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Double Penetration

March 1985

I glanced at my watch and rolled my eyes. How the hell was it only 11:30? I shook my head and looked around Vinnie’s which this late on a Friday was all but deserted. The older crowd had left hours ago and around now all the younger people would be at the bars or the clubs. I had gotten off at 10, a full two hours before closing which was on purpose of course as I was not in Vinnie’s good graces right now. I also had to wait until a little after midnight for Mark to pick me up as I had lost my car for the month of March. As was often the case these days my loss of both hours and transportation were my own fault and were the least of what I had been losing lately.

By far the most painful thing I had lost was my parents trust. Starting with that Friday morning when Mom had confronted me with the bottle of rum I had hidden in my mattress. Initially even that would not have been too bad; Mom had told me she would keep it quiet from Dad providing I would go to my councilor and talk about it and of course not drink anymore, after all not only was I not 21 yet but Mom was convinced that the alcohol had triggered the horrific nightmare that had sent me into hysterics.

As I sat totally humiliated at having been caught I listened to my mother talk about how drinking could do a lot of bad things for someone like myself who already had been through so much that it could easily become a crutch. She also expressed her concern at how much trouble a beautiful girl like me could get into especially around the wrong crowd, how it could make you want to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily. As she spoke all I could think of was that scene with Krissy and that vivid wet dream I had of her afterwards. I also thought of how much more fun sex was when I was drinking which I’m sure is what she was getting at.

I promised Mom that it wouldn’t happen again and I meant it. I was good for all of about a week until I let Jack take me out on his “make it up to me date.” It was a really nice night he had taken me to Twin Oaks then we had gone dancing. After that was when I had made the mistake of going to a party with him. Everyone had been drinking and after turning it down a couple of times I figured what the hell? Thinking there was a chance I might go back to Jack’s I had already told Mom I would be staying at Betty’s so if I caught a buzz I would just let Jack further make things up to me and spend the night.

That was exactly what had happened, I had gotten pretty drunk and gone back to Jack’s where I will have to admit he did a damn good job of kissing my ass as well as every other part of my body. I was feeling so good I even curled up with him and slept through the night. During the following couple of weeks I spent several nights with Jack, all of them started with drinks at the bar however not all of them ended as happily as that first night back with him. After I had stayed over a couple of times it started to go back to the same old Jack. I went out of my way to treat him good in bed and he barely took care of me. At no point did he ask me to get on my knees for him, which was a plus, but he had made a couple of cracks about “hang ups”.

One night I had gotten fed up and told him he was an asshole and we argued, he told me there were plenty of girls eager to do whatever he wanted, as a matter of fact he had added with a smirk he had just been with Julie, one of the other waitresses, last night and she couldn’t roll over fast enough for him. Of course I knew Jack and I weren’t really a couple but I’d be damned if I’d be called sloppy seconds. I walked out of his place then realized that I had no car and was drunk.

I tried calling Betty, but she answered the phone sounding wasted herself and I could hear a guy in the background. It was after 11 so crossing my fingers I called home. Mark had a phone in his room and I knew he was home, it was just a matter of him lying to the folks if they asked who had called as I was supposed to be at Betty’s. Mark came and picked me up and when he got there and saw how upset I was I had to get in front of him to stop him from going up to Jack’s and calling him outside.

Mark parked a couple of houses down so the folks wouldn’t hear his car and we got out. By then I had been sitting for awhile and could just about walk. Mark had to hold me up as we walked up the porch stairs and into the house. Where Dad was sitting on the couch waiting; I was obviously drunk and he knew it. After thanking Mark for picking me up he told him to go upstairs and Dad let me have it. Mom came down and shook her head sadly. I was grounded for two weeks including losing the keys to my car and Mom went with me to my next counseling appointment.

Things got uglier after that. Mark was picking me up from work but he got out an hour after me so I had to hang at Vinnie’s, I somehow let Jack give me a couple of drinks. I wasn’t going to go with him anymore but found that I couldn’t find anything wrong with having a couple with him. Well one night it went from a couple, to a few shots, mofos porno to Jack and I fucking in the back room. When Mark picked me up I was wasted.

