Size Does Matter!

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My name is Jamie. I had been really looking forward to the start of school as a freshman at UC Berkeley. I was ready for a change. My first few days were rather hectic, getting my classes set up, becoming acquainted with the campus.

“Where did you go to school?” my new dorm roommate asked.

“Austin Trinity High school. I graduated last year.”

“Trinity? Oh, yeah, that’s the school with the power-house football team, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. I was on the team my Junior and Senior years.”

Bill stared at me. “You? You were on the football team?”

“Yeah. Hard to believe, isn’t it. You probably would not know this, but in the big game between Trinity and Liberty, I scored two touchdowns. We still lost, but I did my part.”

“You have to be shitting me. You’re what, five foot eight, can’t weight more than 145 pounds?”

“It’s true. I was even smaller back then. OK, here’s the story.

“My sophomore year I had to take PE. I was small for my age, still am. I knew I would be razzed but it was a required course. We had to do some running and I was faster than most everyone. Only one other guy could beat me. The coach talked me into going out for track. I really did not want to, but he pushed.

Anyway, he worked with me and I became his best sprinter. I still was razzed by a few guys in the showers but most were ok.

“How come you were razzed so much?”

“Well, besides being shorter than most and kind of skinny, I had another problem. Promise you won’t say anything to anyone else?”

“Yeah, sure. I keep my mouth shut.”

“I have a small dick. A really small dick. Guys would look and either laugh or turn away with a smirk. That is why I hated PE and did not want to go out for track. I knew I was fast but I didn’t want more shit from a new bunch of guys.

“Anyway, to continue with my story. At the start of my Junior year the football coach asked me to try out for the team. He was looking for a punt returner. My track coach told him I was the fastest and most agile guy he had ever seen.

“I thought the football coach was joking. Me, 140 pounds, playing football? I wouldn’t last a minute. Well, you can imagine that first day when I showed up. Some of those guys weighed twice as much as me. Conversation stopped when I entered the room. ‘Here comes the water boy’, ‘Hey, little boy, are you lost?’ They all laughed.

“The coach showed up a few minutes later and settled the group down. Almost everyone had played on the varsity or JV team. Only two other guys and myself were new. Well, we changed into practice uniforms. Right on time the razzing started. I had expected this and decided to hell with it, that’s how I was born. Fuck them.

“My first game was glorious. I took the kickoff, dodged and twisted past players, and made a touchdown. I made good yardage in two punt returns. On the third punt I did it again. I was high scorer in that game.”

“I remember now. You’re that Jamie Roberts. I didn’t make the connection. Wow, who would have thought?”

“Yeah, who would have thought. Mid-way through my senior year I broke my leg, but not before scoring two touchdowns on punt returns. We still lost that game, however. That was the end of my football career. ”

“You won’t mind if I tell the others, will you? Leaving out the part about your dick, of course.”

“That’s OK.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, what do girls say when you are having sex?”

“I haven’t had sex. I could not bear being laughed at by a girl, and I’m not sure I have enough to do anything, anyway. I have girl friends, but not girlfriends, if you understand the difference. I do get hit on by guys, however.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, one guy said I had a pretty face and a girly body. Wanted to fuck me. Another said I had a perfect mouth to suck his cock.”

“And did you?”

“No, I’ve never done anything with anyone.”

“Well, I can see why guys would hit on you. You are good looking in a pretty sort of way. Your slender body and tight ass are like a girl. You asked me to keep your secret. I’ll share my secret with you: I’m bi-sexual. I like girls and boys.”

“Really? I would have never guessed. You seem to be popular with girls.”

“Oh, I like pussy. I have a big cock and know how to use it. I eat pussy and girls love that. But I sometimes like to play with guys. I am intrigued about your cock. It must be pretty small to get so much razzing.”

I hesitated and then quickly pulled down my pants and shorts. My tiny cock was hard and on display, such as it was.

“Damn, that is a small cock. A lot smaller than I guessed, about the size of my thumb.” He felt my cock with his fingers.

“Your balls are like small grapes. Tiny cock, tiny balls. How come they never grew?”

“The doctor said it was due to some gland deficiency. These days they have ways to help if done early enough. Not now for me. Now you see why guys poke fun at me.”

“You might not believe it, but your tiny cock enhances your sex appeal. That is, if you don’t mind mom porn gay sex.”

“I suppose I might try it sometime,” I admitted as I stood nude before him.

