Shelley’s Fantasy

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“Please, make it as realistic as possible,” I’d begged him, Shelley thought. “Maybe I should have been a little more cautious?” Her trussed up body jolted on the floor of the van with each bump on the road as it sped through the night to an unknown destination. Tied on her side on a thin mat or blanket, her shoulder and hip took the brunt of the impacts. Her heart thudded heavily in her chest as she reviewed her situation, and how she came to be in this predicament.

It began one afternoon, after she and Walter had collapsed, side by side, in their bed after a strenuous bout of lovemaking. She was nestled against him, idly playing with the beads of sweat on his chest as they caught their breath. She didn’t remember who first brought up the subject of fantasies. But in the afterglow of their sexual releases, their guards were down, and after an initial reticence, they spoke guardedly about their favorite fantasies. After all, it’s one thing to have fantasies, and it’s a completely different thing to share them with a life partner, who might forever hold a negative judgment about them.

Finally, after Shelley cajoled him enough, and promised not to judge harshly, Walter opened up about his. As she might’ve expected, his centered around threesomes and moresomes. He also fantasized about sex in unusual places, such as on a train, in a restaurant, or behind some bushes in a public park. Shelley heard these revelations with a smile.

“I bet when you think of threesomes, it’s with you and two women,” Shelley teased him.

Walter grinned. “Well, yes. Much of the time. But sometimes it’s me and another guy with one woman. It’s just a fantasy, which I think most guys have from time to time.”

“I can see why you’d be excited by the thought of two women servicing you. But you don’t think you’d get jealous, sharing a woman you care about with another man if it was the other kind of trio? Maybe she’d think the other guy was a better lover, and run off with him.”

He thought about it for a while. Finally, he said, “No, I don’t think so… I guess because if she’s that easily lured away from me, it’s better that I find that out right away.” He tickled her just enough to make her squirm against him. “Enough about me, for the moment. What’s your favorite fantasy?”

“Gee… gosh… golly… I have so many of them, and you want me to pick only one?” she asked, impishly, but also stalling for time. That earned her another tickle.

“OK. OK. I’ll talk,” she giggled. “I guess you’re only interested in a sexual fantasy, huh? Not the one about winning the lottery, and being able to afford a boob job, and also getting pouty lips like Angelina Jolie?” In silent answer, he moved his fingers, positioning them in an implied threat over the patch of skin where she was the most sensitive to fierce tickling that often left her with hiccups. “OK! I yield, Sir! If you must know…” she paused and took a deep breath. “I fantasize about being captured, tied up, and used,” she shared, blushing fiercely.

“Used? You mean sexually?”

“Yes. But not harmed physically, other than maybe being spanked a little. Just… I don’t know… forced against my will to cum and cum like that. Somehow, the thought of being so helpless just gets me so wet I can’t believe it. Of course, in my fantasy, I know I’m truly not in any danger. But I’m unable to prevent the passionate assault. I think it might be because I can set aside any guilt about any enjoyment I might get out of the experience, or something. Anyway, when I masturbate to that fantasy, I usually cum hard.” Her cheeks were flaming hot now, and she wondered if she’d made a mistake in admitting all this.

“So, do you think I’m weird?” she asked Walter, almost afraid of his response.

“Not at all,” he assured her, giving her a sweet kiss. “I’ve been told that many women have such fantasies. There’s a whole industry of publications that cater to such ideas, you know. I’m glad you felt safe enough to share this with me.” Rather than being put off by their partner’s fantasy life, the two of them actually felt closer after sharing such intimacy. Their conversation then turned to what needed to be done that day.

But that conversation planted a seed in Walter’s mind. And, over time, the seed sprouted into an idea. He hoped that Shelley’d been completely honest with him, because he was working on a plan to bring her fantasy to life. It would take some planning and some work, but in his mind, she was definitely worth it.

Their open and frank discussion had yielded another result. They now felt more comfortable with mild experimentation, and consequently, their sex life had gotten a little more kinky. This was manifested by either Shelley, when she was in the mood, deliberately forgetting to do something, or Walter, when he was in the mood, making up some transgression of hers. This meant she had to drape herself over his bare knees — he’d remove his own clothing so his pants wouldn’t get wet — followed by him baring her ass. If she had a skirt on, he’d flip up the istanbul escort hem and yank down her panties. If she had on slacks, jeans, or shorts, she knew enough to unsnap and unzip, so Walter would have little trouble working her outerwear and underwear down as far as her knees.

