snow days

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We live in a very rural area in hilly country about 2 miles from a small town, when we have wintery precipitation schools often closed. Dad works over the road and is home about every weekend, mom also works at a local plant in town and so at the age of 12 I was left alone during snows days to care for me and my sister. Grandma lived in town and would call and check on us at least once. Like any kid I love snow days and I was in charge of the house and occasionally my mom would take sis into grandma’s house so I was able to run naked and jack off as much as I wanted to. Also I could listen to my music as loud as I wanted too or watch anything on tv or pop in vhs. Dad and mom had a porno tape and I was able to watch it when I was by myself but when my sister was home I counldnt do any of those things and so I just stayed in my room, fix lunch for the both of us and then back to my room. She was 2 yrs younger and played with her dolls while I played with my hot wheels. Occasionally we would play a game together or I would relent and play house with her and it usually ended up with a fight she would stomp off crying while I would just laugh at her, just the usual brother sister relationship.

Our relationship however was about to take a drastic change. I was now 15 and sis was 13, School was in full swing and winter was fast approaching. Finally our first snow, though not predicted to be very much it might just be enough to cancel school. Sure enough it started snowing and continued, and we awoke to about 5 inches, school was shut down.

It was Monday and dad was on the road and mom had to go into work and my grandmother was out of town, which meant my sister would have to stay home with me. I had to get up and clear the truck off and start it up so it would be warm. Mom took off and back to bed I went thinking of a way to get rid of my sister. I awoke to find my sister on the couch with t shirt and panties, which wasn’t unusual. She was talking on the phone to her friends and probably wouldn’t get off till mom got home. She was very popular and very good looking, I on the other hand was sort of nerdy, I didn’t fit into any crowd in school. I was to nerdy for the cool group and to cool for the nerdy group. Everyone always said wow your sister is smoking hot, what happened to you. Actually my sister was very attractive but I would never tell her and always picked fights, like hanging up the phone in the middle of her conversation.

My sister was on the phone all the time, I told her to tell her friend hi, she stuck out her tongue and I stuck out mine and got a bowl of cereal, she signaled that she wanted one too, so I went and got it and brought it in to her. It was kinda funny seeing a surprised look on her face then she was bragging about to her friend. That’s when I figured out that if I was nicer to her maybe her friends would talk to me and I might end up with a girlfriend. I was like any other kid and wanted a hot girl to hang with and figured my sister might be able to help.

She got off the phone and we ate our cereal and started talking about school and her friends, one of her friends wanted my sister to ask me why they call me ugly chubby. I felt the blood rush to my feet and just shook my head, I wasn’t chubby, I was thin and I didn’t fit in much and when I started jr high we had open showers after PE. I noticed that some of the guys was looking me weird and finally one of them said, what is wrong with your dick. I was uncut and thick. I looked around and seen I was in fact a lot different looking than the other guys. He asked why it was so fat, I don’t know I replied. I hurried and got dressed, after that I was in the shower and out faster than anyone, but it didn’t matter everyone knew about my ugly chubby. My self esteem wasn’t the best and now I just wondered why any girl would want something like mine when they could have a smooth looking one that was cut.

My sister said that she heard a rumor but that was all, she knew I wasn’t cut, but I always wore sweats and never let her see me naked or even in my underwear as the day grew on, she teased me a little about her friend wanting to see my ugly chubby, I told her to stop and finally I walked over to the couch and started picking on her. I usually picked on her to be mean but this time it was playful and I was tickling her and took her to the floor and she was tickling me and trying to throw me off. She was bucking me almost rubbing her crotch on mine, I figured she was just playing and I got tired and got off her and before I knew it she depants me. There I was naked in front of my sister. She just stared, and said that’s thing is fat. I pulled my sweats up and screamed you better not do that again or tell anyone, then I went to my room. She followed me to my room and apologized and started talking to me about some of her friends liking me, she said I told my friends that they were crazy and I didn’t want to hear that about her brother. It made me feel good and so I got up again and figured we had better start chores. I quickly done mine inside then went outside and finished my chores and came back in, sis was playing with her dolls, I said aren’t you too old for that. She laughed and said play with me so I took the male doll and started making out with her female doll and we teased like that for a little while and finally she said it was time for bed so we put the dolls to bed and then she laid on her bed and said I had to lay Anadolu Yakası Escort down beside her. Going along with her I laid down and she said you gotta hold me so I held her and she scooted next to me placing her but right next to my cock. For the first time in my life I was thinking about my sister and getting into her pants.

