Sold Out

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Pandora sat in her father’s study. Nervously she retied the ribbons around her pig tails and pulled her white socks up to her knees. She was in serious, deep shit and her stomach was knotting so tightly with nerves it was almost cramping. How could she have been so stupid? And why did she have to get caught day of one of the biggest parties of the year, her friend Jemima’s eighteenth? Pandora was so looking forward to it. She looked at her Cartier watch and hoped that her father wasn’t going to be long.

Just as her mind drifted off to all the fun she was going to have later that evening, the study door opened and slammed shut and immediately Pandora stiffened. Her father was a formidable figure, at the best of times, there was no two ways about that. However, Pandora was pretty confident she could win him over. She was after all, his little princess and pride and joy. She watched as he sat down at his desk and formed a steeple with his fingers. He didn’t look at her at first, his hooded eyes seemed somehow fascinated with his own fingers before his interest in them seemed to suddenly break.

He looked at Pandora and she felt her heart flip as she saw the familiar tic in her father’s temple that signaled he was furious. The last time Pandora had seen it was when her mother had been caught fucking his accountant. It had never been directed at her until now and Pandora felt a shiver down her spine.

“Why are you dressed in your old school uniform?” He asked and Pandora shifted uncomfortably in her seat,.

“Its Jemima’s party Daddy and its a fancy dress, I thought I would go as a St Trininian.”

Her father raised his eyebrows at her, “Really? Well, I think dressing like a juvenile is pretty apt don’t you? Seeing as your mind and behaviour seems to have moved backwards instead of forwards.”

Pandora looked at him and decided that her best plan of action was to take the insults and the bollocking and then work on bringing her father round.

“Whatever possessed you to steal money from me??” he asked, a frown knitting his brow.

“I didn’t steal it from you,” Pandora exclaimed. “I was just borrowing it out of my trust fund that’s all.”

Her father laughed sarcastically, “Only out of your trust fund? Your trust fund, which should not be touched until you are twenty one? Now I am aware that to certain extent its Jerry’s fault for releasing it to you, however, no doubt there was quite a lot of persuasion on your part.

Pandora nodded. Although she was far from happy with her current situation, she had to admit her part in the corruption of Jerry, her father’s new accountant. Pandora had felt slightly guilty at the time seeing as her mother had fucked the last one. Not that Pandora had actually fucked Jerry, she’d just insinuated to him that it was a distinct possibility if he kept releasing her money.

It had been so easy to get Jerry to release funds to her. The moment he started complimenting her on her ebony curls and eyes that he described as blue as the ocean, Pandora had seen pound signs right there and then. Shed started passing Jerry’s office and then dropping by for a friendly chat, dressed strategically in short skirts and tight t shirts. Occasionally she had accidentally dropped her pen on the floor and bent over to show Jerry her pussy lips. The more money she wanted, the more she used her powers of persuasion until eventually she’d allowed Jerry to stroke her pussy as he wanked his cock. Pandora never let him enter his fingers. No-one had ever done that other than herself and she prided herself on the fact that she was still a virgin. She definitely wasn’t going to give herself to any old Tom, Dick or Jerry.

“You have a weekly allowance of ten thousand pounds a week, plus all the other stuff you enjoy like a platinum credit card, a car and the ability to dine in the finest restaurant every day in the week if you like and that’s all thanks to me and this is how you repay me?”

Pandora looked down at her hands in her lap and felt her eyes brim with tears. Despite the fact that she İstanbul Escort could be naughty and rebellious, she sincerely didn’t like upsetting her father.

“What the fuck did you manage to spend two hundred and fifty thousand pounds on in two fucking months?” He banged his hands on the desk, causing Pandora to jump.

“I don’t know,” Pandora replied in a small voice, knowing that was probably the most stupid reply she could have given.

“You don’t know?” By now her father’s face was puce red. “Do not take the piss out of me further Pandora, your purse didn’t just take itself out on a fucking shopping spree did it?”

Pandora shook her head. This was as bad a situation as she could ever imagine but she needed to summon up the strength to tell her father what she’d been doing. She said a silent prayer and took a deep breath.

“I spent it in the Platinum Palace.”

Her father frowned before his mind registered the place she was referring to.

“You mean the casino?” His voice smacked of incredulity, “You gambled my money away?”

Pandora nodded, “I didn’t mean to lose it all obviously and I was winning at first but then I started losing and every time I lost I thought I’d get more money to win again and pay it back and then I would stop but it never happened.”

