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Celia is the love of my life! I met her for the first time in very unusual circumstances.

Sue, my girlfriend at the time invited me to the wedding of her sister Celia. We attended the church wedding and then the reception following.

I was introduced to Celia at the reception and it was love at first sight. In fact the feeling was apparently mutual.

After the wedding supper the tables were cleared and a space emerged for dancing. The bride and groom were supposed to start the dancing but something appeared to be wrong. There was no sign of the groom. Everyone started talking about the delay and a rumor was going round that the groom had been taken ill as a result of something he had eaten.

I was talking to Sue when I felt a tap on the shoulder. It was Celia, she had come to ask me if I would stand in for the groom and help her start the dancing. I was very flattered and excited, so agreed immediately.

We asked the band to start playing and at Celia’s request they began with a romantic slow waltz. I took Celia, a vision in a white beautiful wedding dress with its train removed, into my arms and we waltzed slowly round the room. I felt as though my feet were not touching the floor, we seemed to be floating together as one person. I held her very close and on the third circuit I moved my lips to hers.

What started as a tentative kiss quickly turned into one of great passion. As our lips first met she thrust her tongue at my closed lips. As soon as I felt her tongue at my lips I opened them rapidly and allowed her tongue to enter. I responded by letting my tongue enter her mouth in turn. We remained motionless in this close embrace until the number ended.

When others took to the floor for the next number we parted and drifted from the floor.

The original plan was that the bride and groom would start the dancing and then the bride would retire upstairs to change into her ‘normal’ clothes whilst the groom took his new mother-in-law onto the floor for the next dance. The bride did retire upstairs to change as planned but her dance partner did not ask the new mother-in-law for the next dance. Instead I accompanied the bride upstairs to assist her to change. We entered the room and locked the door. We embraced again, yet another passionate tongue swapping kiss. When we eventually broke the embrace and parted I asked her to turn around. She obeyed without hesitation and I moved to her back to unzip the wedding dress. I loved the sound the zip made as I slowly drew it down from her mid-back right down to the top of her ass. When I had completed this labor of love she turned round and the dress slid down to form a pool at her feet. I stepped away a single pace to admire Celia as she was now dressed.

The dress had had a built in bra so her breasts were completely exposed. To me they are perfect, about 38DD with lovely large areolas. Below, she was wearing white crotchless panties and white hold-up stockings, the left one of which was embellished with a royal blue garter.

I moved back towards her and took her delicious breasts into my trembling hands. She shuddered with pleasure as my hands made contact with her nipples. I spent a long time enjoying the feel of these magnificent breasts before moving away slightly and replacing my hands with my mouth. I sucked her breasts and nibbled on her nipples, sending her into her first orgasm of the evening.

While she was recovering I quickly divested myself of my clothing and when she was back to normal I pushed her onto the bed.

She asked me to kneel astride her and to let her take my cock into her mouth. This I did and she proceeded to give me a wonderful blowjob that was over far too soon. In my high state of excitement it didn’t take me long to empty my balls into her willing mouth. She swallowed the first spurt but kept the rest in her mouth. When we kissed again she shared the sperm she had stored in her mouth with me.

I left the room after another long embrace saying, “Don’t go away. Stay exactly as you are now. I will be back shortly.”

The only reason I left the room was to get us some champagne which I knew was being kept in the next room. I returned with the champagne and filled a couple of glasses before toasting the bride. We clinked glasses and drank. I asked her to lie down on the bed again and when she did as I asked I poured champagne down into her open cunt at the same time kneeling before her to drink the combined champagne/cunt liquids.

She asked me to pour her another glass and when I complied she pulled me over by my cock and stuck it in the glass and then stuffed it in her mouth. After she had repeated this several times my cock was again at full mast.

