Social Networking Ch. 05

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Fresh from my sensual massage of Chelsea, I was nearly overwhelmed with the images of Heather’s friends that I had massaged and touched erotically. My wife had encouraged me to help her friends and I’m sure I did. Mostly though, I have had very erotic experiences myself with some very hot women.

So far, my little charade has worked out wonderfully. All of my wife’s friends have enjoyed themselves and no husbands have showed up at my door to beat me up. Heather has been a sexual dynamo since all this began. If anyone had told me that I would be feeling up hot women while my wife recorded the action for her sexual gratification, I would have told them they were crazy.

My secret insight into my wife’s Facebook account has been essential for me to understand how to relate to the women that I have massaged. It is amazing for me to think that the tall tale to my wife about getting sensual massage training would have led to where I was today.

Heather713, that’s the username that gets me into my wife’s Facebook account. I was anxious to see what Chelsea had written about my massage after her mini-marathon on Saturday.

“Heather, you are an extremely fortunate woman. Your husband has magic hands. I was exhausted and sore after my race on Saturday. My time of 1:57 was three minutes under my goal and every muscle in my body was sore. He melted my pain away. I slept for hours after the massage. I believe I was so relaxed from the massage that nothing could have waked me up. I can’t believe that just two weeks ago I thought that my leg injury would put me out of the race completely. Saturday was an amazing climax to many months of training and two weeks of physical therapy from a wonderful man.”

Did she have to use the word “climax”? At least she gave no hint that she was completely naked during the massage. I don’t want all of Heather’s friends knowing about that. Of course Heather will know tonight when she sees the video.

Satisfied that all was well, I texted Heather

“Ready for movie night? It’s a first run feature that I think is “R” rated.”

“I think I want to watch it alone if it is OK with you.”

“Sure, what time should I get home?”

That was all I could respond but I was very confused. We sure enjoyed the last video together. I guess she is afraid of what she is going to see and doesn’t want to react weird with me in the room. I guess it makes sense. She watched the video of Beth by herself before we watched it together.

“Be home around 6” was Heathers response

I was very horny the rest of the day anticipating my time with Heather later tonight. When I arrived she was in the recliner in the living room. I walked in the room and saw that she was wearing grey sweat pants and a pink short sleeve top. Her head was down and she didn’t look up when I came in the room.

“Hey beautiful”

I said with excitement in my voice. Heather just raised her eyes a bit and stared at me with tears in her eyes. After a moment of silence she finally said.

“She was completely naked and you fingered her pussy until she came”

“I thought that is what you wanted. You said I could touch her anywhere she allowed me to as long as there was no hanky panky.”

“I don’t know; I am pretty confused right now.”

“Why, I did what you said I could. Do you want me to quit these massages? I will. I only wanted to touch you anyway. That’s why I took the course; to please you.”

“I don’t know. It seemed more like sex than a massage. She was so sexual; not like the others. When she threw off that towel it became more like sex than anything else.”

“I sure didn’t expect that either. Really, I will only touch you from now on.”

“Chelsea really did seem to enjoy it. The mini-marathon was a big accomplishment for her and she just wanted to celebrate. I can’t blame her. Hell, I can’t blame you. You did exactly what I told you to do. Why can’t I quit crying?”

I came over and stuffed myself into the recliner, placed her on my lap and held her close.

“It will be OK. You are just getting over the shock. You know I only love you.”

Heather cried on my shoulder for a few minutes and held me tight.

“Was the video exciting?”

There was no answer, just another quick hug.

“Did you get excited watching the video?”

Heather whispered softly “Yes”.

The next two weeks went by with little talk about the video. I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that my massage exploits were over. The chatter on Facebook had really slowed down. If fact, Heather was not making many posts at all.

It was a Friday night and I was hoping that Heather was going to get better soon. She was unusually quiet for the last few weeks and our sex life was nonexistent. I arrived about 5:30 pm and was looking through the cabinets for something to cook for dinner as nothing was on the stove yet, when Heather yelled my name from the bedroom.

“What are you doing out there?”

“Looking for something to cook for dinner?”

“Come here, you won’t need to cook anything.”

