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The snowstorm began early in the morning. A light dusting at first, before the wind and intensity of the snow increased to what the weather reports called a “Northeaster”. All that meant to Rachel who was looking out the sliding glass door of her high rise apartment was that she was trapped inside for the weekend. Working in New York City was tough enough. The long hours and the grueling deadlines of an editor for a prominent newspaper, Rachel Winthrop looked forward to the weekends where she would visit friends, and at the very least, take a walk in the park which was within her view from her apartment. Now she stood by the window and watched as the snow covered the streets and cars creating a winter wonderland where a bustle of traffic and noise had dulled her senses.

She sighed, left her post at the window and made herself a cup of tea, cream with no sugar, and settled in on the sofa with a book she had been meaning to read, but her mind wandered. She was thirty-two, in her prime and a stunner in the looks department. With her wavy chestnut colored hair and soft brown eyes, her body was what the world would call curvy which meant she would never be mistaken for anything else, but a woman. In her figure hugging jeans and soft pink sweater covering her form round breasts, she looked more like a pinup girl than an editor who hunkered in a small dimly lit office buried deep in articles and stories that needed to be edited for the next edition.

She both hated and loved her job. When Bob had left her, the newspaper was a great distraction to heal a broken heart and threw herself into it. It worked for a time, maybe a couple of years, but now she wanted more. She wanted a life again. With Bob in the distance and his memory quietly resting in the back of her mind, she focused on the future and what life could bring. She sipped the hot tea allowing the warmth to slide down her throat. How long had it been since she had sex? She shook head. There was no sense going there. It was too far back to remember and chuckled to herself thinking she might be considered a virgin again.

With the night settling in, the snow had accumulated several inches and the streets were empty to where only the soft warm buttery glow of the streetlights gave any definition to what was outside. Rachel prepared dinner, but instead of turning on the television, she played the radio listening to her favorite music and the occasional update on the storm. It was a slow Saturday night as she sat on the sofa and read settling into a warm drowsiness until a knock on the door woke her. At first, she thought she hadn’t heard anything, but when there was another knock, a stronger more definitive knock, she rose from the sofa to look through the peep hole.

“Who is it?” she asked leaning against the door.

“It’s Brad,” came a voice that was low and soft.

Rachel didn’t answer at first instead licked her full lips as to whether she heard right or not. Brad Huebring was an executive at the newspaper. A handsome refined man who, by all appearances, had kept the demeanor of a focused professional who had no other interest than the newspaper. At thirty-five he had risen through the ranks as reporter, to editor, to junior editor and now senior editor. His future was bright and he was the most handsome of men on staff. He stood six foot tall, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes that seemed like liquid pools when he looked at anyone. He wore tailored suits that framed his well-toned and muscular body and smelled of expensive cologne. He was every woman’s dream at the newspaper, but as far as anyone could tell, he dated no one and kept his life extremely private.

Rachel shook her head from her wandering mind, “Brad Huebring?”

“Yea, Rachel. I’d like to talk to you,” he said a little louder, but still quiet and reserved.

“Just a minute,” she said smoothing her hair back before unlocking the door.

When she did open the door, a man dressed in a hooded blue parka, jeans and heavy boots entered without saying a word.

“What are you doing out on a night like this?” Rachel asked as she helped him out of his parka which canlı bahis was wet from snow and hung it on the back of a dining room chair to dry.

“I’ve come to see you,” he smiled as he sat on another dining room chair removing his snow boots and placing them next to where Rachel hung his coat.

“Me?” she exclaimed. “I don’t deem myself that important for someone to come out in a horrific storm like this just to see me.”

“I think you’re worth it,” Brad said flashing a smile that caught her breath.

“Let me make you some coffee,” she rushed towards the kitchen.

“I’d rather have a drink,” he called.

“Ok,” Rachel turned and headed towards the liquor cabinet at the end of the living room.

“I have bourbon, brandy, and wine,” she began leaning over and sticking her head in the open door.

“I’ll have a brandy,” Brad said eying Rachel’s delicious form from across the room.

Rachel could feel his eyes on her as she found two brandy snifters from the kitchen cupboard and poured brandy into each and handed one of them to him.

“Let’s go sit in the living room,” Brad said and Rachel nodded leading the way to the sofa that was greyish tan and had seen better days having a definite imprint of her bottom on one side where she sat the most.

“I’ll sit here,” she said sitting in her usual spot sinking into the comfort of the indented cushion.

Brad nodded and sat next to her, but not too close allowing perhaps a foot or more of space between them. It was meant to give some personal space, but Rachel could still feel her heart beat wildly in her chest because of his nearness.

