She’s The Most Fortunate One

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For the past two months, Mona had kept a close watch whenever her eighteen-year-old daughter spent time with her two classmates. The forty-two-year-old mother made sure that these two young men didn’t play any dirty games whenever she arrived from work and found them in her home. So far, all three of them didn’t show any signs of playful antics. Beth, her daughter, had kept her promise. She and her two friends stayed clean and never experienced any interruptions with their homework.

With her suspicions growing stale by the first week of March, Mona had managed to trust Beth all the way through. As a matter of fact, Mona even had the opportunity to know her daughter’s two classmates a little more. Leland and Percy, both eighteen years old, didn’t appear to be the kind of people who would stroke their own egos by causing trouble on campus. They had shown their innocent personalities to her several times at this point. And that was when Mona acknowledged that she had nothing to worry about. Leland and Percy had become good friends with Beth, and they intended to keep it that way by not making any unexpected advances toward her. They were decent individuals who had a complete fixation with a pleasant nature that surrounded them.

On a calm and cool Friday afternoon in the city of Santa Clarita, Mona had departed from work and spent only several minutes on her drive back home. After parking her car on the driveway, she entered her two-story house and the first people she spotted upstairs were her daughter and her two classmates with their textbooks and notebooks wide open. They said hello to her, and she smiled back.

“I hope everything is running smoothly.”

Beth replied, “Everything’s all good. These math problems are pretty simple, so we’re not stressing out.”

Mona nodded and left for the master bedroom. She changed into her more casual attire and went downstairs for a glass of water. She took a short sip and let out a little sigh. She now felt comfortable having these two young men in her house. She didn’t have to worry about anything going wrong, seeing as how both Leland and Percy were so sweet and mild-mannered. She liked them very much, maybe even more so than Beth ever would.

Then, Mona closed her eyes for a moment. She enjoyed the company, and she didn’t want it to stop. Because several points in the past couple of weeks, she imagined Leland and Percy providing some quality entertainment in her own bedroom. Sometimes, she would envision both students banging each other right in front of her. She would just sit there and watch them grow thirsty for each other. Admittedly, she had seen some decent porn regarding this particular topic, but now, she wanted Leland and Percy to do the same.

She opened her eyes again. It felt like this would only be a fantasy in her head, which made the situation a little worse. All of a sudden, Beth had entered the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door.

As she pulled an unopened bottle of soda out of the fridge, she explained that she had to go and meet her female classmates. She just had to walk a few blocks away from here.

Mona asked, “What about Leland and Percy?”

To which Beth replied, “Oh, they’ll be staying here to finish the rest of today’s homework. I’ll only be gone for an hour or so.”

Mona smiled on the inside. “Okay, but don’t be out for too long.”

“Don’t worry. I know what I’m doing.”

As soon as Beth left the house, Mona set her glass of water on the countertop. She walked up the stairs with determination and returned to Beth’s bedroom. She found Leland and Percy discussing algebra before they caught sight of her at the entrance.

They smiled at her. Leland asked, “Anything wrong?”

Mona couldn’t stop looking at these two young gentlemen. Leland and Percy were skinny and innocuous, but also attractive for those Betturkey who wanted a non-threatening mate. Leland’s smooth black hair and Percy’s shaggy blond hair reminded her of all those young men who did everything dirty in the porn videos she had seen on the internet.

She just had to say it. “Oh, you boys look so fine.”

Percy raised his eyebrows. “I’m forgetting my homework all of a sudden.”

Mona kept her eyes on them as she stepped back. “I want to see the two of you in my bedroom.”

That certainly caught their attention. They closed their notebooks and followed her in the master bedroom.

She closed the door. “Let me see you with your clothes off.”

The two young men stood close beside each other.

Leland smiled. “Are you sure you want this?”

Mona sat down at her desk and crossed her legs. “I will only be the one who has complete control over you. Don’t question me. Now do as I say. Let me see you take your clothes off.”

Leland and Percy didn’t gripe in any way. They took off their t-shirts, cargo shorts, and boxers before dropping them to the floor. Mona finally had a clear view of what Leland and Percy looked like underneath their apparel. They were beautiful human beings. They were slim and healthy from top to bottom, just the way she liked it. They showed no shame in exposing their naughty parts. They stood up straight, proud of the fact that they could show off their bodies in front of a woman.

Percy asked, “Now what?”

