Sisterly Love Pt. 06

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The following is obviously a continuation of Sisterly Love Pt. 5, of which I recommend reading first as an introduction, or at least the least few paragraphs at a minimum. And as I mentioned in the prologue to Sisterly Love, this will be a long series by the time I finish documenting everything. So please bear with it. Thank you.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


After a long day on Tuesday where Brenda and I gave the house a long overdue cleaning from top to bottom and end to end, we both crashed after dinner in front of the TV and never recovered until the next morning.

The following morning while having a cappuccino I reminded Brenda about our appointment…”And we’ll need to be there early. Noon at the latest so Lois will have time to do us both since we’re getting a manicure and a pedicure.”

“I didn’t forget, and if you don’t mind, let’s skip our bike ride today since I’m still beat from yesterday.”

“Since we both worked our butts off I suppose it wouldn’t hurt, but for today only.”

“Agreed and thank you. Now since we have time, why don’t you tell me a little about Lois.”

“Be glad to. But let’s make ourselves another cappuccino first.”

After we did and were comfortably seated out on the back patio since it was a gorgeous morning…”Lois and I have been friends for nearly twenty years. Next to Rita, I consider her my dearest friend. She’s a few years younger than us, and like you she’s twice divorced. But her marriages and divorces weren’t as messy. Her and her first husband simply drifted apart after having three children. A boy and two girls, who are all fully grown and all on their own. As for her second husband, I’m not sure why she married him since he was a loser to begin with, but love is blind sometimes. Sadly it took her a couple of years to realize it and divorced him. If she hadn’t, she’d still be supporting both of them. After her second divorce she didn’t have anything to do with men for about a year until she hooked up with Bob, who she’s been seeing on a regular basis for about four years now. I guess you could call him her steady squeeze. Unfortunately about two years ago he moved to Indy to be closer to his family and grandkids. The only time they see each other now is on weekends, which Bob spends with her. Not every weekend, but most, and on a rare occasion during the middle of the week. It seems to work for Lois, since the last thing she said she’d ever do is get married again.”

“I can appreciate the never get married again part. Now I hate to ask Lacey, but since you said after Rita she’s your dearest friend, have you ever been intimate with her?”

I was hoping she didn’t pick up on the not so good choice of words, but since she did…”Yes, but only once, and it was totally spontaneous at the time, although it got pretty heated. Kind of where one thing lead to another and the next thing we knew we were in bed going down on each other. Our relationship isn’t the same as between Rita and I, but we are very close.”

“Thank you for being honest with me. The more I learn about you, the more you amaze me.”

“Hopefully not in a bad way. Now it’s time to get ready for our manicure and pedicure.”

About an hour later after we showered and dressed, and were on our way to Lois’s place, Brenda asked if Walter knew I was intimate with Lois.

“Funny you should ask, because I don’t think I ever mentioned anything to him. I simply never thought to. Then again, I might have and forgot. Besides, he wouldn’t be upset or concerned since he loves both Rita and Lois dearly. As they do him. Plus he’s well aware of the special relationship I have with them. And before you ask, I’m thinking Bob doesn’t know either.”

Just as I finished we pulled into Lois’s apartment complex. As we did, Brenda couldn’t help but remark…”What a nice place this is. Looks brand new.”

“It’s about five years old. Lois was one of the first tenants. She moved in not long after her second divorce. It’s a 55 and older residence. No children allowed, but it’s pet friendly. It’s a well run facility, and beautifully maintained. She’s fortunate to have gotten in when she did. Timing couldn’t have been better with it just opening to renters, of which all the units went fast. The only bad part is the section of town where it’s located with a few retail and commercial businesses nearby.”

Once we entered the lobby I rang the doorbell to Lois’s apartment, after which she unlocked the inner lobby door. When we reached her apartment, which is on the first of two floors, she was in the hall waiting for us. I introduced her to Brenda, and like everyone else she couldn’t believe we were sisters.

“I’m so glad to meet you Brenda, since I’ve heard so much about you from Lacey. I almost feel like I already know you. All except if I didn’t know better I’d never guess you two were sisters since you don’t look anything alike.”

