Snow Day Pt. 01

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Mayra twisted her dusky blue hair up into a neat bun and wrapped a scarf around her head. She knew it would be freezing outside, and she had trouble zipping up her coveralls because of all the layers she wore underneath. The coveralls had a thin seatbelt-like strap around the wings, which snapped shut over a scarf she’d wrapped around the base of her wings for insulation. The blue and tan peacock-like wings on Mayra’s back were fluffed out a little for extra insulation, and weren’t as glossy and iridescent as usual.

Winter was the busy season on the lake, and Mayra spent most days like this checking up on crafts docked in the yard, buying and scavenging parts, and doing repairs. As soon as she opened the door, she knew that all the layering had been in vain: the docking yard was buried in snow. Businesses and transportation around Pleural Lake would definitely be closed, and if they weren’t already they would be by the time Mayra got to the ferry at the foot of the plateau her docking yard sat on. The blizzard that had been forecasted on the radio was hitting the area sooner than expected; there was at least half a meter of snow, and all she could see in the whited-out distance were faint lights from the four or five large hovercrafts docked in the yard.


Mayra was normally used to hearing the hum of machinery or the roar of motors in the distance, but with the snow it was eerily quiet, aside from the far-off groans and snaps of tree branches from the evergreen forests around the yard.


The sky was just barely starting to lighten, but it was hard to tell in the eerie half-twilight the snow gave everything.


The platform that served as Mayra’s porch had a cover, and the snow sat around the edges in smooth drifts. Standing in the clear area, the cold was already creeping through the layers. Mayra stepped back inside and reached up to close her front door-


The noise was muffled by the snow, but it was close. Mayra stepped outside again and was startled to see a small figure, pushing through the thick blanket of snow. On top they wore a big fluffy coat, covering their face in a fuzzy hood. On the bottom they wore a pair of shorts with tennis shoes, exposing their short, blue-green skinned legs.

“Azri?” said Mayra. “What are you doing out here?”

The figure flipped their hood back: it was definitely Azri. She opened her mouth to say something, and her shoulder-length wavy green hair blew into her face. Mayra stepped forward and took Azri’s hand, pulling her onto the porch through the thick snowdrifts and brought her into the front room, ushering her to the bench that sat opposite the front door.

“I had an early appointment with Pia,” sputtered Azri. Mayra shut the front door and pulled off her headscarf.

“Was it an emergency? Is Ca-…Pia okay?” asked Mayra. “Don’t you have children at home?”

In the light of Mayra’s front room, Azri’s face was drawn and blotchily violet from the cold, her clothes were soaked, and she was shivering, but otherwise she seemed okay. Azri was also trying very hard to act unaffected by the cold, but couldn’t stop shivering.

“Pia’s doing great. The minis are at the clinic. Can I call them on your radio?” Azri’s voice was faint, and it alarmed Mayra. Azri was a tiny woman, barely reaching up to Mayra’s chest, and never seemed to dress in anything except casual shorts and shorter skirts – not that Mayra didn’t like them.

“Of course mausebar, Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort but first: why are you wearing shorts?” sighed Mayra.

“Shorts are better in snow. I don’t have to go everywhere wet up to my shins because I wore jeans.”

Mayra had to push down the urge to facepalm, and instead fumbled with her zipper. The coveralls were making it difficult to move, so Mayra unzipped the top, unstrapped the shoulder strap at the back, and loosely tied the top around her waist. It put pressure on her bladder, but she disregarded that. Underneath her coveralls she had on a thick sweatshirt, with even more layers underneath.

“Both you and my radio equipment need to warm up,” said Mayra. “I can have the radio ready to use in ten minutes. Have a warm shower and you can add your clothes to the wash if they’re damp. We should be ready to call out by the time you get done.”

Azri opened her mouth to say something, but stopped and sighed, “That sounds amazing. Thank you.”

Mayra helped Azri to her feet before hurrying upstairs. All she had to do was flip the power switch to start warming up the radio console. Outside the wind was howling, and She started a pot of tea and was in the middle of her second cup when she heard Azri’s light footsteps, ascending the stairs.

