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All characters are 18 years or older. This story is in no way designed to be considered a realistic scenario; just one that is fun to consider. Hope you enjoy…


It was a Tuesday in April, and for Andy and Rachel O’Brien, sex was everywhere.

Poor, poor Little Andy, as he was so commonly called. It was just one of those days that for a young virgin like him, proved to be torture on a new scale.

It began in Trigonometry when the air conditioning failed and he became suddenly aware of the beads of sweat cumulating on the tight chests and slender necks of his more delicate classmates.

His temperature figuratively rose in Biology when much to his dismay they discussed in great detail the act of procreation. While others giggled or nodded, he felt his skin flush with blood as the teacher skillfully demonstrated the application of a condom by rolling one down a banana.

Homework was assigned and led him to the library where he found the required text which described, with full visuals, the anatomy of a woman. His eyes traveled over the clinical illustrations, his middle finger hovering over the opened lips of a vagina within the flattened pages of the text book. Little Andy’s mind flew away, lost in wonder at how it must feel. Although it was pure imagination, this was the closest he had ever been to a woman’s privates that he could recall.

As this thought crossed his mind, a student rushed by and bumped into Andy, knocking the book out of his hands. It toppled to the floor, landing face down as the kid ran on muttering his apologies. Andy cursed under his breath, his cheeks glowing red as he bent a knee to retrieve the fallen text, when suddenly he looked up and the air left his lungs.

There, not ten feet from him, the School’s Librarian sat at a table reviewing a large stack of papers. She adjusted her glasses, unaware of Little Andy and his lustful stare. This served Andy well, for his eyes were not settled on what she was doing above the table, but were more fixated below.

Her legs were spread, not wide, but enough for Little Andy to peer between. Her knee-high skirt was pulled tight allowing his vision to slide past the hems of her stockings, beyond the milky-white skin of her thighs, up to a black set of panties holding firmly to her mound.

His pulse quickened as he crouched there hypnotized by her unknowing display. He wished he could inch closer. He wanted to reach out, smell her, touch her, taste her, experience her. But it did not last long for not a moment later, she fidgeted and crossed her legs; barring her lewd display from his curiously lecherous gaze.

With a quiet sense of defeat, he shook his head and stood; immediately hearing soft whispers and snickers near him once more. Gazing beside him he saw two girls laughing quietly behind an open book, stealing glances to his groin. He looked down; a look of horror washing over his face as he found a fierce erection tenting out the front of his jeans. He let out a whimper and ran out of the room hiding his embarrassment behind his biology book.

He flew down the halls and into the restroom, diving into a stall and locking it firmly behind him.

“Dammit Andy!” he cried to himself, eyes filling with tears as he sat on the seat.

Not a second passed after he sat when the door opened again, followed by the sound of shuffling echoing through the space. He heard a deep groan, then a soft girlish giggle.

“We have to hurry,” a girl’s voice said in between the sounds of smacking. “Come on, I need it.”

“Coach will kill me,” a deeper voice said. It sounded like that of Mike Robertson, the starting quarterback for the school’s football team. That would be weird though because everyone knew that he was dating Kelly Matthews and that didn’t sound like…

“Well then hurry up before we get caught.” She almost growled at him. “No one’s in here. Just fuck me already!”

Andy heart stopped in his chest as he pulled his feet up onto the seat as he wiped his nose.

“You sure?”

“Yeah, see!”

Silence filled the room.

“Okay but get in the stall,” Mike said as a loud SMACK echoed off the walls.

“AH!” the girl cried out as she laughed and ran closer to Andy’s location. “I’d ask you to smack my ass again, but right now I just want your cock!” as she pulled open the door… to the stall right next to him.

Andy watched the flimsy wall shake as they slammed and locked the door behind them.

“Fuck you’re hard!” he heard her purr as Mike moaned deeply.

The sound of clothing being ruffled then zippers drawn came next, followed by another chorus of moans, then:

“Do you want to put that inside me?” the girl cooed.

“Mmmmm fuck yeah,” Mike groaned.

“I want to put something on it first.”

“Ah, come on.”

“Mm-Mmm. You want me, you need to wear it.”

A groan of defeat.

“All right, but you do it.”

Andy could hear a tiny something tear, and then watched as a small shiny packet flopped down beneath the wall.

“There amatör porno you go big boy. Now, panties on or off?”