“So why did you want to see me?” she asked sipping her brandy.

“It’s really quite simple,” he began. “I want you.”

Rachel almost choked on her brandy. “Me? Why?”

Brad took his brandy snifter and swirled the contents in a circle, “Because I do.”

“You could have anybody Brad. Half the women swoon when you walk by or haven’t you noticed?” she said.

“I’ve noticed and I don’t care about them,” he answered not looking at her.

“I don’t get it,” she said taking another sip.

“You didn’t flirt or try to impress me. It was if I didn’t exist,” Brad explained almost surprised by the fact.

He was right. Rachel hadn’t cared. She was still trying to get over Bob leaving her and work was the only thing that helped. She had seen Brad, of course, but he wasn’t in her head or her heart at the time.

“I was focused,” she said flatly.

“I’ll say,” Brad chuckled.

Rachel had finished her brandy and sat staring at the dregs wondering if it was too soon to have another.

“So here we are,” she said.

“Yea, and I’m here to tell you that I want you and I don’t even know why,” Brad said leaning back on the sofa.

“You flatter me,” she sneered.

“I’ve never wanted someone so much in my life. I want to touch you so badly that it literally hurts.”

Rachel looked at the man whom everyone wanted, swooned over, and probably other things that they didn’t talk about. Yet, here he was with her sitting on her sofa on a stormy night declaring his desire for her. If it was the brandy, then so be it. She wanted him too.

“It’s been a long time,” she let out a breath.

“For me too,” he answered.

“You could have anyone.”

“But I want you.”

She closed her eyes, “Don’t say that unless you mean it.”

“I do mean it.”

“Don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to me,” Rachel murmured as Brad slid closer to her where she could smell his cologne.

When she opened her eyes, he was cupping her face in his hands, “So beautiful”, he said just before he kissed her lips.

He was warm and his kiss was warm far more than she expected it to be. He pulled her close drenching her body with his and covering her mouth with kisses that enveloped her in a world that she had long since forgotten. She let out a low moan as his hands slid under her sweater and kneaded her mounds twisting her nipples between his fingers until they formed stiff peaks.

“Oh God,” she whispered kissing the top of his head.

Instinctively bahis siteleri Brad pulled her sweater up and over her head exposing her breasts. He could feel the tightness in his crotch as he cupped her right breast in his hand, brought his lips to her nipple and sucked on it sending electrical shocks that went through her entire body. She held his head to her breast and secretively told him not to stop not with words, but with her body pressing against him. His arms surrounded her waist. His hands slowly sliding up and down her back causing her skin to tingle as his fingers explored her soft supple skin.

“Beautiful,” he exhaled as his eyes drew her into him.

Rachel couldn’t speak as he drew her jeans down and as she stepped out of them and he bit at her pink bikini panties. She caught her breath again as his hands trailed her inner thighs to the crotch where his finger pulled at the fabric releasing them from its firm hold on her hips. As she lay naked before him, his eyes travelled her body taking in her essence, the very being that was her. He was magnificent as he slid his arms underneath and lifted her.

“Where’s the bedroom,” he asked lightly kissing her lips. “I want our first time to be right. I want to be in your bed as I make love to you.”

Rachel couldn’t speak. Words would not utter from her lips as she pointed towards the bedroom allowing Brad to take her there. The room was dimly lit, a soft buttery glow from a small lamp on the night stand was enough for him to lay her gently on the bed with her arms above her head completely vulnerable to him.

“I could never imagine this,” he began. “And I’ve imagined this so many times. You don’t know how much I have wanted to make love to you.”

He began to undress in front of her pulling his blue sweater over his head exposing the muscular tones of his chest and torso. Rachel could do nothing, but watch as he slid out of his jeans then his briefs showing the strength and thickness of his manhood protruding in its majestic glory towards her.

“See,” he said flashing a devilish grin. “See how much I want you?”

How could she not see the thickness of his cock, the fullness of his balls waiting impatiently for the painful pressure be released from them? How could she not feel the heat of his body as he slid on top of her feeling his desire pressing against her belly as he kissed her lips fervently sliding his tongue in and out of her mouth and playing with hers as he did? Her hips involuntarily moved gyrating in a circular motion as she felt the heavy pull in her pelvis, the swelling and wetting of her pussy in anticipation driving her mad.

“Do you want me?” he asked in a low guttural voice as the blue pools of his eyes penetrated hers so that she couldn’t look away.

“Yes. More than anything. I want you,” she whispered back.

He needed no further urging as he spread her legs with his knee and climbed between them lowering himself at her entrance.