“Very nice, Jamie, very nice. Turn around. Nice, tight butt, just made to be fucked.” He massaged my nipples and then placed one hand on my cock and one on my ass.

“Now I’ll show you mine,” as he stripped. A big cock jutted out from his muscular body. The contrast between his physique and mine, his cock and mine, was dramatic.

“Like I said, girls like my cock. Not the same with asses, however. Even some guys I wanted to fuck turned me down.

“I’m fascinated by your little cock. Sit over here. I want to suck it,” he directed. “This is fun, Jamie. I can get not only your whole cock but also your balls in my mouth,” he exclaimed as he came up for air. He resumed sucking.

“God, Bill, that feels great. I’m not going to last very long. Oh, here it comes!” I squirted three times into his mouth. Small squirts from a small cock.

“I think you needed that. I liked doing it to you. Like sucking on my thumb. You don’t cum very much, do you?”

“No, that was even more than usual.”

“Now will you do me?”

“Sure, but you have to tell me what you like.”

I scooted between his legs and fondled his big cock. I had never touched another cock before. Now I played with it, marveling at its stiffness and size. “God, Bill, girls must really like this.”

“Pussies will accommodate almost any size cock if the girl doesn’t get uptight. Of course, I usually eat pussy first, which gets their juices going. I will want to fuck you in your ass, but not today. Today I show you how to suck. We have all year to have fun.”

“Your cock is huge; I don’t think you could ever get it into me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you loosened up before we do it. Trust me.”

During the next several weeks we sucked each other off almost daily. I gradually took his cock deeper but always choked when it touched my throat. As Bill sucked my little cock he would slip a lubricated finger into my ass. “I want you to get used to having something in your butt,” he explained. I liked how it felt.


“OK, time to get your ass stretched. I bought two dildos to help get you started.” He squirted lotion on my ass and pushed his finger in. Then two. Then he selected the smaller of two dildos on the nightstand and pressed the tip to my anus. It was very tight but he gradually worked it in. “It’s all in, Jamie. You did great.” He moved it in and out. “Play with your cock while I fuck you with the dildo.” I squirted into my hand a few minutes later. My best hand job ever.

Every day Bill used the dildo.

“I got something new,” Bill said as he handed me a small package. “It’s a butt plug.”

“What do I use it for?”

“I thought your ass would have loosened up more by now. I do not want to hurt you with my cock. So this will help. You push it in and leave it there for a while.”

I lubed it up and inserted into my ass. “Walk around, see how it feels.”

“It feels kind of funny, but nice.”

“When you walk it wiggles around and massages your prostate. That’s what you feel. Keep it in for an hour or two.”

I used it periodically over the next few days, interspersed with Bill fucking me with the small dildo. My ass was definitely stretching.

“Now you are ready for the bigger dildo,” he explained. He pressed it to my anus and I felt the tip slip in. “Push back like you are taking a crap. Yes, like that,” as more entered my ass.

“Doing good, Jamie. Half way in. You ok?”

“I guess. Hurts a little.”

“That’s it, Jamie. All in, you took it all. You look so sexy with it embedded in your tight ass. Can I take a picture?”

“Only if you promise not to show anyone. Promise?” I wanted to see for myself what I looked like.

Bill used the bigger dildo on me for several days. “I think you are ready for my cock. What do you think?”

“Yeah, I guess so. But go really slowly and stop if I tell you.”

He added lots of lube to my ass and pressed his head to my hole.

Surprisingly, what seemed like a couple of inches slid in without difficulty. “Feels good, Bill. How much is in?”

“Just my cock head,” as he pushed and more entered my tight ass.

“Stop, no more. Don’t go any deeper. It hurts.”

Bill withdrew to add more lubrication and reinserted his cock. It felt like a log was being pushed into me, but I was taking his head and about two inches now. Gradually he went deeper.

“Just another two inches. There, I’m in. Damn, you have the tightest ass I have ever fucked. You doing ok?”

“I think so, but don’t move. My ass hurts. Just hold still for a bit until I get used to your size.”

Bill started some gentle partial thrusts, gradually building up to a smooth, deep fuck. I reached under me and rubbed my cock.

“Hang on, Jamie, I’m going to cum. Hot damn, your ass feels great. Oh, god, so tight.”

I felt his cock pulse and mobil porno shoot warm cum into my ass. That set me over the edge and I squirted into my hand. Bill stayed motionless, his cock still in me as his erection subsided. He rolled off me, panting.