“Off!” Mike groaned. A moment later a small red thong fell onto the tile floor near him.

“Now get over here and fuck me!”

“Holy shit!” Andy thought.

“Holy shit!” Mike cried as the girl let out a deep moan and her fingers appeared at the top of the wall, grasping for support.

“Fuck you feel good!” she cried as their bodies slapped together.

Andy’s pulse began thundering in his ears. His erection had reached new heights yet he was too scared to pull it out into the open.

“Just block it out,” he thought. “Think of a song. Think of a song. Think-think-think!”

All that came to him were the muffled sounds of restrained groans as the naughty duo the next stall over began shaking the walls.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” the girl cried over and over as Andy watched her pretty pink nails attempt to dig into the top of the stall.

“Argh!” Mike bellowed as he plowed into her over and over.

“What position are they even in?” Andy wondered looking at the shaking walls, when suddenly, he leaned too far, his foot slipping off the toilet seat causing him to fall face first on the tile floor.

“What the fuck!” Mike bellowed as the girl let out a scream.

Andy, eyes dazed and head spinning, attempted to push himself up when suddenly two strong hands grabbed his shoulders beneath the stall door and slid him right out into the open bathroom.

“Wha…” he began as he was suddenly rolled over catching a furious, and pant-less Mike, dead in the eyes.

“That fucking pervert!” a girl screamed catching Andy’s attention. Behind Mike stood a half naked Tina Robertson, her eyes brimming with tears.

Andy’s eyes narrowed.

“Is… Is that your sister?” he asked, head tilted.

Mike’s jaw clenched. “You son of a bitch,” he said as he raised his fist.

“Wait! Wait!” Andy cried, raising his hands in front of him “I can explain!” he stammered before his eyes settled on the tiny red thong, snagged upon his right hand. His eyes widened in horror.

“Oh fuck,” he said.

The last thing he saw was Mike’s fist approaching his face before poor Little Andy blacked out.

As for his mother…

Across town Rachel O’Brien was just getting off, though not with the same meaning as the Robertson siblings. It had been a long and torturous ten hour shift at the Hamilton Medical Center and she was dying to get home and out of her scrubs. Her feet were killing her, her body ached, but worse was the constant jibber jabber from the younger nurses talking about who they just slept with or their plans of conquest that evening.

At first she’d watch them converse with envy, mentally reliving the wilds of her youth. She’d laugh, and smile, and wish to be in their shoes for a day. Then, ever so slowly, reality would creep back in and she’d turn and walk away, shoving her needs down deep inside.

But now, finally, her shift was done and she was homeward bound.

It was her time now. Nothing would keep her down for in less than thirty minutes she’d be home alone with her new steamy novel and a hot bath. At least that was the plan.

It’s funny how a series of little things can shift one’s mood so dramatically.

It happened first on the subway. The couple across from her were trying secretly to please each other, running their hands beneath hemlines and waistlines.

Next came the couple in the apartment across the hall from hers. As Rachel walked by, the man had his lover pinned with her back against the hallway wall. Their lips embraced in a passionate kiss. Rachel tried to avert her eyes; her hand shaking as she slid the key into the lock. Quickly and quietly, she slipped inside her apartment and leaned back against the door.

“Finally,” she breathed, eyes closed as she took in the familiar sounds and smells of her small apartment.

As if routine, she tossed her coat on the coat rack, her purse on a side table and veered straight for her room.

The blinds where half drawn; spilling in light that pierced the space with rays of dancing dust motes. The bed was unmade and a pile of laundry sat in the corner that she knew someday she’d have time to do. She shed her pants, top, then bra; adding them to the top of the fabric mountain.

She crossed her cluttered room wearing just her panties and went to the closet. Beside it was the only end table that appeared to be clean. Atop it sat a single picture well dusted. She kissed her fingers then brought them down to the soldier standing proudly in the frame. Rachel smiled, her eyes starting to shimmer, and she opened the closet door. On the right were a collection of empty hangers all upon the rod; the pile of clothes filling and hiding the hamper suggested their whereabouts. Yet Rachel instead reached to the left where neatly pressed and well kept men’s shirts all draped in cellophane, hung in an orderly fashion.

Gently anal porno she selected a dress shirt, light blue with a straight point collar and removed the wrapping. Her fingers gingerly traced the fabric. Rachel unbuttoned the shirt and laid it out on the bed. Reaching into her nightstand, she removed a nearly empty bottle of men’s cologne. She puffed one blast of the fragrance into the air, allowing the tiny fluttering droplets to shower onto the fabric.