“I’ve hastane porno been hearing that a lot lately since staying with Lacey and have seriously thought about getting a t-shirt with ‘I’m with her and she’s my sister’ emblazoned on it.”

After we were inside Lois’s apartment she suggested she start immediately on our nails since between the two of us both getting a manicure and pedicure, it was going to take most of the afternoon. While doing my nails first, Brenda asked if she could have a look around her apartment, of which Lois said was fine.

After Brenda finished her tour…”This is a really nice apartment you have, and if you don’t mind me asking, how much is the rent?”

After Lois told her…”I’m amazed. Back in the Boston area you’d pay four times that for a place like this. Maybe more. Do you know if there are any vacancies?”

“No I don’t, but I could check for you if you like.”

“Please do, and let me know immediately if there is.”

Before I could ask about her sudden interest in an apartment she changed the subject…”While checking out the two bedrooms I couldn’t help notice the nice picture of you on the dresser in yours. You look fabulous in it in the sexy lingerie. About as sensual as you can get without being revealing in anyway. Did you have it professionally done?”

“First of all, thank you for the nice compliment. I’m pleased you like it so much. As for it being professionally done, I’m doing the photographer’s nails as we speak. Lacey took it, as well as a number of others. The one you saw is my friend Bob’s favorite, hence the reason it’s on the dresser in my bedroom. In case you don’t know, your sister is a fantastic photographer. She ought to open a studio, but won’t. Claims she’d hate to be tied down with a ‘job’, which is a dirty word to her even if she would be her own boss and could set her own hours.”

“Lacey and I talked about her photography and she mentioned something about taking ‘glamour’ photos of women. But only occasionally, and only by special request. She’s shared her wildlife photography with me through the calendars she does and sends me every year, but I never imagined her photography of scantily clad women would be so good. Then again, the subject woman can make a big difference and I can’t imagine you’d look anything but terrific in photos.”

Now would be a good time to describe Lois for those of you who haven’t read some of my previous narratives which included her. As previously mentioned, she’s a few years younger than Brenda and I. About five foot two, weighs around 125 pounds and has beautiful facial features along with grey eyes. And as with my sister Brenda, she has a nose that would make Shannon Bream jealous. Blonde hair, almost shoulder length, and although it isn’t her natural hair color she’s been a blonde for as long as I’ve known her. Her natural color is brown, which is clearly evident by her pubic mound. Albeit very fine and silky like Brenda’s pubic hair. She’s relatively small breasted, but quite full at a 34C with small areola and perky nipples. As for her bum, some might describe it as small, but I feel it’s perfect for her size. In short, she has a fabulous figure and is extremely attractive. And as Brenda stated, makes for a beautiful photo subject. Be it in the nude in spite of her age, or fully clothed.

After Brenda remarked on her picture on the dresser, Lois stopped doing my nails and went to her bedroom. When she returned she had a photo album and handed it to Brenda. I recognized it immediately since it was one of three albums in which I took the photos and put together for her. The one she gave Brenda was strictly glamour photos with her dressed in assorted lingerie. As for the other two albums, one was photos of her completely nude, which could best be described as provocative with some being very revealing. The other album is photos of her and Bob having sex, and in every conceivable way you could imagine. Needless to say, it was quite an experience photographing the two of them at the time.

After Brenda viewed the album, which I included only the best of the best…”Oh my, I don’t know what to say other than you look simply fabulous in all the photos. And you Lacey, did a terrific job taking them. I’m really impressed. But I have a couple of questions. Whatever possessed the two of you to do something like this? Not that it was a wasted effort or anything. Quite the opposite, even if it was just for fun.”

Lois responded before I could…”It was my friend Bob’s idea actually. After he explained why I couldn’t refuse, which was for him to have some photos of me to keep at his apartment in Indy. I know, you’re probably thinking we went overboard with things, but he was very specific about what kind of photos he wanted. Now what was your second question?”

“I was going to jokingly ask where are the photos of you nude, not expecting there really were any. But when you said Bob was specific about hemşire porno what kind of photos he wanted I think it’s safe to say you answered it. Although I don’t know Bob, and it’s only an assumption, I’m sure he’d have wanted some of you nude too.”