When we got home I was so far gone Mark had to carry me up the stairs. I got a huge kick out of this and started laughing. Mark told me to keep it down. I pouted as he went to put me in my room and told him I wanted to go in his. Mark said no which pissed me off. As Mark tried to carry me through the doorway I started kicking my legs making it hard for him. I managed to kick my door shut and when Mark put me down to open the door I turned to run into his room which was when I knocked the lamp off the small table in the hallway. Mark told me to get my fucking ass in my room and swore he was going to beat the fuck out of Jack next time he saw him. I laughed and pulled away from him again. Mark went to grab me but stopped and whispered;

“Oh shit.”

“Who the hell is Jack?” Dad asked from behind me.

I was dragged downstairs for another lecture and this time told it was a month and not even allowed to use the phone. The conversation then turned to who was Jack and was he the one giving me booze? I shrugged and acted stupid saying it was friends I was partying with. At that point my brother, who I never thought would betray me, told Dad who Jack was, how old he was and that he’d been getting me drunk for the last two months. With a smirk Mark then told dad he knew where Jack lived.

Dad went ballistic and it was everything Mom could do to keep him from getting in his car and going to Jack’s. Mom told him to go and talk to Vinnie. I told them they couldn’t do that! Jack would get fired and I would have to deal with all kinds of shit at work. Dad said tough shit that fucking punk would go to jail if he had his way. With an evil smile and that look in his eyes Mark told my father why doesn’t he not say anything and let him take care of Jack. Mom told them both to stop acting like morons and do it the right way.

The next day Dad went to Vinnie calling for Jack’s job. Small problem; Jack is Vinnie’s nephew. Vinnie did listen to my father and of course has always liked me but blood is thicker than water, he told my father that he would speak to Jack but just as a reference no one had been twisting my arm. Dad had replied that maybe he should twist Jack’s neck but in the meantime he would go to the police. The cops talked to Jack who had some priors then talked to me. The result was that Jack claimed I never said I wasn’t twenty one. Vinnie gave Jack a couple of weeks off without pay and told him to stay the hell away from me.

The next two weeks I was not surprised to see my hours cut and getting the shit shifts, as a matter of fact I had only gotten this Friday night because one of the other girls called out sick last minute. Of course in hindsight I would have been better off staying home as tonight just happened to be Jack’s first night back after his “vacation”, of course Vinnie’s like most jobs has its share of gossip and the story had already gotten around about why he hadn’t been in work.

I tried to stay away from the bar but had no choice when a customer ordered a drink. Jack was surprisingly civil saying hi to me and when no one was around telling me no hard feelings but stay away from the bar after hours. I nodded and foolishly thought everything would be okay. Then I began to notice the looks I was getting from the other waiters all night, catching them pointing at me and laughing. Out of the blue one of them asked me out and when I said no winked and said we didn’t have to actually go anywhere.

Finally Tammy, another waitress who I had been friends with since high school, took me aside and said that Jack was telling everyone that I gave great blow jobs and loved sucking cock so much that I would blow anyone just to taste it. Needless to say I was both angry and embarrassed. Tammy had told me this around nine and since we were slow went to the bar and got my drink orders for me so I wouldn’t have to. So now here I was sitting here feeling stupid unable to even go home while these assholes walked around smirking at me. I even called Mark to see if he could get off earlier but Mitch’s was busy.

After an eternity midnight came and I went out in the parking lot to wait for Mark. Seeing Jack out there with a couple of other waiters and waitresses I went up to him and told him he was a piece of shit. Jack had laughed and said that he meant it as a compliment and it made up for the fact that I was so uptight that I was only a good fuck if I was drunk. That got a round of laughs from the other guys.

I stood there totally humiliated and so frustrated I started to cry which made it worse. I stormed away intent on going to the other side of the restaurant when I heard the low growl and blaring music that announced my brothers arrival. Mark pulled up next to me and I saw he had Krissy with him which sent me into further tears. I wouldn’t even have Mark tonight as anytime she was with him this late she was coming moms girl porno over.

Mark saw my face and instantly was out of the car asking me what was wrong. Krissy had gotten out as well and came around to me. I heard someone whistle; it was warm for March and Krissy, who I’m sure didn’t plan on standing outside, was wearing a short skirt with knee high boots.

“Hey Krissy how ’bout you come over here and see what it’s like to be with a man!”

