Sorority Ch. 09

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Chapter 9

Spring Break

Dawson was sitting at her desk in her room surrounded by books and papers. She felt like she was drowning in homework, barely able to keep afloat. She knew that she was sitting at a fail for a couple of her classes but she didn’t seem to be able to do anything about it. At least the spring break was coming up and she could have a week to calm down and catch up.

Alison knocked on her door and let herself in.

“Hey Daws, Brandi wants to see us for a minute.”

“What about?” Dawson looked up from her work.

“I dunno, something about spring break.”

They went up to the third floor to Brandi’s room, where Anne met them as well. When they entered Brandi was wearing her tight fitting jeans and nothing but a white bra for a top. She waved them in.

“Hey girls, I need to talk to you about spring break,” she started, her voice going into head girl mode, “Now, Sigma Delta of course has many traditions, and spring break is one of the biggest ones. Every third and fourth year girl gets to go to Cancun for spring break. And the second years get to go to on a road trip down the coast.

“However, our line of thinking is that the girls have to earn their way to these trips in the first year. So I’m sorry to say that the three of you have to stick around here for the week and really not get to do anything fun. Your job is to participate in community involvement. In order for our sorority to get it’s funding from the university we have to show that we have community involvement, so we like to just get it out of the way during spring break and have the first years do it.”

“So… no beach?” Alison asked.

“No, sorry. But think of it this way. You’re working to get our funding which will pay for your Cancun trips later on. So really it’s not that bad. We all had to do it.”

So the first year Sigmas had to watch as the other seven sisters piled into Eileen’s jeep, all off to have their own fun on spring break. Brandi, Raven, Kate and Nikki were getting dropped off at the airport for their all-inclusive trip to Mexico, while Eileen, Faith and Lana were then going on their road trip down the coast to Freeport Beach for a week of all-out parties.

* * *

“So what is it we’re supposed to be doing?” Alison asked as the three first years hung out together in the living room of the Sigma house.

“Brandi volunteered us to do some painting in the city. Painting over graffiti and crap like that,” Dawson informed them.

“I like painting,” Anne said in a hazy voice.

“Well, we’ll be looking to you for leadership then,” Dawson laughed, “Still, I’d take the beach over painting any day of the week.”

* * *

Raven reclined back in her plane seat relaxing just after take off. They had just left the airport and were on their way to Mexico. Nikki sat beside her at the window seat and Kate and Brandi were in the two seats ahead.

Brandi knelt up on her seat so that she could address all of the other three.

“This is exciting,” she said, “You girls are gonna love Cancun. So much fun. I can’t wait to teach you all about Mexican guys. Damn, do they know how to fuck. You three are all in for a treat, that’s for sure.”

“Well, I don’t imagine they’d go for me before any of you,” Raven admitted, “My skin’s too dark. I kind of have that Latino look. They probably want something a little different.”

“Rav, look at you. All guys want to fuck you. Admit it,” Nikki said.

“That’s true,” added Brandi, “But you’ve got a point. They were all over Allie and Elise last year, being blondes and all.”

“Well, there are no blondes with us this time,” Kate pointed out, “So let’s see how the four of us do.”

* * *

Meanwhile, the Sigma sophomores were on their way to Freeport Beach in Eileen’s jeep. It was the perfect vehicle for a road trip; comfortable and big, but not so big so that they couldn’t bond. Lana was sitting shotgun while Faith sat in the middle of the seat behind so she was able to talk to both of the others.

“So Faith, Bobby doesn’t mind you going out to Freeport Beach without him?” Eileen asked.

“He’s okay with it. He trusts me. Jeff doesn’t mind?”

Eileen shrugged. “Jeff trusts me too. Whether he should or not is another story.”

The three girls laughed at this, all knowing Eileen’s penchant for infidelity.

* * *

After arriving at the airport, a shuttle bus brought the older girls to their Mexican resort, dropping them off outside the laid-back, open-air hotel lobby. They each grabbed their suitcases from the luggage compartment and walked to the front desk.

“Miss Brandi!” the handsome clerk addressed them in a Mexican accent, “Welcome back!”

“Someone must have made an impression last year,” Raven whispered to Kate.

“It’s good to be back, Marco,” she answered, “These are my girls this year: Raven, Kate and Nikki.”

“Nice to meet you all. Just uno momento, while I pull up your reservations…. Ah yes. Two rooms and five nights stay. Everything is ready. You are in rooms 68 and 69,” he handed adana escort them the key cards.