Even the onset of this roleplay was enough to get them both excited. Shelley’s crotch immediately dampened, and her sexual fluids began perfuming the air. Walter’s cock would stir into life, and begin engorging.

Once the ‘naughty girl’ was in place, he’d proceed to swat and spank her ass while she squirmed, protested, and otherwise begged him to stop. Of course, this was all part of the game. They’d learned enough to know that her struggles and protests heightened the arousal for both of them. They’d agreed that if Shelley really wanted him to stop, she could safeword. Perhaps not surprising, she’d chosen the word ‘safeword’ as her actual safeword. If she ever uttered that, Walter knew to stop immediately, and care for her. If she was gagged, so as not to alarm the neighbors if she screamed, they’d agreed that if she shouted into the gag three times in rapid succession, he’d remove the gag and see if she was safewording. With this agreement, he was able to redden her ass cheeks to an almost crimson hue, careful never to bruise her.

The resultant heat in her buttocks usually turned Shelley into a sexual dynamo. Many times, she’d scramble off Walter’s lap, virtually tear off her clothing, and plant herself on his jutting erection. Grabbing his shoulder’s she’d ride him hard, cumming several times to his single, final ejaculation. Or she might plop onto her back, draw her knees up to her chest, holding them there with her arms, and demand that he ream her cunt as hard as he could. Or she might present herself on her hands and knees so he could grab her hips and fuck her in the doggy style position.

Alternatively, if her ass was burning hot, she might go face down, flat on the bed, and demand that Walter roughly grab her ass cheeks and poke his dick into her pussy, or even into her ass hole, and then fuck her so hard and deep that his hips would slap loudly against her burning buttocks. Those impacts made her go practically crazy with lust, and the muscles of whatever tunnel he was fucking would grip his cock so fiercely that it felt like she was sucking his spunk all the way up from his balls! Needless to say, Walter enjoyed those sessions the best. Even though they were usually brief, they more than made up for that by their intensity!

So, their life together continued, enriched. But Walter hadn’t forgotten Shelley’s main fantasy, and he’d been making some careful plans, not wanting to rush into anything. He’d researched how to render a person unconscious safely. Originally, he assumed he’d be told to use chloroform, like in all the B movies. But even a little study assured him that it was a bad idea. Even if he managed to get the dosage right, it took quite a bit of time to render a person unconscious, during which time they’d be able to struggle a lot. Also, the aftereffects were nasty, especially the headache induced. Not a great idea for a fun roleplay.

He was surprised to learn that a certain choke hold, carefully applied, was considered perfectly safe, easy to learn, and worked very quickly, with virtually no aftereffects. One of his gambling buddies owed him quite a bit of money, so it wasn’t too hard to convince the guy to be a guinea pig for Walter to practice upon, in return for the canceling of the debt. He got very skilled at getting his friend unconscious quickly, and the guy swore he felt no nasty aftereffects from it at all. He also wasn’t knocked out very long, which was an excellent result for Walter’s needs.

As another part of his plan, Walter’d started setting up a pattern of going to the gym three nights a week. He actually did go, to build up his strength and endurance for his role. But he also wanted a regular schedule of being absent for part of an evening.

He even recruited three of his close friends to take part, all of whom he’d known since college. None resembled him in build — Chad was taller, with a beard, while Tom was shorter, and pudgy. The third, Jamir, was a heavyset black guy. For various reasons, Shelley hadn’t seen any of them for more than a year, and only had met them at a crowded party, so it was unlikely she’d remember them well.

When he was coaching them, he stated, “I’d like you to either wear ski masks or stockings over your head to hide your identities. Maybe you should keep your talking to a minimum, and try to deepen and roughen your voice when you speak. During sex, I want you to use condoms while you’re inside her pussy. But you can remove them if you want to shoot your spunk on her tummy, tits, ass, or back. But avoid her pussy, face and hair. Is all this clear?”

“Can she suck our cocks?” Chad asked.

Giving it some thought, Walter ultimately decided, “Yes, she can. And clean our dicks off, too. But your izmir escort going to have to be careful not to shoot into her face and hair, like I said. And if she signals her safeword to me, we all have to stop immediately. I’m doing this to make her excited and thrilled, not to punish her.”

