Spanish Garden of Male Delights

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A great way to combat the sweltering Spanish heat of a Madrid summer is to while away a few hours in its municipal solarium. Set apart from the bustling swimming and picnic areas of one of the city’s largest sports centers, the solarium or, “nudist area”, resembles a small, jungle encampment with its tall trees, grass matted fence and bamboo framed structure. Over the last few years this little oasis, has become a favorite hangout for naturists of both sexes, but especially with the male gay and bi community who enjoy a naked summer chill out. As a bi-curious married man, I decided it was about time I explored some of my fantasies and paid it a visit.

After a long and sweaty journey on the metro, I arrived at the sports complex in the north of the city. After paying the entrance fee at the main gate, I made my way to the male changing rooms where I slipped into my swimming gear. Filled with excitement, I grabbed my towel, my book, and a tube of sun cream. I put on my flip-flops and set off on my adventure. After several frustrating minutes of wandering around the grass area of the enormous Olympic pool, I eventually discovered a small sign bearing the word “Solarium” with an arrow pointing down a tree-lined little pathway leading from the open air picnic area. I stumbled down the wooden steps and nervously pushed open the matted grass door.

Immediately, I was hit by a whoosh of warm, moist air. I had stepped into another world. Dotted around the grass vale were naked men of all shapes, sizes and ages. Some were lying down on towels, others were standing up rubbing their bodies with sun tan oil, and others were just sitting under the trees reading, or just daydreaming. Apart from the hissing, and clicking of insects, and the splashing of water there was complete silence. For a few seconds, I stood at the entrance overwhelmed by the sheer erotic buzz of so much naked male flesh. I panned my gaze across the sloping grass vale to where two men were showering on a tropical style wooden platform their bodies glistening in the sunlight. I had entered heaven.

I took a deep breath and regained my composure. Heart pumping, and my stomach fluttering with excitement, I pulled off my trunks and clambered up the grassy slope to a shady place under a tree. As I crouched down to spread the towel on the warm grass, a flash of self-consciousness flashed through my mind. A little voice in my head went – “Here I am stark naked for the entire world to see, with every nook and cranny of my body in sight!” I took a deep breath. Another voice in my head piped up – “Relax. Take it easy. Relish the feeling of showing your naked body görükle escort to whoever wants to see it – you’ve wanted to do this for years. Now’s your chance”. I calmed down. Breathing easy, I smoothed down my towel on the coarse grass with slow, deliberate strokes. Now that I was naked and exposed for the all world to see, I was going to say goodbye to my butt-clenching, hetero past. Today I was going to spread my wings, and open myself to the gaze of other men. As I gained more confidence, I wiggled from side to side with the delicious sensation of the warm, moist air passing through my asscrack.

My little show of exhibitionism over, I lay down on my towel. To my dismay, I noticed that my semi-stiff cock was glistening. “Well done you’ve finally made it”, said the voice. I checked out the man who was a few feet away on the next towel. He was calmly reading a book. His bulbous, brown dick was as laid back as he was. I relaxed.

Now, unlike a bathhouse, a solarium is a public area, so full-blown sex is definitely not on the cards. But, after numerous visits to this little oasis, I got hooked onto the erotic charge which permeated the atmosphere. Most of the time, absolutely nothing happened, and it was a wonderful experience to escape from the noise and the heat of the city, and simply laze about naked in the company of other men. Very occasionally, a woman would join the settlement blissfully aware that this was the one place where she could be naked, and be sure that no one would interfere or molest her. In the case of us men, things were different. Lust hovered in the air. Our bodies were exposed and open to the gaze of others – a flaccid penis could suddenly bulge and harden, and then mysteriously return to its normal state. But, generally this little homoerotic Garden of Eden was a haven of civility, and calm.

Over the summer, the solarium became a regular fixture in my schedule, and I spent as much time as I could sunbathing on its grassy banks, and dozing under its shady trees. Occasionally, passions would get out of hand. On my second visit, I noticed a healthy looking guy who was lying in the shade opposite me. He had turned on his side, and at first sight, I thought he was doing some kind of yoga stretching exercise. He was clean shaven, and had a tight muscular body, and I could see that he had his legs together and was stretching them a few inches above his towel. But, then on closer inspection, I realized that, in fact, he was jerking off. After a few minutes of heavy pumping, he finally shot his load onto his towel, rolled over and went to sleep. Not long after, a tall, bursa escort bayan skinny old man dressed in just a cowboy-hat strutted round the enclosure; hands on hips, and sporting an immense hard on. He was largely ignored by his laid-back audience, but I watched him with interest, and a touch of admiration. It was heartening to see a very old man show off his sex to the world without him getting arrested!