Mark looked over briefly but turned back to me and asked what was wrong. I should have just kept my mouth shut. Or at least waited until we were home, but I couldn’t. Trying not to cry more than I already was I told Mark what Jack had said. Marks eyes darkened noticeably and Krissy who had put her arm around me took Mark’s hand and told him to get in the car. Mark looked at her and hesitated, he was on thin ice as it was.

“Hey Krissy, let Mark take his baby sis home and you come over here. I have something for you.” It was Jack, he then added with a laugh; “Don’t worry I showered after I fucked Megan.”

That was it. Mark yanked away from Krissy flipped his black leather jacket off and headed straight for Jack.

“Fight!!!” one of the other waiters yelled.

“Mark get back here!” Krissy yelled. She looked at me. “Megan stop him.”

I watched as my brother got within a few steps of Jack who had tossed his cigarette aside and took off his own jacket.

“No.” I told her.

My brother wanted to make this right for me and I would let him.

Krissy started running over and I followed. The other three waiters and Tammy all had stepped away from Mark and Jack who were standing inches apart. I stopped a few feet away and grabbed Krissy who was ready to get in the middle. Jack was a couple of inches taller than my brother with quite an impressive build. Mark was probably about twenty pounds lighter but was definitely more ripped than Jack was. They were so close they were almost touching.

“You sure about this punk?” Jack asked. “This ain’t no tournament.”

“Shut up and fight bitch.” Mark replied.

“Hey Mark it’s not my fault your sister’s a drunk.”

“Actually it is.”

“Is it my fault she’s a slut to?” Someone watching laughed. Jack grinned and added; “Or that she loves it in the mouth.”

‘”At least she doesn’t take it in the ass like you did in the joint.” Mark told him smirking.


“Is that why it didn’t work with my sister? She wouldn’t use the strap on?”

Someone laughed loudly at that one.

“Fuck you Mark.” Jack pushed him.

Mark went back a step and smiled.

“Did they save their jelly for you Jack? So you could spread it on their asses?”

Jack hit Mark in the face. The punch; a short jab snapped Mark’s head back, Krissy tried to move but I held her tightly around the arm. Mark looked at Jack his mouth was bleeding.

“You hit me Jack.” He said calmly.

Jack hit him again and a lot harder a solid right cross that caught him flush on his jaw. Mark’s head snapped to the side. I watched shocked as Mark simply turned his head to face Jack once again. Someone laughed. Come on little brother I thought.

“Ow.” Mark said simply.

Jack hauled off and hit Mark with a left then another right. Both blows sent my brothers head back but otherwise he didn’t move. What the hell was wrong with him? Was he afraid? I realized that for all the attitude he had except for hitting Jake I had never seen him fight, was he really afraid? Was it all an act? I let Krissy’s arm go prepared to get in the middle I wouldn’t watch Mark get hurt. Jack shook his head.

“Fucking pussy.”

“I’m still standing.” Mark said in that same odd tone.

Jack hit Mark in the stomach when he bent over Jack dealt him an uppercut that rocked my brother’s head back, I heard a crack and I saw blood flowing from Mark’s nose his lower face was already covered with it.

“Mark!” I cried out.

“Jesus this is stupid.” Jack said.

As Mark continued to stand there I saw the he had that weird “going away” look he had when he went into one of his prolonged fogs. I also noticed his head was cocked slightly as if he were listening to something. When he had first come to live with us he had done that all the time. The Doctor’s said because he wasn’t allowed to talk he talked to himself in his head. This was the first time I had seen him do it in months, he must be scared. I needed to stop this. I was just stepping forward when Mark spoke;

“You hit me Jack,” He said calmly. “You hit me first.”

“Mark please!” Krissy yelled.

“And I’ll hit you last you fucking wuss,” Jack said throwing another right.

There was a sharp slapping sound as Mark’s left hand came up and caught Jack’s fist in his palm. Jack had all of his 200 pounds behind the punch yet Mark’s hand hadn’t moved so much as an inch. As everyone watched Jack pushed forward the muscles in his arm bulging. Not only did Mark not move back but slowly, steadily, momsbangteens porno the muscles in his forearms standing out began pushing Jack’s hand backwards. Mark let Jack’s hand go and as Jack staggered forward Mark pushed him in the chest sending him back a step.

“My turn.” He whispered.