“Great,” Brandi took the keys and the rest of the info, “When is your next break, Marco?”

“In about an hour.”

“Well, we’re going to go drop our stuff off in our rooms and then we’re going to head down to the beach. You should come find me,” Brandi said with a wink as the four girls walked off.

They found their rooms which were not very large but still very nice and ran with a tropical theme. They had two rooms side by side connected with a common balcony. Brandi and Nikki stayed in one room and Raven and Kate in the other.

The girls threw their bags on the bed and changed into their swimsuits. Kate and Raven both wore triangular bikinis, Kate’s blue and Raven’s silver, which did not leave a lot to the imagination. Nikki wore a more bra-like bikini, green with white stripes, to hold up her massive tits. Brandi did not have much to show for tits, but wore a pink top and thong to show off her great ass and stomach.

They wandered down to the beach which was large and open, the smooth light sand running out towards the clear blue ocean. They found a spot under one of the umbrellas set out for members only and lay out underneath it.

“Who wants lotion?” Raven asked as she pulled her bottle out of her handbag.

“Absolutely,” Nikki agreed.

Raven opened up the bottle, lathered some lotion in her hands, and began rubbing it over Nikki’s body which was laying stomach down on her towel.

As Raven rubbed the lotion over Nikki’s hard body, the desk clerk Marco came up to meet them.

“Hello girls,” his Mexican accent greeted them, “I hope everything is satisfactory. Miss Brandi, would you like to go for a walk?”

“Sure,” she replied, getting up and turning towards her girls with a wink, “The fun is starting sooner than ever.”

* * *

Faith, Lana and Eileen arrived at Freeport Beach, home of the east coast spring break partiers. Eileen pulled her jeep up to the public parking lot which was already packed. Streams of young people flowed east to the beachfront, the guys wearing shorts and showing off their upper bodies, the girls almost all in two-piece bikinis.

When they reached the beach it looked almost exactly like every spring break video they’ve ever seen on television. Hot college students covered the sandy shores which ran along the oceanfront, some playing volleyball, others taking a dip, some just standing around in clusters drinking as much booze as they could.

“Spring break, babes!” Faith cried out, looking at the other girls cheering with her arms in the air. They all decided to leave their things in the jeep and join the fun as they were all already wearing their bathing suits under their clothes. They stripped their shirts and shorts off, threw them in the car, and grabbed some towels and a case of coolers from the back.

Lana was wearing an orange string bikini, showing off her smooth stomach. Faith was in a black and white pin-stripped bikini which barely kept her overflowing breasts contained, while Eileen went with a traditional blue two-piece.

They merged into the crowded beach looking around for, well, they weren’t quite sure yet. They passed a game of volleyball in which all of the girls had their tops off, their tits bouncing around as they ran for the ball. They also passed a group of people around a beer funnel, chanting as the participants downed their drinks in one gulp.

Suddenly they heard their names being called from somewhere in the crowd. “Faith! Lana! Eileen!”

They turned around to see Allie, their Sigma Delta alum who was head girl of the sorority last year. The tall, leggy blonde was wearing a black sarong and a black string bikini top around her pert, silicon breasts.

“Hey girls! I was hoping I’d run into you here. Fuck I miss spring break! It’s been three years since I’ve been here.”

“Yeah Allie but you got to go to Mexico the last two!” Faith pointed out.

“True true,” she nodded, “And Cancun is fantastic. Yet this party just seems a little more… raw. It really makes me feel young again. So anyways, let’s party! Hey look, here comes the camera!”

“Camera?” Lana asked.

“Yeah, their shooting a video of course. It is spring break after all.”

The camera crew was surveying the partiers and was coming close to them. And wherever the camera went it was followed by a bunch of drunk frat boys cheering “Show your tits! Show your tits!”

Soon the four girls were caught in the middle of the crowd and they realized the chanting was now being aimed at them. Allie didn’t hesitate before she swiped off her top and showed off her firm, round boobs.

Faith looked back at the other girls and shrugged, saying “Hey, it is spring break!” Faith whipped off her own bikini top and jumped up and down on the spot, making her double G melons bounce like crazy, much to the delight of the spectators.

Eileen threw up her own bikini top and flashed everyone her DD jugs. Lana ankara escort threw off her orange top and was met by many cheers as she wiggled her hips and shook her large knockers around for all to see.

It was everything they thought spring break to be.

