Sister Wife Swap – Everybody Wins

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A family tradition–UNO around the dinner table. My brother-in-law and I wanted to up the stakes, so I wagered my wife. Then things snowballed.

Winner got my wife, loser got to take his, my sister-in-law.

I was searching through the cabinets for a deck of UNO cards, when I shouted to my brother-in-law, “Let’s up the stakes, and make the game more interesting. The winner gets the other’s wife!”

He yelled, laughing, “Yeah, let’s wife-swap!”

My wife and sister-in-law overheard, looked over and laughed, “What does that mean?”

Stunned, I fumbled for my words, not really sure how to answer. I had always joked around with my wife, talking about sharing her, and I hadn’t hidden this fetish during our bedroom play either–how much it would turn me on to see her get fucked.

So, the joke was on.

It was to bet our wives, raise the stakes. Everybody wins.

I turned to my wife, she could read into my face. I looked shocked and embarrassed, as my face fell red. She stood there with a half-smile, patiently waiting for my explanation.

She broke the silence, “I would actually enjoy that, would get to watch a movie, drink wine…”

My brother-in-law, John, was a big wine connoisseur, my sister-in-law said the same. She has the same entrepreneurial spirit as I do.

“We’d get so much business done, and it wouldn’t be so bad. They have an awesome gym in the basement.”

Now, Sophia, my wife, has a good sense of humour and doesn’t take things like this too seriously. She laughed. “Let me get this straight. So, if a wife swap happens, the other person gets the loser’s wife. Seems like a prize still.”

I saw a sparkle in her eye, as she waited for my response. I laughed it off and started shuffling the deck UNO cards, cut the deck, and sat down at the dining room table.

Sophia turned, letting her long brown hair whip around as she walked out of the room to check on the kids, showing us that sexy wiggle in her ass, as she walked away.

Our sex life was hot; we had pushed the envelope a few times, to keep the fire going.

The game went on, round after round.

I won some and lost some. My mind drifted. I began to wonder if this was an opportunity for Sophia and me to try some different stuff; more along the lines of upping the spice in our marriage.

She certainly seemed curious when I mentioned it earlier–the thought of it gave her a bigger smile, so it was a good start.

Sophia and Lana joined us at the table. She smiled at me, with a heat in her eyes I had not seen in a long time.

“Shouldn’t the winner take both women home?” Lana asked.

“That’s just greedy, though; let’s just say the other sister is a consolation prize.”

Her body looked hot today, she had this glow. I smiled back and looked at Sophia, “You’re safe for one more round.”

I couldn’t tell for sure, but she must’ve been stewing on the idea about me betting her, and losing to John, or the taboo of wife-swapping with her sister.

Sophia’s feet pressed against mine under the table, I could tell she was turned on because she kept rubbing.

I leaned over, and I casually asked, “What would you do if I did bet you, and lost?”

Sophia looked up, half grinning, “Well, I would have to pay off your debt. After all, a deal is a deal, right?”

Laughing, I told her, “Well, you might just have to eat those words someday.”

She giggled, “I’m just kidding.”

Wanting to push the envelope a little farther towards the edge, I said, “I am serious,” and asked her again, “what would you do if I did bet you and lost?”

Sophia sat silent for a few seconds, before saying, “I don’t know what I would do,” and asked, “you would actually bet me?”

Sophia, a total babe, a sexy housewife, and had blessed me with our two kids; she studied part-time at the local university. Previous to us getting together, she had a great career, but once we started our family, she gave up her career to be a mom.

I think the wildest thing Sophia had ever done prior to meeting me was fuck some big-dicked firemen. Sophia always played along with my other fantasies, usually making them a reality. So this crazy joke of betting my wife wasn’t too far off, the taboo part was with my brother-in-law though, and swapping pussies with her sister. By the look on her face and vibe, I think she was half tempted to maybe once again walk on the wild side.

Hours went by, with one card left to flop. I was confident Girne Escort I would win this round.