“Once I enter you, you will be mine. I don’t want anyone else. I want to take you right now,” he said his eyes in desperate need to fill her.

“No one else,” she managed to say as the need for him superseded any rational thought she might have.

He lowered his hips to where the tip of his cock touched the wetness of her pussy. Looking as if he had waited a lifetime for this very moment, he slid inside her folds closing his eyes as the softness of her skin enveloped him. She moaned as he pushed further into her in an attempt to squelch the need she had for all of him.

“You feel so wonderful. So incredible,” he uttered as he slid his cock out only to plummet deeper into her again.

“Yes. More. More,” she groaned as he stroked inside of her driving her mad with desire for him.

“Give me your tits,” he ordered and she obliged cupping her hands under her mounds so that he could suck on one then the other.

“I love it,” she moaned again.

“Do you baby?” he asked as he nibbled on her nipple scraping across the nub with his teeth.

“Yes,” was all she could say as he placed his hands under her ass lifting her up to him for better bahis şirketleri leverage and slamming his hard cock into her thrashing her swollen pussy with his rod.

She let out a gasp as the wave of her orgasm began to rise within her. “I’m going to cum,” she cried.

“No, no yet,” he said lowering her hips. “I need more from you.”

What else could he want? What else could he need? Suddenly she knew as he released himself from her leaned back and turned her over onto her stomach. “I want to feel you so deeply that I become a part of you,” he uttered.

Rachel’s mind went blank as he again spread her legs with his knee, slid his arm under her hips and penetrated her once more. She was lost in him as his cock dove deep inside of her.

“Can you feel me wanting you? Can you feel it?” he asked and all she could do was nod as he touched her ways that she had never experienced before.

She could feel his balls slapping against her ass as her pussy juices dripped down on them. His cock was hard, thick, and nothing could stop its mission as it exploded inside of her filling her again and again with his cum. Her eyes flew open as her own orgasm rose, screamed to be released and crashed over her blinding her in its onslaught to overtake her body. Brad moaned over and over again as his hot white cream filled her. Spasm after spasm, he ejaculated into her body with wild abandoned.

“I can’t take anymore,” she cried as her orgasm was wrung from her.

“Not yet my darling,” he said. “Not yet.”

She couldn’t imagine anything more intense more sensual than him filling her until he took his middle finger, dipped it into her pussy and ran the tip around the rim of her asshole slowly at first until it relaxed.

“What are you doing?” she asked as he kept dipping into her pussy then to her asshole.

She could feel his cock again thicken inside of her growing as his finger rimmed her hole each time coming closer and closer to penetration. She felt her hips begin to move again rising up to meet his finger.

“Do you like it?” he asked as he focused on her asshole.

“I can’t believe how much I like it,” she replied. “Put it in me.”

Brad began to pump her pussy again then slid his middle finger into her asshole slowly but deliberately until it was fully submerged in it. Rachel couldn’t imagine the sensation as he rode her and slid his finger in and out as his cock pumped her. He wanted nothing more than to please her, to make love to her, but seeing the desire for wanting him more, he couldn’t deny his need to fill her again this time where the tightness would pull another orgasm from him stronger than the first and would overtake him. Without speaking he pulled his cock from her pussy and poised it over her asshole.

“I want this so bad. I have to have it,” he said to her as he pushed into her slowly at first allowing her to adjust to the sensation than stronger and deeper as she gave way to him.

“It feels so good,” he moaned as he fucked her. “Your ass is so tight.”

Rachel clutched her pillow with her hands. His penetrating her in such a private way sent shivers throughout her body as she responded to his thrusts. She bit her lip knowing that he wouldn’t hurt her, but only wanted to please her and it did. She could feel another orgasm begin to rise, not from her pussy, but from her asshole. The tightness of her hole swelling with desire for him.

“Fuck me hard,” she managed to say as the orgasm grew more urgent.

He fucked her ass again and again until his cock swelled so much that he exploded in her without warning and she responded in kind blowing her own orgasm in her ass and on his cock.

“Ohhhhhhh, so good,” he groaned as his cock filled her ass until he was drained. Sweat poured from him as he took the last of her virginity from her satiating his needs and desire as well as hers.

As both their orgasms subsided, she could feel him slide out of her and lay on top of her. “Magnificent,” was all he could say as he caught his breath and pulled her to him and rolled on his side.

“Mind blowing,” was all she could say as he spooned her to him.

“You are mine now,” he whispered in her ear. “I want only you.”

She snuggled into him in a drowsy stupor, “Only you.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said as she fell asleep in his arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32