I walked to atakent escort the bedroom and noticed that Heather was already dressed up in a striking red dress. It was a wrap-around that I had never seen but it looked great. It was tight in all the right places and showed just the tops of her cute little breasts. She had no shoes on but she was wearing thigh high hose.

“I guess I’m not cooking tonight huh?”

“Nope you are taking me out to dinner.”

She had perkiness in her speech that I haven’t heard in weeks and her smile just made me melt.

“McDonalds or Wendy’s?”

“Sorry big spender. You are going to take me to the Palms tonight. We have reservations at 7 so chop chop.”

The Palms was our favorite restaurant. It was dimly lit, romantic, with great food and what I was fretting about was that it was also expensive.

“Are you sure we can afford it?”

“Oh, don’t spoil it for me. I am trying to get out of this funk I’ve been in for weeks and I just want my very handsome husband to take me out for a night on the town. Why worry about money? We could be dead tomorrow. Sometimes you just have to live.”

I quickly jumped in the shower as it was obvious that Heather was not taking no for an answer. When I was done with my shower, I walked naked behind her and she stopped me by grabbing my dick.

“Whoa big boy; Can I just get a little taste of this for a minute?”

She was sitting in the chair in front of her vanity where she was putting on her make-up and she planted a big kiss on the underside of my dick. She had already applied her red lipstick and her kiss left a big smack of lipstick on my dick.

“Oh, I got a little lipstick on there. Let me get it off”

Heather proceeded to lick the spot where the lipstick was. Of course, that is my most sensitive spot and my pole was immediately hard as a brick. She slowly licked up my shaft and circled the head with her tongue. After a moment of this there was pre-cum slowly oozing out of my dick which she noticed. Heather took the head of my dick and put it into her mouth for one long stroke and pulled it out. It came out with a pop. She squeezed my balls one last time.

“That ought to hold you for awhile. Get ready. We have to go. Quit playing around.”

I was speechless.

“What…uh…what was that?”

“Incentive to get moving. We are going to be late.”

“Boy, you are a surprise every minute.”

“I think you are right. But the surprises are just beginning.”

I didn’t know what she meant by that but it sure sounded good. I got ready in record time.

I went to the kitchen to grab a Coke and was drinking it when Heather walked into the room. She looked wonderful. She had added red high heels and a gold necklace. Her brown hair was up and she had two little curls hanging down around her face. She had applied pink eye shadow which she never wears but looked great with the red dress. Her breasts looked bigger than normal as she obviously put on a push up bra. I peeked into her cleavage as she came closer and noticed her bra was red lace.

“Wow, you look great. Who’s the lucky guy?’

She hugged me tight and put her face into my chest.

“You, you big sexy beast.”

We headed to the restaurant and arrived a few minutes early. As we stood awaiting our table I noticed several men in the bar checking out my wife. I felt proud to have her on my arm and really enjoyed the fact that she was mine and loved me very much. We were seated at a corner booth and we scooted into the middle and I put my arm around her. Our waiter arrived promptly and took our order of an appetizer. Heather surprised me by ordering a Long Island Iced Tea. She hardly ever drinks and I didn’t know she even knew that drink.

“Where did you hear about that drink?”

“Maria told me about it. She said it will loosen you up very quickly.”

“Loosen you up huh?”

“You want me loose don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, of course”

The drinks and the appetizer arrived at the same time. I noticed Frank, our waiter, looking down my wife’s blouse as he sat the appetizer on the table. I can’t blame him for that. I was looking every chance I got as well. Heather took a big drink of her LIT. She polished off about half the drink in the first gulp.

“Slow down, you will be buzzing in no time.”

“Loosening… Loosening.”

As we ate our appetizer, Heather’s hand was on my right thigh. This did not seem unusual until she started rubbing up and down my leg coming perilously close to my dick.

“So what changed your mood?”

“Well, you know, I got to thinking that I had overreacted to your night with Chelsea. I couldn’t understand all of my feelings. After a long time of feeling down I finally realized that my feelings were no different than before except that I was judging

Chelsea a little too much. I always thought you had a thing for her as you always talked to her more than any other friend of mine.”

“I just love to hear her accent. It is so cute.”