Suddenly Jack’s head rocked side to side from two slaps that no one had even seen coming. Jack stepped back, shook his head and swung. Mark whipped his head to the side. Jack tried again. Moving only his head Mark made him miss again.

“Come on Jack get serious.”

Jack started swinging, left right high and low. As everyone watched in awe Mark blocked every blow easily slapping Jack’s hands away as if he were a child. Jack was getting frustrated, stepping in he threw a wild round house. Mark stepped into it and blocking it back handed Jack across the face, then swinging the same hand down hit him in the stomach where Jack’s face was met by my brother’s knee, which stood him straight up just in time to meet Mark’s forearm.

The blow caught Jack in the head and sent him staggering back into the van behind him. Mark stepped forward and waved him on. Jack was dazed but still came in swinging. Mark grabbed his left wrist then his right and with no hesitation drove the top of his head into Jack’s face, as he staggered back Mark jumped and spinning came around catching Jack in the side of his head with the heel of the black snakeskin boot he was wearing, sending him crashing back into the van where in slow motion Jack sank to his knees blood flowing from his face. It was over.

“Oh my god Mark!’ Krissy exclaimed.

“Yes!!” I cried out.

Mark had stepped up to Jack and was looking down at him. My elation turned to worry I didn’t like the way my brother was standing over him. As I watched Mark grabbed Jack by the hair lifting his head to look up at him. Jack’s eyes were barely open. I quickly walked over to them.

“Mark let’s go.”

“You know Jack,” Mark said quietly. “I believe in an eye for an eye and seeing as you wanted to talk about my sister’s mouth. I think it’s only fitting that you don’t use yours for awhile.”

Before I could say anything Mark suddenly brought Jack’s face down directly into the knee he had swung up. There was a loud crack as Mark’s knee struck Jack at the tip of his chin.

“Oh my fucking god!” Someone yelled behind us. Jack fell onto his back writhing in pain.

“Jesus Christ Mark!” I yelled at him.

Mark turned to me.

“Hey you know sis. It could have been worse on him. He could have talked about your pussy.”

At that he winked at me. Oh my god I thought.

“You fucking animal!” Krissy yelled at him. “What’s wrong with you?”

Mark turned to look at her and shrugged.

“He deserved it.”

“We’re through Mark!” She yelled at him. “I am done with you! You’re a fucking maniac!”

With that Krissy stormed off in the direction of the pay phone. I turned to look at my brother. Mark watched Krissy go then with another shrug looked back down at Jack as if entranced.

“Mark?” I called his name.

Mark was not only smiling but his eyes were so bright it was if they were lit from within. I remembered the story my father had told me about his co workers pet.

Mark looked at up at me and winked. My stomach twisted as one thought went through my mind; the dog was out.

One of Jack’s friends and Tammy were on their knees checking on Jack. The other waiter, a big kid named Billy, turned and said something to Mark who smiled and asked him if he wanted to be next. Billy hesitated and when he did I got in front of Mark and grabbing his arm led him away from Jack. What the hell were we going to do? There were people on the porch across the street so I know damn well the cops had been called. I found myself quite grateful that I hadn’t had anything to drink tonight.

“Let’s get the hell out of here little brother.”

Mark allowed me to pull him towards the car then stopped and said;

“Shit Krissy!”

“Leave her alone Mark she’s upset and we have to go!”

Mark pulled away and I watched as he ran over to Krissy who was waiting by the phone. She yelled for him to stay away from her. Mark tried to talk to her but she put her back to him. When he tried to grab her arm she had screamed and pulled away, which is when I got there and grabbing my brother by the hair drug him away from her before he got in more trouble, which speaking of red lights flashing and siren blaring a police cruiser pulled into the parking lot.

I followed Mark who calmly went over to the two police officers who had gotten out and told his side of the story, Jack had upset me, they had words and Jack hit him several times at which point Mark defended himself. We ended up going down to the police station and filling out reports. In the end because of Jack’s prior record and the fact that myself, Tammy, and Krissy who in the end still stood by my brother, all said that Jack had gone after Mark first. Mark was let go with a warning and a copy of the report went into the clerks file so if it happened again he would have to go to court. My brother was also informed that his black belt made him a weapon and in the future excessive force on his part would lead to serious trouble.

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