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This is my first attempt at writing erotic literature; any feedback or comments are welcome.

Our girls night out had been planned for ages, and something I was really looking forward to. Three friends and I were going to hit the town and party ’til dawn. It had taken me ages to get ready but I was pleased with the results, sexy and sophisticated but not trashy. Wearing my wrap-over black top (showing just enough of my ample cleavage to entice), and my long black skirt with the thigh high split, I knew I looked good. My hair dark and glossy was styled in its usual bobbed cut, and my blue eyes enhanced by eye-liner, shone with excitement.

It was already 8.30pm and I was running late, although the bar where I was meeting my friends was only a five minute walk, I grabbed my bag and hurried out of my flat. I arrived a little late but in time to meet my friends. Allison and Jane were there, but as usual we were waiting for Kathie. Allison is 5’5 and curvy, outspoken and outgoing, and in-between men. Jane is single, petite and quiet, doesn’t drink but still knows how to have fun, whereas Kathie on the other hand is tall like me 5’8, and brunette. Although curvier than me she always looks good, and is due to get married in 6 months.

We got the first round of drinks and caught up on all the news we had to tell each other after three months. Just as we were sipping our second drink Kathie came rushing in, flustered and apologising for her usual lateness. Now the night out could really get underway. After Kathie had got herself a drink and settled down we sat down and started talking.

As the drinks flowed, our laughter increased and the jokes came thick and fast, conversation turned to men, relationships and sex, the usual girls night out subjects. Our general laughter and merriment drew the attention of a table of men nearby, and my attention was drawn to one particular guy. Although I could only see him from the waist up (as he was sitting down) he looked toned and quite tall. He had short dark brown hair and the most intense sparkly blue eyes. I realised I had been staring as the guy in question caught my eye, and I blushed and looked away. Over the next couple of hours he caught me stealing quick glances at him, and each time our gaze held for longer. I guess the more I drank the more emboldened I became.

As the bar was closing we all decided to go on to a club, by this time we were very merry from the alcohol we’d consumed and the atmosphere. The club was smoky and dark, but played some great music. As ‘It’s Raining Men’ came on we all piled onto the dance floor, excited and full of nostalgia for a time when we all met at University and this was our song.

We sang and danced until our feet were sore, and as I was sipping my drink I noticed him. The guy from the bar was standing about ten feet away, facing me, and eyes locked onto my face. He noticed me notice him and grinned, leaning casually backwards onto the bar. I reddened at his intense look but didn’t break our gaze. ‘My God’ I thought ‘this guy is so hot, and he’s staring at me’. My body tingled as I held his gaze, all the while imagining what it would feel like to touch him, to press my lips against his. Kathie broke into my thoughts by dragging me onto the dance floor, and when I looked back he had disappeared. bahis firmaları Disappointed I turned my attention to dancing, and smiled at Kathie. As my body moved I felt something brush against me from behind, assuming someone had simply bumped into me I carried on, until this time I felt a hard, very male body, press against me.

I turned to tell the guy in no uncertain terms that I wasn’t interested, and locked eyes with my bar guy. Not giving me a chance to protest he lifted my arms in the air and gently gyrated his body in time to the music behind mine. It was so intense our bodies felt as if they burned where they made contact. As the song finished Kathie left us with a wink and a smile, and joined the others.

With his arm around my waist from behind, and one hand reaching to lock his fingers with mine, we danced. The pace of music had slowed as the night drew nearer to the end, and our bodies swayed in time to the music with an intensity I had never known. As he pressed against me I felt his hardness grinding into me through the thin material of his trousers. He had his arm around my waist with his hand pressed to my body just below my left breast, his thumb gently caressing my softness through the material of my top. I could feel his breath caress my ear gently as we moved together, and feel the slight brush of his lips against my neck.

There was a heat between my thighs, a longing, a need, for him to touch me, but the wait would be exquisitely torturous. He held me gently but firmly in his grasp, continuing to tease me with his body, his every touch. As I turned to speak to him he pressed his fingers to my lips to hush me, and I knew instinctively that words would break the intensity. I stood there swaying to the music, feeling his erection press into me, knowing from his breathing that he wanted me as much as I wanted him, but that prolonging what would happen (and now I was sure it would!), would make it all the more passionate.

Suddenly he moved from behind me, grabbed my hand and pulled me across the dance floor after him. I followed him into a darkened hallway, where he hurriedly tried a few door handles. Our luck must have been in, because one opened. We rushed into the small room before being seen and locked the door behind us. Before I had a chance to look around I felt the brush of lips against mine, soft and warm and increasingly passionate. I felt myself being pushed backwards against the door, and his body pressing into mine, fingers entwined and my arms raised and pressed against the cool door.

My body instantly responded to his, pressing against him as he pushed forward holding me between the door and his body. I let out a small moan as he released one of my hands and raised his to squeeze my breast roughly. His thumb traced over my nipple, which was now hard and very visible through the fabric of my top. I arched my back giving him encouragement, pressing my body to him. Suddenly his hand was on my bare skin under my top making me quiver, and in one deft movement he released the catch on my bra. His hands moved around to my front, and slowly, gently, teasingly, he raised both of them until they caressed my bare breasts. I couldn’t help the sigh of pleasure that escaped my lips as he touched me, and my breathing quickened as he raised my kaçak iddaa top and discarded my bra to allow him to take a nipple in his mouth. He sucked and nibbled it, and then instinctively knowing what I wanted, he bit gently.