Mona didn’t really have to think about what would happen next. “My goodness, your dicks are pretty impressive.”

Leland stepped a little closer, but Mona raised her hand to stop him. “Actually, I want you to do something different.”

“What would that be?”

Mona kept her suggestive tone of voice strong to keep the intrigue moving forward. “I want to see your dicks touch each other.”

Percy didn’t flinch. “Now THAT’S different.”

Mona laughed. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t be petrified.”

Leland and Percy looked at each other, but with the most patient attitudes possible.

Mona didn’t stop smiling. “Don’t wait for it. I want to see it.”

Leland and Percy didn’t waste any time. They brought themselves closer to each other and let their hard cocks touch each other. They rubbed against each other, all the while swaying back and forth owing to the direct collision from both partners.

Percy almost gasped. “Oh, your dick feels amazing.”

Leland replied, “I feel the same way about yours.”

Mona just sat there and watched as Leland and Percy continued rubbing their dicks against each other.

She whispered, “Oh, yes. It feels really nice, doesn’t it?”

She could hear the two students taking quicker breaths. Both of them began to look mesmerized by the feelings of their dicks. All of a sudden, Leland grabbed both dicks and pointed them straight up. He moved his fingers up and down, causing them to grow even harder. Percy grabbed Leland by the shoulders, presumably from feeling so awestruck by their interaction.

He looked straight into Leland’s eyes and whispered, “Keep going. I like it a whole lot.”

Leland’s caressing fingers gained acceleration. With both cocks in his hand, he managed to provide a blissful sensation that was shared between him and Percy. The two of them pressed their foreheads against each other. Their heavy breathing seemed to complete their quick transition from friends to servants. Mona loved the sound and sight of Leland and Percy having to stimulate her senses. Her enjoyment of their presence made a swift advance to beyond its boundaries.

She slowly bit her lip as she watched them follow her commands. “Oh, yes. Kiss each other. I want to see it happening right now.”

Without a moment to lose, Leland and Percy kissed each other Betturkey Giriş on the lips. It was a long one, with Percy moaning like a virgin waiting to be used by his mate. Mona could see them using their tongues to enhance their experience. Their kisses produced loud smacking sounds that were a pure delight to Mona’s ears. She hugged herself. She kept smiling as both young men not only had to satisfy themselves, but her as well.

She giggled. “You’re doing so fine today.”

Leland pulled Percy close and locked him in his naked embrace. Their passionate kisses didn’t stop. Percy dug his fingers into Leland’s black hair. They just couldn’t end it right here. Their thirst for each other experienced an overflow.

Mona’s thorough examination of her two visitors made her optimistic. Watching the two of them sharing big wet kisses while rubbing their hard cocks against each other became a fantasy brought to life. She felt fortunate that she didn’t have to see it on the internet, and instead see it right here in her own bedroom.

She wanted more of it. “Percy, turn around.”

They stood kissing as Percy turned around.

Mona licked her lip. “Go ahead, Leland. Fuck him real hard.”

Leland looked down at Percy’s butt. “It looks tight down there.”

Percy turned his head and gave Leland a little grin. “Do it. I want to feel it inside me.”

Leland pulled him close and grabbed hold of his hips. “If you insist.”

Slowly but carefully, he pushed his cock inside Percy’s tight hole. Percy gasped and trembled at the feeling of being infiltrated from the bottom. Leland held him tight and began to push his dick forward. He started a slow rhythmic pattern that made Percy moan with glee.

“Oh, Leland! Your dick feels so good inside me.”

Leland didn’t stop thrusting. The two of them stood up straight as the forward propulsion started off slow and steady. Mona let out a long sigh as she found this current image to be near-perfect.

“Don’t stop fucking him. Show me how well the both of you handle it.”

Leland started to pick up speed. His shoved his cock deeper into Percy’s hole without disinclination. Percy began to squeeze his eyes shut. He didn’t stop moaning like a gentle creature. It took only several seconds for Leland to put his rhythmic movements at a quicker haste.

Percy almost lost his balance from such powerful movements before he grabbed hold of Leland’s arms to join in in their tight embrace. The blond one looked at Mona as if searching for a sign of approval.

He asked, “Is this what you really want?”

Mona chuckled. “Oh, yes. Don’t stop. I want to see him fuck you hard.”

Percy looked so innocent when locked in Leland’s arms. “Oh, I love it. I want more of it.”

