Sisters Ch. 11

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(all characters are at least 18 years old)


I lay there thinking about the day’s events. I was really quite amazed at how much had happened and how I seemed to be continually in the middle of it all. I never would have believed such a thing could happen to me just two weeks prior. While I was thinking about those things I fell asleep and lapsed rather quickly into a dream-state. I remember one dream very well because it was so vivid. I remember dreaming that I was in bed with Anne. We were just lying there. I was playing with her breasts. That seemed to last a long time. Then I saw Anne’s head move down my body to my penis. She took it whole into her mouth and sucked on it until it became hard. The sensation was wonderful. No one had ever done this to me so it was totally out of my imagination. The next thing I knew I was coming in her mouth very hard. Suddenly I woke up but the sensation of coming did not leave. In my grogginess I became aware of a head down between my legs. I assumed it to be Anne and said, “Oh Anne, that feels so good. No one has ever done this to me before.” Suddenly I heard a voice say, “What?” It was not Anne’s voice and I fear for who it really was. In an instant Dawn appeared from underneath the covers.

“Dawn!” I said emphatically, “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“I just gave you head stupid didn’t you like it? I know you liked it because I heard you moaning.”

“Dammit all Dawn, I thought I had made it clear that these sorts of actions are entirely unacceptable.”

“No, you didn’t, not really.” In thinking it over I thought she just might be right. That scared me. Then I remembered that I had been quite explicit. To fix that once and for all, hopefully, I said, “I did tell you that in very precise terms yesterday and now you’ve heard me say it again so stop it!”

Dawn grumbled for a few seconds before saying, “Doncha want to feel my nice big tits?”

Dawn certainly knew my weak point very well because I immediately looked at her bare breasts and actually considered it. “I might like to but I’m not going to. I told you it’s not right and so your just gonna have to live with it!” I felt good about putting my foot down so firmly like that. Dawn finally seemed to get the message too. She was pouting as she slowly got out of the bed. Just as she was about to stand up she reached over and grabbed my penis as if she were going to control me through it. “Dawn!” I complained in a very harsh voice.

“Oh all right, I’ll go. But I still think you want me again and I still think you’ll do it again too.”

“Don’t sit around waiting Dawn, it’s not going to happen.”

Dawn stood up, looked at me, grinned and went back upstairs quietly. I lay the for a very long time party feeling good that I had been able to fend her off and partly feeling guilty because I had been had by her without my consent. Then I decided that this would be the perfect incident to breech this gap with Cathy. I thought if maybe I told her how Dawn came on to me and how I successfully resisted I would be able to regain Cathy’s confidence. It was then I began to seriously consider why it was so necessary that I have her confidence. I questioned my intentions. It kept coming back to me that the person I really desired was Cathy and not Linda. Still, my emotions were mixed on both of them. I found it very easy to justify my being with either one. If that were not bad enough I also had feelings for Anne I needed to deal with. I fell asleep again wrestling with this dilemma.

Once again I awoke to the smell of bacon cooking and the scent of freshly brewed coffee in the air. Once again too it was Cathy who was doing the cooking. She looked out of the kitchen towards the bed and saw that I was awake. “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up especially on a Sunday morning.” There was true sincerity in her voice and it was good to hear.

“I don’t mind Cathy. What time is it?”

“It’s just a little after seven. I’m an early riser regardless of the day of the week. It’s something I just cannot seem to change.”

“Well, I can understand that.” I said to her sympathetically. “Cathy, there’s something I need to talk to you about but it can wait until you’re done with breakfast.”

“What is it?” She asked.

“I’d rather talk about it all at once so take your time and enjoy your breakfast.”

“All right, if you insist.” Cathy smiled at me. She brought me a cup of coffee just as she had the morning before. She also brought me bacon and eggs with the eggs made just the way I like them, over easy. I didn’t remember telling her that but I decided to let it pass. The breakfast was wonderful and I had it in bed to boot. That was yet another first for me.

Cathy quickly collected the breakfast dishes and dumped them in the kitchen sink saying she’d get to them after everyone else had a chance to eat. “So,” she said, “what is it you need to tell me.”

I quickly got my courage up knowing how important it was for me to tell her the story. “Last night I fell ilginç porno asleep right after you went upstairs. I started having sexual dreams almost immediately. I have to admit that your mother was the person in the dream but you know what they say about dreams, they are just dreams and not to take them seriously.”