* * *

While the older girls were having fun, Dawson, Alison and Anne were spending their week off painting elementary schools for community service. The week was actually pretty warm out so they were able to wear cut-off jeans and regular T-shirts, which at this point had turned into a canvas of splattered paint.

The three freshies were turning their work into a lot of fun, giggling and talking about all types of gossip, and even getting into the odd paintbrush fight here and there. Dawson and Alison noticed that Anne was loosening up a little as well, as she had been rather subdued for the past couple months.

“So Anne, what’s been happening with that guy that has been over for you lately? Anything going on there?” Dawson inquired.

“No. It was nice, very nice,” she dropped her head and grinned, “But I think we’re leaving it at that.”

“Well, you just seem… I don’t know, happier lately.”

“I am,” the blonde, fresh-faced Anne replied simply.

Hey, Dawson!” Alison called from the left, slashing her paintbrush and shooting a spray of blue paint at the busty brunette.

Dawson cried out in surprise and bumped back against their table with the paint cans sitting on it. As she did, she bumped the table and knocked over one of the cans of paint. Just at this moment, one of the frat boys who was painting the other side of the school was walking by, and the paint can flew towards him, spilling paint all over him.

Dawson turned around and threw her hands up to her mouth, shock in her eyes. She looked at the guy she covered with blue paint apologetically. He had medium-height, thin, short brown hair, and a gorgeous, clear face. She was instantly attracted to him.

“Oh my gosh, I’m SO sorry!”

He just laughed, “It’s alright, really it is.”

“No it’s not, I ruined your clothes!”

“That’s okay, I needed some new ones anyways. Really it’s okay, um…” and he paused for her name.

“Dawson. I’m Dawson.”

“I’m Matt,” he smiled back, almost making her swoon as he did, “It’s nice to meet you Dawson. Thanks for the paint job. Me and the other Alphas are working over on the other side if you ever want one in return.”

And with a wink he was off, leaving Dawson speechless. Alison and Anne closed in on her and Alison leaned over her shoulder.

“Looks like someone’s in love.”

“Oh shush,” Dawson swatted her, leaving Alison and Anne giggling lots while Dawson took one glance back and the handsome frat boy.

* * *

Back at Freeport Beach, the week long party continued. Allie hung out with the other three girls and showed them a really good time. They drank a lot of alcohol and flashed quite a lot of people at various times, day or night.

As they were sitting around a picnic table near the beach drinking their Bacardi Breezers, Allie slammed her palms down on the table and said “Well, I came here to get laid by some young cock. How about it girls, should we go get some?”

“Well…” Lana hesitated.

“We’ve been showing our tits around the whole beach. And look at us; we have some damn good tits. You three may just have the best tits in the whole sorority. We deserve something in return.”

“Well, I’m with Bobby now, and I really like him. I don’t want to fuck this up,” Faith told her.

“I’m going to stay out of it too. I’m good for now,” Lana said, not wanting to tell anyone that Alison was the real reason.

Allie sighed. “Well Eileen, what do you say? You’re not still with that guy of yours are you?”

“Well, yes,” the pouty blonde said, “But I’m not about to let that stop me. I’m in.”

A big grin grew on Allie’s face. “Alright babe, lets go find some action. Later girls.”

* * *

The Cancun water was crystal clear blue as Brandi, Raven and Nikki swam a short ways out from the shore. Even though it was in the middle of the afternoon, they still decided to go skinny-dipping. With the water as clear as it was, their naked bodies could be easily seen by anyone swimming by.

Raven’s dark skin contrasted nicely as her smooth body glistened with the Caribbean waters. Nikki’s large breasts floated near the surface like balloons, while Brandi’s small frame was enhanced by the reflection.

“So Nikki? How’s your sex life with Colin?” Brandi asked bluntly.

“It’s okay,” she shrugged, lifting her nipples just above the surface of the water for a moment, “We were fucking before we were dating, so it’s nothing new really.”

Brandi looked over at Raven. “That doesn’t sound enthusiastic.”

“Well Nicks, we are in a whole other country now,” Raven said, treading the water around them, “Maybe you should just let loose and have fun with some guys here.”

“Well, maybe…”

Just then they saw Kate swimming over to them antalya escort from the beach. When she saw they were naked, she removed her blue string bikini top as she approached, letting it drop and float beside them.

“Where were you?” Nikki asked.

“I was sucking some guy off back at the resort,” Kate said calmly.

