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My name is Matt. I found myself having lover problems with two women. Deb was a person I was dating. She didn’t seem to want sex with me. In my frustration I vented to my sister Gwen. My sister was having the same love life problems as me. We ended up bedding down together.

I finally had it out with Deb. I took her and fucked her. The problem was I didn’t use a rubber and I came inside Deb. She was not a happy camper. I figured that my sister wanted me as her lover full time. She was at my place and I had Gwen mounting me. I loved to pinch her nipples as she rode up and down my cock. Gwen was getting loud when I heard the doorbell ring.

I tried to ignore it but the person kept ringing it. My sister got off of me and I put a pair of shorts on. I went to the door to find out it was Deb. Her eyes went right to my crotch.

“Did I interrupt something?” She quizzed me.

There was my erect cock pressed against the material of my shorts. I couldn’t think of a good lie quickly enough.

“I guess I am not your only lover,” she said.

Just then my sister looked around the corner. She hadn’t bothered covering up. Deb’s face went crimson.

“Who is that?” Deb questioned me.

My sister decided to be Miss Truthful.

“I’m his sister Gwen.”

Deb got this look bagros porno on her face that was hard to describe.

“You’re fucking your sister?” She spitted the words out.

I stood there like an idiot and said nothing. Deb turned on her heals and practically ran back to her car. So much for anymore sex with Deb.

“Was that necessary?” I asked my sister.

“You said she was a bitch. What does it matter?”

It mattered because I was trying two have two women lined up to have sex with. My sister dropped my shorts and took me by the cock and marched me back to bed. She pushed me onto my back and then mounted me once more. Her pussy lips rubbed against my mushroom head. Gwen sunk down on my rod and we began to fuck each other.

I pulled on my sister’s ass cheeks as she slid up and down my pole.

“You like fucking me more than her, don’t you?” My sister wanted an answer.

I had to admit that Gwen was a vixen in bed. She was squeezing my prick with her pussy muscles. It felt like my dick was in a vise.

“Yes, your pussy is so much better,” I said to my sister.

There is something so erotic about drilling your sister’s pussy. Gwen loves to moan and scream as we fuck. I like that my sister is on birth control. I can seed her pussy to my heart’s bangbus porno content. Gwen got me completely worked up that day. I finally buried my rod deep in her belly and I unloaded.

I could almost feel my hot seed coating my sister’s pussy walls. Gwen’s body started shaking as she took all my baby milk from my shaft. I must have spit six or seven good loads into Gwen’s greedy opening. My sister finally collapsed onto my chest. We ended up holding each other for the longest time.

“Where are we going to end up?” My sister asked. “Are you going to get tired of me eventually?” She asked.

I had no idea what to say. I hadn’t thought about how things would end up between us. I thought Gwen was worried that I might end up back with Deb. After today I didn’t think that likely. My sister got cleaned up and left shortly after. In the early evening my doorbell rang. Sure enough it was Deb. I let her in.

“Was that really your sister?” She asked.

I said that it was. Deb said she wouldn’t ask how it came to be that we were lovers.

“It’s a very long story,” I said.

“I guess we are finished then.”

I didn’t know if I was a question or a statement.

“I wanted you to know something. That first time we had sex together. You forced me to beurette tour porno give you oral and then you fucked me without my consent. I got so turned on. I know I was mad you didn’t use a rubber. I thought that you might have impregnated me. It made me think.”

“Think about what?” I asked her.

“What would it be like to have your baby.” She said.

I couldn’t bring myself to ask her anything further. It seemed like the perfect time. I led Deb back to my bedroom. We got out of our clothes and got onto the bed. We kissed for a long time. My cock was rubbing against her belly. I felt Deb reach down and guide my cock to her opening. I slid into her wet pussy. Deb wanted me to do all kinds of things to her. Her pussy was my plaything. You could probably guess what was mentioned. She begged me to seed her belly. She wanted to feel my raw cum coated her eggs. I had never heard such talk from a woman before.

It got me so hard. I pushed her legs up to her chest. I drove my erect member into Deb as far as I could. I knew I couldn’t control myself for very long. I was right. I pounded Deb until I felt my nuts pinching. We built up to a climax and I filled Deb with my seed. She ended up milking every hot drop from the tip of my dick.

“I really do want you to impregnate me Matt.”

Things really took a strange turn for me. I was now satisfying two women in bed. One happened to be my sister. I did have a weird thought come into my mind. What if both women ended up in my bed at the same time? I guess that is something I need to work on in the future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32