With two cards left in his hand, he separated the cards to drop one down, but before they could part, I yelled, “UNO…!”

But, I was too early because he didn’t quite part with the cards. I was forced to pick up; he placed his last card on the table, and won the game.

I was all-in, and joked way too many times about wagering Sophia to be able to back out. I felt a sense of regret that I raised the stakes.

Everyone at the table yelled and cheered, since this was the first time any of us had played with this intensity, or taboo.

John sat back smiling for a split second. The tension was instant.

Sophia and Lana cheered him on, and called me out for yelling ‘UNO’ too early.

Lana yelled, looking over at John, “You won, Sophia! If you have the balls to go for it.”

Lana looked over at me and smiled. She was hot, and would be more than a consolation prize.

The laughter died down, and Sophia and Lana got busy with the kids. John and I helped tidy up and wash the dishes. The thought of our conversation weighed on my mind. By the looks on everyone’s faces, it weighed on them just as much. Lana kept looking over at me, we kept locking eyes.

It was hotter that we all knew each other so closely, and suddenly the idea of wagering my wife during a family game of UNO, swapping sister-wives, had the potential to turn real.


Sophia and I packed the kids up, and drove home as it was getting late. We walked in the back door, we were both extra quiet. She locked the door behind us, and hurried the kids to bed and came into the kitchen, where we just looked at each other in silence.

She smiled, kissed me on the cheek, pressed her body into mine and asked, “Does swapping me with Lana turn you on? She has a nice pussy, you know.”

I looked up at her, “Well, John won you in a bet. It’s only fair. Plus, you know I always wanted to fuck Lana.” Lana was a yoga instructor, with a tight body shaped from years of practice.

Sophia stepped back for a second, thinking I was still teasing, but instantly realized by my expression, that I was serious.

“How do you know she has a nice pussy?”

“We explored a bit when we were curious teens.”

We both smiled.

“John, though?” Sophia’s face went a tint of red.

“Our brother-in-law? Our brother?”

“So what, would you actually fuck Lana, then?!”

“Yes, probably, I don’t know. I’d like to.”

The air left her lungs, as she quickly grabbed a glass of water, took a sip, and sat across the table from me, sitting on the barstool.

“What does this mean?” Sophia looked at me.

Shaking my head. “I’m not sure, since I have never bet you before.”

I grabbed my phone and texted John — “are you coming over to collect your winnings?”

I pressed send.

And showed Sophia the message. It felt scary, yet strangely exciting at the same time. I sensed Sophia had those same feelings as well, as she read what I had just sent John.

“I can’t believe you just texted him. Think John will actually collect payment? Like would he really want to fuck is sister-in-law, over a stupid game of UNO? A children’s game.”

My head was buzzing, I had all sorts of thoughts racing around in my head. The sexual energy at the table was overpowering. Sophia sat silent, sipping her water, which dripped condensation from the warmth of her hand holding the cold water in her glass.

I imagined her pussy was dripping just as much from our sexy conversations all evening, and I was tempted to slide my hand down her panties to find out.


Her phone broke the trance we found ourselves in.

It was John — “can i?”

I quickly texted him back — “come over, door’s unlocked, we’ll be upstairs.”

“John will be coming soon, you better prepare for whatever he wants as payment.”

Sophia glowed, as she looked at me–her eyes widened–her mind was elsewhere, though. I suspect she was thinking about getting fucked by her sister’s husband, John.

Sophia grabbed her phone and texted Lana — “is this happening? for real”

My cock began to swell, as I sipped my water, my eyes locked on my beautiful wife.

“My panties are soaked. They have been all day.”


Lana texted back — “let these boys have their fun.”

I walked behind Sophia Magosa Escort and spread her legs, sliding my hand down her pants. I hooked and slid my middle finger inside her pussy. She hadn’t felt this wet in a while.

I pulled my hand out from her pants, grabbed her hand, and walked over to the door. “Unlock it, so John can get in.”

She reached over and unlocked it.