“The radio is almost ready, Mausebar,” said Mayra as Azri emerged into the kitchen. “And there’s a pot of fresh tea on the st-”

Azri was naked. She wasn’t pale and gray anymore, and her hair was wet, slicked to one side. She was short and curvy, with a small waist and an odd pattern of freckles on her face, back and shoulders. She gave Mayra a mischievous smile, and her silvery eyes glinted in the dim kitchen lights.

“Thanks for letting me use your shower, May. I needed that,” said Azri, stretching when she reached the top of the stairs.

“Glad you feel better,” said Mayra. She looked away after a few seconds; there had been a nagging tightness below her belt since the night before, and looking at Azri wasn’t making it go away. “Can you put on my shorter bathrobe though? It’s a weekday, Mausebar, and I have six ships docked here.”

Azri snorted, “May-may, the ferries, market and scrap yard are all closed, and it’s not even eight in the morning yet. I don’t think you’re getting visitors any time soon.”

Mayra took a long drink of tea, watching Azri’s round bottom as she poured herself a mug. Once the tea was properly mixed, Azri slowly turned and approached Mayra.

“You didn’t do your ritual today,” said Azri, grinning at Mayra for a long moment.

Mayra’s stomach rolled over, briefly pressing on her bladder again. It was uncomfortable but she easily held it; Azri seemed to have felt it too. Mayra glanced over at the stairwell; the snow was waist-deep in the shallowest areas and the wind was howling, but she had a nagging feeling that she might have visitors, even though she rarely entertained.

“I think I left the front door unlocked,” said Mayra quickly. “But…you’re right. I didn’t plan any repairs today and I’m not expecting anyone.”

Azri giggled. “Would you like to pee on me in the bathroom?”

Mayra blushed, but couldn’t help smiling a little. “I’d never manage it like this, Mausebar. I’m a um…as you put it, an ‘amorous little lass’ today-” A chime echoed from the stairs to the upper floor. “Radio is ready,” finished Mayra, feeling a little cockblocked.

Azri approached Mayra and stretched up to Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort kiss her. Mayra bent down a little and met her in the middle.

“Thank you so much. When I come back I’m going to remove your clothing and stimulate you sexually until you orgasm,” said Azri, brushing her hair aside.

Mayra snorted, “That sounds great, you sexy textbook.”

Azri gave her another kiss. “Relax while you wait for me, I won’t be long.”

Azri hurried up the stairs. Mayra sipped her tea in the kitchen at first, hearing snippets of Azri’s conversation and how her voice changed in tone and cadence when she switched from talking to the other nurses at the clinic to her kids. Not wanting to eavesdrop, she sat down on the couch and turned on the television for background noise, but ended up muting it to listen to the howling wind outside. Knowing the weather was so inhospitable, it gave Mayra confidence that no one would show up unannounced. She leaned back, letting her erection strain against the layers of fabric in the crotch of her coveralls.

“Looks like you’re ready for action,” giggled Azri. She was already back in the kitchen, padding silently on her small feet toward the couch. Azri slowly untucked Mayra’s sweatshirt from the coveralls, unbuttoned the upper wing strap, and pulled it off. Mayra had another sweater and three layers of thermal shirts underneath that, and Azri peeled them off one by one, tossing them onto the nearest chair. When Azri had thrown off the last shirt, a tank top with a built-in bra, she gently felt Mayra’s breasts with her fingertips. They were tender, and Azri fondled them delicately. It made Mayra’s heart race.

“How are your nipples doing?” asked Azri, kissing Mayra’s clavicle.

“They’ve been sore, but less so than usual,” said Mayra. “I think the cold weather has been helping. How did your call go? I didn’t hear you coming downstairs.”

“All is well. They’re having a snow day,” said Azri, kissing in a line downward between Mayra’s breasts and down to her navel, right to the fabric bunched up just above her very restrained erection. Azri kissed it lightly before pulling back the layers to free it. Mayra couldn’t suppress a moan when Azri retracted her foreskin.

Azri was a physical empath, and it didn’t take her long to start reacting to Mayra’s physical impulses. Azri was shaking a little when she took the head of Mayra’s penis into her mouth, mirroring Mayra’s anticipation in her weird physical empath way. While Azri sucked and played with her tongue, she dropped her free hand down between her legs. Mayra couldn’t see Azri masturbating, but watched her curvy little body undulate slowly, with quiet moans and grunts escaping her as she worked on Mayra.

