Sister in Law Backseat Pt. 06

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Hello! this is the last instalment of my Sister in Law series. For those of you who have been following along, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am very happy that this has been enjoyed by so many. Especially thank you to those who have commented, rated and reached out to me.

If you are new here there are five previous chapters you might want to check out before reading.

This series is done but i am working on others. I am still writing so please check out my other works.

Anyways, on to the story! Enjoy!

Chapter 6

I had never had as much sex in my life as I had during that period my Sister in Law lived in the basement of the house my wife, Kristen and I shared.

I was 40 years old, twenty years older than my young lover, but my sex drive was in absolute overdrive at that time as Jenny, the sister in law, and I snuck around behind my poor wife’s back. We fucked in every room, on as many surfaces as we could, as often as physically possible. Jenny’s tight young cunt seemed to always be wet and ready for my cock to plunge into it and I always seemed to be half hard, rising to the occasion whenever it was presented to me.

I was still fucking my wife, as often as she wanted me to, to prevent her from suspecting my illicit affair with her younger sister, but each time I fucked my partner my mind was thinking about the younger sibling.

Jenny was hard not to think about. She had thick curly brown hair and cute freckles dusted across her nose. Her breasts were large and full, with beautiful nipples that begged for me to suck on them. Her hips were wide and her ass was full. Her lips were plump and looked perfect wrapped around my cock, sucking my seed from me, seeming to take pleasure from the act for herself.

This is not to say that Kristen was unattractive. She looked very much like her sister, just taller and with smaller breasts. I loved her, despite my betrayal and I still wanted to pleasure her, but I could not keep my hands off of Jenny.

It was the best time of my life, and probably the worst mistake I had ever made.


While it was amazing to have a sexy young thing desperate for my cock in the house, it was not always easy to get time alone with Jenny. Kristen was almost always around. The three of us would be sitting around the table, eating our supper, or relaxing in the living room watching a movie and Jenny and I would make eye contact and I could see that she wanted me. But one look over at Kristen would tell us that she was not going anywhere and there was little chance that we would be able to sneak off alone.

We made time when we could. I would sometimes leave work early, rush home, quickly fuck her, run back of the house and drive around for a bit so that I could return after my wife, pretending not to have been there at all. Other times we would sneak into Jenny’s room when Kristen was on a call with friends or family and she would quickly suck me to completion. It was fun. It was dangerous. It was, however, frustrating.

About three weeks after Jenny had moved in I came home from work and found Kristen and her sister sitting around our island bench in the kitchen drinking glasses of wine. I smiled to see my wife and lover together. I had truly come to love both of them. My eyes, however wandered up and down the sexy body of my sister in law, rather than my wife’s.

“Don’t hate me,” Jenny said to me, smiling widely, “but I’m stealing your wife tonight.”

Kristen was smiling as well and when I raised my eyebrow in question she shrugged.

“Jenny thinks I don’t go out enough anymore,” my wife said. “She has arranged for me to have a night out with her young friends.”

I looked over at Jenny who had stood to get more wine, moving out of Kristen’s line of sight. She grinned at me mischieviously behind my wife’s back before sitting back down.

“That’s right,” she laughed. “Big Sis is going out for a big night tonight! In fact, we should start getting ready!”

The two women left with their wine and went to choose outfits and makeup. I opened the fridge and cracked a beer. I wondered what Jenny was up to but was content to wait to see.

I made a quick supper, changed into a tee shirt and sweatpants, then went to the living room turning on the hockey game, putting my feet up on the coffee table and settling in. It was the first period so the game was, at that point, predictably, a bit boring. I knew that the action would pick up in period two and three so I spent some time scrolling through my phone. I spent most of that time looking at the racy photos that Jenny had never stopped sending me.

About an hour later Jenny walked into the living room and my cock immediately began to harden. She was wearing a short skirt that hugged her hips and heart shaped ass, showing off her legs. Her top was a halter that showed off a decent bit of cleavage. She had a plaid shirt on over that, open except for being tied at the bottom, over her bare stomach. I recognized the shirt gaziantep escort easily, since it was one of my own. She had on makeup, which she did not always wear, since she was naturally quite beautiful. Still the dark, smoky eye makeup and the glossy red lips looked sexy on her.