I led her upstairs to our bedroom, pulled off her pants, and thong panties–and placed her on all fours. I turned on the corner lamp–the light was dim, just enough to see the contours of her beautiful body.

I took my pants off, my cock, rock hard, flopped out. I crawled up behind Sophia, and I fucked her. She fucked me back, just as hard as I was giving it to her.

If John was going to claim his prize, I wanted to make sure I ruined her first. I took her every way. A half hour had passed; thoughts through raced my mind of, John getting to enjoy her–that kept me going.

There was a –tap, tap, tap– at the door.

“Heyyy, come in…” Sophia and I both whispered, at the same time.

John walked in the door, holding an overnight bag. Sophia’s ass was in the air, her face nuzzled into the pillow.

“She’s all yours,” I said, as he set his bag on the floor. I looked at Sophia. Both of her holes were gaped and puckered, from the fucking I had just given her.

“Where’s Lana?” Sophia asked.

John replied, “She’s at home, waiting for you.”

I looked at John, then looked at Sophia, and took in the mental picture of how hot this all looked.


I jumped in my car and headed to Lana’s house. Just as I pulled up, she opened the door.

Lana threw her arms around me. “So, it looks like you’re going to win tonight, too.”

She stepped back and brought her leg up and rested it on my shoulder. Showing off her flexibility, she just did the splits while standing and leaning against my body.

I could see her pussy through the stretched fabric of her Lululemons.

“I’m sure John is having a good time, right now.”

Lana sat on the couch. “Come, take my pants off. Sophia’s said you have a big dick. Let’s see it.”

I walked over to her while unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. I took my cock out. Lana’s eyes widened. I reached down and pulled Lana’s yoga pants off. Her pussy looked amazing, it looked like a twin of her sister’s.

I placed my head between her legs, and licked her. “You taste like your sister.”

She moaned.

I licked her further down, to the rosebud of her asshole, and stopped at her clit.

“Come fuck me.”

I stood up, leaned up against her, pushing her legs back to her ears, and pushed my cock inside her. She felt so tight; I slid right in, as she was so wet; my balls slapped against her asshole.

“Good thing John and I have had vasectomies.”

Lana smiled, grinning ear to ear, as I pounded her pussy. With each thrust, her eyes widened, and we gasped for breath.

An hour passed. I had fucked her in every angle I could think of.


It was a message from John — “i’m all finished here, on my way home.”

I looked at Lana. “Your husband is on his way home.” My cock was still inside her.

She grabbed her legs. “Just cum in my ass! Hurry!”

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and drove it deep in her asshole with one pump. Lana’s eyes rolled in the back of her head. Just the sight of her in this position, so exposed–it didn’t take more than a couple pumps before I had the urge come.

“I’m gonna cum!”

“Fucking do it! Fuck your wife’s sister, fuck me with that big dick!”

I unloaded inside her, as her asshole pulsed around my throbbing cock. We both held still, as my balls drained deep inside her.

Lana smiled, as I heard John’s car pull into the driveway.

I pulled out, and we quickly pulled our pants on.

John opened the door. “Hey! Fun night?!”

“Fun night for you, John?!”

“We even?” I reached out for a fist bump.

“Yup!” John replied, walking in.

We both smiled, he bumped me back, as I walked out of the door.

Driving home, I kept thinking about Sophia. What had happened between them; what John had done to her. Thinking about her being enjoyed, was driving my thoughts to erotic places. What hole did he take? What did she welcome him into? What did she trade to clear up my debt?

What was going to happen next?

I walked into Lefkoşa Escort the house, the door was unlocked, I took my shoes off and hurried upstairs to our bedroom.

Sophia was lying flat on the bed, face down. She was handcuffed with her hands behind her back. The bedsheet covered her lower half.

“Hun, you okay?” I rushed over.

“Yes, she murmured, her face stuffed in the pillow, “He offered, I wanted it.”

I looked her over, pulling the bedsheets all the way off. There was a sparkle coming from her asshole.