Tucking the bottle back into the drawer, she slipped the shirt on, never bothering with the buttons and crawled onto the bed and rolled onto her back.

Her eyes were shut, lost in memory, as she deeply inhaled the scent from the fabric. Her bare thighs rubbed together, her breathing deepened, and the tips of her breasts hardened, thrusting out against the shirt she cherished.

A sigh escaped her lips, yet she heard a moan. Her eyes slowly opened. Was that her?

The sound came again, this time louder, more pronounced.

Rachel’s eyes shifted to the wooden blinds gently tapping against the window as they settled from a soft breeze. The window behind them was cracked open, only a few inches but it was enough to let the sultry sound of a woman lost in pleasure creep through the opening.

She rose, curiosity causing her to tip-toe to the window and peer through to the apartment across the alley. Instantly her body tensed, washed in a warm wave of sensations as she locked onto the cause of the lustful noise.

Through the open window across the alley sat a woman in a chaise lounge. Rachel had seen her several times before; walking on the streets or around town, she couldn’t recall. She appeared to be of similar age, attractive and well proportioned one might say. She was always well kept and fashionable, not a hair ever out of place. Yet here she was, legs spread wide with a young man’s lips latched firmly on her womanhood.

Rachel gasped, her nipples instantly hard and tight as the woman grabbed the young man’s dark brown hair and forced him against her, gyrating her hips to his oral attack. The woman ran her free hand through her own brown hair, stretching her neck out as his free hands reached up and toyed with her breasts through her blouse.

He lashed at her clit, tongue flittering and swirling. The woman cried out, shrieked even, and continued to rock her hips.

“Oh shit,” Rachel breathed as her hand absently traveled across her navel, down over her panties to her soaking mound. Her eyes never left the couple as she pressed a finger against herself, feeling her panties moisten as they sunk between her lower lips.

Her body felt on fire, the day’s torment leading to this moment as she peered through the safety of the blinds. Her pussy was gushing, aching to be pleased. She bit her lip and pinched her nipple, basking in the wave of pleasure that coursed through her.

She watched them catch each other’s eyes. The woman smirked and her lips moved, speaking in words that were lost in the open air. The young man smiled and rose up, standing between her bare legs. His crotch was tented out in front of him, sporting a very promising hard on hidden behind the zipper of his jeans.

His head was out of frame, but Rachel could still watch the woman who smiled and looked up at him, her hands pointing to her blouse. The woman shrugged, then with a mischievous smile, unbuttoned her top and discarded the cloth leaving herself in nothing but a black silk bra. Rachel couldn’t help admiring the woman’s curves let alone her choice in wardrobe which complimented her tight tanned skin.

The man leaned down, kissing the seated woman as his right hand groped her covered breasts. She, in turn, reached out to his jeans and blindly ripped his belt free. He leaned back, both now laughing as she eagerly unwrapped her “package”.

A gasp escaped Rachel’s lips as the young man’s hard penis bobbed into view.

“That lucky bitch,” she whispered as she began to press firmly against her mound, her middle finger teasing the hood of her clit through her panties.

The woman opened her mouth in mock surprise then pushed his pants and underwear down to his ankles. Slowly, she trailed her hands, fingertips tickling the skin, up his legs until her hands circled around the base of his cock.

She kept her gaze up, never breaking focus as she spoke to him, teasing him while one hand snaked between his legs and the other began to slowly slip up the tight skin of his erection. Slowly she pumped his cock, squeezing the precum from the tip that trickled down the dry skin. Her thumb and forefinger slid up to the ridge of his head, squeezed, then began their torturous journey back to his base, each time extracting a loud groan.

“Oh Mom!” he cried, loud enough for their voyeur to hear.

Rachel’s eyes snapped wide open.

“Oh my god!” she said, her focus locked on the couple whose relationship just turned taboo. “They’re… Oh my god!”

She was shocked, disgusted even, yet try as she might she couldn’t tear her ana breakers porno eyes away. It was wrong, dirty, and so very immoral. What was worse, she found her breath now more labored, her skin growing tighter and her pussy suddenly on fire.

The woman smiled, pursed her lips and planted a single kiss atop his crown.