I grinned at her and held out my hand towards her. She quickly crossed the room and sat in my lap, legs across mine, like a girl sitting in the lap of her father, or on santa’s lap in the mall.

“How do I look, Daddy,” she asked me.

I growled in response and moved to kiss her as my hand slid up her back, then around the front to cup her breast. She leaned back, avoiding the kiss.

“Lipstick,” she said, explaining. “We don’t want to smudge it. Kristen might guess why.”

Instead I dropped my mouth to her neck and began to kiss and nibble there, working towards her jaw just under her chin, the place I knew gave her shivers. She tilted her head back and wriggled in my lap, grinding her ass against my hard cock. My thumb rubbed across her nipple, making it rise, hard against the fabric of her top, then moved to the other.

“I need you,” I whispered into her ear.

“I need you too, Daddy,” she said. “I am so wet right now. I need you inside of me.”

I groaned and pushed myself harder against her, needing to feel the friction of our bodies together. She smiled and gasped as I pinched one of her nipples. Then, unfortunately, we heard the sound of Kristen descending the stairs, so we quickly broke apart, Jenny hopping out of my lap. She straightened her skirt and I tucked my cock into the waistband of my sweats, keeping it from protruding too noticeably.

Kristen walked into the room, smiling widely. She had reason to. She looked great. She had on a button up blouse and a skirt that went down to her mid thighs, longer than Jenny’s, but still making her legs look good. Her hair was done and she, too, was wearing more makeup than I was used to seeing her in.

“Looking good, babe,” I said, meaning it. I crossed the room towards her and hugged her. “Should I be worried,” I joked. “Are you out looking for some dude to replace me?”

“Never,” she laughed, squeezing me back, but avoiding my kiss to keep her makeup pristine. She could feel my hard cock pressed against her. “Oh,” she whispered. “Is this for me?”

“Yes,” I lied.

“Well, maybe you will get lucky later.” I smiled at that. I hoped so. I just was not hoping it was with her.

Jenny and Kristen left and I watched the rest of the game alone, drinking a couple more beers. I received a couple of texts from my wife, the first telling me that they had met for a bite to eat, with an accompanying photo of her with Jenny’s group of young, pretty hot friends. I looked through the photos and leered at the girls. Maybe I should try to convince Jenny to get some of them to join us in our fun. Jenny, however, looking into the camera was the hottest of them.

Then Kristen texted me that she was at a club. It was so much fun, she gushed in the text, asking why she did not do this more often. I could tell by her typos that she had gotten at least a bit drunk.

Jenny did not send me any messages at all, and I found that disappointing. Usually she would sneak off to a bathroom and send me photos of her top pulled down, or up her skirt, maybe with her fingers deep inside of her, but nothing this night.

After the game I put on a movie and settled down, switching from beer to bourbon. I was about half way through the film, some low budget horror flick, when I heard my front door open.

I stood and went to the doorway of the living room to greet my wife and sister in law and my eyes widened. Jenny was there, looking just as good as she had when she left, but she was holding my wife up and against her, supporting her. Kristen’s head lolled around and she seemed barely able to walk. My wife’s hair was a tangled mess, and her artfully applied makeup was smudged. She looked a wreck.

“What’s going on here,” I asked, smirking. Kristen must have overdone herself to get into this state.

“Help me with her,” Jenny said. “I can barely keep her up.”

I crossed over to them and pulled Kristen against me, supporting her, realizing just how out of it she was.

“Jesus, Jenny,” I said. “What the hell happened to her?”

“C’mon,” Jenny said, heading for the stairs. “Let’s get her in bed.”

I followed, half supporting, half carrying my wife, who muttered to herself, moaning a bit as we went. Finally we got to the bed and I laid her down on it. Jenny quickly began to unbutton Kristen’s blouse and pull it off of her, then grabbing her skirt and stripping that too, leaving my wife in only her white bra and panties.

“Jenny,” I said. “What the hell?”

“She might puke. I don’t think she would want to do it on her nice clothes.” My sister in law sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back against her rigid arms, tilting her face up towards me, jutting her magnificent eskort gaziantep tits at me. I was momentarily distracted but my mind returned to my dishevelled wife.

“But Kristen,” I said, gesturing towards her, “how did she get like this? You weren’t gone that long.”

“Oh,” Jenny said, tossing her hair and laughing a bit. “She got roofied.”