On a visit, later on in the summer, I decided to try out a different patch, and enter the territory where the old-time regulars congregate. It was easy to identify the “regulars” because they had an even tan all over their bodies, and would stroll up and down the grassy banks of the solarium with ease and tranquility. To my surprise, a rather distinguished, white haired man sauntered up to me as I lay on my towel, and we struck up a conversation. I can’t remember what we said, but I do remember that that my mouth was within inches of his long, smooth pecker. The sight of his shaved, circumcised dick sent a shiver of delight through me. By the way, I am a great daddy admirer-I think age is sexy.

On one particularly steamy afternoon – I really hit the jackpot. A man in his forties with short, cropped black hair came up to me as I lay on my towel. He crouched down at the end of my towel and thrust a tube of sun tan oil in front of my nose: “Could you give a rub down with this sun tan oil?” He then turned his back to me. For a moment, I was totally tongue tied, and slightly intimidated. He was a sinewy, gypsy type with dark eyes, and gleaming white teeth, and although, he was undoubtedly attractive, he had the look of an amiable pickpocket. After a moment of hesitation, I agreed, and started rubbing down his taut, darkened back with the sun tan oil. He started to move his body from side to side as I rubbed him down. – “What lovely smooth hands you’ve got.” he hummed.

“Thanks and you…”, I stuttered. I was getting turned on and could feel my prick bulging. I crossed my legs to conceal my hard-on, and noticed that he was getting stiff as well.

“Do you want me to stand up?” he whispered.

I was doing my best to be cool, calm and collected. “OK…but…” Before I could answer, he stood up, his taut little buns rubbing against my face. I automatically followed suite. As I stood up, my stiffened cock suddenly sprang up from in between my legs, wobbling up and down like a barrel of a tank which had just thumped over a rampart. I looked around and no one seemed to notice, or even to care! My gypsy friend smiled with pleasure. “Enjoying yourself?” he asked.

“Yeah, I think bursa escort you can see that”, I answered. We chatted for a few minutes. He said how much he loved being naked with so many other men – I nodded in agreement. We wistfully looked down at each other’s dicks and sighed. This was not the place. He patted me on the shoulder and went back to his towel.

On my final visit of the summer, I managed to arrive early in the day so I could bag my favorite spot at the foot of a palm tree – a deliciously cool place, set apart from the rest of the other sunbathers. It was the perfect vantage point to survey the whole area, and watch the naked bodies in various states of repose. No sooner had I lain down on my towel at the foot of the tree, when a well-built man in his early forties walked up the grassy bank and put his towel right the other side of the trunk. He was obviously from the Caribbean and had smooth, unblemished, brown skin. He was great eye-candy, but I couldn’t help feeling that he had settled a little too close to me. To be honest, I was slightly irritated that he had invaded my space. I glanced quickly over to him as he lay down on his towel. We were separated by the palm tree, I couldn’t actually see his face, as he had positioned himself in such a way that his crotch was level with my head. He pulled off his rather garish boxer shorts to reveal his beautiful, dark smooth legs and muscly thighs. But, the real treat came when he pulled off his trunks, and his enormous chocolate colored dick flopped out and slapped down hard onto his belly. A whiff of his tangy sweat filled my nostrils. My prick stirred.

I went back to reading my book, but I found it almost impossible to concentrate knowing that there was a great fleshy monster just inches away from where I was lying. Not long after, my concentration was broken once again, when a bald man came and sat down on the wrought-iron bench just behind me. After a few minutes, he let out a loud whispered gasp; “Oh My God!” For a second, I thought he had been bitten by some kind of insect; either that or he had nicked some fragile part of his body on a jagged edge of the bench. I craned my head round to see what had happened, and noticed that he was peering in the direction of the man on the other side of the palm tree. I turned back and immediately realized why bench-man’s eyes were popping out of his head. My tree-friend was putting on a show for us; his enormous, black dick was now fully erect; its dark veins bulging with blood and throbbing with desire. I watched, transfixed, as his hand made slow, thrusting movements pulling back his jagged foreskin to expose an enormous spunky, pink head. I moved closer and breathed in the acid odor of his sweat. I was now hard as a rock, and wild with excitement – precum dripping all over my hips and legs. I turned round to benchman whose semi stiff cock was ready for action. He gave me a wink.

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