“Jamie, that was the best sex I ever had. Better than any other guys. Better than pussy. Your ass gripped me like a glove. Was it ok for you?”

“Yeah, it hurt but not too badly. I could feel your cock pulse when you came. I also squirted.”

Bill wanted to fuck me the next day but my ass was still sore. One more day and his cock filled me up again. He fucked me every day thereafter. On weekends, when we had more time, he would do it a second and sometimes even a third time. He said it felt great with my ass slippery with his cum.

Bill took pictures so I could see my ass with his cock. My favorite showed my anus leaking cum as he pulled out. He also took close-ups of my little cock and balls. In one photo he held his cock next to mine, an unbelievable comparison.

I suppose it was inevitable that I would be shared. Before I came along Bill had played with a long-time friend of his. He asked me if I would like to try another cock.

His buddy, Glenn, was fascinated with my tiny cock as I stood before them, nude. “Bill, you were correct. This is the smallest cock I have ever seen!” as he placed his hand on my cock and balls. “And he has a perfect body. Just like a girl. Tight, bubble butt. I’ll bet you really like fucking it.”

“It’s as tight as could be. Jamie, you like my cock in your ass, don’t you?”

“I love it. You really know how to fuck me with that big cock.” I turned to his friend. “You want to try out my ass? Hope you can do as well,” as I laid down on the bed, butt up, legs spread. “Who wants this tight ass?”

Bill nodded to his friend, who quickly undressed and joined me on the bed. I had not seen his cock yet and wondered how it would compare. Glenn straddled me and pressed his cock to my hole. A few thrusts and he was mostly in. His cock was smaller and entered easily. He set up a good fucking rhythm, pulling out almost completely, and then quickly thrusting deep into me. It felt good but he didn’t last very long.

“Well, how was he?” Bill asked. “Great ass. It felt so good I didn’t last as long as I wanted to.”

“Well, my turn. Then, if you’re ready, you can have another go. If Jamie agrees.”

“Yes, definitely. Fill me up with cum.”


A month later Bill introduced me to a second friend, George. Now I was regularly fucked by three guys. I loved cock in my ass. Sometimes I was fucked six times, two each. My rectum filled with cum. Bill used his smart phone to record the gangbangs. My favorite shots were of my anus leaking as a cock was withdrawn. By the end of the school year, I figure I was fucked hundreds of times.

The guys were fascinated with my body and small cock. I would dress up like a teen-age girl, tucking my little cock between my legs. They bought me a padded bra. Bill borrowed a miniskirt from his younger sister. I would parade around our room, bending over to show my ass peaking out from under the skirt.

Then I bend over the desk, my skirt pulled up, and a cock would be shoved into my butt. I absolutely loved the feel of cock in my ass.

Bill arranged that I would come visit him once summer vacation started. His folks had money and there was plenty of room at their big home.

“Jamie, I have a proposition for you.” “Yeah?”

“You have such a sexy, girly body. I absolutely love fucking you. You just need one thing. Boobs.”

“You think so? I sure don’t have any. And?”

“You need boobs. You know, breast enhancement. Just imagine how good you would look with some nice tits.”

“I don’t get what you mean.”

“How about if I pay to get you a boob job. Plenty of time before school starts again.”

‘You’re shitting me. You want me to have breast implants. Crazy!”

“Not really. I looked into it. Women do it all the time. Even guys. Don’t say no, just think about it.”

“Nope, I am already half a freak with my tiny cock.”

Each time Bill fucked me he would massage my nipples and tell me how good I would look. He showed me porn photos of guys with boobs. I did have to admit that they looked sexy, the combination of boobs and cocks. Finally I agreed to meet with a surgeon.

Dr. Wilson specialized in breast enhancement for guys. It was pretty common in the SF area, he said. The cost was $2000 and Bill gave a deposit. Two weeks later I had breasts, half way between B and C cup. The doctor felt larger breasts on my slender frame would look unnatural.

Bill said I was the sexiest guy he had ever seen. After the swelling went down he had me pose for pictures. He continued to share me with George and Glenn.

Bili’s younger sister, Amy, walked in. “How do you like the new Jamie?” Bill asked. I was wearing a tee-shirt that clearly showed my new breasts.

“Why, what’s new? Oh! Now I see. Jamie, xnxx porno you’ve got boobs!”

“Yeah. Bill persuaded me to have it done. What do you think?”

“You look a lot prettier than some of my girlfriends. Wow, what a difference it makes!”