“Well, I akbatı escort got really jealous and kind of felt that you enjoyed yourself a little too much. So I watched the video again last night. I stared at you the entire time and you know you were a perfect gentleman. At least as much as you can be sticking your fingers into a woman’s coochie. It really was the natural thing to do. She had removed all of her clothes and you looked long and hard in between her legs for a long time and finally you were practically forced by her encouragement to touch her there.”

“You know, I kept running your words through my mind over and over. ” You can touch anywhere she will let you but no hanky panky”

“I know, I had practically told you to do it. It was silly of me to get upset.”

As she said this her hand moved higher and rubbed the full length of my rock hard dick. Before long it was practically coming out of my pants. The appetizer was great; at least I think it was. I was having a hard time concentrating with Heather’s hand rubbing my dick.

By now she had finished her drink and was holding it up trying to flag down Frank for another. Frank made his way to the table and again leaned over to retrieve Heather’s glass. Of course, he looked down her dress as he grabbed it. He surely saw her hand in my lap and gave me a sly smile as he left the table. Heather was pulling at my belt and quickly undid it. I looked at her with a panicked look in my eye.

“What are you doing?” I whispered


Oh my god, she now had her hand down my pants with my dick firmly in her hand. I was getting a little nervous that someone would see us but mainly I was afraid I was going blow my wad on the front of my polo shirt. Thankfully, Frank brought Heather’s drink to the table and she withdrew her hand to grab the drink. One big gulp later she was grabbing my right hand and inserting it into the slit on the side of her dress. I made my way over her thigh high stockings and felt lacy underwear. I’m betting they are red to match her bra. Even though I was worried how this scene was playing out; I’m no queer so I stuffed my hand down my lovely wife’s lace panties and started rubbing on her clit.

Heather let out a little yelp that drew some stares but she quickly started sipping her drink to cover up her excitement. She was wet – very wet. When I stuck my finger inside her it slipped in with no resistance. I could faintly hear the sound of her wet pussy juice moving around my finger. I saw her close her eyes and look to the ceiling and I knew she was climaxing.

When Frank came to the table to deliver the entrees, there is no way he didn’t know what was going on. He lingered for much longer than necessary and adjusted the plates several times. The only thing that made him retreat is when I pulled my finger out of my wife’s pussy and stuck the finger into my mouth and smacked my lips as I pulled it out. We giggled like a couple of kids as soon as he left.

The dinner was filling but we still shared a piece of chocolate cake for dessert. I gave Frank a big tip and he made sure he was at the door to bid us farewell. We were both blushing as we left and Frank looked happy too.

We laughed all the way to the car. Heather was in need of an arm to steady her as two drinks was way over her limit. I opened her door and helped her into the seat. I jumped in, started the car and took off.

“Am I surprising you tonight?”

“Definitely, in fact, I think you surprised Frank a bit too.”

“Do you think he saw anything?”

“Oh yeah, he knew exactly what was going on.”

“Did I embarrass you?”

“No way, that was the most exciting night of my life.”

“We aren’t done yet.”

As we drove down the road, our conversation turned pretty sexual.

“Um, I loved touching your cock. I could feel it pulsing as I rubbed it.”

“You know, I nearly blew my wad onto my shirt. If Frank hadn’t arrived with your drink there would have been an embarrassing mess.”

“Oh, I just realized that I came but you had to hold yours in. I bet you are about to bust.”

With that Heather released her seat belt and leaned over to my lap. She undid my belt and quickly had my dick out. I adjusted the steering wheel upward to give her room. She did not hesitate and quickly engulfed my hard tool. She was moving her head up and down the full length of my dick. I could feel her cold nose in my pubic hair and knew that she had swallowed it all. I found it very difficult to concentrate on driving and considered pushing her off but came to my senses and pulled over on a side street and put the car in park. It was not long before I knew I was going to come. As I moaned something unintelligible I pushed her head letting her know to move off of me. This has long been our signal so she didn’t get come in her mouth. She had always hated that and made it clear long ago that it wasn’t going to happen. I don’t know if it was the booze or just the surprise of the night, but she didn’t move off. aksaray escort She just sucked harder. I couldn’t control myself and shot my full load in her mouth.