“I’d say you’re very perceptive, except I would have assumed the same thing. Do you want to see them? I wouldn’t show them to just anyone, but since you’re Lacey’s sister, and she took the photos, I’d be glad to. But before you say yes, be advised some are…how should I put it. Very revealing would be a good way, and a few are quite explicit.”

I could appreciate her wanting to share the glamour photos of her in lingerie since she looks terrific in them, but not the ones of her totally nude. While she looks just as nice, if not better depending on your preference for things, it isn’t something you would normally share with someone else. Especially with some of the photos being explicit as she put it.

Brenda didn’t hesitate before saying…”I love to see them if you wouldn’t mind.”

Lois then looked at me as though to get my permission.

“Be fine with me Lois, I just took them. You’re the one that’s naked in them.”

With that said, Lois went to retrieve the second album and handed it to Brenda. While Brenda viewed the photos, and very slowly, Lois finished up with my finger nails and began to do my pedicure. She was about half way done before Brenda finished viewing the entire album. Took her awhile as she seemed to take at least five minutes studying every photo.

When Lois saw she was done…”Well, don’t leave me in suspense. Tell me what you think.”

Brenda didn’t respond at first as though she was looking for the right words…”I don’t know what to say, other than they’re pretty awesome. Some very explicit as you said, but still nicely done. It must have been quite the photo session, and I can well imagine the interaction which took place between you two to get some of the photos. There are poses and views of you, and your most intimate body parts, I never would have thought of doing. Very creative along with some being quite provocative, which I’m sure was the intent. Kudos to you both. You Lois for being so daring, and you Lacey for your artistic skills with the camera. You photographed everything beautifully. Almost in a captivating way since I lingered longer than necessary to view each photo. And to say Bob must have been pleased is probably an understatement. I could well imagine he was ecstatic when he first saw them.”

“You got the last part right. Couldn’t keep his hands off of me the whole weekend. Damn near wore me out so I guess you could say all the work was worth it.”

At that point Lois finished with my pedicure and asked Brenda and I to swap places. She started with Brenda’s toes first since she had everything she needed for the pedicure handy.

As soon as she did…”While you two might not look anything alike, there’s one thing you both have in common. Pretty feet. I’m jealous, and wish my feet were as pretty as both yours. Especially since Bob has a thing for pretty feet as Lacey found out. Now while I’m doing your toes Brenda, I’d be curious as to what pictures in the second album you liked best?”

Before Brenda answered, she reached for the album and flipped through it real quick to find her favorites…”Actually, there wasn’t anything I didn’t like. You could say all of them, but certain ones caught my eye and stood out above the rest. Here’s one I liked. Something about the way you’re posed with your anus and vagina exposed that’s very seductive. Almost as though you’re asking, which hole would you use first.”

It was a picture of her straddled over the armrest of a sofa with her pussy and anus facing the camera, and her legs outstretched with her tippy toes on the floor. Before we took the pictures we made sure her anus was cleanly shaved, although not her pussy, which we left naturally hairy. There were two versions of the same pose. One being a full frame shot, which included her legs, and the other being a cropped shot of only her pussy and anus framed by her bum and thighs.

“I also like this picture of you fingering your clit seductively. And the look on your face as you are would have one believe you were about to orgasm. Your facial expression is what you’d expect just before someone does. Needless to say, it’s very nicely done by you two. And once again I like how there’s a full frame shot and a cropped version. Especially the cropped one where you can clearly see

vaginal fluids oozing out your vagina. It makes it very realistic.”

Little did Brenda know, Lois was about to orgasm so her facial expression wasn’t a case of play acting.

“Truth be known Brenda, I was a little apprehensive about posing nude for pictures. But with Lacey taking them I quickly became comfortable with it. With her help and guidance, along with some very good suggestions as far as poses, I really hikaye porno started to get into it. Before I knew it, I couldn’t believe how it was affecting me. I can’t tell you how sexually aroused I was by the time we were done. Of which the one of me fingering my clit was towards the end of the photo session. Hence the reason I was so wet.”