She got up and placed herself on the bed on all fours, allowing me to enter her cunt from behind, doggy fashion. It felt wonderful, here was my dream girl, who I had just met, and I was about to slide my cock into her obviously moist welcoming cunt and I would be fucking her within hours of our meeting. I thought that after pendik escort the dancing and all the foreplay that her cunt would be well prepared and my cock would slide right up to my balls like a hot knife into butter. My cock was sliding into her juicy cunt very nicely but didn’t get very far before it was brought to an abrupt halt. My initial reaction was the stupid thought that in her excitement at the thought of getting married, she had put her diaphragm in wrong way round. The real truth was, as she quietly said to me, “You may not believe this but I am still a virgin, but don’t let this stop you.” I said “Are you sure you want me to continue?” and she said “Most certainly.”

I removed my cock from the entrance and prepared to break through her maidenhead. “Hold tight!” I said “This may be painful but the pain should soon go.” With those words I took firm hold of her hips and thrust very firmly into her. As I broke through her maidenhead she gave a little shriek but insisted I continue.

I stopped moving to let her adjust to her new status and after she told me she was now fine I began fucking her in earnest. I grasped her tits whilst sliding my cock in and out of this slick welcoming cunt. “Harder.” she said. “Please fuck me harder. I am almost cummmmmminnggg again.” I needed no prompting and did as she requested, gaving her the fucking of both her and my life.

I was in heaven. As I had already had my first cum when I filled her mouth I was able to last much longer this time. In fact she managed two more orgasms before the inevitable happened and with a great shout of “I’m cummmmmmiiinnnnngggggggg.” I filled her cunt with everything I had.

She turned over with me still inside her and we clung together for a long time. Eventually my cock slowly slid out of her and I went down on her again, tasting her whilst licking and flicking her clit with my tongue before she came yet again.

I do love cream-pies, even ones that are not my creation and this was a superb rare example, as it not only consisted of her juices and my sperm but also that rare commodity, virgin blood. We then stood up and before we showered together I removed her garter, stockings and panties. In the shower we took our time as we soaped and played with each other, getting familiar with each other’s body. After we showered, we dried each other before getting dressed. Me as I had been and Celia in a new bra, panties, stockings and little black dress.

I returned the stockings to her but kept the garter and panties as souvenirs. I felt it was such a shame when her lovely breasts disappeared into her bra and her cunt into her panties. But I was boosted by the knowledge that it would not be too long before I saw them again. Before I could again strip her naked and fuck her to orgasm again and again.

We agreed to meet again when the evening was finally over and having made our arrangements we returned to the reception.

Sue was livid. “Where have you been!” she demanded. I replied “I think the food poisoning that got the groom got to me too.” She wasn’t convinced but could find no real reason to disagree with my explanation. She also told me that Chris, Celia’s new husband, had been taken to hospital and would not be released for quite a while.

The dancing continued and continued and continued, it seemed it would go on forever. I thought the night’s entertainment would never end but at last the last waltz was announced and Celia came over to me to partner her in this last waltz. (We had been very discrete after returning from our liaison and had kept our distance.) We fell into each other’s arms and danced as one, welded together for the duration of the song. We split and applauded the band together with everyone else.

Celia had to be there for the closing speeches but I slipped away upstairs to wait for her.

I stripped and slid under the covers for warmth and waited and waited and waited and waited. I thought she wasn’t going to come and was preparing to get dressed and leave when the door opened and Celia slid into the room and closed and locked the door.

She came over and gave me a welcome kiss before removing her coat and saying, “I took so long because I had to convince everyone that I was going to see Chris in the hospital. I put on my coat and summoned a cab. When the cab arrived I told the cabby to drop me off as soon as we were out of sight. I then walked back and sneaked in through the side entrance.”

Having whispered her explanation she moved away to get undressed. I enjoyed watching her prepare for our lovemaking. She set about preparing with the deliberate intention of arousing me as much as possible.

She started by raising her dress and slowly sliding her panties down her legs. She stood there provocatively with her panties at her ankles and her dress up at her waist, showing me her cunt, with the lovely glistening pink lips standing out in the center of the luxuriant growth of black hair that surrounded it. The sight spellbound me. She had succeeded in her maltepe escort attempts to bring my cock to full mast and causing my eyes to glaze over.