My eyes widened. “What! Who the hell did that?” I demanded, suddenly furious. I was going to kill someone.

“I did,” Jenny said, still looking up at me.

“What?” I shouted. “Why the fuck would you do that? How long have you been planning that? Its fucking crazy!”

Jenny pouted up at me.

“I did it for us, daddy,” she said. “We never have enough time to play and I want you. I neeeed you. And It wasn’t a plan. I did think that if we got her really drunk maybe you and I could play, but I didn’t plan to roofie her. I just saw some guy slip something into a drink that was for one of my friends. It happens all the time. Usually I’ll freak out, report them to the bouncers, but… I saw an opportunity and took it. I gave the drink to Kristen.”

“You can’t…that’s fucked up…what the fuck?”

Jenny, up to this point, had been fun and dangerous and reckless. This, however, I thought looking at my drugged wife on the bed and her wickedly grinning sister beside her, was something new. Something crazy and cruel. For a moment I wondered what the hell I had gotten myself into. Where could this insanity lead?

“Don’t be mad, daddy,” Jenny said, still pouting. I watched as she slid one of her hands up her side to cup her breast and lift it in her palm, as if presenting it to me. “I did it for us. I want us to have fun.” Her other hand slid up the inside of her thigh, pushing up her skirt, revealing her light blue thong panties. She pushed them to the side revealing her shaved pussy and began to stroke between her lips. “Don’t you want that? Come here, daddy. Come closer.”

“This is so fucked,” I muttered. Still, I stepped towards my young lover sitting on the side of the bed beside my unconscious wife. I was already hard from Jenny’s display and, after glancing down at my wife, ensuring that she was truly out of it, I stopped in front of Jenny.

“Take it out for me please, Daddy,” Jenny said. “Show me that beautiful cock.”

I swallowed and shook my head. Everything was telling me that this was wrong, that this was a terrible idea. My hands, however, moved to the front of my sweatpants and reached in, pulling my cock out, tucking the waistband under my balls. I was already hard and my 7.5 inch cock bobbed in front of Jenny’s face. It was thick, with a purple vein running under the smooth skin on top. The head was still mostly sheathed in the foreskin, just a purple tip protruding.

Jenny looked at it hungrily, licking her red painted lips, and smiling.

“Fuck my face, Daddy,” she said.

“Ok, Princess,” I said, moving closer and gripping the base of my swollen member. I was angry at her for what she had done, but I was also so fucking horny.

Jenny reached up to grasp me but I swatted her hand away.

“Put your hands behind your fucking back,” I said, my voice almost a snarl. Jenny nodded slightly and did as she was told.

I held my cock, pulling back on the skin, revealing more of the previously hidden head. Jenny opened her mouth but instead of plunging into it I took my cock and swung it so it slapped lightly into her cheek.

“You want this?” I asked.

Jenny nodded.

I rubbed the tip across her lips, then across her cheek, smearing her lipstick onto her face. Then I used it to slap the other side.

“Tell me that you want it.”

“Please, Daddy,” she said, voice on the edge of a whine. “Please, I want it.”

“Do you?” I asked. “Are you a little slut that needs her Daddy’s cock?”

“Yes! I am a slut! I’m your slut, Daddy. I need your cock in my mouth! Please!”

I ran the head over her lips again, moving back slightly when she opened her mouth and tried to suck me in. She pouted then, and I smiled cruelly before grabbing her hair, the brown curls filling my fist. I shoved my cock between her lips, suddenly, surprising her before she could take a breath in, pushing directly into her throat before she was ready.

“Then take it, slut,” I said, both hands on the back of her head, thrusting forward with my hips, pushing her until her nose was against my stomach. She gagged around my cock as I held her there for a moment and I relished the feeling of her throat working my cock.

I kept myself deep in her longer than I usually did. I watched her eyes widen, watering as she gagged, air cut off by my cock deep in her throat. I held her tight as she began to panic, her instincts kicking in. Her hands came up to my hips and slapped on my hips, then pushed against them trying to push me away. I bucked my hips forward, pushing harder against her nose before yanking back, my cock sliding out of her gaziantep esmer escort mouth, coated in spit.

Jenny had drool pouring down her chin, a thick string of spit connecting my cock to her mouth. Her makeup was destroyed by her tears, black smudges around her eyes, trails of black running down her cheeks. She coughed, looking up at me with wet, frightened eyes. I was still angry, true, but the feeling of power I felt then was almost overpowering. I wanted to use my sister in law, and I was going to do so.

