Snow Walk

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I was taking a long walk in the snow. It was so beautiful and wondrous watching the flakes pour down out of the dark sky. After a few blocks, I noticed someone else walking and reveling in the night. Slowly I gained ground and drew near the lone figure. By the grace of the gait and the hourglass shape of the long wool coat, I guessed it to be a woman walking.

The crunching of my footsteps must have startled you, and as you turn to see who approached in the dark night, your next step found a patch of ice. With a whoop, your feet flew out from under you and you landed spread-legged on the ice, your arms behind you breaking the fall.

I immediately rush to you, apologizing for the fright and offering assistance. Looking into your eyes I realize that you are an exquisitely attractive woman. Your breath comes in rapid clouds as you look up at me with snow dampened cheeks and eyelashes, sensual lips and deep, brown, shinning eyes that reflect the softness of the snowy evening. I introduce myself and again apologize for the scare as I hold out my hand to help you back to your feet. şerifali escort You groan a bit and I ask if you are all right. You complain of an ache in your wrist from where you caught yourself. Trying to be helpful, I suggest that you take some snow and pack it on your wrist. You laugh nervously, explaining that you can’t pack snow with only one hand, then ask if I might do it for you.

I gladly oblige and lead you across the street to a park where snow is piled deep against a rock wall. As you lean over I can’t help but notice that beneath your coat you do not appear to be wearing a blouse! I see nothing but flesh, the tender skin of your chest and the hint of a breast rising against a fold of soft wool. You catch my eye and grasp my hand, telling me you had hoped to meet a stranger on your walk and that you have wine and a fire burning at your home and you want to share with it someone on this cold night.

Regaining my speech, I tell you that I will gladly share that warmth with you, but at the moment we need silivri escort to attend to you immediate needs. I take a handful of snow and, rather than taking it to your wrist, reach inside your coat and cup your left breast in my chilled hand. As the flakes begin to melt, I lift and slide the snow pack up and over your nipple, already so hard it carves a niche in the icy soup. You gasp as the sensation rushes through you, oddly filling you with warmth; then you pull me down to you and thrust your tongue into my mouth. My other hand reaches into your coat and finds your right breast and its hard nipple and my fingers roll and tug till it swells even larger. Breaking our kiss, I take the slush from your left breast and cup it to my mouth until my lips and tongue are chilled. I then plunge my face into the folds of your coat, pushing your breasts up with my hands so that my ice lips and tongue can suck and dance over each of your pulsing nipples. You throw your head side to side in ecstasy.

Soon I must come up for breath şirinevler escort and your mouth again meets full with mine and you plunge your tongue into my mouth and it swirls in a tangle with mine. I return the deep probing kiss as I unbutton your coat, reach my hands inside, and caress your warm flesh. You are wearing black velour stretch pants that give easily as I run my hands down your back and onto the soft skin of your rear. I find that you are wearing no underwear.

Mmm, you pull me down onto a downy drift of snow, your long coat making a bed in the wild. I bring another handful of snow to my mouth, and then move down between your legs, pushing your pants down over your hips to below your knees. I run a finger along your already wet pussy lips and part them as I slowly lick the length of your cunt with my chilled tongue. The snow melts away to nothing with your heat. You writhe, wild with sensations, and grasp my head to your crotch. It is too much for me. I open my pants, pull out my hard cock, place it at the opening of your swollen lips, and thrust into you quickly. We tangle and buck within the folds of your coat for a few minutes until I my cum shoots deep into you and my cock throbs in the heat inside you. Gasping, our breath rises in a frosty cloud. Passion spent, I collapse on you and you wrap your coat around us.

“Let’s go get real warm, now,” you say. And we gather ourselves and walk together into the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32