Sisterly Exploration Ch. 02

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Abbi Secraa

While on her way home, Michelle remembers how devious her brother can become when he’s horny. Even though her massage ended with him blowing a massive load, he promised to continue their adventure when she got home. Her mind races with thoughts of horny fear as she pulls into the garage.

She looks around to see if he’s hiding somewhere in the room, but she doesn’t see him. As she turns the car off, she notices the door leading inside the house is open. Her body fills with excitement as she weighs whether or not to get out of the car.

She knows he’s hiding somewhere nearby and figures the door is a distraction. She can’t help but to smile as her brother’s game starts making her wetter. She softly moans and bites her bottom lip as she sits back and quivers in anticipation. Lost in the moment, her hands leave the steering wheel and begin sliding down her stomach.

She catches herself just as her fingertips slide under her panties. While she’s trying to figure out a way to join in on the games, a shadow moves past the door. She jumps in eager excitement at his trick attempt to come after her. Still trying to decide how to play back, thoughts of her massage stimulate her horniness even more.

Her body’s heat begins fogging up the windows, and she starts to sweat. As she opens the door to let some cool air in, the shadow moves across the door again. Again she jumps, this time laughing to herself as she finally comes to a decision.

She quietly gets out of the car while looking out for the tricky shadow. Instead of walking into his trap, she plans to distract him and throw him off his game. She quickly strips to just her bra and panties and puts the clothes in the car. She quietly closes the car door before walking into the house, being watchful for any traps.

With him nowhere to be seen, she starts walking towards her room. As she walks into the kitchen, she sees him looking through the refrigerator. Her plan will only work if he sees her from a safe distance, so she slowly moves in to get his attention. As she walks around the counter, she stops and thinks of an even better way to throw him off.

She sneaks past him and starts making her way up to her room. As she walks up the stairs, he leans into the open refrigerator more. The inside of the front of his shorts are plastered in sticky precum. His dick throbs and his knees shake a bit as he thinks back to his little sister’s pussy cumming in his hand.

She can hear the groaning coming from downstairs as she removes the plain bra and panties. She looks her tight frame over in the mirror and debates whether or not to go back downstairs naked. She ends up deciding the nude strategy will make it too easy for him to reverse the game on her. Instead, she remembers when he told her that every guy is obsessed with the same shade of red.

She finds the lustful color hiding at the bottom of her ‘never touch again’ drawer and puts them on. She looks at her perky body wearing the silky lace and smiles a very devilish grin. She sneaks back downstairs just as he closes the refrigerator door. She walks into the kitchen and smiles at the sight of him struggling even when she’s not in the room.

“What’s up?” she teasingly asks.

He turns around and sees her perky body showing off the lustful red set. Her light skin and dark hair are radiating sexiness with the contrasting sinful red lace. He shakes his head and laughs to himself.

“That is just cold,” commenting about her choice of color.

“Cold? Isn’t this your favorite color? I’m just trying…,” she seductively adds while making her way over to him. She slides over to the counter and twirls into him to ensure he feels her bubbly ass brushing up against his throbbing dick. “To make you feel better, bro.”

She spins around in front of him again to emphasize her tiny waist and fat ass.

“You know, I’ve only felt like this a few times in my life but…,” He stares down at the tight panties squeezing her ass in front of him. “This is another one of those moments when my dick is entirely too hard.”

“Too hard? Is that even possible?”

She turns toward him and slides her right hand down the length of his shaft. His tight, little shorts squeeze the veins in his dick harder as she tickles her fingers down to his head. He jumps as she brushing over his sensitive tip. He grabs her hips to balance himself, but she immediately moves away to maintain control.

“That was a mistake,” replying to her attempts to tease him

She smiles at him and poses to show off her breasts in their red confinement.

“It doesn’t feel like a mistake. It kind of feels like you’re nervous,” she adds while spinning like a supermodel.

He stops her from spinning and pulls her body into his. She tosses her hair over her shoulder and looks back at him. He growls on the back of her neck while she grinds her ass into his crotch. His tight shorts are doing nothing to hide his excitement, so she can feel every vein bulging in his member.

