Simply Charmed

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Big Tits

It was a lovely Saturday night; perfect weather and perfect plans for a perfect summer night: We were going out with the group and the destination was the bar/disco where the regular Saturday night party was at – nothing could get in our way…

You do know what the deal is with these kinds of parties, don’t you: finding the perfect… dress! It’s like there’s a rule for people who are headed to a party: you just have to look sexy and tempting. Not that you’ll find anybody complaining, but it is a lot of work, equally for everybody. Guys have to make sure they smell fine and that their belts will hold onto the low-cut jeans under any circumstances; whereas girls struggle to dress up sexily, without actually revealing everything. Besides these, there’s always the typical “match the accessories” problem. Tough, tough work, but once you’re done, it’s only a downhill from there and you’re ready to rock and be rocked.

I was almost done, when my lovely friend barged in, wondering if she looked “presentable”. She had exaggerated her make-up, as usual, to look older (a nasty little habit from old times) and overdone it, but you don’t say these kinds of things to your best friend, so I told her she was charming. She wore a black halter top and a bright pink skirt, underneath high-heeled black sandals. She did look charming, but the look I wanted to go for was seductive, without looking like a complete slut. So I borrowed a black little top from her (that left very little to imagination) and stepped into my mini jean skirt. Completing the look with kitten heels, I passed onto the make-up stage. Normally I have to choose between my eyes and lips to emphasize and have a hard time with it; since it was a party we were going to, I went for both: dark eye pencil, bronze blusher, a dab of color on the lips and gloss over it… my work was finished quickly and we headed out.

The meeting place was the little café in the square. When we arrived, we saw we were the last ones to come. Having completed the group, we decided not to waste any more time, took our seats in the cars and drove.

As the place was nearby, the ride didn’t last long. We stepped directly inside and sat at our reserved table (it’s not easy to find a table for 10 people, especially on party nights). The group consisted of 3 girls and 7 guys, but we all were regulars at the club, so other friends also Yalova Escort joined us throughout the night.

It’s usually the habit to have the drinks right after arrival and that night was no exception. We all had a bit more than our share to loosen up and get rid of “inhibitions”. My fourth vodka rocks didn’t even burn my throat anymore – I was that immune to alcohol by then.

As we drank, I looked around a bit, checking in case there was a hidden potential somewhere, but no such luck! Actually, the hot dish himself was sitting right next to me, so I don’t know why I even bothered.

He held a shot of tequila in one hand and his other hand rested on my chair. As our eyes locked I said “No vodka for you?”, grinning in acknowledgement of the answer (you know how people say vodka causes erection problems and whatever). He winked at me: “After 10 tequila shots, it doesn’t matter what you’re drinking.”

In the background, music was on, full-blast and the DJ was really incredible. Just then my favourite song started to play and I just had to dance to it. So I pulled him off his chair, he held my hands and led the way to the platform.

The dancing is really easy, if you know how to “move”. I turned my back to him and he leaned in close –really close-, held me from my waist and we started dancing. As it went on we got even closer and he pulled me tightly to him. I could feel him hardening against my ass and it just felt amazing as e moved. I ground my hips against his crotch again and again, as he caressed his way down on me.

As it happened we lost track of time, but the “feeling” was intense and I could feel I was very wet. The drinks, dancing and his closure made me lose my mind. All I could think about was his touch. The songs changed and continued, but we never stopped. Occasionally I’d turn to face him and move between his legs, just to tease him and it worked wonderfully. As he leaned over, I planted a small but sensational kiss on his neck and I actually heard a very silent whimper. I turned around again and as we danced, I closed my eyes, dreaming about how it’d be like to have him then and there.

He must have been thinking along the same lines. His hands touched my skin and moved down to my bare waist, feeling the soft flesh. I pressed my body against him firmly. A small moan, again, escaped his full and sexy lips. He Yalova Escort Bayan slid his hands very slowly inside the skirt, grabbing and feeling me. The feeling was so mind-blowing that I could hardly wait before I jumped him.