“She kissed her son’s penis,” she whispered, her hands now moving again, fingers rubbing deep into her panties. “She kissed his cock. She… she…”

And the woman did it again, and again, and again once more. She slid off the chaise lounge, sinking to her knees in front of her son while slowly trailing these taboo kisses along the side of his shaft. Once at the base, she looked up and extended her tongue, stretching it to his skin.

“You dirty slut,” Rachel breathed as she watched the mother lick the length of her son’s cock.

The woman then hovered in front her son’s erection, lips pulled in a wicked grin. Rachel watched him step closer, rubbing his cock head against her lips and cheek. The woman laughed, feigning to bite his cock, yet he did not move. She examined his penis, then opened her mouth and looked up.

“… Do it,” Rachel whispered. As if she had heard, the mother leaned forward and slipped the head of his penis between her lips.

The son and Rachel moaned in unison as the mother began to suck.

This was not her first rodeo, Rachel noticed as the mother expertly performed fellatio on her son. She sucked and licked, twisted and pulled. Grabbed his ass and forced him into the depths of her throat, all without a single sign of resistance.

“Oh you fucking slut!” Rachel said, “You’re sucking your son!” Her legs were getting weak as she attacked her pussy, her other hand had slipped into her shirt and was attacking her own bare breast.

Suddenly, she watched the son grab the mother and pull her up. They embraced, his hard, wet cock rubbing against her stomach as the kissed. Then, just like that, he pulled her by the arm and they ran from frame.

“No!” Rachel cried out, holding on to the wall and scanning all the windows. “No come back!”

They were nowhere to be seen.

“Dammit!” she roared in lustful frustration as she fell back on the bed, her breasts spilling out of the unbuttoned shirt. Rachel balled her fist and struck it down on the mattress, out of breath and unfulfilled.

She let out a deep sigh and allowed her eyes to travel down, down between the valley of her exposed cleavage to her bare thighs and long legs rubbing together and begging for attention.

“Fuck it,” she thought as she grabbed her tit and plunged her other hand deep into her panties, fingers locking onto the tiny nub of her clit.

“Oh my god, I’m so wet!” she breathed as she slid her middle finger around the pearl. Her hips started to shake, her hand now soaking in her juices as she reached just an inch further and sank her own finger deep within her pussy.

“Mom?” came a voice, calling from her doorway.

Rachel’s eyes snapped open and she quickly sat up to see her son, Andy, standing wide eyed in the dim hallway, his face as flushed as her body.

“Andy!” her voice croaked; mixed with fear, frustration, and anger, trying desperately to cover up. “Wha… What are you doing home? Why aren’t you at school?”

“They sent me home,” he said trying to avert his eyes. “Sorry, I’ll… I’ll just…” He held up his hand producing a semi-crumpled letter. “You’re supposed to sign this.”

Rachel groaned in frustration, her hand covering her forehead. She took a deep breath, looked up as she pinched her shirt closed and reached out a hand.

“Bring it here,” she said sternly.

Andy crossed the room and placed the paper in her hands.

Rachel’s eyes went wide.

“Andy! What happened to your face?”

He fidgeted, looking back down, hiding his bruised eye.

“It’s nothing,” he mumbled.

“That is not nothing.”

Andy shrugged.

“I got into a fight, I guess.”

“You guess?!”

“Yeah. Kinda’.”

“Kinda’ what? Andy O’Brien, spit it out!”

“Look I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Well I do, Mister, so what the hell happened?”

“Mom, I said-”

“Andy I swear to God I will count to Three.”

“Mom, I’m not a kid anymore.”

Rachel’s eyes narrowed.


“Are you serious? Mom you can’t treat me…”


“Mom! I don’t want…”


Andy threw his arms in the air.

“All right! Look, it wasn’t my fault! I’ve had a really rough day so can you just ground me or whatever please, because this is bullshit!”

As soon as Andy looked into the fury behind his mother’s eyes he knew he had chosen the wrong thing to say.

Rachel clenched her jaw.

“Go to your room right this minute. I don’t want to hear a god damn sound come from there until I decide what to do with you. Got it?”

The color drained from Andy’s face. Looking down, he nodded and slipped out of the room. A moment later the sound of his door closing echoed down the hall.

Rachel fell back onto the bed staring straight up at the ceiling. Her panties still damp, her body still afire, though now a mix between anger and lust. She balled her fist and began banging it against the mattress.

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