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Let me know if you have any story ideas for me.

All characters are 18+. Enjoy!


“Let’s go Dave!” Mom calls to me as she points herself down the mountain and skis away from me. Fuck… I really hate skiing I think slowly following her down the mountain. When Mom first told me we were going to Colorado on my winter break, I was happy. I hadn’t been snowboarding in a very long time and really wanted to go. But when we got there this morning, I was told they were all out of snowboards and only had skis left.

Not having the money to buy a snowboard, I settled on skis, just to make Mom happy. Ever since I started going away to college, I didn’t see her except for breaks, so I wanted to make the time we had together count. So I accepted the skis and spent more time sliding on my ass than I did on the skis.

When I finally reach the bottom, Mom is waiting for me. Her snow pants and heavy winter jacket hide her figure. Mom has a great body for a woman who is 50. She looks about 10 years younger than she is, has long, straight golden blonde hair. She has curvy hips and breasts, but toned stomach and legs. I smile at her as I slide up to her. “What took you so long?” Mom asks, a smile on her face.

“Don’t give me that, you know I’m bad at skiing.” I pretend to whine.

Mom nods, “Well the good news is I’m tired from the flight so I’m going to head back to the room after another run.”

“Well then I’ll let you pick the trail.” I say, noticing that the sun was starting to get low in the sky. Mom smiles at me as the two of us get in line for the lift. Finally, it is our turn and Mom and I squeeze onto the two-person lift. The two of us press into each other as we begin the trip to the top of the mountain.

“So any girlfriend at school?” Mom asks me.

I shake my head, “No, I like to keep my options open at the moment. You have a boyfriend yet? It’s been a while since the last one.” I answer.

Mom shakes her head, “No. I’ve been really busy with work the past month or so and just kind of do that, work out and talk to you on the phone.” We spend the rest of the ride talking about my classes and which ones I liked and didn’t before we get to the top and once again, Mom beats me to the bottom.


We bring our rented equipment back to our room in the on-site hotel. Mom and I are sharing a small room with only one bed. Not that it was a big deal, we were only going to sleep in the bedroom and the bed was plenty big for the two of us. “You want to shower before dinner? We don’t have a reservation tonight so I think we’ll just do room service.” Mom says.

“Sounds good. I’ll shower quick then you can go.” I say, leaving my equipment drying off by the door before hopping into the shower. After a quick shower, I dry off and dress into shorts and an old tee shirt for sleeping. When I come out of the room, Mom is wearing a red bra and matching panties. Her brown hair is a mess from spending all day tied back. Mom has lost the little bit of fat she was carrying last summer and now had a very toned body despite her large breasts and ass.

“Jesus Christ Mom!” I practically yell not used to seeing her in her underwear.

Mom looks up and her face turns red with embarrassment, “Sorry, I was just drying off my wet clothes and you were faster than I expected…” Mom trails off before saying, “How is this different than seeing me in a bikini?”

I shrug, “Probably the intended purpose.” I sit on the foot of the bed, trying not to look at her.

“Well I’ll try not to let it happen again.” Mom says, walking into the bathroom with a bundle of clothes. I feel a strong curiosity come over me as I peek at Mom walking into the bathroom. Her large, sexy looking ass is smooth looking and seem to have swallowed her panties. I look away with a sense of guilt at checking out my own mother. To my horror and surprise, I feel my cock become hard at the thought of Mom’s ass.


After Mom and I eat, we watch a little TV, just killing time before going to sleep. Mom looks over at me, “You know, I wouldn’t be offended if you wanted to go find people your age to hang out with.”

I laugh, “You sound like your kicking me out of the room!”

Mom smiles, “You know what I mean.”

I return her smile, “I do, but you wanted to come here and since I don’t see you very often we mind as well spend time together.”

Mom looks me in the eye, “I appreciate that!” I lean in for her to kiss me but we accidentally find each other’s lips. We quickly pull apart, both realizing our mistake, but this makes me think of seeing her ass earlier. Mom and I go back to watching TV and making small talk, pretending that nothing happened. No matter what we talk about, my thoughts keep wandering back to Mom’s large, sexy looking ass.


After a good night’s sleep, Mom and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another day of skiing. Mom and I climb out of bed. I had only slept in my boxers and my cock was sexmex porno hard, like usual, after I wake up.

Mom smiles at me, “Come on, we should hit the slopes nice and early!”