He gave Leland a long kiss as they continued on with their performance. It didn’t take long for Percy to bend over and place his hands on the bed. Now, Leland pushed his cock in even faster and harder. A smacking noise arose from between Leland’s hips and Percy’s ass. The movements were so powerful that Percy’s shaggy hair swung from left to right. Leland had a firm grip on Percy’s hips as he showed him what a dick inside the walls of his acquaintance felt like.

Percy kept moaning. “Oh, shit! You’ve got a good dick!”

Leland and Percy did wonders in Mona’s bedroom. They showed her everything. As Leland continued to make Percy his bitch, Mona could feel her entire body tighten. She shivered at the sight of these two young gentlemen following her orders. Their positions made her uncross her legs and watch with delight.

She whispered to them, “Oh, you two are so special to me.”

But it didn’t appear that Leland and Percy had listened. They showed no response as their time for passion lingered a little longer than expected.

Percy tried to Betturkey Güncel Giriş handle it like a real man. “Keep fucking me! Don’t stop!”

Even with his eyes squeezed shut, his submissive nature made the situation even more worthwhile.

“Don’t stop fucking me. I want it! Mona wants it! You want it! Give it to me really good!”

And then, Leland delved even deeper. He pushed Percy down on the bed. He now lay on Percy’s back as he thrust his cock downward. The bed began to make faint creaking noises. Mona still didn’t have to do anything. She sat in silence as her two favorite companions made their motions on her own bed.

Mona could sense that Leland’s eruption would be brought to life soon. She waited for it with anticipation. Leland’s thrusts grew more aggressive as Percy grabbed hold of the sheets underneath him.

Leland breathed through his gritted teeth. “You like that, don’t you?”

Percy almost had trouble speaking in the midst of their physical bliss. “Yes! It feels so good when you’re fucking me.”

Mona shivered at the sight of her daughter’s classmates being naughty on her bed. “Keep going, boys. I can’t wait to see the end.”

Percy added, “I can’t, either.”

Leland pressed his red-hot dick down the furthest it had ever been. The smacking noises never ceased. Percy’s wailing grew even louder. Mona moaned at the very thing that she started. She couldn’t stop smiling. She felt proud of her commands.

Percy cried out, “Oh, fuck! Yes!”

And then, it was all over. After an almost exhaustive obligation, Leland landed right on Percy’s back. Both eighteen-year-old students took deep breaths. A few drops of sweat began to slide down their skin. Leland most likely made a mess inside Percy’s hole, and Mona didn’t care if the cum would eventually make its way onto her sheets. The young men had finished their presentation, and even though it appeared that they wouldn’t return for an encore, Mona felt fortunate to be the one who watched it all.

She breathed a sigh of relief after observing such a fun performance. “Oh, that was spectacular.”

Leland finally pulled his cock right out of Percy’s hole and rolled over. He lay on his back as he asked Mona, “Is this what you truly wanted?”

Mona laughed. “This is one of the best moments of my life. Just seeing the two of you naked together gives me the thrills.”

Percy didn’t move as he still lay flat on his stomach, with Leland’s sauce pouring out of his ass. “I wonder what Beth will feel about this.”

Mona replied, “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. You don’t have to tell her anything. This will be our little secret. Oh, I’m so glad that she’s friends with people like you.”

Leland replied, “I like the sound of that.”

Percy followed up with, “I do, too.”

* * *

Leland and Percy seemed to be enjoying themselves as well, even without Beth knowing about it at all. Soon after their first session upstairs, they started to repeat the gestures. One week later, they returned to Mona’s residence and made a scene in her bedroom. They followed her words while being naked and moist on her bed. Mona made sure that her door was locked so that neither of these young men attempted to make a sudden escape. But, why would they? They showed no signs of struggle. They obeyed her as she sat and watched them do it in front of her. She couldn’t stop smiling as Percy had his tight hole attacked by Leland’s delicious dick for a second time. Panting and moaning, they embraced and kissed each other without stopping their swift movements altogether. They were willing to act out what Mona would normally see in a porno, and they didn’t stop.

Mona slowly licked her lip. She knew that she had chosen the right people to do what she wanted to see. She only had her own daughter to thank for this one. Beth’s classmates proved to be very interesting company, and Mona didn’t want it to end. She looked on as Leland and Percy made their passionate motions. She felt so positive about their relationship. She now had the power to make them submit to each other while she watched, and she would never forget it.

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