Heather gagged a bit, not being used to doing this but kept up her movement for at least a few more strokes. She came up for air pretty quickly, unrolled the window and spit out the side of the car.

She turned back in my direction and after wiping her mouth, gave me the biggest smile.


I returned the smile and just slumped in my seat totally exhausted. After a few minutes I started the car and got back on the road towards home. I dropped Heather off in the driveway and parked the car in the garage. After letting the dog out, I made my way to the bedroom to check on Heather. There was not going to be any more surprises tonight because I saw all of her clothes on the bedroom floor and she was covered up in the bed sound asleep.

For the next few weeks I had my wife back. She was as sexual as ever. We made love nearly every night. It was sensual and I felt so incredibly close to Heather. She never mentioned my massage of Chelsea and I certainly wasn’t going to bring it up. I was sure that my massage exploits were over.

I did monitor Facebook a bit and there was a developing story with Mickey, my wife’s friend and volleyball partner on Tuesday nights. Her husband Chris had just begun traveling two days a week for his job. Mickey was concerned that he might stray on these trips as he had a new female co-worker that was also making these out of town trips. Apparently, Mickey’s relationship with her husband was not as solid as everyone thought. She kept asking her friends for advice on how to keep her husband faithful. There were suggestions to talk it over and to attack him in bed but nothing that seemed to tackle the overall problem of trust.

Chris and Mickey were my friends too in that we have had them over for backyard BBQs and gone to events at church together. I was sad to hear they were having problems and would like to help but of course I had no knowledge of this because I was on my wife’s Facebook account. I expect that it will probably work out anyway because they always seemed happy when we had been with them.

I really didn’t think much of it until Heather started talking about Mickey having problems at home. I deliberately didn’t ask about the problems because I didn’t want to get involved. Heather said she was stressed out and worried but gave no real details until we were driving to the grocery.

“I think I have another massage victim for you.”


“That’s not what I meant. My friend needs some help with stress that only you can provide.”

“My massage victims have gotten me in a lot of trouble lately.”

“Really, I am over that. Mickey is really stressed with life right now and I think we have convinced her that a good massage is what she needs.”

“Let me guess. This is where I come in?”

“Wow, you are catching on. I don’t think this will be sexual at all. She is really stressed over Chris leaving town every week and she is having a hard time coping. You are so good at calming women down – look what you have done for me.”

“Actually, you have been pretty wild for the last couple of weeks.”

“Are you complaining?”

“No, No complaints here.”

“Chris is leaving on Wednesday and I told her I would try to convince you into coming to her house that night.”

“I don’t know Heather. Chris is my friend too and I don’t want to get in the middle.”

“You don’t have to take sides you can just listen and relax her with your magic hands.”

“You know how I talk too much. It’s hard for me to just listen and not give my opinion.”

“I know you are a caring man and that will surely come through to Mickey.”

“OK, I hope this works out.”

We arrived at the grocery and my mind was racing. I guess my massage work is not done.

Mickey is actually short for Michelle. She is an athletic woman and seems to play sports and talk about sports all the time. She always is in the conversation with the guys when we get together. Chris and Mickey regularly go to games together. It seems like they have the same interests. Mickey is a little taller than Heather but not much. She has dirty blonde hair that I have always seen in a ponytail. She has had the same hairstyle for the entire five years that we have known her. I never really looked at her sexually. I always thought of her as one of the guys. She is fun and talkative. She never meets a stranger and will argue about anything if she thinks she can win. Mostly we have debated about sports. Who’s the best quarterback or who will win the World Series? She runs a NCAA pool in March every year and it just kills her if she doesn’t win.

Now that I think about it, Mickey is pretty, just not in a sexual way, if that makes any sense. I’ve never really seen her look like a girl. She is always sporting a track suit or a jersey of her favorite team. Mostly she wears sweat pants. Of course, I have seen her dressed up for church but never in a dress. She has a good figure, a slim waist from playing sports and going to the gym. Her breasts seem appropriate for her build but to be honest I don’t know their size as she is always wearing loose clothing. It’s kind of interesting to think about Mickey sexually as I have never done it before. I wouldn’t say she was hot but she is cute.

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