“Yes, so what?”

“Well, in the dream I dreamed that your mother was giving me head.” Cathy tried to interrupt me right at that point but I didn’t let her. I quickly continued, “Suddenly I found myself waking up but the sensation of the dream didn’t go away like it should have. So I thought your mother really was doing what I thought I had been dreaming. I came almost immediately after I woke up. I called your mother’s name but instead of seeing her it was Dawn’s face that emerged! I got very very angry with her and really scolded her hard. I told her in very definite terms that she was never to try such a thing again and that what she had done was very wrong. I’ve got to tell you, you were right when you warned me about her but I never expected that she would try to do such a thing while I was sleeping. Anyway, after I got done telling her off I sent her packing. I was furious with her.” All right, so I exaggerated just a bit but it was all essentially true.

Cathy looked at me for a minute with a very serious look on her face. Then I saw her begin to smile. “I’m proud of you Sam. I was afraid that Dawn would try something again even though she had been warned. By not giving into her I’d say she won’t be bothering you anymore.”

“That was no threat. It was your mom who told me to tell her if Dawn ever tried any such thing. Dawn ruined her reputation all by herself and now everyone knows about her.”

“Mom knows that about her? I didn’t think she knew everything about us.”

“Well, I think she knows a whole lot more than you might believe. Like she told you yesterday she knows about your affair with your roommate and remember, she didn’t pass any judgment on you for that.”

“Yeah, mom can really be pretty cool. I guess that’s one of the things I like about her so much. She’s so understanding.”

“That’s true and I was hoping and believing that that part of her existed in you as well. I’m pretty sure it does too.”

“Yeah, mom and I are a lot alike. Like, I couldn’t hate you no matter what. The fact is, I envy Linda for you. I know that’s a bad thing to do but it’s true all the same.”

“Cathy, you don’t know how happy I am that you told me that. I spent a lot of time last night going over how much I liked you versus how much I like Linda. In the end it was you I decided I liked the best. That doesn’t sound right. What I’m telling you Cathy is that ever since I met you the very first time I haven’t been able to get you off my mind. Linda even caught me once and I had a heck of a time warding off her suspicions. It did take me a little while to admit to myself that my desires for you had surpassed those I have for Linda. Cathy, it’s you I want and you alone.”

Cathy was smiling broadly at that point. “I’m really happy. I didn’t think there would be any way we would ever get together and now there is. You just said almost the same things I too have been thinking. Thank you for telling me that Sam. I don’t know when I would have gotten up the courage to say anything to you but now it’s out and I love you for having done that.”

“Well, there is a problem.”

“What’s that?” Cathy asked.

“Linda, she keeps telling me she’s in love with me and I think she really believes she is. Then I think of how you told me about Linda and serious commitments. Still, I’m afraid that with me she may well have changed her ways as far as that goes. I hope not but I have to take this seriously. Your mother told me that she has a very fragile ego and that we needed to be careful not to hurt her. The last thing I want to do is to hurt Linda but sooner or later she’s going to either find out or figure out our feelings and then what?”

“I don’t know. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t really have an answer for that but I definitely think we should talk to your mother about it this morning.”

“You’re right. That’s exactly what we’ll do as soon as we get a chance. We might have to wait until after the doctor’s been here though.”

“I know,” I said in a resigned voice.

Cathy sat down next to me. I decided that this time, for the first time, I was going to take the lead so I leaned over and kissed Cathy. She didn’t resist at all so then I put my arms around her and kissed her again. We fell to the bed during that kiss. It was a long kiss. So long that we were both petting one another long before it was over. Finally I asked Cathy, “Does this mean we’re for real?”

“Yeah, I guess it does.” She smiled after saying that.

“There’s just one thing Cathy.”

“What’s that?”

“You told me you enjoy the company of women as much as you do men. Does that mean you will continue that too?”

“No, I’ll give up women for japon porno you.”

“I’m not asking you to do that.” I said, “I just wanted to know the answer. I don’t think I’ll mind your doing that. We’ll just have to see how it works out okay?”

“That sounds fair to me.”

