Spanking Leads to Sex Ch. 02

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[This story does include instances of three bodily functions and incest, so if that is not something you want to read, stop right now. Per the title, there’s spanking, too. All the characters are over 18.]

My return home from college had proved to be far more amazing than I could have ever imagined. The bad part had happened first: my mother spanked me and then supervised my use of the bathroom in the most intrusive ways. She also tried to embarrass me about having my period by discussing it in front of my brother. It was all very hard to accept since I’m already 23 and Art just turned 20.

Art, my brother, has remained close with me. I’d invited him into my bedroom later that night after Mom had gone to bed. When he had heard a buzzing sound coming out of our mother’s room, however, he went into her bedroom, and she had then invited him–to get right to the point–to make love to her. This surprised him, and later it surprised me, too. But then after she fell asleep, he came back to my bedroom, and we had absolutely wonderful sex. It turned out these were his first two sexual encounters–in one night, no less, and with his mother then his sister. Nice start for him.

Life around the house was different now. Art was home from college, and I had obtained a good job and was living at home. Mom now wanted to help us by cleaning up after us and making meals. It was as if her fucking Art had changed her personality entirely. From being a bitch on wheels, she now became nice.

One day after dinner, when we had all gone into the living room to relax and talk about our day, Mom looked nervous and finally spoke.

“Susan,” she began, “I behaved very badly when you first came home. It was totally wrong, and I feel sad about how I acted. I’d feel much better if you disciplined me however you decide, and that includes spanking or anything else.”

To say that I was surprised was putting it mildly. On the other hand, seeing her fuck Art was not exactly something I had expected to have happen, much less to witness. I think Mom was starting to realize she wasn’t getting any younger, so she now wanted to be on good terms with us.

I responded that I was pleased she had seen that she had been very hurtful toward me in her conduct since I came home. Then I added that yes, I would discipline her, if she really wanted that to happen.

She insisted that she did want me to discipline her and that if I so decided, I could punish her in front of Art or anyone else. It struck me that Art’s intercourse with her had had a major impact and effect on her personality.

My mother is an attractive woman who is just starting to show the signs of middle age. She is now in her early fifties; as my father passed away years ago, she obviously is ready to find a new partner. She is about 5’6″ and has a medium frame. Her hair is sandy blonde, and her figure is surprisingly good–nice 34B bust. Somehow her tits haven’t become heavy and saggy.

I told my mother that yes, I would discipline her now. I asked Art how he felt about staying to observe and he indicated subtly to me that he would like to be there for this. So, I took charge and told my mother to lift her skirt, lower her panties to her knees, and stand in the corner with her hands on the top of her head.

She did a slight double-take but then proceeded calmly to do exactly what I had told her to prepare for her disciplining. I found the sight of her bottom cheeks and the hair visible between them quite entrancing. I had to get it through my head that I was going to spank this woman who had treated me so meanly so recently. I was determined to enjoy it, especially as I couldn’t be certain the occasion would ever present itself again.

As I took my time getting things together, I kept an eye on my mother, standing in the humiliating position exposing her bare bottom with her panties at her knees. I stood behind her and said that I wanted her to stand with her legs well apart so that her panties would not fall any further. I left the unspoken impression that she would be punished additionally should her panties drop to her ankles.

I was walking back to get together with Art who had gone to retrieve Mom’s paddle and cane. Even though I also knew where she kept a strap and even a two-fingered tawse, I decided that the paddle and cane would suffice for today’s session. Later I could introduce the tawse and the strap. I was getting myself wet by contemplating the various punishments I could devise for Mom. It would take many to make up for the misery she inflicted that had taken me by surprise when I returned home.

Art returned with the paddle and cane. At my suggestion, he had also found in Mom’s dresser drawer a pair of Spanx that Mom had been wearing to shape her figure. I knew that having her put those on after her spanking would be irritating both physically and psychologically.

“All right,” I announced, “Helen [I decided to call her by her first name], come over here and get across my lap.” When Mom walked over, showing shame across kaliteli gaziantep escort her face as she approached me, I tapped my lap, indicating she should position herself across it now. I adjusted her position and made sure her panties were still at her knees, keeping her from kicking.

Then I lectured her briefly.

“Helen,” I began, “you have been very naughty in how you have treated me since I came home from college. This is now all going to change, and you will be reporting to me. You will also take orders from Art, whom I have empowered to discipline you for any misbehavior on your part which he has observed or is present to see.”

I could tell that Mom was extremely nervous now. She quietly pleaded with me not to be too hard on her.

“Nonsense,” I replied. “You have been totally cruel and intent on humiliating me since I came home. You deserve severe discipline and that is what you will be getting, missy.”

Mom was whimpering now, but I felt between her legs, and she was quite wet.

“You’re wet, missy,” I said bluntly. “This must be a turn-on for you.”

“No, Miss Susan,” she answered quickly and fearfully. “I’m actually quite frightened and ashamed, so I’m ready for my punishment.”

Before I could begin spanking her, she lost control and emitted a bubbly fart. Art had trouble not laughing.

“Making that sound was very disrespectful, Helen,” I said coldly. “I should add to your punishment for that naughtiness.”

“I’m sorry, Susan,” she said almost in tears. “This has gotten me so frightened that I must have lost control and released some gas. I’m sorry.”

“You’ll be more than sorry soon, missy,” I responded. “But it makes me ask you whether you need to go potty now.”

“I think I will need to make a doody soon,” she said shamefacedly. “I feel it inside and,” she hesitated a moment, “that was why I farted.”

“We’ll deal with that after your disciplining,” I declared. “You had better focus on holding it in until then.”

I started spanking her bottom cheeks with my bare hand. I enjoyed the feeling of slapping her large buttocks and every so often I ran my finger through her legs to feel her wetness and comment on her obvious arousal.