There is nothing I like better in a woman than for her to have beautiful large breasts and a luxuriant covering of hair between her legs to hide her cunt from view initially. She posed for about 30 seconds, delighted in my reactions. She saw my cock rise and my eyes go all misty looking.

She stepped out of the panties and continued raising the dress from above her waist to above her head and removed it completely, throwing it down on the floor in front of her.

She now posed again dressed in only a bra and stockings. She slid the bra straps down her arms, just like a stripper would, before unclipping it and holding it in front of her and then dramatically flinging it down on top of the dress. She posed yet again in just her stockings, pleased to see that my erection seemed even better than before. She then moved quickly towards me and threw herself onto the bed beside me.

We embraced once more, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, nipples to nipples, cock to cunt and in no time at all we were one once again. Joined together with my cock fully inside her cunt. We lay like this for a long time, savoring the delights of skin to skin contact before I started fucking her seriously. She climaxed just before I filled her cunt with my sperm once more.

We lay joined together, kissing lasciviously over and over again and as a result of this kissing my cock didn’t lose all it’s erection and quickly came back to full mast, much to our mutual delight. It meant that I could start fucking her hard again with very little delay. She had two more orgasms before I squirted my final sperm deep inside her cunt yet again.

We lay joined together and fell asleep. When we awoke about 90 minutes later we untangled ourselves and sort of rolled into the shower where we cleaned each other up. After we had dried each other and dressed we exchanged details, addresses, phone numbers etc. before we left the room to continue our lives.

As Sue had already gone home with someone else and everyone else had also left I suggested I should ride her down to the hospital. When we arrived we parted with a kiss and a promise to meet up again soon.

Little did I know how long that soon would be!

When I got home I found an urgent message on the doormat. My boss demanded that I pack a case and meet him at 10:30 the following morning at the local airport. It also said that the job might be a long one!

When I finally returned I had been out of touch from her for 7 months due to a the work commitment sending me to some far off remote spot. All my messages and calls had not been answered and when I returned expecting to see her I found she had disappeared from sight.

A different couple now occupies the old address and they cannot tell me where she has gone.

Very upset and grieving I decide to drown my sorrows in the nearest bar. After several straight vodkas an old acquaintance puts in an appearance. He tells me that there is going to be a slave auction in a couple of hours time and if I am willing to spend a few dollars for the entrance fee he can take me there. I am so down that I accept – what is a few dollars without her, My Celia?

He takes me outside and we hail a cab. When we finally succeed and step inside he whispers the location to the cabby – so quietly that I did not catch the address. He now insists on blindfolding me so I will not be able to know where we are going. So much for trust – and having paid quite a large fee too.

We seem to be driving for ages before we stop. We alight from the cab and he guides me into the building and when we are finally inside he condescends to remove the blindfold.

We enter the room where the slave auction is taking place. The auction block is still empty, as the slaves had not yet been assembled. We ambled over to the bar and ordered a drink each, straight vodka for me and a beer for him. As we were being served we sensed a stirring of people and an increase in the volume of background chat.

The slaves were about to be brought forward. There were 8 slaves in all and they were initially paraded along the catwalk so we could get some idea of the selection before we were introduced individually for the bidding.

Number 5 looked very familiar to me but one thing threw me off recognition. She was pregnant! About 7 months but quite large with it. I was looking forward to a closer inspection when they were shown individually to be bought.

They walked off the catwalk into the rear room before being brought back one at a time. The first slave to reappear was a lovely slim black girl. Tasty tiny tits and completely shaven pussy. The inspection began. The audience was allowed to give her an intimate inspection if they were prepared to give the auctioneer an initial fee of $100. If they later made a bid for more than this amount but were unsuccessful the money was refunded kartal escort otherwise it was forfeit.

After several of the audience had gone onto the catwalk and felt her breasts and shaven cunt, slid fingers up her ass and found how welcoming her cunt might be the bidding began.

I was holding back for number 5.