Mayra felt an orgasm beginning to come on and snatched up a fistful of tissues from the side table. She thought she heard the front door open for a moment, but her wings were bumping the wall behind them and she chalked it up to that. The thought of getting walked in on sent a jolt of adrenaline down Mayra’s spine and made her that much more sensitive to Azri’s skilled tongue.

“Mausebar, I’m-” She let loose in Azri’s mouth in a large spurt, spilling out the sides while Azri squirmed between her thighs. A moment later Azri stood up suddenly, masturbating. Mayra stroked her still-hard member, watching Azri go. A moment later Mayra let another burst of thick white fluid fly onto her chest and belly while Azri let out a cry and Ümraniye İranlı Escort her whole body spasmed. She went weak at the knees and squirted bright yellow piss all over the floor. There was a clatter in the stairwell from the front door, but neither of them noticed.

“Come here, you’ve got something on your face,” panted Mayra while Azri rested her head on Mayra’s leg. Mayra cleaned Azri’s face before wiping herself off.

The urge to pee hit Mayra hard, as it normally did after she came, and instead of getting up she pulled herself forward, aimed her slowly softening penis up, and released a heavy arch of urine onto her belly. The hot liquid soaked into the thick layers of pants she wore, and Mayra hoped dimly that it wasn’t soaking into the couch.

The pressure in Mayra’s abdomen eased as it drained and she sighed, “Thanks, Azri. I needed that-“


Both Azri and Mayra jumped, causing Mayra’s stream to splash Azri’s face, and Azri to jump to her feet. The noise had come from the kitchen, half a dozen meters away. On the kitchen floor was a pile of soaked, snow-covered overcoats with legs and wet green hair sticking out. Mayra forced herself to stop peeing and got up.

“Pia?!” said Mayra, rushing over to her half-naked. Pia’s clothes were soaked through and she was weak and shaky, but Mayra was able to help her to her feet before Azri scooped her up and set her on a kitchen chair. Pia was pale, soaked, and shivering with her bright crimson red eyes highlighting just how gray her skin was. She was trying to say something that sounded like “Azri” and “ferry,” but she was too worked up to slow down and form words.

Despite being so small, Azri radiated confidence and expertly treated Pia while Mayra cleaned up, retrieved three sets of pajamas, and got all the wet clothes into the wash. Mayra could hear them talking but tried not to listen – she was still mortified that Pia had walked in on her and Azri.

An hour after Pia had shown up, she was comfortably asleep on the couch in fuzzy pajamas after several cups of tea. Mayra sat on the opposite side of the couch, watching Star Cops: Deep Space Fines on the television when Azri sat down between them.

Azri cuddled up to Mayra and wrapped a blanket around them. “So I noticed,” she said with a characteristic awkward pause. “That you called her Pia.” The nickname was short for “Cassiopeia,” and Mayra had known her as “Cassie” for almost a year.

Mayra leaned back, stretching her wings. “I remembered to ask her last week.”

“I was right,” snorted Azri, stretching up to kiss Mayra.

“You were, Mausebar. It’s her name though, not yours,” said Mayra. “I thought for a while that it was a mean-spirited pun on her medical problems, and I’m glad I was at least partially wrong.”

Azri gave Mayra’s breast a light squeeze, just enough for it to feel good without bringing back any soreness. Mayra’s nerves were still keyed up, and she slipped a hand over Azri’s waist.

“I’ll have to wait for that, love,” sighed Mayra. “I want to make sure Pia’s okay before going off to make out.”

“Of course,” snorted Azri, kissing her and snuggling back up. “You’re such a good friend to her.”

Mayra pulled Azri close. Her warmth was comforting; it didn’t make the hollowness in the pit of Mayra’s stomach disappear completely – it had been there for decades and wasn’t going away any time soon – but it made her forget about it a little. “Why was she outside? Did she tell you?”

“I’m not quite sure, but I think she was looking for me. We’ll have to ask her when she wakes up,” said Azri.

The wind howled, shaking the walls slightly, and Azri drew closer to Mayra, pushing the button on the remote control that enabled subtitles, and settled in for a Deep Space Fines marathon.

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