Her father remained silent as he digested everything she’d told him. The longer he was silent the more nervous Pandora became until she felt like she really going to pee in her knickers right then and there.

“Every dumb fuck knows that you win at first gambling that’s how they reel the retards in. You know I hate anything like that. So on top of stealing you decided to blow it in a casino! I would rather hear that you’re a slut like your mother and had spent it on a whole host of gigolos; at least you would have been getting a good fuck out of it.”

He rubbed his chin in agitation, “I can’t let you get away with this Pandora, I really cant. You need to pay me that money back.”

“Daddy, how can I pay you back when you know I don’t work? Do you mean pay it back over the period of my whole life time?” Pandora asked, the thought making her feel hopeful.

Her father shook his head, “No, I don’t mean over your life time, you are going to pay it back as soon as possible.”

He looked at her, his eyes casting her a steely gaze.

“I will have to think of something. I’ll get back to you in the morning, be here for ten am sharp. Now get upstairs and get in bed. You can forget going to this party and take your punishment without whining and crying or you will just make matters worse.”

Pandora stood up, her heart had sunk into her black pumps. She’d so wanted to go to Jemima’s party but she didn’t fancy increasing her father’s wrath, so probably for the first time in her life Pandora did as she was told without any fuss.

Than night she hardly slept worrying about what her fate was going to be. In the end, she’d got her lap top out and put on some girl on girl porn. Recently she’d found that this really turned her on and brought her to orgasm quickly and an orgasm was just what Pandora needed to relieve her tension. She willed the morning to arrive quickly so she could get her punishment over and done with, the waiting was agonizing.

Finally, morning arrived at ten am Pandora knocked on her father’s study door and waited until she heard him order her inside. Sitting facing him, Pandora was surprised to see that his face was relaxed and he actually looked happy.

“I stayed up all night to find a solution and how you could pay me back. Then I had one of those light bulbs over the head moments.”

Pandora could hear the excitement in his voice and felt positively scared. He rarely got excited about anything and she swallowed down the lump of nerves in her throat, “What did you decided Daddy?”

When her father told her his plans, Pandora felt physically sick, “But Daddy, you’re not serious?”

He ginned at her, “Of course, I think it’s a brilliant idea and anyway you İstanbul Escort bayan can’t refuse because you promised to take your punishment and pay me back and this is the perfect solution.

“Daddy, it is not a brilliant idea at all, not in any way shape or form!”

Her father sighed, “Don’t make things difficult Pandora.”

“Don’t make things difficult?” Pandora jumped out of her chair and walked over to the window before turning back to look at her father who was grinning at her like an inane ape. For a moment Pandora wondered if overnight he had lost his mind.

“I’m not being difficult,” she said quietly through gritted teeth. “However, how on earth can you justify selling me to your friend Marcus? It’s sick.”

Her father shrugged, “Its only for two weeks. Anyway, he was quite willing to pay the money. Your mother assured me that you were a virgin and let me tell you, that was a real plus that for Marcus. He said if you’d been fucked before he would only have paid half the price”

Pandora felt herself blushing with embarrassment as she walked back to her chair and sat down, edging it closer to the desk.

“Daddy, this is ludicrous.”

“You like Marcus. You have always had a bit of a crush on him.”

Ok this was technically true. Marcus was the best looking out of her father’s friends but he was sixty years old. She was eighteen! The last thing she wanted was to lose her virginity to some old guy, however good looking he might be. Also, how could someone sell their own daughter to another man?

Pandora decided to placate her father until she had come up with a plan to get her the fuck out of this stupid arrangement.

“Okay you have been fair choosing Marcus, but what am I expected to do throughout this two week stay?”

“You do whatever Marcus says like a good little girl. Now go and get ready, pack your clothes, he will be here in an hour. Oh and don’t make things difficult while you are there, it’s in the contract that if you don’t do as you are told he can send you right back.”

Jesus, not only had he sold her, he had even had a fucking contract drawn up.

“Daddy you are totally insane letting someone pay you to have sexual contact with me.”

Pandora watched as her father stood up as if ending a board room meeting with a business associate.

“That’s all Pandora,” he looked at his watch, “Now chop chop and get your things packed.”

An hour later, Pandora hadn’t been able to come up with an alternative plan other than killing herself and was ready for Marcus to collect her. She’d changed out of the short white dress she had worn earlier and put on a red t shirt and jeans in a bid to make her look as unattractive as possible. However, when she saw the look in Marcus’s eyes, it was quite clear her attempts hadn’t worked.

“Here she is, my own personal Scarlet O Hara, haven’t I told you Cliff time and time again how much she looks like Vivien Leigh?”