“You’re just begging to be punished. gaziantep vip escort bayan Literally, you will beg me to fuck you.”

“I thought you were going to literally fuck me through a wall,” she teases.

He puts his hands on her waist and rocks his shaft into her ass more. She bites her bottom lip and tries to keep from moaning. He groans on the back of her neck and sends a wave of hot air down her spine.

“Wearing this color red was the biggest mistake you’ve made so far.”

She quivers in his arms a little but is able to maintain control.

“I don’t think so. You haven’t done anything yet. Which I have to admit is kind of weird for you, since you’re a super sexual-“

He takes his left hand off her waist and smacks the front of her panties. She yelps and jumps into his body more. Her pussy starts pulsating and dripping as her mind starts to fog with horniness.

“You’re talking too much just to ignore the fact that you’re just as horny as I am.”

They laugh at his obviously true statement, but she wants to continue playing.

“Actually, I think you’re a lot hornier than me.”

She rocks her ass in his throbbing member until he’s groaning and squeezing her waist. He lays his head on her shoulder and nibbles at her neck and bra strap.

“You know what? I want you to keep grinding into me,” he whispers in her ear while sliding his hands down to her hips. “Grind as hard and fast as you want.”

He moves his hands down further until he’s rubbing the front of her panties. She gasps and grins at him as he helps her grind into him more. She knows he’s just trying to regain control, but having his hands on her pussy again is too overwhelming. Her mind is telling her to retaliate, but her body just wants to tremble under his control.

“Now who’s being cold,” she mocks at his earlier complaint.

“I’m the furthest thing from being cold right now. Your pussy is heating up my entire body.”

They both laugh at the joke while pressing their bodies even closer to each other. She reaches back and puts her hands on the back of his neck, giving him full access to her entire body. He continues rubbing her crotch with one hand as the other slides up to her perky tits.

She moans softly and wraps her hands around his as he starts pinching her nipple through her bra. She realizes he’s no longer playing, and his teasing is about to turn into torture. She moves both of his hands to her stomach while dancing against his body. She bumps her ass against his tip before turning around to face him.

“What’s wrong?”

“You’re a sick man. I know what you’re trying to do.”

She pushes his hands off her body and smiles at his grin.

“What am I trying to do?”

“You’re trying to torture me. I’ve seen enough of your girlfriends crawling through the house begging. You don’t get to do that to me. I’m your sister. Torturing me is so beyond wrong, there’s not even a word for it.”

He grins even more while looking her young body up and down. He licks his lips in anticipation before looking back up at her.

“You know, I have to admit something. Thinking about how your friend knows that your brother busted his nut all over you…,” He smacks the front of her panties just hard enough to make her jump. Before she completely bounces back down, he catches her in his arms and sits her on the edge of the counter. “Really makes me horny.”

She leans away from him as he leans over to nibble on her neck.

“You’re trying to change the subject,” she giggles as he continues nibbling on her.

“Are you saying that the idea of people knowing that you gave me one of the biggest and hardest, if not the biggest and hardest, orgasms of my life is not a turn on?”

“People knowing that actually kind of freaks me out but the fact that you just admitted I can make you cum that hard, that is what turns me on.”

She wraps her hands around his neck. He immediately begins massaging her mid-section while rocking against her hips. She repositions herself more on the edge of the counter so that she can feel his hard member bouncing against the wet spot on her panties. She groans as his nibbling and kissing get more aggressive and targeted.

She reaches back and unhooks her bra, and he wastes no time in pulling it off and throwing it to the floor. She laughs and moans as he attacks her tits.

“I love your little, pink nipples. They make your titties the most incredible titties on the face of the planet. I would literally give up looking at other titties if I could have these every day for the rest of my life.”

“Holy shit. That was the greatest compliment I think any guy could every say about my breasts.”

“Well, I may have been over-exaggerating a little.”

She stops his assault on her breasts and makes him look up at her.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I’m thinking about your pussy far too much to actually be paying attention to what I’m saying. gaziantep yabancı escort bayan So, I’m really not quite sure what I just said about your tits.”

“So thoughts about my pussy are overpowering actual actions involving my tits?”

“That’s an understatement, but yeah.”