I turned to face him one more time. His big green eyes gazed charmingly back into mine. Rising to my tiptoes, I whispered in his ear: ” Is there a dark little corner where we won’t be disturbed? ” He contemplated for a moment and then nodded. Holding my hand eagerly, he led me in the right direction.

We went to the back of the club and he unlocked a door. I stepped in but it was completely dark. When he suddenly closed the door and pushed me against the wall, I understood where we were: the shower room. The tiles felt cool to my skin as he lifted my skirt up. Without knowing my underwear was lying on the floor, wet and cold. His hands moved gently in its place, lingering on my thighs. I was drawn to him as he offered his lips to me; I pulled his face to me and started kissing him. Soon one of his hands found the door of my heaven. My legs unconsciously opened up and I let out a little moan, which seemed to encourage him (like he needed that).

My whole body was burning and being so close to him, I could sense he was on fire, as well. I took off his shirts with trembling hands, while his hands were working their magic on me. The first touch of his fingertip against my clit sent me over the edge and for a second back there, I think I blacked out. It was only with his lips on my neck that I came to my senses again. Suddenly I wanted even more; my desire for his hot body grew immensely and I knew there was no turning back from there. I unbuckled his belt and unzipped the jeans; as I knelt in front of him, I took them down with me. He stepped out of them and pushed me against the wall one more time. Could there be anything sexier than this guy, wearing only boxers and a hard-on, pressing on me with all his strength? That was probably “the” moment for me, that I erased all doubts and question marks; we were meant to have each other, driven and consumed only by animal lust, which suited the both of us fine.

With an evil grin, he took off my top. My “no bra” policy had worked one more time as I rested upon the cold wall, wearing only a mini skirt and nothing else. Before he could “attack”, I made the move and Escort Yalova pulled the boxers down. “Hmm, that’s a relief” he murmured, causing me to laugh. My hands wandered over his cock, feeling the hardness of the skin. Thinking about the pleasure coming soon, I licked my lips, which he returned by biting my neck.

I pulled him up to my lips and bit his, tasting the softness. Just then he grabbed my leg and twisted it around his waist. I felt all of him at once, when he pushed me up against the wall fast. The buzz was so breathtaking, I closed my eyes and pulled him to me faster every time. He was rocking me so hard, I could barely stand, even with all the support. Somewhere in between, I started moaning real loud. The sounds were turning me on even more, if that was possible. He too, was over the Moon, by the looks of him. Using him I wrapped my other leg around his waist. His huge cock slid deeper inside and explored untouched depths in me.

I leaned back, to the wall to ease him up and he freed one hand. Just as I opened my mouth to ask what he’d do with it, he slid his index finger between my lips. I licked and I sucked onto it, but he withdrew quickly; turned out he had other plans.

While still fucking my brains out, he lowered his wet finger and found my aching clit. I stopped his hips and just ground my hips to his finger’s movement. In a matter of seconds I was falling down from the top of a very high mountain. The climax had built up so much, I saw stars throughout.

After my first orgasm had subsided, we decided to change position. He sat on the counter, with his boner still intact and I climbed on top of him and lowered myself on his cock very slowly. Growing impatient he grabbed me from the waist and pulled me down. In an instant I had taken all of him and he was in heaven. I rotated my hips, engulfing him at differing angles and applying pressure, pushing him to the edge. When I was convinced he was close, my hands traveled down and wandered around his balls. As I caressed them, they swelled and he whimpered.

Next thing I know, we were both coming and we didn’t actually care about the mess. My body felt numb all over and I could tell he was in a similar situation. Through half-closed eyes he looked at me and we smiled, simply “charmed”.

After we’d got dressed, we got out the back door and went to his car. We couldn’t drive, because we’d drunk so much, so we just laid on the seats. It was a convertible little BMW and we stared at the sky; for how long I don’t know. After a while, he managed to pull himself together enough to drive and we drove to…

-Well, that’s another story. Enjoy!

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