I wrapped my arms around her resting just underneath her tits, and for a thirteen year old girl she was starting to fill out nicely. My cock was getting so hard and she kept rubbing up against me, again I wondered if she was doing it on purpose. I rubbed on her a bit and she got up and said time to get up. i got up and was sticking out and she said that I was bad. I smiled and went to the couch. She started teasing me about jacking off, and defensively I retorted that I didn’t do that and then she told me that mom found stains in my underwear. She laughed and said that mom told her that I was changing and it was normal. I just hung my head then she jumped on top of me and it was on, I unintentionally grabbed her tit and she said hey,, “im sorry” , I said and she grabbed my cock through my sweats. I said hey, she said it only fair. I grabbed the other tit and she grabbed my cock. We done this until I finally had my hands on her bare tits and she said that’s not fair. She was trying to get my cock out and playfully I tried to keep my sweats on but the whole time I never let go of her tits. She finally got my cock out and started stroking it. I had never had anyone touch my cock, it felt so good. We continued rubbing and I eased off her and she took my sweats and underwear off and played with it. Her little hand wasn’t able to wrap around and the loose skin would work up and down over my head. She was transfixed by this and I leaned in and sucked her tit. She quickly stopped and got up about that time the phone rang and she went and answered it. I laid there dazed and confused. I just had my sister jacking me. I got up and put my clothes on and realized mom would be home in an hour.

The next day still no school, and mom went to work. I fell asleep on the couch and was awaked with my sis crawling in next to me. Its cold let me have some covers she wined. I let her cover up and she started moving and stuff, I put my arm around her and let it touch her tits, she instantly scooted up next to my cock. She wanted to watch a movie, I said I would get one I found. She said ok, so I went and got the porn, and put it in. she was surprised and asked where I got that and I told her it was in mom and dads room, her mouth was wide open. We lay on the couch watching the porn. She just laid there I slowly kissed her neck and started playing with her tits, she didn’t say anything. After about thirty minutes she was rocking on my cock with her ass and I let one hand go to her stomach and was lightly rubbing her letting my fingers flow over skin onto her panties and then rubbed her crotch. She moaned a little and then turned around and we kissed. We let our tongues touch and I pulled her close so our crotches were touching and she starting grinding me. The phone rang and she sprang up and answered it. Fuck I thought. She got off the phone quickly and wanted to know if I was hungry, she fixed us a bowl of cereal and watched porn.

The porn was over and we were finished eating and she said that it was time for bed. Huh I thought, we are playing house and its time for bed. Oh ok cool, so I got the porn and put it underneath mom and dads bed and she came in there and said lets go to bed in here. She covered up and this time I took my sweats off and lied beside her. We started kissing and pretending we were mommy and daddy and I was rubbing her tits and crotch and finally she found my cock so I slipped my underwear off and let her jack me. It was only a couple of minutes and I started cumming. She jerked back and I grabbed her hand so she could finish. It started shooting cum and she screamed “oh gross”. We cleaned up and it was my turn. I ran my hand onto her pussy and started rubbing and sucking her tits. She finally guided my finger into her and then up to her clit and rubbed so I continued to do that until she shook. She got up and said we were done and took off. Again I was shocked I got dressed and she was doing chores so I got mine done and then back inside. She was on the phone and we didn’t get to talk or do anything the rest of the day.

Wednesday and mom went to work and sis and I were left home alone. We spoke a little and she was on the phone and her friend wanted to talk to me. I was in my underwear and letting my dick kinda show. My sister being nosey wouldn’t let us have a private conversation and was staring at my dick. We talked and she had to get off the phone and hung up. sis wanted to play house again, this time I led the way into mom and dad’s room. We got undressed and started kissing. I was rubbing her tits and kissing up and down her body. I started kissing her vagina and she began wimpering and moaning she had a lot of juice that was really thick and creamy which surprised me, I put my tongue in it and tasted it, after that she really started bucking up trying to get my tongue all the way in. I stopped and worked my way up to her lips pressing my cock against her. She was grinding my cock and I turned over she was on top and I said kiss me. She was kissing me and I started working her head down toward my cock and she stopped. I said I kissed yours, Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan she reluctantly started kissing my stomach and then pressed her lips on it. She got some precum on her lips and pulled away. I said its just precum and got some on my finger and put it in my mouth. She seemed appalled but licked her lips and decided to go back down. Slowly she kissed all around finally taking it in her mouth. That was the most awesome feeling in the world. I could feel her warm moist mouth and then she really started sucking it. She was going up and down and really working it. Her little mouth was stretch and she was getting about half of my cock in and going up and down, I felt myself build and let it go, she gulp and choked all the same time and got up. I grabbed her hand and she instantly finished me off.