Tom asked, “Can I spurt onto her feet?”

Walter’s pupils dilated in surprise, but he replied, “Well, OK. Feet are OK, if that’s your thing.” The other two guys razzed Tom in a good-natured fashion about his proclivity, making his face redden. But it was obvious that they were all on board to help out their buddy Walter, especially since hot sex was involved.

Shelley did the dishes each evening, soon after dinner. She like wearing her earbuds and listening to music as she worked, which fit well into Walter’s plans. On this particular evening, he kissed her goodbye, supposedly heading to the gym for his workout. Instead, he drove his car around the corner and parked it. He sent a text to his buddies, and they confirmed they were ready, and would move to their assigned spots on his signal. Checking his watch, he gave Shelley twenty minutes to settle into her routine.

Since this neighborhood was habitually quiet, Walter saw no one during the allotted interval. Then, leaving his car where it was, he casually strolled back to their house, and quietly let himself in. If Shelley wasn’t at the sink, working, he planned to ease his way back out, and tell the guys they’d try another time. But she was there at the sink, working away, lost in her own little world of music.

Walter’s heart seemed to be trying to climb up into his throat as he moved forward, like a cat stalking its prey, although to be honest, he felt a little ridiculous doing this. He sneaked up behind her without incident, moving slowly, preventing even the air currents from betraying his presence. She barely had time to utter a sound like ‘what…’ before he’d rendered her unconscious! In seconds he stripped off her shirt and bra, and handcuffed her wrists in front of her. He wanted to make sure he’d be able to control her while he later applied his rope work. Next, he put on a ski mask for mystery, grateful that she was still unconscious as he removed her sandals, jeans and panties.

He spent the next several minutes tying her in a position bent over the edge of the kitchen table. Passing a rope through the handcuff links, he tied each end to a far table leg. Then he tied her ankles to each of the near table legs, with her thighs wide apart and her pussy very vulnerable. He sent the confirmation text to his friends, setting them into motion. He only had a few minutes to wait until Shelley started coming to. The moment she was fully conscious, she spied this masked intruder, and began to shriek. Walter put his hand over her mouth and whispered into her ear, “Remember your safeword.”

She recognized his voice, and immediately her fright blossomed into excitement. Her lover was acting out her fantasy! She nodded, signaling that she wouldn’t scream now. When he removed his hand, she whispered, “Please, make this as realistic as possible.”

Roughening his voice, he said, “So, bitch, I saw you flaunting yourself at the grocery store, wearing those skimpy outfits, and I knew I had to have you, so I followed you to learn where you live. I’ve been watching this place, getting a feel for the routine. Your wimpy friend won’t be home from the gym for hours, so you and me are gonna have a lot of fun.”

Shelley was tugging at her restraints as he spoke, and her feeling of helplessness and vulnerability was building fast. Hearing that strange voice coming from the masked figure was putting her into a sort of spell. She was suspending her disbelief, and falling into the scenario they were building. Twisting and wriggling as best she could, she whined, “Please, no! Let me go! If it’s money you want, I’ll tell you where my purse is.”

Growling, he replied, “Whine, whine, whine! I can’t have no fun listening to that whiny voice!” Pulling a heavy scarf out of his pocket, he quickly gagged her, stating, “This’ll give me some peace and quiet. I don’t want your money, bitch! I want a piece of this!” His hand was now gripping her pussy lewdly. “Showing off your body like that, luring men — I’ll give you what you’ve obviously been asking for.” He was actually stating a fact, since this whole roleplay was to give her the thrill of her fantasy she’d asked for, safely.

When Shelley felt that hand taking liberties, probing her unprotected sex, she shook her head violently, wide-eyed. But she wasn’t using her safeword, so Walter opened his pants enough to free his cock. Spitting on his hand, he rubbed spittle on his cock, and smeared some on and in her sexual slit. He needn’t have bothered. She was lubricating like mad, and her juices coated his hand in seconds.

Both of them grunted as he slammed his cock deep into her hot, wet sheath. He grabbed her hips and fucked her roughly, as if venting on this ‘cock tease’ all izmit escort his pent-up frustrations. Goosebumps erupted on her ass cheeks, and spread quickly up her spine until the wispy hairs on the nape of her neck stood on end. He only had to fuck her hard for about five or six minutes before her muscles started shaking, and she cried out her orgasmic ululations into the gag! Her pussy muscles tightened on his cock as she convulsed in an intense release before sagging in place.