I look at her, “Give me a few minutes.”

Mom shakes her head, “Come on, let’s go! We should get the most out of this trip.” She tugs the sheets down and my erection is clearly visible through my boxers. I follow Mom’s gaze for a second before she looks away and shakes her head. “You act like I’ve never seen a penis before. How do you think you were conceived?”

“That’s not the issue… I’m your son!” I say.

Mom nods, “I know that! Look, would you rather spend all day debating this or go and have some fun?” Without letting me answer, Mom gathers up her outfit and goes into the bathroom to change, leaving me outside to do the same.


After a long day of skiing, Mom and I head back to the room to clean up and go get dinner. We go to a fairly nice restaurant and enjoy our meal before heading back to the hotel room. I walk in and look around the very small room. “Hey Mom, you know if there is anything relaxing to do here?”

Mom looks at me, “You mean besides ski? I think the hotel has an indoor pool and hot tub. Why?”

I shrug, “I’m just bored and don’t want to spend all night just sitting here doing nothing.”

Mom smiles, “What? Am I not enough to entertain you?”

I give a small laugh, “It’s not that. Just maybe do something that isn’t sit here and watch TV.”

Mom nods, “A nice relaxing night doing something other than sit here does seem nice doesn’t it? Did you bring a bathing suit?”

I nod, “Yeah. I figured the hotel had a pool or something. Did you?”

Mom nods, “It’s somewhere in here…” She goes to her suitcase and begins to dig through it for several minutes before finding what she is looking for. She pulls out a black one-piece bathing suit. “Looks like I’m set to go. Let me just get changed.” Mom goes into the bathroom and comes out a minute later wearing the very tight bathing suit. It is low cut, showing off a generous amount of her breasts. It is also skin tight, hugging her breasts and stomach. Mom turns back to her suitcase, facing away from her. The back is cut out almost completely, except for a thin strap up top and the part that barely covers her ass. Despite the minimal walking she has done in it, both of her ass cheeks are mostly exposed. Mom gives them a small wiggle as she digs through her bag.

Is she teasing me? Damn… if she wasn’t my Mom… I start to think before stopping myself before I get an erection. Bathing suit in hand, I make my way to the bathroom and quickly change into my bathing suit. When I come out, Mom has thrown a baggy shirt and sweat pants over her bathing suit and has a medium sized day bag in her hand.

“Ready to go?” She asks.

“Let’s head out!” I reply, looking forward to doing something other than watching TV.


Mom and I go into the pool area and find it empty. “I guess after a long day of skiing; people just want to relax in bed.” I say. Mom agrees and I jump into the pool. The water is surprisingly cold, almost making me shiver. I surface and see Mom having removed her cover up, standing with just her feet in the water.

“Want to go into the hot tub? This is kind of cold.” She asks.

“Sounds good to me.” I reply, swimming to the edge of the pool, gathering my shirt and following her to the hot tub area. There are signs leading away from the main pool area to the hot tub, which Mom and I follow. After a minute, we come to the door and I pull it open, making sure to hold it for Mom. The two of us go inside and find it empty as well.

“I guess we don’t have to worry about sharing.” Mom jokes, bending over to set her bag down. As she does this, her ass completely swallows the material, leaving both of her ass cheeks visible. After a second, she straightens back up and steps into the water. “Much warmer!” Mom says, sitting down, letting her feet rest in the large tub.

I sit across from her and the two of us begin to talk. As our conversation progresses, Mom and I both slip into the hot tub, until only our heads remain above water. There is a pause in the conversation and Mom abruptly asks, “So how are the girls at school? You have a girlfriend?”

I laugh, “That’s quite the change of conversation!”

Mom smiles, “Well… I just figured I would ask. You know, just being a nosey parent.”

I nod, “I know. There isn’t anyone in particular.”

Mom nods, “Have you hooked up with any of them?”

I feel my mouth open slightly, “Excuse me?”

“Have you hooked up with any of them?” Mom repeats.

I feel my face go red, and not from the hot water. “Honestly… there is this one girl who lives in the dorm across the hall…”

Mom smiles, “Well, tell me about her! What is she into?”

A small smile creeps onto my face, “She’s a brunette, kind of short, blue eyes. Very pretty. She’s into watching movies… stranded teens porno we’ve only hung out a couple of times.”

Mom’s smile grows, “When I asked what she’s into I meant sexually.”