“I thought,” I said, my voice full of menace, “I told you to keep your hands behind your back.”

She swallowed.

“I’m sorry, Daddy, but” she said, but I interrupted her, pulling her hair, tilting her head back.

“You asked me…No. You begged me. You begged me to fuck your face,” I said. “Now put your hands behind your back and keep them there.”

She meekly moved her hands back behind her and held onto her own wrists. I could tell that this evening had, so far, veered away from what Jenny had imagined it to be, but she was lovely and submissive to me at that moment.

I moved my hard cock to her lips again and ran the tip over them. Her tongue darted out and licked the underside of the purple head and I took hold of her head and pushed in again, hands buried in the curly hair just above her ears.

She was ready for my thrust this time and I began to stroke in and out of her mouth, using it like a cunt, sinking into her again and again, enjoying the *glug glug glug* sounds she made as I hit the back of her throat.

“Get your tits out,” I said, looking down into her brown eyes. She obediently grabbed the hem of her top and lifted it, freeing her perky, yet full, young breasts. They bounced in time to my thrusts into her face.

I looked over at my wife, laying on her back, wearing only her bra and panties. I should have been horrified by the situation, and part of me was. The part of me that was in charge at the moment, however, was instead incredibly turned on. That part, the deprived part I had not known existed, was delighted by this situation.

My eyes went back to the young slut who, despite watering eyes was taking my thrusts like she was born to do so. My balls slapped into her chin with each forward movement, a wet sound as they hit the drool pouring out of her mouth, dripping onto her tits.

“That’s a good princess,” I said, pulling out of her mouth, stroking my soaking wet cock in front of her face.

“Th..thank you, daddy,” she said before I pushed into her waiting mouth again, interrupting anything else she might say.

I fucked her mouth for a few minutes, feeling my pleasure building, pausing every so often, to hold myself deep in her throat enjoying the gags, or pulling out to use my shaft to smear her spit on her cheeks.

Finally I stepped back, admiring how Jenny looked. Her makeup was ruined. Her lipstick was smeared around her mouth and tracks of eyeliner dripped down her cheeks.

“You look like a prefect little slut, Princess,” I said.

“Thank you, daddy,” Jenny said, smiling up at me. “I am. I’m the perfect slut for you.”

“Yes you,” I said, and pushed my sweats down my legs to fall in a heap at my feet. I pulled my tee shirt over my head and dropped that as well, now naked. I took a couple of steps and opened the nightstand on Kristen’s side of the bed. I shoved aside a couple of things then pulled something out of the drawer.

I held up the ten inch vibrating dildo that I had bought Kristen a couple of years prior. It’s false flesh was pink colored and had impressive detailing. The rubber veins, and flesh toned ridges were quite realistic. Jenny smiled when she saw it.

“Is that hers,” she asked giggling. “I wouldn’t have thought she would have something like that! Do you guys use it together?”

“It’s hers,” I said. “It was an anniversary present. We used it together a couple of times. I don’t know how often she uses it on her own.”

I tried the switch at the base and it began to vibrate in my hand. I was glad that there was life yet in the batteries.

“But now,” I continued, “I’m going to use it on you. Get up there.”

I gesture to the bed and Jenny obediently scooted her ass up the sheet and lay on the bed beside my wife. I moved onto the bed as well. I positioned myself between Jenny’s legs and gripped her ankles, spreading her legs. I watched the lips of her push pull apart, her juices making the shaved pussy glisten. Her right leg opened towards the right edge of the bed, the other I placed across my wife’s sleeping body, Jenny’s left limb laying atop Kristen’s right, the two sisters hooked together.

I moved up and leaning forward kissed Jenny deeply. Her hands came up and entwined in the hair at the back of my head.

My tongue was in her mouth when I felt her gasp in a breath as I quickly moved the vibrating dildo between her legs, and using her wetness as lube, shoved the rubber cock into her. Her back arched, pressing her body up into mine.

“Oh, fuck,” Jenny cried out. “Oh fuck, daddy! So big!!”

I had the vibrator on, and could feel it shaking in my hand. I could only imagine what it was doing inside of her. I began to slowly stroke it in and out of her young cunt as Jenny began to moan and squirm under me.

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