She holds the back of his neck and lets him continue to lick and suck on her nipples over and over again. She arches her back and rocks into his grinds while trying to think of ways to completely break him. She licks her lips and grins at him as a nasty thought pops into her head.

“Wait. Let’s even out the playing field.”

She pushes his head back and grabs the front of his shorts. She pushes them to the floor and grabs a hold of his throbbing member. It recognizes her grip and squirts a few streams of precum out of excitement. She carefully caresses it to pump out the initial bursts.

“Your loads are so fucking big. How do women deal with loads like that? Do they swallow it, hold it in their mouths then spit, take a creampie of some sort, or do they just let you cum all over them?”

He closes his eyes to just enjoy her soft handjob. He steps closer to her to make her stroke further down his shaft and pump from the bottom. His dick is spewing so much slime that she doesn’t need to add any lubrication to get slicker strokes.

“Why was your first choice swallowing?”

She starts stroking his dick faster to try to get him to forget what she just said.

“Your dick stays so hard,” she seductively tries to distract.

He opens his eyes and looks at her.

“Don’t change the subject,” he demands to cause her to stop stroking him. “Don’t stop either.”

She continues stroking while rolling her eyes at him. He’s trying to stay focused, but she uses her thumbs to rub over the sensitive tip after every squirt of precum.

“It was just the first thing that popped into my head.”

“That’s sexy. Not as sexy as you thinking about a facial first,” he stutters as she begins massaging his balls while stroking him harder.

He puts his hands on the counter next to her thighs as she gives him more attention. He leans his head back and groans as his sack tightens for a second and a final burst of precum explodes onto the front of her panties.

“Okay, something’s been freaking me out about you. Have your nuts gotten bigger or have they always been this big, and I just didn’t notice the first time around? “

He leans his head on her chest to groan out the sensation of her heavy handjob before responding.

“My balls are a lot bigger now than they were. All I’ve been doing is trying to stop myself from stroking out a load every since I got home. Waiting for you was driving me insane and could barely control myself. But at the same time, I wanted to save all my cum for you and your pussy.”

She stops stroking him and lets his dick fall in between his legs.

“What does my pussy have to do with your cum?” she asks out of shock and excitement.

He opens her legs and begins massaging the front of her soaked panties. She tries to maintain her look of shock, but her pussy is fully open and the lace fabric is teasing her clit.

“It concerns your sexy, little pussy because I’m creampieing you one day.”

She starts to reply, but he massages her pussy harder, rocking her body back and forth with his movements. She grips the edge of the counter as her pussy starts building in sensations. She wants to close her legs, but instead they open even more.

“You’re not cumming inside me,” she manages to moan as her body begins shaking.

She wraps her legs around his torso and moans harder. He uses each of his fingers to taunt her pussy in different ways until she’s rocking against his hands. He immediately stops the massage just as she starts to cum. She tries to reach over and continue rubbing herself, but he grabs both of her hands and pins them behind her back.

“Where am I not cumming?”

“You’re a jackass. Let me cum,” she asks out of desperation.

“I would, but you I’m not really in the mood anymore.”

She whimpers and moans into his chest as her pussy begins subsiding from the feeling. She remembers how obsessed he is when it comes to eating pussy and decides to use that to get him back. She gets one of her hands-free and uses it to collect some juice on his fingertips before shoving her fingers into his mouth.

“Are you in the mood now?”

He begins sucking the juice off her fingers and his instincts begin kicking in.

“That’s cheating,” he complains.

“Whatever big brother,” she adds while pulling her fingers out of his mouth.

He kicks his shorts off his feet and positions himself more in between her legs. She leans back on her hands and opens her legs for him. In her mind, she has finally broken him and he’ll do whatever she wants.

“You just can’t stop making mistakes, can you?”

He lays his head against her head, and gaziantep yaşlı escort bayan their lips linger in front of each other. He slides his hands up her thighs and grabs the band of her panties. She caresses his face and leans closer to him as he begins sliding her underwear down. As the fabric uncovers her shiny pussy lips, a breeze of cold air moves over her clit and gives her the chills.

“My pussy is fucking hot,” she giggles.

