Silver Moonlight Ch. 03

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Hey ppl of the net this is a 3 part story chapter this all I have right now 1-3 and 2-3. The next sec 3-3 is still being work on so I hope u all b patient… thank u


2 weeks later pt.1-3

Silver’s Pov

Two weeks have passed since my encounter with Dr. James and the pack of Wolfs. And so far my life Suck! You may want to know why let me tell you, first off I’m a vampires mate which is cool and all but dose it have to be Dr. James or should say Dr. James Winter. {yes ppl as in Silver Winter my husband}. And not only a day after the encounter things just went abit wrong. First I had to spend the night with James and the Wolfs which is their last name as well.

Back to what I was saying, the Second reason was one of my liquid vials of silver bust and shot one of the wolfs five times. I think his name is Mark, what can I say the guy was creeping me out and with everything that has happen hours before my instincts just kick in. So after ten minutes of drawing my silver out – which would take half as long to do have it not been for the silver spike spread some liquid silver into Mark’s body. With that done I took five more minutes apologizing to Mark and the others.

Finally close to two in the morning and drifting to sleep I was carry by James to his room to sleep. Placing me on the bed that was bigger than two king size beds, I mumble to James asking him to stay with me – as I can’t really stand him still, I yet still felt safe and oddly caring from him that I didn’t care one bit. Yep that was first.

The next day I woke up to the smell of breakfast and fresh made coffee being made, and a note on the bedside table. Picking the note up it read “Hey Silver your Fan-pack (fany pack) and jewel’s are in the table dower, come on down when you want and I’ll make you breakfast. ‘k. P.s. Feel free to take a shower closet full of outfits. ‘k. Hart symbol J” Feeling a bit happy that after last night alt porno they didn’t take my silver away from me.


After taking a nice hot shower and getting dress, I grab my fan-pack and jewel’s which instead of putting on one at a time I used my power to help me, with one thing different and that would be my chain bracelets being four feet each I decide to combine them to make a belt since the pants I was wearing were tad-bit big on me… ok they were huge me.

With everything done I headed down stairs to the mouthwatering smell of food was coming from. Mind you I was still piss at everything, but what can I say I need food plush with all the use of my power I’m famish and can eat a horse {lmao}. Opening the door to the kitchen I was greater by a thin man I meat yesterday whose lover I pull out the silver bullets. David I think his name was the one hugging me, not his lover whose name was Wayne I think.

“Thank you thank you thank you so much I forever indebted to you for saving my love. Thank you.” David shouted at me and hugging me to death that would have killed me haven’t it been for a very loud growled and his lover picking him up, which made him pout, which me and everyone smile and laugh.

“Now. Now my love be have or get a spanking later.” Wayne said which made David blush redder than a red hot tomato. “Can’t I have both saying thanks and a spanking from my love of my life?” David said as he try to kiss his love. That made me laugh aging.

After what seem like for ever I got off the floor and went to grab a set at the table. That was housing Matthew, Teas, Wayne with David in his lap kissing like two teens in heat, and five people I didn’t and haven’t meat yet. Looking around the room for James who was nowhere to be seen, I decide to find something to eat.

“Do you have any fruit I could have?” I ask after looking around for a meal and not seen anything.

“Sorry hd abla porno hun’ no fruit, but here ya’ go eggs dip sty’, three slabs of bacon, two Texas toast, and a tall glass of milk.” A small but mean looking granny said from behind me as she place the plate down in front of me.

Looking at the plate I quickly push it away from me and stab my hand with a fork not hard to draw blood but enough to take mind off the food in front of me, which earn me stares of shock, panic, and confusion.

“I apologize for that just now, but I don’t eat anything but fruits and nothing but fruits unless I use to much power.” I calmly rush to say befor they could panic more. “Do you perhaps some oranges juices, real OJ. That should do for now.” I asked as I begin watch like a baby that might fall down the stairs.

“If you’re hungry I’ll take you out for breakfast… if you want Silver?” James ask as he took a drink of what I guest was blood in his mug.

‘Now when did he get here?’ thinking to myself, but to answer him I simply nodded to him.


So it Saturday night I’m back at Wolf manor as James and the wolfs call it. So to short hand the 2 weeks first week after breakfast was spent tell my Fam. that someone know about us and that it was ok we didn’t have to move that they wouldn’t tell. When ask why they wouldn’t I told them the truth that ‘I Silver Coldwell have been working at a hospital, the person who know was a Doctor name James Witners he is top doc. there and not human.’ With that said I fought with them and when I say ‘fought’ I mean with our powers and let’s I won ok. -Little side note in thrums of strongest person in our fam. I’m

follow by Gold, Lead, then Plat-

So week two not with Saturday, I talk with my Fam., James and the Wolfs to let’s meet on Sunday they all agreed to it.

~*~*~ Now Saturday

I wanted to stay home but James Said that rokettube porno with my blood in him he would have to feed aging to help his body with the mating bond which to me ment sex, but James said that that mating wasn’t about sex but more on bonding minds and blood meaning I drink his blood ok more like sips of his blood not a lot. P.S. I’m kind of …


2 weeks later pt.2-3

JAMES POV’ Night before Party

I can’t be believe I found my mate – my other – my other halve of my soul. Silver… Oh just haring, thinking, oh hell just speaking his name make my blood boil in want and of need of him. Oh spirits please give me the strength I need not kill him or worst turn him into one of me. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone not even my worst enemy. I still can’t believe just two weeks ago I meet him and now or tomorrow to be precise he’s letting me meet his family.

Ok you all might be asking where is Silver ‘cuz of last chap. Well he’s here in bed with me sleeping and NO! We didn’t have sex, get your mind out of the gutters. We just ended the mating/bonding and he is in a sleep state to let his body adjust to my blood in his system. Oh spirits why did Silver have to be so frak’n cute when asleep I just want to sink my teeth into him.

“Um… James… n… water please?” Silver sleeply ask as he turn and nuzzle into my side.

“Yes my mate. What ever you want… Just give me a minute. ‘K.” I told him as I push a few strands hair that was covering him hansom face. After moving quickly to get some water from down stairs, I return a minute later to see Silver roll in the blankest holding onto my pillow for dear life. Looking at him right now I thinking to myself ‘what the hell dose he have a thing for pillows or what’, but then I hear him mumble something the only thing I can make clear was ‘No please don’t take me away. I beg you!’

After that I rush to his side to awake him form his nightmare, which seem to disappear just as fast as it came upon him. With him looking at me with a sleepy ‘why the hell did you wake me up’ I brought the cup of water to his face and gave him a sweet smile. Making a mental note to ask him about the nightmare he had. Tomorrow.

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