I raise an eyebrow, “What’s gotten into you?”

Mom shrugs, “I want to make sure you know what you’re doing. Also, I am kind of nosey when it comes to that kind of thing.”

“So you want me to tell you what me and this girl do when we have sex?” I ask. Mom gives a simple nod.

“This is weird…” I mumble to myself. I shake my head before saying, “She likes to give and receive oral… um… she likes…” I trail off.

“Can you make her cum?” Mom asks.

“Jesus Christ Mom! Has something gotten into you?” I almost yell at her.

Mom shrugs, “I just feel like this is an important conversation to have. If your starting to go out and have sex, you should at least know what you’re doing.”

I don’t answer her, instead trying to push this conversation from my mind. Why did she have to bring up sex? We were getting along so well… I think, focusing on the bubbling water. Mom clears her throat and I look back up at her.

Mom has lifted herself out of the water and is sitting on the edge of the hot tub again, only her feet remaining submerged. “I think it’s weird that you find sex to be a… taboo topic now. I know you were watching me right after I put this on. Hell… I even put on a little show for you there!”

“What?” I ask, trying to sound offended by the accusation.

Mom smiles, “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone feels horny at one point or another.”

“You’re my Mom! Why are you even saying this?” I ask, almost pleading with her to stop.

Mom sighs, a look of sadness coming over her face, “Well, since you asked, I’ll answer honestly. Since you left for college I’ve been lonely.”

“I call you almost every day though.” I say, starting to understand where she is coming from.

Mom nods at me, “I know, but that isn’t the same. I don’t have anyone in my life for support.”

I sigh, “I shouldn’t be saying this but… you look amazing for your age. Any man in your age range would love to be with you.”

Mom smiles, “Thanks for the compliment but there’s really only one man that I want in my life.”

My face turns red when I realize she means me. “Mom… that’s…” I struggle to phrase what I want to say.

Mom moves next to me and puts her arm around me. “That’s something you want to try?” She suggests, using her free hand to rub my leg gently. Each stroke moves further up my leg, closer to my semi-erect penis.

“You’re my Mom though…” I start to say before she holds a single finger up to my lips in a shush gesture.

“Can you just humor me for a minute?” Mom asks. Before I can respond, she takes her finger from my lips and grabs my hand that was resting on my lap. She guides it up to her face, and I gently stroke her cheek before she guides my hand to her body. Mom rests my hand on her breast, before letting go of my hand. Feeling horny, I leave it there for a second before starting to slowly feel her breasts through her tight black bathing suit. Mom lets out a happy sigh as she reaches into my bathing suit and grasps my cock, slowly beginning to stroke it.

“What if someone sees us?” I ask, feeling nervous about this whole situation.

Mom smiles at me, “They’ll probably just think they walked in on a random hook up.” Using her free hand, Mom slips the straps from her one-piece and her large breasts spill over the top of the black material. They are pale, each topped with a large, pink nipple, both of which are hard. I begin to palm Mom’s breasts, feeling her hard nipples press into my hands.

Mom smiles at me as she pulls my cock free. “Still not want to do this?”

I swallow, through my hormones, my mind isn’t thinking right, “What man has ever turned down a blowjob?” I hear myself ask.

Mom lets out a laugh as she lowers her mouth to my cock, giving the tip a lick before taking my tip into her mouth. She begins to slowly take more into her mouth as she bobs up and down on my member. While she sucks, she plays with my balls, working me to orgasm much faster than any girl I’d been with before.

Maybe it’s because of who is doing it, not how… I think, actually beginning to enjoy the feeling of Mom’s mouth on my cock. Mom pulls off of me, stroking my drool covered cock with her hand while she looks at me, “Clearly this is going better than you thought.” She says, a mischievous smile on her face.

I groan in pleasure, “God… you’re so… good at this.”

Mom laughs again, “Well believe it or not, even your Mom had fun once!” Before I can respond, she lowers her mouth back to my cock, continuing to suck it.

“I’m getting close…” I grunt. Mom continues to suck my cock, stroking the part that is not in her mouth. Finally, I cum, shooting a load into her mouth. I feel my cum against my cock in her mouth. After I finish, Mom pulls away street blowjobs porno from my cock and tilts her head back slightly, before swallowing my load. “That was…” I start to say.

Mom cuts me off, “Don’t think we’re done yet, you owe me!” Mom pulls her breasts back inside her bathing suit and starts to towel off. I do the same and quickly throw my shirt back on while Mom dresses in her shirt and sweat pants.