My hands pulled at him urgently and he bit harder, eliciting more moans from me. He started to move lower and his hands found the split in my skirt. They traced their way slowly up my thighs, and I heard him groan as the material of my stockings gave way to warm bare flesh. I could feel his fingers trace the lines of my stocking tops and garter belt, working their way higher touching my bare arse as he found that I was wearing only a small lacy thong. He grabbed my arse with both hands and pulled me towards him, burying his face in me. I could feel his nose press my clit through the material of my thong, and feel his tongue trace a wet line around my sparse underwear.

Then he moved aside the small V of material covering my pussy and lapped gently at me. His tongue pressed against my most secret of places, and he raised his hand gently parting me with his fingers. My knees nearly buckled at the first touch of his warm, wet tongue caressing my clit, and I pulled his head towards me urging him on. His tongue flicked a steady continuous rhythm against me, causing me to gasp and writhe around at his touch. As his tongue worked at me, he raised his finger to my pussy and slowly and teasingly inserted it, my wetness making it an easy journey. He now placed a second finger at my entrance and pushed gently inside. I could feel the pressure build inside me, and that familiar tingling sensation at the feel of his tongue on my clit and his fingers working inside me. My breathing was heavy and my moans loud, my back arched and my body became rigid as waves of pleasure flowed through me, my orgasm crashing down onto me.

It took me a couple of moments before I could move, but I raised him to his feet and drew him close. He kissed me passionately, and I could taste myself faintly on his tongue. Again he pressed himself to me, and I knew he wanted me badly. My hands ran up underneath his shirt, touching and caressing his chest, tracing my fingers lightly over his warm skin. My hands moved lower and I felt his stomach muscles quiver as they reached his waist. I could feel his cock pressing into me like an iron bar, and the soft moans he made as I began to slowly unbutton his trousers spurred me on.

I fell to my knees and traced my tongue along his stomach above the waistband of his boxer shorts, my fingers tracing the line of his hard cock through the material of his underwear. I slid his boxer shorts down his legs until his cock was right in front of my eyes, rigid and thick and twitching with expectation. I moved closer, millimetres from touching, letting my breath caress him, teasing him with what I was about to do. And then I was there, my tongue flicked over the head of his cock, my hand grasping it at the base to guide it to my warm, wet, waiting mouth.

As I took him deep into my mouth I heard him moan aloud, the sound encouraging me. I picked up a slow even rhythm with my hand and mouth, occasionally teasing the head of his cock with my tongue. My other hand moved between his legs and caressed his balls as I took him in and out of my mouth. His breathing kaçak bahis became faster and shallower and he started to move his hips to my rhythm, his cock becoming even harder, and then abruptly he was pulling me up to him. I knew he was close and didn’t want to come too soon.

My mouth found his urgently, and my body shook with desire for him, wanting to feel him deep inside me, making me shudder with pleasure. I grasped his hips and pressed myself to him and his desire matched mine, he raised my leg to his waist gripping me firmly under my knee, and I could feel the swollen head of his cock press against my entrance. Slowly he pushed into me, my body offering no resistance, my wetness making his hard cock slide into me with ease. He filled me completely, totally and started to thrust in and out slowly, languidly, and teasingly. He couldn’t keep this slow pace up for long, our desire too strong to allow for intimate, sensual, slow sex.

With one hand he pulled me down onto him, thrusting hard and deep into me. A jolt of pleasure shot through me and I gasped aloud. He started to thrust harder into me, our eyes meeting and turning the experience into something more than just animal lust. With each thrust he moaned aloud, my tightness and obvious arousal increasing the sensations. I threw my head back as he thrust harder and deeper, my whimpers almost constant.

Reaching down between us his fingers found my clit, hard and swollen. His thrusts became quicker, as he touched my most sensitive place and my whimpers became loud gasps. My senses heightened, aware of every nerve ending in my body, every sensation, and every touch of him. The bass of the music from the dance floor, only a few metres away, sent vibrations through the door and into my body. Knowing that people may have been only inches from us on the other side, all increased the excitement.

His thrusts became almost frantic now, his fingers still touching me, and his cock driving deep inside me. My body tensed and tingled, my moans loud in his ear, my hands pulling him deeper, the tension in my body almost at its peak. And then I was coming, waves of pleasure flowing through me, one after the other, radiating from my core to the very tips of my fingers, my inner muscles grasping him, holding him there. I felt him go rigid, every muscle tensing, grunting with every thrust into me. His breathing ragged as his cock twitched inside me, his orgasm washing over him as he came, spurting his seed deep within.

For a few seconds afterwards we remained locked together, neither one of us wanting the moment to end. Eventually he leaned backwards and his lips met mine in a soft kiss. Afterwards, not knowing what to say, I adjusted my clothing. When I looked up again he had slipped away, un-noticed. At first I was in shock at what had happened, I simply didn’t do this kind of thing, and I had never had a one-night stand before. Something about him made me drop all barriers and obviously all common sense.

After I’d got home that night I couldn’t take my mind off of him, and after a restless couple of hours, I got out of bed and got a glass of water. On my way back to the bedroom I noticed a piece of plain white paper neatly folded and pushed under my front door, I’d obviously missed it earlier as the door had pushed it against the wall. Scooping to pick it up I scanned the page and recognised Allison’s handwriting explaining that someone wanted me to get in contact. There on the page was a name and telephone number, one I knew I’d ring!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32