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Giggling at your antics. I wonder if I should play drill sergeant. Hmmm, no, I wouldn’t want to traumatize you just yet.

Laughing now and trying to stop; unsuccessfully… I’ve got this image of Gomer Pyle in my head. This sets off another round of giggles. Trying to catch my breath I manage, “Ok. Ok.”

Putting my hands on my hips I say, “Oh, like crossing your arms and glaring at me is going to help my giggles. I’m trying. OK?”

Taking a deep breath and releasing I say, “Come get wet, Darling. Let me know if it’s too hot for you.”

You walk into the shower and straight into me…pushing me against the cold tile wall, pinning my hands above my head. You move straight in for a kiss. My breath is taken away by the sudden move. You push my lips open with the pressure of your mouth and proceed to kiss me till I’m like putty in your hands then you pull away slowly. I open my eyes and am slightly stunned.

“What was that for?”

You smile and say, “I was just helping you with your giggling issue.”

I untangle my fingers from your hands and wrap my arms around your neck pressing myself into you. “Hmm, a hero rescuing me, huh? Well thank you kind Sir. And what favor do you seek for this good deed?”

You smile and say, “Use your imagination. I’m all yours.”

Smiling I push you backwards into the spray of one of the shower heads. “Good. Let’s start with both of us getting completely wet.” I slide the teak bench into the middle of the shower room. “Have a seat.”

Then I step back into the showerhead directly across from yours and tilt my head back to get my face and hair wet. I get the soap and start lathering up a rag. Then I walk forward and put my foot up on your bench.

“You don’t mind if I wash up first do you?” Leaning forward I run the rag over my feet and up my legs. Going slow. I watch you watching the rag and my fingers.

“Hmm, this feels so good. But I guess I should hurry…wouldn’t want you to feel neglected.”

“What? Oh. No. I Don’t.” you mumble a bit distracted by my hands as they continue soaping up my thighs. “Hmmm, ok as long as you don’t mind.” My fingers delve in between my pussy lips and across my clit…”Oh, this sure feels good.” My other hand skims across my belly and up to a breast.

Moaning, bahis firmaları “Yes.” as I tweak a nipple and slowly spread the soap around my breasts. Then I slide both hands behind me to soap my bottom. I start rubbing soap all over my bottom and between my cheeks.

“Hmm, so nice. My fingers glide so smoothly over my body when I have soap all over them, but I can’t reach my back. Do you think you could help?” Handing you the rag I push you back on the bench…straddling you and leaning down chest to chest…”Can you wash my back?”

You smile and wiggle your hips to settle me better and say, “My pleasure, Sexy.”

“Hmmm,” I start nuzzling your neck whispering in your ear, “that feels good. Can you multi-task?” Then I start kissing you. Pushing my tongue into your mouth dueling with you in slow motion and running my hands down the sides of your ribcage. You continue rubbing my back with the rag and are holding your own in the kiss as well. Pulling back from the kiss and sighing, “I do enjoy your kisses.”

You smile and do another salute, “My pleasure, Ma’am.”

Smiling and sitting up I reply, “Ok, it’s your turn.” Taking the rag back from you I start lathering it up again. “Are you ready?”

You just smile and nod your head. I start with your fingers. Washing each one very carefully up and down, around and between. Then I rest your hand on my chest while I wash your wrist and up your arm to your shoulder, across your collar bone to your other arm and back to your fingers.

Now across your chest and down your belly…”Hmm, guess I need to turn around.”

Standing up to swing my leg over you then kneeling down by your feet I start soaping your toes and legs. Slowly, I move up your calves and around your knees, onto your thighs. Standing I straddle you again this time my back is to you. I finish washing your thighs. Your legs are already spread because you are straddling the bench so I prop both of your heels up on the edge of the bench. This allows me to wash your butt.