During the short walk back to the room, I think about what just happened. On one hand, it was really hot and I enjoyed it, but a small part of me felt guilty. She is your Mom! Was the thought that kept running through my head.

I lead the way into the room and Mom follows, quickly closing the door behind us. Knowing what is probably going to come, I toss my shirt to the floor and turn around. When I do, Mom is already on the bed, in just her black one piece. I climb up on the foot of the bed and crawl towards her. I hold myself above her body and the two of us kiss on the lips. It starts of gentle at first, but soon, our tongues explore each other’s mouths and, once again, I feel my cock grow hard.

My hands begin to explore Mom’s body, this time on their own. I start by kneading her breasts through her bathing suit. I can feel her nipples poking through the thin material. As our lips part, Mom stares into my eyes, “Please… It’s been too long since the last time I’ve done this. I really want you to take this all the way.” She pleads.

“Don’t worry Mom… I’m not a tease!” I laugh back, as I begin to enjoy the experience. I tug down the material of her bathing suit and free both of her breasts. I look into her eyes as I lower my mouth to her. I begin to suck on her one nipple, while pinching the other between my thumb and index finger. Mom lets out a gasp of surprise, but seems to enjoy it. After a minute, I switch nipples, making sure to pinch the other.

“Please stop teasing me and let’s get down to it!” Mom begs. I pull away from her now glistening nipple, and lower myself down her body further. I lay between her toned thighs and use my finger to slide the lower part of her one piece to the side, exposing her pussy. To my surprise, it is surprisingly well maintained. It is bald except for a small patch of trimmed hair just above her clit. Mom’s pussy lips are very sexy and glisten with her juices. I give her opening a tentative lick and Mom shudders.

I begin to lap greedily at her forbidden slit, enjoying the taste of her juices. I rest my hand on her patch of fuzz and use my thumb to gently circle her clit. In no time, Mom is gasping and groaning with pleasure. “Oh fuck… keep going baby…” She sighs. I pull my mouth away from her entrance and begin to suck on her engorged clit. Mom groans loudly as I do this. I keep sucking her clit for several more seconds before returning my attention back to her pussy.

I begin to lick her some more, while continuing to thumb her clit. After another minute, I push Mom over the edge and she cums. She starts by crying out, “Oh fuck yes!” I continue to rub her clit and lap at her snatch while she cums. I soon begin to taste her warm, sweet cum with my tongue. Mom’s thighs quiver right next to my ears while she enjoys her orgasm. I pull away from her and watch her ride out the end of her orgasm.

After several seconds of just lying there, breathing heavily, she sits up, a huge smile on her face. “It’s been way too long since I came like that…” Mom says, her breathing beginning to slow.

Feeling horny, I smile back, “Well good thing for you, I’m just getting started.”

Mom’s smile grows as she spreads her legs as wide as she can. I drop my bathing suit and am now completely naked in front of my own mother. I line my cock up with her dripping pussy Mom looks into my eyes, “Go slowly.”

I nod, “Don’t worry.” Holding my base with one hand, and her one piece to the side with the other, I rest the head of my cock against her lips. Some of the juices from her pussy begin to cover my member. There’s no going back from this. I think, slowly sinking my head into my mother’s pussy.

Mom lets out a soft groan as I sink past her soft folds. I begin to slowly sink my shaft into her. Mom’s tight pussy squeezes my cock, as she slowly takes more and more of my member. I slide my cock back out, and it shines with her juices. I begin to slowly pump in and out of my Mom’s pussy. Holy shit, this is so hot! I think, listening to Mom’s moans of pleasure as I slowly slide in and out of her dripping pussy.

Mom shifts her body so my cock slips out of her completely. Then she stands and quickly works her way out of her one-piece, tossing it into the crumpled pile of her other clothes. Now, Mom and I are both naked, with nothing between us at all. Her stomach is lined with several faint stretch marks, probably from being pregnant with me. However, with her toned stomach, they are barely noticeable. Her breasts are still firm and high on her chest despite her age and their size.

“Lay back!” Mom orders, using one of her hands to rub her clit while the other massages her breasts. I do as she says and lay back on the bed. Mom straddles me and grabs my cock, keeping it aimed straight at her inviting pussy. She sinks down and we both groan with pleasure as she takes my whole length.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32