I figured for sure Brenda was going to ask what she did about getting so sexually aroused at the time, but she didn’t. Maybe she just assumed she masturbated afterwards, or figured it wouldn’t be polite to ask. Either way I was thankful she didn’t.

“As for my favorite picture, it has to be this full length one of you lying on your side on the bed. I like the way your head is propped up with one hand, and the other arm is resting along the top of your torso. And how one leg is completely outstretched with the other on top of it bent at the knee with just a hint of pubic hair visible. It’s a very flattering pose. Especially the way your breasts hang down towards the bed. They look very inviting the way they are. Not forgetting the ‘come and get me’ look on your face.”

“Thank you Brenda, it’s one of my favorites also, and I think Lacey’s too. While we’re on the subject of nude pictures, did Lacey ever show you the calendar with pictures of her nude? Walter’s a terrific photographer too and for the fun of it they did a calendar of her. Unfortunately it was just a one and only, although I’ve tried to talk them into doing another one. But to no avail.”

“No I haven’t, but I’m not surprised she didn’t since until just recently we never talked or shared much about our personal lives as far as sex, or anything related. It’s a shame we never did, but a blessing we are now. I can’t believe how much I didn’t know about her, and how she’s helped me with my sexuality.”

“If anyone could, it would be Lacey. I know she has me too in some ways, and at my age I thought I was the last person who could use some help with my sex life. And it’s one of the reasons I love her so dearly.”

Finally I piped in so as to change the subject…”Would anyone like a glass of wine with me since I’m going to get myself one?”

After I got us all a glass, Lois started working on Brenda’s fingernails. Coincidentally we both chose the same brilliant red polish by OPI. Upon seeing Brenda’s freshly pedicured feet it prompted me to be sure to get some pictures of them for the footsie calendar I do every year. It’s a big seller, but for now features only pictures of Rita and me. The addition of another pair of pretty feet should help with sales.

“When we get home Brenda, remind me I’d like to get some pictures of your pretty feet over the next few days for my annual footsie calendar, which I sell online along with my nature calendars.”

“Footsie calendar? No kidding. Who would ever have thought of doing something like it. Do you sell many?”

“While it might be hard to believe, yes I do. Way more than my other calendars. Surprisingly there’s a big population of men out there attracted to women’s feet. Pretty women’s feet. It’s often called a foot fetish, which I don’t consider it as such since it’s no different than a man having a significant affection for women’s breasts, ass, vagina, legs, or whatever other body part turns them on. Take Walter as an example. His first love is a woman’s ass and anus, but he’s also attracted to pretty feet. You’d be surprised how many times he’s mentioned something about yours. And Lois’s Bob also has a thing for pretty feet as she mentioned. A lot of men do, but they’re usually close-mouthed about it because of the ‘fetish’ connotation associated with it.”

“The comment Lois made about Bob and your feet did get me wondering, but I was reluctant to pursue it for fear of appearing nosy.”

“Since you’re curious, and only if Lois doesn’t mind, maybe I’ll tell you about it later.”

“No I don’t Lacey, but once again, only because it’s your sister. And it is best to wait until later since I’d be somewhat embarrassed if you told her in front of me.”

Right about then, Lois finished with Brenda’s fingernails and after a brief wait to insure the polish was dry it was time for us to head home. But not before I asked Lois if she and Bob would like to get together with Walter, Brenda and I over the weekend.

“I need to check with Bob first, but I’m sure it’ll be fine with him. Besides, he’d probably think he died and went to Heaven between both your pretty feet. Since the weather is supposed to be nice, why don’t we plan on getting together at your place instead of being cooped up in my apartment. Saturday would be the best day for us. And I haven’t seen Bill and Rita since the special event you arranged for Rita, so why don’t you invite them too.”

“Good idea, and I’ll be sure to.”

Shortly after, Brenda and I were on the way home. As we were she asked me to tell her the story about Bob and my feet.

“It’s only a ten minute ride home Brenda, so let’s wait until later after Walter’s gone to bed.”

“Does Walter know anything about it?”

“Yes he does, and he got a big kick out of it. There’s not many secrets between us, and we’re not ones to hesitate sharing anything that might be bothering us either. Or share fantasies we have.”

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