I started to kiss Cathy very deeply again when she wrapped her legs around me. I was as hard as I had ever been and it was pushing itself right into her crotch as if it really knew where it wanted to be. This fact was not lost on Cathy. She took my penis and placed it in her vagina. I had just gotten it all the way into her and had gotten on top her when I heard Anne say, “Well, good morning you two! I see you’re off to an early start Sam. It would appear you want to have all the women in this family. I don’t know if I should condone that.” I knew Anne was ribbing us simply from the expression on her face and the way she said it. Evidently Cathy had picked up on that as well. She didn’t seem worried either.

“Mom, we have some news to tell you and we do have a problem we’re going to have to discuss.”

“Yes, I know about the problem Cathy. So tell me what the news is. I hope it’s good. That would be a nice relief.” She replied.

“Cathy and I are in love with each other. Well, at least I think we’ve come to agreement on that.” Both Anne and I looked to Cathy and she nodded yes. “Well with everyone getting up now and the doctor coming at nine we thought it would probably be best if we waited until after he left.”

“That sounds like a good idea. I’ll send Jim into town for a Sunday paper. That should get rid of him for at least an hour and I’ll make sure Linda doesn’t have any thoughts about getting out of bed although in her condition I don’t think she will.”

“What about Dawn mom? You know last night she gave Sam head while he was sleeping. He woke up in complete shock. He’s really angry with her.”

“I did warn him about her and I can’t say that her actions surprise me. Hopefully Sam’s rejection of her along with the threat will keep her at bay. Anyway, I’ll send her with your father just to insure she’s not around.”

“Mom, you’re a genius at these things. I don’t know how you can think of a solution as fast as you did.”

“Well dear, it’s just one of those things that comes with being a mother. So, what’s for breakfast?”

“I’ve got some coffee all ready,” Cathy said. “And I can cook up some bacon and eggs in just a few minutes for you.”

“You know how I like my eggs?”

“Yup, sunny side up.”

“Right and a couple of pieces of toast would be great too.”

“You got it mom,” Cathy said enthusiastically. She brought out a cup of coffee immediately and then went back to prepare the rest of the breakfast. Anne sat down on the bed next to me.

“When Cathy and you are done talking with me later I want to have a little conference with you alone, all right?” Anne said looking at me.

“All right,” I said a little unsure of what I was signing up for but afraid I already knew.

It wasn’t long after that that Dawn and Mr. Caine emerged from their beds. Cathy made them breakfast. I excused myself to go up and visit with Linda. I took a glass of orange juice and a bowl of cereal with me for her.

When I got up there I peeked through the door to see if she was awake yet. She was lying under a sheet reading a magazine. “Good morning,” I said to Linda with a smile, “I’ve brought you some breakfast.”

“I’m not really hungry but I’m really happy you came up.”

“Linda, remember, you promised me you’d eat and drink. Now you are going to keep that promise aren’t you?”

“Oh all right. If you insist.”

“I do.”

I handed her the glass of orange juice which she drank down together with a couple of aspirin. “Sam, may I have a kiss?” Linda asked with a bit of a pout on her face.

I gave her the most loving kiss I’d ever given her. I could tell she felt it. I was distracted, however, with my feelings for Cathy and just how we were going to handle Linda. It looked like we had to keep things looking normal for a while at least. “So how are you feeling this morning?”

“I still hurt a lot and I still feel pretty sick to my stomach. I don’t know if I can eat that cereal.” She said and looked up at me. My face must have said something because then she said, “But if you insist I’ll try to eat a little.”

Taking her lead I said, “Yes, I do insist. You’ve got to get healthy. Did they tell you that you’ve got to stay in bed at least until tomorrow morning and possibly even until Tuesday.”

“Yes, the doctor told me that. It would be great except I’m in so much pain I can’t fuck you and I’m feeling so horny! I can’t stand it. Do you mind if I touch you?” she asked me. I wasn’t immediately sure what she meant and then it occurred to me that the hard-on I was sporting had caught her attention. I moved up so I was sitting on the side of the bed next to her chest. She reached out, not without some pain though, and fondled me for a latin porno minute. It seemed to make her feel good but her lack of energy was very obvious by her inability to touch me any more than she had. “Be careful now,” I warned her, “almost anyone could walk in here on us and I’d really rather not have to explain myself anymore. Oh, you mother told me she knows we’re having sex and she said it is fine by her! Can you believe that? I wonder if that means we could go to bed together back at your house?”