“Nice,” Brandi smiled, “See, Kate’s getting into the spirit of spring break. Excellent.”

* * *

Dawson and Alison had started a fire in the fireplace as it had actually gotten quite chilly in the evening. They were both sitting near the fire and had snuck a couple glasses of wine from Raven’s wine collection. They were sitting around gossiping, mostly about guys.

“So how about that Matt guy?” Alison asked with a wink, “Gonna try and hook up?”

Dawson’s cheeks changed shade as she shrugged. “Maybe, who knows?”

“He’s totally into you. And come on, I saw you. You want him bad.”

“Well, yeah….”

“So what’s stopping you?”

“I don’t know what it is. I just… get shy around him.”

“Oh man,” Alison started to laugh, throwing back her full, blonde hair, “You DO want him bad.”

“Well, what about you? I haven’t seen you with a guy since… well, fall. When you brought that guy back to the dorm.”

“Yeah, I know…” Alison tried to think how she could divert suspicion about Lana.

“You know,” Dawson got even redder as her eyes got shy, “I kind of… got off to the two of you doing it that night.”

“Really?!” Alison broke out into hysterical laughter, which caused Dawson to start laughing as well.

As they’re laughing died down, Alison somehow had an urge to tell Dawson, after Dawson had just confessed that.

“Hey, can I tell you something? But you cannot, CANNOT, tell anyone else.”

“You’re my best friend,” Dawson said sipping her wine, “Of course you can tell me.”

“Well, see I’m kind of… um… me and Lana are dating,” she confessed.

“What?” Dawson responded in surprise, “Um, how? How do you mean dating?”

“We hooked up at the toga party, and I was feeling things for her before that. We don’t know how Brandi and the other girls will respond, so we’ve been keeping it secret.”

“Wow that’s… wow,” Dawson was unsure what to say as she downed her wine and ran her hand through her long, brown hair, “I thought… I didn’t even know you were lesbian.”

“I’m not,” Alison tried to explain, “But I just, I don’t know. I just fell for her. And she felt the same way.”

This was not easy for Dawson to fully understand, but when she saw Alison’s bright white smile as she said that, she knew it must have been right. “Well, I’m happy for you,” she also smiled, “And don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

* * *

Back at the beach, Faith and Lana were coming back from one of the bars near the beach, which was packed with students. They had lost Eileen and Allie who had gone off guy hunting.

The two busty blondes returned to their hotel only to find a do not disturb sign on the door. They both looked at each other with knowing looks and Lana unlocked to door and opened it a crack. They could hear Eileen’s and Allie’s voices (more so Allie’s) as well as two guys.

“Well, they obviously pulled,” Faith said with some venom in her voice, “Now what are we going to do?”

“I guess go down to the beach until they’re done,” Lana shrugged.

Inside the room, Allie and Eileen were making out with the two guys they picked up, Allie and her guy on the left bed, Eileen with her guy on the other. Both of the guys were handsome enough, yet pretty standard run-of-the-mill college boys.

Eileen’s guy was all over her, running his hands busily across her plump, bouncy tits as they made out. Allie’s guy was doing the same to her, only her tits weren’t natural so he tended not to squeeze them as much. Allie was scrambling to get her shirt off while biting his lip. She was ready for action.

Eileen had never had sex in the same room as someone else having sex before, but she liked the idea. It was naughty and wrong, just like cheating on Jeff was, and she liked that. Her guy started lifting her shirt off and she helped him out, pulling it over her length of blonde, flowing hair. As Eileen looked over she saw that Allie was already naked, her fit, nude body already working to get his pants off, making a lot of comments like “Hey baby, that’s right.”

Eileen started taking her pants off while her guy was undressing over top of her. Soon they were both fully nude and he lowered himself down on top of her, his dick stiff and hard and ready to enter.

“Don’t you have a condom?” she interrupted him.

“Um,” he looked taken aback, looking at her as though she wasn’t understanding something, “This is spring break. No one wears condoms on spring break.”

Eileen got a surprised and worrisome look on her face and looked over to Allie for explanation. Allie’s guy was already inside her, bucking his hips against hers.

“Don’t worry about it,” Allie assured her, “He’ll pull out.”

“Yeah baby,” he seconded, “I’ll pull out”

He slipped inside her, making it feel so good. He was very aggressive and began humping very fast right away. Eileen grabbed his hips and tried to rock with his motions, her tits flopping around as he nailed her, her big brown eyes and open mouth staring up at his concentrated face.

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