Her father nodded proudly, “You certainly have Marcus and I can see your point. Right then, bye darling,” he kissed Pandora on the cheek. “Be a good girl now won’t you?”

Pandora nodded as Marcus let out a raucous laugh that seemed to bounce off the foyers walls, “Of course she will be a good girl and you my angel are going to have so much fun.”


Pandora had been at Marcus’ three days and nothing remotely sexual had happened. He did like her sitting on his knee and he had put her hand on his bulge so she could feel how excited he was but that had been about it. He had bought her a whole wardrobe full of clothes and he liked her to dress in a full length white cotton nightie in the evenings. Although Pandora thought this was a little weird, her time up to now hadn’t been as painful as she had thought it would be.

That evening, Marcus had asked her to dress up in a short pink dress, high heels and stockings with a white corset and a g string. As always the script was the same whenever she was getting ready. She answered Marcus’ call on the house telephone Escort İstanbul that sat on the bed side cabinet. Shoe would put him on loud speaker so he could tell her how excited watching her dress through the CCTV camera made him and how he was putting baby oil on his cock to make his wanking more pleasurable.

Once ready, Pandora met Marcus in the dining room and they had a nice meal, however, Pandora noticed that Marcus was plying her with more champagne than usual.

“Do you play with your cunt?” he suddenly asked, causing Pandora to almost choke on her champagne bubbles.

“That’s a personal question Marcus,” she replied, buying for time.

“I need to know. Now apparently you are a virgin is that correct?”

Pandora nodded, “Yes it is.”

“Well, that is going to change tonight. Then once I have fucked you, you are going to learn what sex is all about and I am going to make sure that you enjoy the remainder of you stay. Also, I want to share you. I am a very unselfish person Pandora. No one can ever accuse me of being tight with money or my possessions. ”

He stood up and held out his hand, “Come on Baby, its time you started to enjoy yourself.”

An hour later and Pandora was lay on Marcus’ bed, her body twisting this way and that as his tongue ran up and down her pussy lips, dipping inside before his fingers joined in. Pandora had been told that Marcus wasn’t stopping until she had cum all over his face and now Pandora could feel her orgasm build biting into the pillow to stifle her moans until she couldn’t hold back any longer and her pussy pulsated and released her juices all over Marcus’ face.

One satisfied that he had lubricated her effectively; Marcus pushed the tip of his cock against her opening. Pandora had seen a far amount of cocks as she had become more and more addicted to porn and she noticed that Marcus’s was definitely on the large size.

He slowly put his cock inside her just so she could become accustomed to his width before he pushed in his length. As he pushed himself inside her, Pandora thought it was never going to stop until he had reached her throat he was so big. Slowly he started to fuck her.

“You are so tight baby, I could cum right here and now but I want to enjoy it, savour you. Kiss me, taste your juices on my face.”

\Pandora did as he instructed and then gasped as Marcus gave her a deep thrust of his cock. Once she had recovered he did it again, then again until he was pumping her hard so that she felt a pain she had never, ever experienced before. Once he started to fuck her harder he didn’t stop. That night Pandora’s body was twisted into all kinds of shapes and Marcus’s bed was soaked with juices, cum and a little blood lay on Marcus’ bed the latter making Pandora feel really embarrassed, but Marcus seemed very pleased with it all.

Marcus spent three days fucking her and teaching her how to fuck. He taught her how to suck cock and had even put on porn movies and instructed her to copy exactly what the girls did on the films. He liked her to wear dark eye make so he could see it run down her face as he pumped her mouth exactly like he fucked her pussy, it turned him on to see her make up run.

Finally, Pandora had reached her thirteenth day at Marcus’s and was ready to go home. Her poesy was chafed but she was pleased with how she had developed her cock sucking skills. All in all, the whole experience hadn’t been as bad as she expected.

That evening she had been instructed to wear the red and white candy striped over the knee socks that had been left on her bed. Her hair was to be put in bunches and she was to wear red hot pants and a white t shirt with no bra. Marcus had told her that once she was ready, she was to meet him in his board room.

As she arrived at the board room, Marcus’s secretary Lillian passed her a red lollipop. Taking it from her Pandora smiled and gave it a suck before entering the room. Marcus motioned for her to go over to him and patted his knee, “Come here princess.”

Pandora did as she was told and looked curiously at the men who were also sat round the table.

“Here she is gentleman, my little baby. She has only one night left before I return her to her rightful owner. Now, who wants to start the bidding? The highest bidder gets to fuck her first.”


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