“Fuck, John put a booty sparkle in you?”

“Umm, Hmmm.” Sophia wiggled her ass at me.

“My god, what did you two do?”

“Well, I guess Lana and him are into BDSM, some fuckin’ extreme shit. I wanted him to remember me. So I let him do whatever he wanted.”

“You, submissive slut. I love it,.” I replied in disbelief, with what Sophia was capable of, but was getting so turned on by her being a sub to her brother-in-law.

“So, what did you try with Lana?” Sophia looked puzzled, but curious.

“Well, she’s so flexible, it’s insane.”

“Yeah, she likes to show off. Such a whore.”

“She loved my big dick. We fucked.”

“And… did she suck your dick?”

“Well, no, we didn’t get a chance.”

“So what did you two do?”

“I fucked her in the ass.”

“Yummm, that slut. Always trying to one up me.”

Lana and Sophia had always had a bit of a sibling rivalry.

I reached over and tried to take the handcuffs off.

“No, not yet,” Sophia replied.

“I want you to put your cock in my mouth.”

“But I didn’t get a chance to wash myself off, John pulled up just as I was blowing my load in Lana’s ass.”

“I want to taste Lana on your beautiful cock.”

I took my pants off and stuck my cock in Sophia’s gorgeous mouth. She sucked it, the taste of her own sister was driving her wild.

Sophia was in her own world. I loved her restrained, with a butt plug in her, sucking my cock that had just been inside in her sister’s asshole.

“Was it nice?” Sophia asked, in a daze.

“Her ass was soooo tight.” The dirty talk just turned her on more.

“I can’t believe John brought handcuffs and a butt plug?”

“It’s all Lana’s stuff. She told him to tie me up and shove this jewel in my ass.”

“That’s wild.” I reached down to pull the butt plug out of her.

“Go slow,” she moaned.

I slowly tugged, and the rim of her asshole expanded around the stainless steel.

“Wow. That’s so fucking big.” Sophia’s asshole kept growing bigger and bigger, as I pulled harder. “How did he get that in you?” I kept pulling until the plug popped out of her. Cum erupted out of her, as her asshole gaped and puckered.

“Fuck, he came in your ass, too?”

Sophia smiled. We locked eyes, as I admired my beautiful wife, having been restrained and used. She looked so gorgeous, with cum pouring out of her and down her golden-colored ass cheeks.

“Want a taste? I know how much you love sloppy seconds.” She wiggled her ass.

I dove in and shoved my tongue in her asshole, which sucked me in. She tasted as good as it looked and felt. The thought of my brother-in-law’s cock in my wife, drove me wild. The taste of her, mixed with his cum, was so sensual.

Cum kept pouring out of her, and I kept drinking it down. Once there was nothing left, I came back up, undid her handcuffs and cuddled next to her.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

I grabbed my phone. Sent a message to John — “love you both. thanks for tonight.”

I held Sophia close. “Can you tell me the details of what else he did to you?”

“Well, after you left. He fucked me.”

“Where? Like which hole?”

“My pussy first, we fucked for a while. Then we talked about my sister and her BDSM fetish. I then asked him how much I’d like to try that. He had a little bag with gear he and Lana use.”

“So that’s what was in that bag.”

“I sucked his dick, which was nice”

“Was he big?”

“You’re way bigger.”

“I see, then what happened.”

“Then he tied me up in cuffs, fucked me some more.”

“When did he put the butt plug in your ass?”

“Well, I told him, to use me like I’m Lana. He then pulled out this booty sparkle butt plug, stuck it in my mouth, got it wet, and pushed it into my ass after he came inside me.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Fucking hurt like hell, but I was so turned on, that I was taking my sister’s butt plug in my ass, I kept telling him to push harder.”


“I came when he was sliding it in me. Felt so unreal.”

I squeezed and cuddled Sophia closer. My cock was getting hard, but it was late and the kids would be up in a few hours.

I felt more in love with my wife than I had before.

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