonna-shoot.!!”

She keeps moving up and down.


His huge load squirts down her throat.

Her lips keep sliding up and down.


She slides down all the way and holds it again. His cock drains of cum.

Jay falls back onto the bed, “Ahhhhh… Fuck… You-Took-It-All… Ahhhhh-My-Gawd.”

Her lips slide down to his cock-tip and licks it.

She finally drops his shaft.

30 minutes later. Debra and Jay are both naked on top of the bed. They are in the doggy-style position. She leans on her hands with braided ponytails hanging over the shoulders. He is behind her with his hands gripping her shoulders.

His thick cock is buried inside of her clean and shaved kaçak bahis pussy. He pushes in so deep that his black-crotch hits her butt-cheeks. His eyes watch the thrusts which are short and deep. Her buttock’s jiggle.


Debra is a screamer, “OHHHH… FUCK… OHH-FUCK… OHHHHH-OHHHH…FUCK.”

He smiles down at her butt-cheeks.


Her tits jiggle too.


His hands pull back on her shoulders while he pushes his cock inside… It is hot.

He grunts and asks, “You-Want-Another-Load?… Huh-Baby?… Huh?”



He grunts, “You’re-Gonna… Get-It-Debra… All-Of-It.”


He looks down at his shaft and pushes inside two more times. He holds it in as his crotch pushes against her butt-cheeks.

Jay explodes, “Uhhhh.. Ahhhhh.. Ahhhh.. Ohhhhh.. Uh-Ahhhhh.. Uhh-Fuck.!!”

His hands slip down her back to those butt-cheeks. His cock pulls out slowly and he bends over. His lips gently kiss those tight cheeks from left to right.

He chuckles, “I’m a little dizzy after my bull ride.”

The next morning. Jay is asleep under the bed covers. His head leans on a pillow with that bruise visible.

Debra finishes slipping on her boots. Her braids are wet after taking a shower. She adjusts her cowboy hat. Her fingers reach down and they grip Jay’s champion belt-buckle and leather strap. She throws it over her shoulder and quickly stands up.

She whispers, “Damn Jay. You got big balls. I tried to drain them last night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32