“Sam, don’t be silly. She might not mind what we’re doing but when it comes to doing things like that in her house, well, that’s another thing.”

“I hear someone coming up the stairs.” I told her. I looked at my watch and it was a few minutes after nine. “It must be the doctor. He said he’d be here about this time.”

“Well, you’d better take care of that quickly.” Linda said pointing to my erection.

I thought for a second. Then I said, “Hit it!”

“What?” She asked looking confused.

“Hit my dick now and hit it hard! Just do what I say.” That said she did pause a second. She reached out and gave it a good slap. It stung and gave the desired effect. My penis deflated almost immediately.

“Wow!” she said surprised. “I never knew you could make that happen but just hitting it.”

I was about to respond when I heard a knock at the door. Linda said, “Come in.” It was the doctor as I had suspected.

“I’ve come to change your bandages and see how you’re doing Linda.”

I excused myself and quickly went back downstairs. Only Cathy and Anne were there now. “Yeah,” Cathy said, “Dawn couldn’t seem to get out of the house fast enough. She said something about meeting a friend down at the beach. I wonder what that’s all about?”

“I couldn’t imagine,” I said in response.

“Jim went out to get the Sunday paper.” Anne added. “I expect he’ll be in town for a few hours at least. It’s his ritual to get the paper and then talk with some friends at the coffee shop. In remembering that I decided not to send Dawn into town with him. Why, one Sunday he got into it so much it was almost three in the afternoon before he got back.”

“Yeah, that’s daddy. Get him going and there’s no stopping him. Everyone likes him so much too so there’s got to be something to that as well.” Cathy said.

“So what are your plans this morning Sam, Cathy?” Anne inquired.

“I’m going to keep Linda company today once the doctor has left,” I said.

Cathy looked a little displeased by my remark but I think she realized the necessity of it as well. “I think I’ll just go down to the beach and veg out down there,” Cathy said. “I’ve got a lot of reading I’d like to do too.”

“I’ll probably join you dear,” Anne said. “I think Linda and Sam would like some time alone.” Anne winked at me when she said this.

“Well, the doctor should be about done with Linda so I think I’ll go up and see how she’s doing.” I didn’t wait for any sort of response. I got up and went right up the stairs to Linda’s room. I knocked first and was invited in. The doctor was still working on the bandages on Linda’s back. He had her sitting up with her back to him while he worked on her. From my direction I could see her ever wonderful figure. I became fixed on her large voluptuous breasts which were of course so prominent. I could feel myself starting to become aroused so I quickly changed my thoughts to asking the doctor a few questions. “How’s she doing?”

“She’s doing a little better today. She still needs to keep forcing fluids and she needs to get as much rest as possible. I want you to stay as quiet as possible today Linda.” Linda growled silently at that remark. Quiet was something Linda considered to be the realm of other people, not her. “I also gave her a shot of a pretty strong antibiotic and another of a muscle relaxant. I’m sending into town for a two day supply of muscle relaxant pills as well. Remember to take them only on a full stomach Linda.”

“I will, I promise,” she said resigning herself to her condition.

“She should fall asleep fairly soon from the shot I gave her. It’s pretty strong and it will help her relax and keep her quiet. I don’t want her moving around except as is necessary for the next 24 hours. The less she moves the quicker she’ll heal.” He finished up what he was doing and put a few things back into his bag. “Well, if you’ll excuse me now, I’ll be going. If anything comes up, anything at all, don’t be afraid to give me a call. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at seven, okay Linda?”

“I’ll be here,” she replied glibly.

The doctor nodded his approval and left the room. “I wish you could hug me Sam. I want to hug you so much but I hurt so much I just wouldn’t enjoy it.” Linda yawned after saying that. “God, that medicine he gave me must be taking effect already. I hope I can stay awake a little longer. I really want to be with you for a while Sam.”

“I’ll stay here as long as you are awake, okay?”

“Okay,” she said. “I guess there’s really not much else you can do.” She said in a voice of resignation. “Well, will you help me to the bathroom?”

“Sure,” I said. Linda held out her hand for me to help her sit upright and then to stand up. As she stood up she moved slowly and painfully until she was standing up straight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32