He slides her panties off and throws them into the hallway. She watches her panties fly as he slides his hands back up to her hips. His right thumb moves down to her clit and softly rubs it side to side.

“I told you your pussy was heating my entire body up.”

She gasps and moans from the soft rubbing. She puts her right arm around his neck and uses her left hand to help him rub her clit.

“Make me wetter,” she orders.

She leans over to finally kiss him, but he leans away and begins his descent. He nibbles down her neck to her perky nipples. After spending so much time sucking on them earlier, their soft, pink shade has darkened. Still he sucks and bites at them as if it’s the first time.

She opens her legs for him more and rubs her dripping cunt against his throbbing dick. Her hot juices coat the top side of his shaft, and the scent of her horniness fills the room. He moves his hands up to her chest and lays her on the counter. She sits up on her elbows to watch him run his tongue down her body to her navel.

His obsession is driving him wild. He barely teases her naval before moving his mouth over her pubic patch. Her tiny bush is calling his name like before, but this time, he gets to taste it. Her breathing quickens as she feels his breath hovering over her twitching clit.

He leans down and takes one slow suck of her clit. Her entire body jolts from the touch. He looks up at her moaning face as he goes in for another taste. He wraps his lips around her clit and softly sucks and licks it around in his mouth until he needs to come up for air.

Usually, he can hold his breath for minutes at a time, but his sister’s pussy is so overwhelming that he’s not able to stay focused. Determined to prove that he can suck her clit for longer than a minute, he dives into her pussy over and over again. With each attempt, her moans get harder and louder.

She slides off her elbows and begins rubbing and twisting her tits. She tries not to look down at his head nuzzling on her clit. Her hips begin bucking softly as the tension in her pussy builds. She finally looks down at her brother’s head and sees him solely focused on keeping her clit fully concealed and teased. She rolls her head around, and her eyes roll into her head as his sucking starts pushing her over the edge.

Her upper body lifts off the counter, and her moans turn to screams. She pulls on her nipples and twitches as she cums on her brother’s face. Her hands are trembling, and her hips are shaking against his face. She tries looking down at him, but her eyes are still in her head. He continues his attempts to suck her clit for longer than a minute and isn’t noticing her orgasm.

“Oh shit,” she mutters.

He ignores her pleas for him to stop. She moves her shaking hand from her breast to his head and pulls him away from her clit. He finally looks at her orgasmic face and sees her cumming. She leans her head against his and tries catching her breath. Her pussy continues to quake and throb with sensations of cumming, and they’re showing no signs of subsiding.

“Bust harder,” he orders while reaching over and thumbing her clit.

She screams and grabs his hand. She wraps her free hand around his neck and digs her nails into him. Her body continues trembling as her moans begin to soften. He wraps her arms around her body and pulls her into his.

“Fuck. It still feels like I’m cumming. Eat me again.”

They laugh at her eager desires as he lets her lean away from him. He reaches down and rubs over her highly sensitive pussy while licking his lips.

“How do I taste?”

“A thousand times better than I thought you would.”

She leans back on his hands and swings her legs as the lingering waves rush out of her body. He puts his hands on her thighs and watches her chest and stomach move up and down as she catches her breath.

“You know we still haven’t kissed,” she mentions in hopes of sparking a new level of passion out of him.

“Yeah, kissing my sister seems a little weird.”

He squeezes her thigh as she laughs at his joke. She leans up and they wrap their arms around each other. He softly massages up and down her body while she plays with the back of his shoulders.

“So far, you’ve stripped me naked, given me a full body massage that involved three intensely, satisfying orgasms, stripped me a second time, and you just got through eating me out.”

“Eating you out to a crazy orgasm,” he adds to her comment.

“Eating me out to one hell of a powerful orgasm,” she agrees. She arches her back and sends shivers to her pussy while enjoying the lingering feelings. “Holy fuck that was a good cum. Shit, I love you so much more after that.”

He squeezes her waist, making her gasps under his force.

“And you forgot that you gave me the grandest handjob any man has ever received; which caused me to have an unrealistically, massively, explosive orgasm that caused an entire fifty man bukkake in just one load.”

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