Why did you shoot in my mouth, that was nasty, I thought you wanted it like the movie I said. She lay down and said it was her turn, so I kissed her again and got near her pussy and for some reason I couldn’t eat her. I fingered her and she was thick and creamy, I finally put my tongue on her clit and fingered her pussy. She wriggled and moaned and then shook, saying please don’t stop, please don’t stop, she almost screamed and then it was over and she got up and took off. I think we both had guilty thoughts and I got dressed and went outside and played around. I would usually be outside but getting my cock played with was way too much fun even if it was my sister. She came outside later and we played in the snow, finally I got her down and covered her with snow, we were both cold and she was getting mad so I let her up. she was aggravated and took off inside, I laughed and followed her in and apologized and hugged her and we started undressing, standing in front of the wood stove. I was hungry and got us some sandwiches. I was in my underwear, and she was in her panties. We got covered and turned on the tv. After eating I said sis thanks for everything. This has been a great week so far and I love you more than ever. She said that she had fun too but thought what we did was wrong and I told her it was but we were just having feelings and would work through this. We hugged and I was getting hard and started kissing her. She backed away. Im sorry I said but I just love feeling you. I haven’t ever felt like this and just wanted to have fun. I explained it was just fun for me and she reluctantly let me kiss her. I said just one more time and then its over. She agreed. I told her I love kissing her down there and she just smiled, it feels good and tickly. Finally we went to bed and started again. I was horny this time and I got a taste of her thick cream. I kept eating her out until she shook and pulled my head away. Its tickling she said. I was hard and it was my cock was at her entrance. I could feel her heat. I lifted my body off her and took my cock and started rubbing her pussy with it. I asked her if she thought it was ugly and chubby. She said it was chubby but not ugly and she liked playing with it. Finally I poked the head into her pussy and she groaned. She didn’t even try and stop me. I push again and she said slow ok. I said ok. I laid on top of her and it slipped out, I got up and positioned it again this time I kept pressure and pressing into her as a laid on top of her. I started kissing and humping her. She was kissing and moving working with me. I slipped in more and she said stop its hurting. I stopped and just moved a little, I asked if she was ok and she shook her head yes. I pressed in some more and this time the head was against her hymen. I thought crap she is a virgin but I didn’t want to stop and she was spreading her legs and put her hands on my hips kinda pushing me back. I said sis this is great,I can feel your heat and she looked at me. You’re the best sis ever. I pulled back and push again she groaned and wimpered and tried to adjust herself and put her hands on my hips, I stopped if I hadn’t I would have lost it I was very close to cumming. She relaxed and I could feel my cock touching her hymen. I pressed again and slipped past it and she cried, its burning, its burning. I stopped and said im close to cumming don’t move, she laid there breathing heavily. I said sis I want this to feel good for you to do you want me to stop. She didn’t say anything so I just laid my head on her shoulder and with that I pressed again and finally was in and started pumping, I could feel her cringing as she spread her legs wider, I knew she was hurting a little, but I couldn’t stop, I was finally fucking a pussy. She really never loosened up and I started cumming and she cried no but it was too late. I was trying to pull out quickly and she screamed, it hurts, it hurts and she winced and I stopped moving and was cumming in her. Finally I pulled out and she moved and we broke our bond. She got up and took off crying. I felt bad and thought crap she is going to tell. I had blood on me and on the sheets. I cleaned it up and then myself and she had locked herself in the bathroom so I went to my bedroom. At that point I can remember that I was nervous and scared.