“You know I started fucking Jamie last year when we were room-mates. Since then my buddies George and Glenn have been joining in.”

“I figured as much. What about Helen and that other girl, what’s her name?”

“We still get together. But Jamie is something special and he can take all of my cock in his ass. The girls can’t and won’t.”

“Jamie, show my sister your cock.”

“What are you trying to do, Bill? I don’t want to see his cock. And don’t embarrass the poor guy.”

“Wait until you see. Go ahead, Jamie. Show her.”

I pulled down my pants and shorts and my little cock popped out. As I expected, Amy stared at my crotch and was momentarily speechless.

“It’s so little! How come?”

“He was born that way. It just didn’t grow. We measured it once, it was 2 3/8 inches long. Cute, isn’t it? It works just like it should, just small.”


Bill arranged for me to meet with another doctor. The tests showed that my sperm count was virtually zero. I wasn’t surprised since my balls were so under-developed. Bill wanted me to have them removed.

“You have to be kidding!”

“Why not, Jamie? They aren’t doing much anyway. And the doctor said removal wouldn’t affect your ability to get an erection.”

“Regardless, why would I want to do that? Nope, end of discussion.”

Bill kept after me to do it. He pointed out that having a tiny cock and no balls would make me even more unique. To prove the point he had me shave my public hair and then took photos of my cock and balls. And then used Photoshop to delete my balls.

“See, look how neat you look. A nice clean look, don’t you think?”

“Amy has seen my cock. I’m going to ask her what she thinks.”


“I don’t know, Jamie. Guys are supposed to have testicles. You have a cock, admittedly very small. But you have one. Balls are supposed to be underneath. You mean, they would be gone, nothing there?”

“Yep. The doctor said they aren’t producing any sperm. And I still will be able to get a hard-on, and squirt. Bill thinks that would emphasize even more the uniqueness of my cock.”

“That’s for sure. Well, I do see one advantage. If you dress as a girl, there will be less down there to hide. You could tuck your cock between your legs and be almost flat. Well, the decision is yours. I think you want to do it.”

Yes, I did. My two grape-sized testicles were removed. Now I had a thumb-sized cock and that’s it.

He arranged for some professional photos of the new me: 5ft 8″, 145 lbs, pretty face, slender body, B-C boobs, two-inch cock, no balls. Bill bought new clothes to show off my body. Micro miniskirt, boots. We went out with me as his date. My voice had always been somewhat higher pitch and I practiced talking.

I needed some other coaching: how to sit, stand, and walk like a girl. Bill’s sister Amy agreed to help.

The second time out he introduced me to some of his other buddies. Bill danced with me and told me to be friendly with them. “Do they know I’m really a guy?” “No. Stay cool.”

Returning to the table, one of them took me back out to the dance floor. Very quickly he was holding me close and pressing his crotch against me. I had tucked my cock back between my legs. He placed both hands on my ass checks and pulled me close. I could easily feel his hardening cock.

Another friend resumed where his buddy left off. “God, you have a great body. Tight ass, nice boobs.”

Bill bragged that I loved sex and was the best fuck he had ever had. His buddies looked at me with lust. “You gonna share, Bill? We’re your best friends.”

“Sorry, Jamie’s all mine. Come on, honey, let’s go. I’m horny.”

I knew Bill was putting on a show for his friends and I played along. Rubbing his crotch, I responded, “I can’t wait to get your big cock into me. I’m already dripping.”

“I would like to share you with Roger and Jim,” Bill explained on the way home. “The others might not understand. But you sure do look good.”

I went shopping for a new bikini swimsuit. Bill came along to help pick one out. Since I no longer had balls, my little cock could be tucked back between my legs. So if the bikini bottoms were tight, no bulge would show. We selected two very skimpy suits.

“Damn, Jamie. You look so sexy. No one would guess you’re a guy. Your boobs look so natural, and the incisions are not noticeable. And your bottom! Who would guess that you have a cock, even if it is small. Amazing!”

To show me off, Bill arranged for a pool party, planning to invite about thirty people, both couples and singles. “I’m going to share you later, if that’s ok with you.”

“But don’t they think I’m a girl? That isn’t going to work, unless they already know.”

“Yeah. I just have Roger and Jim in mind. They are very open minded, if you get my meaning. And I think they have their suspicions. I was thinking about having them come over before the party. You strip but leave your panties on. Suck their cocks a little to get them warmed up. And then I say I have surprise.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32