He didn’t want to cum yet, because he wanted this scene to last a long time, so he pulled out and tucked away his cock. Taking more rope, he first unbound her ankles, then moved her legs side by side. With doubled over rope strands and multiple wrappings, he bound her legs together just above her knees, and also down by her ankles. This new pose forced her hips up higher, lifting her lower torso free from the table top. Walter couldn’t resist. Grabbing her ass cheeks, he spread her open and gave her an enthusiastic bout of cunnilingus and analingus. Shelley screamed into her gag as she came, but it was a scream of orgasm, not a signal of her safeword.

She was as limp as a rag-doll as he untied the rope that went through her handcuffs and lowered her to a sitting position on the floor. Of course, her legs had to go straight forward from her hips, tied together as they were. He opened one of the handcuffs, moved her wrists behind her back, and refastened the cuff. Again using doubled ropes, he tied several loops around her upper torso. One set crossed her chest just above her tits, and the other crossed just below them. A shorter piece of rope started at the nape of her neck, and came around both sides to attach at the center of the top chest ropes, then down between her breasts to finish at the bottom chest ropes. This arrangement made her tits stand out proudly, and made them freely available for play.

Walter finished this section of rope work by carefully binding her wrists together in their position behind her back, so he could remove the handcuffs. Now, if she strained, she’d only pull against gently yielding ropes, and not have metal cutting into her wrists. During all this time, Shelley wasn’t fighting him at all. She was just making small quiet sounds into her gag, shivering in several post-orgasmic aftershocks, obviously partially blissed out.

Her reverie was broken as she felt herself lifted off the floor and dumped face down on the sofa. She vaguely heard her ‘captor’ unzipping and opening his pants. Seconds later, his hands again grabbed her ass cheeks. This time, they were spread so far apart that she felt cool air rush into her anus, and realized to her chagrin how raunchy her ass must look at that moment. The coolness only lasted for a brief time, though. It was replaced by the warm, moist feeling of the head of his cock pressing at that naughty opening! She mumbled a garbled protest, but to no avail.

By now, Walter was so excited that his cock felt like a steel bar. But, since he wasn’t using any lube rather than spit, he slowly but inexorably inserted his manhood into Shelley’s rear passage. Inch by inch disappeared from sight, as her anal ring yielded to his pressure.

During this, Shelley was yelling into her gag, “Ohhhhh… fuuuuck!!” as she felt this penetration. She knew it was Walter, but his cock had never felt like this before! Part of it was being bound, part of it was the giddy excitement that her fantasy was being acted out — she was aware of that. But even though they’d had anal sex many times in the past, still his cock seemed different! Filling her like never before. She squirmed under him. He might’ve thought she was struggling to escape, but she was actually trying to buck her hips upward. Trying to swallow that amazing cock with her ass!

As Walter felt Shelley’s ass opening, submitting, accepting, he began fucking her vigorously. “This is what a slut is good for,” he growled. “A bunch of holes to be used for male gratification. A receptacle for the gift of our cum. Sluts are never happy unless they are awash in fresh, hot semen. You should be grateful that we even want to screw lowly whores like you.” With each humiliating statement, Shelley’s arousal heightened. She was bucking frantically now, trying to use her ass to masturbate his cock. To get him to unload. She wanted to feel those jets of semen shooting into her ass. She couldn’t remember ever experiencing such an intense level of need.

Consequently, she groaned into her gag when Walter abruptly yanked his cock out of her ass. Judging from the air currents she was feeling back there, her ass hole must be gaping open. The resultant embarrassment caused a fresh surge of hot blood to flood her cheeks and neck. She almost wept with need.

She wondered if their fantasy game was suddenly over for some reason, but of course she couldn’t ask. She was both surprised and confused when Walter lifted her up and hoisted her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. His gym workouts must’ve paid off, because he easily carried her out of the room. She was looking down his back at the floor as they went, which was a little disorienting. “Are we headed to the bedroom?” she wondered. But a door creaked and there was the click of a light switch. “What on earth?” was her next thought. “He’s carrying me down into our basement?”

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