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“You’re seriously that scared?” he inquired, but with a hint of amusement in his voice.

Curled up in a tiny ball beneath our mountains of blankets, I was petrified. Truly petrified that our electric had gone out.

Jay stared at me in disbelief, shaking his head and holding up our oversized top comforter to stare down at me. “I can’t see you, but I know you’re down there. You’re being a big baby.”

“I’m afraid of the dark,” I whined, trying to tug the blanket back down. “I hate not having electric.”

“It’s darker down there,” he laughed.

“I feel safe,” I yelled back, feeling like he was a hundred miles away because I couldn’t see him.

“Want me to tell you a story?” he laughed, reaching down and patting my head.

“Sure,” I tried to relax some. I was safe with Jay, even if we had no electric and it was pitch black.

Jay laughed and stretched out in the bed, careful to avoid hitting me. “Alright, my story is dirty, so prepare yourself.”

Buried under the blankets, I smirked.

“Picture yourself laying on a beach, backing in the glory of the warm sun. You’re wearing your silver bikini, the one that barely covers your breasts. You sip from your cold Corona, and feel as though you’re staring in a commercial. This makes you turn to smile at me. I smile back, understanding your comfort in that moment. It’s bright and warm and the sand comforts your body as you lay there. Realizing that I have the perfect opportunity, I lean over and kiss you. Gently pendik escort at first, then more and more aggressively. My tongue is tasting you, running over your tongue barbell. As you whirl with the sensations, I reach over and quickly tug off that tiny little, silver bikini top. You gasp at the air on your exposed breasts. So beautiful, those breasts. I want to take your nipple and swirl my tongue around it endlessly, but I my tongue will not leave your mouth. No. So instead, I pinch you softly with my thumb and forefinger. You’re excited, your senses piqued by this moment here on the beach.”

“Jay?” I whisper, reaching up and tugging on his hand. “Come down here with me.”

He complies and appears underneath the blankets, his eyes the only noticeable portion of his body in the dark cavern of blankets. He grins. “I want to taste you. I roll onto you, in the sand. I know that when this is all said and done, we’ll be a mess. We’ll have particles of sand in crevices where sand has no right to be. But that’s the price we’ll pay.”

I interrupted him, pushing my lips to his face. I was lucky, his lips met mine in a heated meld. He tasted of vanilla and coffee and sweet, sugar-coated Rice Krispies. I had to laugh at this, had to laugh that, even in a blackout, Jay would find a way to his blessed coffee. That was Jay: Starbucks or die. He’d always been that way. He always tasted like coffee. I welcomed that taste, wanted to swallow it- and him- down forever and feel safe. maltepe escort Jay was so, deliciously safe.

“So you don’t want to hear the story?” he questioned, pulling away for a second to lick his lips.

“How about we write our own story?”

Jay shrugged. I could feel the movement underneath the blankets, his shoulders moving against our silk sheets. “It was raining outside, lightening darted through the air and the electric went out. Somewhere, in an upstairs bedroom, there was a little girl crying. Crying because she was scared of the dark and her fiance was downstairs, trying to find coffee.”

I laughed at this, slapping him playfully. “What her fiance didn’t know was, she was actually crying because she was naked underneath the blankets when the electric went out and her man was decidedly slow in getting upstairs to claim his bride and make her feel safe.”

“But then he appeared,” Jay picked up my idea, cuddling into me and continuing to kiss my lips sweetly between his words. “He appeared in the bed to save the fair maiden from distress, and he tried to sing to her but all she did was whine. So he told her a story about making love on the beach, instead. He told her about how he longed to be inside her body, feeling her body cling to him as he moved inside. He wanted to be inside her forever.”

“He was a pervert,” I laughed, as I reached down and began to slowly run my hand up and down his hardening length. “But he loved it when his fiancee kartal escort would rub his cock all over her breasts, which she would never do in the dark because she was-“

“Shut up,” Jay laughed and pulled our bodies together, his erection trapped between us. “I just want to fuck you tonight. No games.”

I nodded and returned my hand to his hardness. He moaned at the touch, leaning his forehead against mine and sighing. “You’re so beautiful, baby,” he smiled. “Even when I can barely see you.”

He laughed as I rolled us over, sliding him inside my body and grinning. “Can you see me now?”

“I can feel you,” he smirked, snaking his hands down onto my hips. “And you feel amazing baby.”

As I worked him slowly, swirling my hips, I saw the world brighten around us. Literally. “The lights are back on,” he stated, as if he could read my mind. “Does that mean that playtime is over?”

I tossed the blankets off of us, but remained in place. “The lights came back on, and even though the couple had perilously abandoned their storytime, the good little fiancee continued to ride her coffee-drinking fool until he came deep inside her.”

“And they made babies,” he added with a wink. “Lots and lots of babies. But that’s another story for another time.”

I giggled as he sat up and moved our entangled bodies up to the headboard, so he could lean against it. I had paused my movements, but returned to them just as soon as he appeared to be settled. He moaned appreciatively when I bounced up once, then slammed back down.

“And all of the babies that they made were afraid of the dark,” I added, as I began swirling my hips again. “End of story.”

“Wusses,” he growled as I leaned forward to kiss his soft lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32