Taking extra care to be gentle. I soap up my hands and toss the rag away. I slide my hands over your cock and along the crack of your butt. I let my finger nail dip into your hole. Feeling you tense I move my hands back up your cock. It kaçak iddaa always amazes me how soft the skin is here; so smooth and silky but hard as steel. You look absolutely delicious. Standing up, I pull the showerhead out of its cradle and start rinsing us both off. “Hmmm, the hot water feels wonderful.” Putting the showerhead back in the cradle I kneel at the end of the bench and wrap my fingers around your cock. I start tasting you by licking the water drops from your balls. I then flatten my tongue and lick in one long stroke up the length of your cock. Wrapping my lips around your cock head I suck you inside swirling my tongue around and down moaning a little because you taste so good.

I let you slide back out of my mouth so I can tease you a little more. I want to prolong this a little. Running my tongue down the length of you and then sucking on your ball sack gently, I swirl my tongue around one of your balls. I let it slowly fall out of my mouth and then nip your inner thigh with my teeth. You jump and moan then wrap your fingers gently in my hair. I begin to lick back up your steely length and slide you back in my mouth ever so slowly sucking you further in. You are so hard and yummy.

Sliding up and down now, getting slightly faster. I hear you moaning and feel your fingers along my scalp. You aren’t guiding me, just following my movements.

Chuckling I ask, “Are you ok, Darling?”

You lift your head to look at me. “Yes, Baby. I am enthralled. Please, please continue.”


Watching you as I nibble on the shaft of your cock, seeing you suck in your breath and your eyes glaze with passion. “That makes two of us, Darling. Because I am most definitely enthralled by you.”

I slide you back into my mouth. I keep sucking you in until you reach the back of my throat. I swallow to let you glide past my tonsils, then back out again. I pick up the pace. Sliding you out and in over and over. Cupping your balls and fondling gently, I slide a finger down the crack of your butt rubbing little circles around your sphincter.

I feel your fingers dig into my skull as you catch your breath. I smile to myself. Knowing I have your complete attention now. Picking up the pace a little I settle into a rhythm. I can feel your kaçak bahis muscles tensing under me and your breathing is very shallow as if you are afraid of moving.

I purr. I love this part. There is such a feeling of power in bringing pleasure to someone. I’m keeping the rhythm nice and steady and I step up the sensation by rubbing my fingers around the base of your cock just above your balls. Hmm, your balls are getting tighter. It shouldn’t be too long now before I really get to taste you.

You suddenly get tenser and suck in a breath and then grunt. I lock my lips so none of your juice escapes. I can feel the vein in your cock start to pulse and then you explode in my mouth. I start swallowing, spurt after spurt. I slowly let you slide out of my mouth. Stopping when I get to the ridge under your head I start sucking again; I want all your cum.

“Mmmm.” I pull back and look to make sure I didn’t miss any. Finding a small drizzle running down your shaft; I stick my tongue out and lick you like an ice cream cone then swallow you one last time.

Licking my lips I stand up and straddle you folding my arms on your chest and resting my chin in my hands. I see you with your arms over your eyes. You move your arms slightly and peek at me from under your hands.

I smile and say, “Hey there, Sweetheart. Are you Ok?”

You grunt a little and wrap your arms around me. “Yeah, I’m fantastic.”

You slide your hands up my arms and grasp my face pulling me in for a slow, tender, deep, long kiss that steels all my breath. Your fingers move into my hair and pull me closer to deepen the kiss even more. I just melt into you sighing blissfully.

You pull back and I drop my head to your chest nuzzling you. “You know it’s amazing the hot water has lasted this long. Are you ready to dry off?”

“Hmm, what? Oh yeah, I think I can stand up,” you mumble.

Chuckling, I get up to turn the water off. Turning around, I see you’re still lying on the bench watching me. I grab a towel, wrap it around myself and then get you a towel.

“Come on, Big Guy. I’m hungry. I always get the munchies afterwards,” I laugh. Grabbing your hand I start tugging you toward the bedroom so I can put some clothes on, but you have other ideas.

When we get to the bedroom, you grab the edge of my towel. “Let me dry you off,” you say as you unwrap me.

My many thanks to Angel Love for editing my 1st attempt at ; I appreciate all her efforts and suggestions. She is great.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32