Thursday, I got up and it was snowing again and no school, yeahhh. Sis was on the phone and I tried to smile at her but she turned away. I got dressed, ate then took off outside. I headed for the woods with the dog following me. She cried out where are you going? I didn’t look back just kept walking. She Escort Anadolu Yakası said fine I will lock you out. Please don’t leave. After a couple of hours I headed back to the house and she was on the couch. I undressed in front of the stove and got my sweats on. She said why did you put those on? I am cold, stupid. She retorted that she wasn’t stupid and I was a nerd and everyone hated me at school. Words turned into hitting each other, and I knocked her down to the floor and she started crying, im telling she screamed. I stomped off to my bedroom and slammed the door. About an hour later I heard a knock, are you mad, Im not mad I said and im not sorry for making love to you. I said that for once in my life I felt like someone really liked me and its my sister. She cried and said I always love you. I know you don’t fit it at school. We just sat on the couch and watched tv till mom come home.

Friday was nice and sunny but still no school. I got up and was in my underwear got me some cereal and then sis woke up and she was in her panties. We didn’t talk much and finally she cuddled with me on the couch. We watched the movie then chores and she was on the phone with friends, I was in my room when she came in and sat down. we were talking and I threw my leg over her and she laid beside me and our crotches were against each other and we were grinding again. I got up and over her and kissed her again. She pushed my head toward her pussy, I couldn’t believe my sis was pushing me. I ate her and she moved all over the bed. I turned over and she went down this time. She said don’t shoot in my mouth. I got close and stopped her. I said get on top. So she did and lowered herself onto my cock. She tried to take me into her and I could see her grimace, finally she said im too sore. We turned over and I got on top. I got in and started to push it in and humped some but she pushed me off. She started pumping me with her hand, I said lick the bottom under the head of it till I cum. She did and Oh damn it felt good. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to jack myself off.

We didn’t have sex until I was 17 after that. I did find some confidence and learned that girls liked playing with my cock. It wasn’t an ugly chubby anymore. I talked with one of her friends a long time and had sex
with her a couple of times but she found it uncomfortable.

Anyways I was lying in bed asleep. My sister came into my room, hey are you asleep. Sis is that you, you ok, whats up, I was trying to wake up. I just wanted to talk to you. Ok how did your date go? He couldn’t get out tonight and so I had my friend drop me off early and thought you might want to talk, as she got underneath the cover. Ok I said, surprised, I knew she had a couple of guys that she was sexually involved with so I didn’t expect her to lay down beside me. There she was in my bed almost full grown, and her tits pressing against my chest. So what did you want to talk about, ooh remember that time when we had missed school, yeah I said. Well I had a great time with my brother and wanted to thank him and kiss him. She leaned in and kissed me and with my head spinning I kissed back, I could smell alcohol on her breath. She worked her hand down to my cock, Sis mom and dad will hear us I said. Don’t worry I checked in and they are sleeping. She was stroking my cock and since our rooms were on the opposite side of the house it was probably ok but I was still nervous. I kissed her and started massaging those tits, fuck they were perky and firm. I got out of my underwear and she was undressing. She started stroking my cock then went down and started sucking it, she stopped and said are you going to stop growing. I snickered and kissed her tits and said, as soon as these quit growing, I will too. I was on top now and eating her good, she orgasmed and then I crawled up to kiss her. Slow she said, just because I have had a couple of guys doesn’t mean im ready for you. My friend said it was too wide for her comfort. I entered her and pressed hard, aaauuughh. She exhaled and her legs got wide. I worked it in and out and finally a little pop and I was all the way in, pushing all the way to my nuts. Gawwwd she clawed my back slow, slow. I started pumping and she was still tight. I started pumping slowly and finally I felt her relaxing. She opened up and I went a little faster, she started bucking and I stopped, why did you stop? She asked. Im about to cum, im on birth control she giggled. Fuck yeah. I pumped harder. She said oh fuck me. what? that was my sister I said in my head. I pumped as hard as I could and I started cumming my cock was jerking and she was quivering. Fuck yeah then she grabbed my shoulders and bucked and tightened her cunt. I was fucking as fast as I could and she was squealing, breathing hard and bucking. My head was on her shoulders and she was squeezing my neck, “I love you” she whispered. I love you too sis. We got done and quickly checked to see if mom and dad was asleep, thank goodness they were. I got back and she said that was the first major orgasm she ever had. I said me too. She said I shook her insides. We laughed and this time she didn’t run out crying. She lie in my bed for a while we kissed and massaged each other. She finally went to bed and that was the last time with sis. I still think about the wet spot we had in my bed and her complaining about being sore the next day.

My sister and I are still close, we have kids and talk often but we never say anything about what happened. I wonder if she ever thinks about our experience. It brought us closer and we rarely fought after our experience. I guess we were both young and needed to explore sexuality.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32