The lovely colored girl went for $800 and the fortunate man was able to walk off with her into one of the reserved rooms to enjoy his purchase.

Number two was Chinese and was not as well received – only $500.

Numbers 3 and 4 came and went – a slim tall very young (18) white girl ($700) and a mature (mid 40’s) well-stacked white lady ($1000).

At last it was number 5. I paid my $100 and leapt onto the stage for my examination. I was becoming more and more convinced that it was Celia. The slave wore a slave collar round her neck and nipple rings connected in the centre with a chain. The other disguising features being that the hair was not only the wrong style but also the wrong color. It was now a lovely coppery red color. The belly was so prominent as it was well advanced in pregnancy.

I whispered in the ear of number 5 “Is it really YOU?” I heard a whisper in return “YES – it is me. Its a long story, but before I get any chance to tell it to you I will tell you that the baby is yours!”

I was astounded but extremely delighted to have found Celia again. I am now prepared to mortgage my life to purchase her for my own. I proceeded to caress her enlarged tits and played with the nipples. I explored her cunt and fiddled with her clit – in fact I worshiped her as much as I could before I was moved on to give the next bidder access to her.

I was quite surprised at the number of potential bidders for her lovely body and it took quite a time for them all to examine her.

At last the bidding started. I thought I would bide my time and not show much interest in the early bidding to make the others think I was not very interested. The bidding rose quickly. I was again surprised at the number who wanted to have a pregnant slave. At $1500 dollars the bidding started to slow down. I made my first bid at $1750 and I finally had the last bid at $3250. As I said before, I was prepared to go even further.

I was able to lead her away to the allotted room for our getting together in private.

At last I had my Celia to myself again after all this time.

I embraced her lovingly – my tears of joy were running down her back in torrents. After a very long embrace with lots and lots of kisses, we finally separated. I made her sit on the provided bed whilst I stripped in record time. We embraced again, skin to skin this time. How wonderful it felt to have her in my arms again after all this time.

She was found after I thought I had lost her forever.

I ran my hands over her face and hair. I nibbled her ears and she remembered that I too like my ears nibbled so she reciprocated. My hands moved downward to her distended breasts. I had adored her breasts before but now they positively bloomed before me. They looked and felt out of this world.

I took my time fondling the breasts and nipples. I moved my mouth down and took as much as I could of each breast in turn into my avid mouth.

After quite a while I slid them out and licked, nipped and played with her nipples with my teeth and tongue. I took my time before I moved even lower. I was now at belly level, her sweet extended belly that had inside it MY child. My hands moved over this swelling with great reverence. I was paying homage to OUR child. The tongue replaced the hands and I kissed and kissed this visible sign of our previous union.

Eventually I laid her down and opened her legs so I could admire again her lovely cunt. It was not the same as I had remembered. No longer were the lips framed by the wild growth of luxurious black hair. They were now very prominent as all the hair had been removed and rings placed through each of the lips and a larger one in her clit.

I started at her thighs with my tongue and moved up to her cunt very slowly. I reached my journey’s end and proceeded to give her cunt and clit the most comprehensive loving treatment it had ever had. By the time I finished she was wet, very wet, very very wet. In fact she was dripping.

Now it was her turn. She took my cock in her hand and brought it to full erection. She played lovingly with it for quite a while before I stopped her. I didn’t want to cum too soon.

A brief respite before she took me into her mouth. I was now crying with joy again, my tears dropping onto her face, into her mouth with my cock.

By mutual consent she allowed my cock to slide out of her mouth and I lay down beside her. We caressed and cuddled for a while before I rolled over on top of her and allowed my cock to slowly penetrate her awaiting cunt. WE set up a gentle rhythm, my cock going in and out gently at first but slowly building up the tempo. I was determined that Celia would cum first even if just a fraction of a second before me. I succeeded, in fact she came at least twice before I made my final thrust as far into her as possible. I stiffened and once again felt my sperm rising through my body and depositing itself deep inside Celia’s welcoming cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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