As I spanked, her cheeks turned rosy and eventually red. She was crying out and moaning. I did have the feeling that this was exciting her and that she might have an orgasm.

I stopped spanking and told her to spread her legs as far apart as she could. Mom responded but was barely holding on over my lap. I put on a plastic glove I had on the sideboard with the punishment implements. Then I dabbed a bit of Vaseline on the fingers of the glove and slowly inserted it into Mom’s dark crinkly anal opening.

“Why are you poking in there, Miss Susan?” Mom complained.

“I’m doing what is called ‘checking your oil’.” I answered quietly. “You said you needed to make a doody. I’m checking to see if you have a movement in there ready to emerge.”

“Oh, Miss Susan,” Mom cried. “This is horribly embarrassing.”

“Yes, it is, Mom,” I answered. “But you agreed you needed to be disciplined. In fact, you proposed it.”

This quieted her for a moment, and I pushed my index finger further into her bottom-hole. I wasn’t surprised to feel something solid, and I managed to pull off a small piece with my finger and pull it out.

Mom was sobbing, more from sheer embarrassment than any pain. I showed her the small brown piece I had pulled out of her rectum. She winced when she saw it and then felt the inevitable internal pressure of a bowel movement that was pressing to be excreted.

“Miss Susan, this is terribly embarrassing, but now I feel that my doody is about to come out,” Mom pleaded. “Can I please go the bathroom?” She began getting up, but I pushed back onto my lap.

I picked up a bowl from the sideboard and put it on the floor. Mom saw it, realized what was in store for her, and began to cry.

I told her to stop the tears and to squat over the bowl and do her business.

She was more upset at Art’s sitting across the room and watching her as she squatted over the bowl. Very soon, we both watched as a dark turd began pushing out of her anal opening. It was quite compelling to watch her squat as she was excreting a long bowel movement. It extended about eight inches and then tailed off and dropped into the bowl with a plop. Then she released a strong stream of pee following her defecation.

I thought of how in past weeks she had made me request permission to weewee or plop-plop. I was putting paid to the embarrassing situations when she had punished me.

I handed her a toilet roll and told her she could wipe her bottom. She proceeded to do just that and then I told her to show me the paper. She reluctantly held up the toilet tissue and I could see yellow stains from pee and the brown streaks on it made by her doody.

“Now you may take the bowl to the bathroom,” I said, “and empty it into the toilet. Then you gaziantep kaliteli escort will come back here immediately.”

She rose quickly to pick up the shameful bowl and carry it off to empty.

I must’ve made an impression on her because she did return. I told her she now needed to serve corner time and she protested. I told her if she didn’t go back to the corner right then, I would resume the spanking, but this time with a hairbrush.

This caused her to scoot over to the corner, make sure her panties were held up at her knees, and put her hands on the top of her head as I had directed her to do when in the corner.

I made her stay in the corner for about 10 minutes. Then I presented her with Spanx I found in her dresser drawer and crisply told her to put them on. She didn’t like this although I figured since she had bought the shapewear, she must’ve had an idea about wearing it.

When she managed to pull it up, I told her she could go to her bedroom, put on her pajamas, and I would come by to tuck her in for an early bedtime.

“You’re going to keep the Spanx on in bed, too,” I told her sharply, just so she didn’t get any ideas about hurriedly taking them off.

“Miss Susan, it’s still rather early,” Mom again whined. “Do I need to go to bed so early?”

“Mom,” I answer sharply, “you have been very naughty and when you are naughty, you will get early bedtimes. In fact, if you keep complaining, you will be sent to bed an hour earlier tomorrow. You also must go to bed, no reading, or anything else. And the light will be turned off and stay off.”

After she left with a sad look on her face, Art came over and hugged me.

“You were magnificent, Sue,” he smiled, “but do you think you are taking this a little too far. I could tell she was horribly embarrassed, especially when you put your finger up her ass and took out that little piece of excrement.”

“I’ll admit that was a bit extreme,” I grinned as I spoke to Art. “But I’m determined to exercise the authority she obviously craves and needs to get herself back together. I don’t want her even tempted to try to be her old self again.”

I went upstairs to check on Mom and was pleased that she had changed into pajamas and was in bed. I asked her if she had brushed her teeth, taken off her makeup, and emptied her bladder.

She winced at the last question but admitted that she had peed again.

“You were making me ask you for permission to pee when I came home, you know,” I said coolly. “I haven’t done that but if you are naughty, Mom, it could happen. You also could be spanked in the ladies’ room of any restaurant we go to, so I urge you to mind your manners.”

Mom was very subdued and only said, “Yes, Miss Susan, you know what’s best for me.”

“I believe I do, Helen,” I said. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Then I turned off the light, left her room, and closed the door.

I checked back in about 15 minutes and was not surprised that she was asleep. I could’ve expected her to fake being asleep, but I could see that she was breathing the sound of sleep.

I went downstairs and suggested to Art that he come to my bedroom in about 10 minutes. Then I went back upstairs and began undressing, but not to go to sleep. I took off everything except my white panties and relaxed on the covers of my bed.

Soon, Art opened the door and came into my bedroom with a smile. I suggested that he get comfortable by taking off his clothes and he began to strip, slowly but carefully.

I smiled as his lovely large cock popped out of his boxers. Then I held him in my arms as he lay down next to me on the bed. I was still amazed that he had been able to fuck Mom the other day and to follow that up by having such great sex with me. I’ve had boyfriends and girlfriends and can’t really recall how many lovers I’ve had since I lost my cherry.

Art asked me to lift my bottom so he could slip my white panties down and off.

“I love your bush, Sue,” he exulted.

“I love your cock, sweetie,” I answered with a wide grin.

He then got down between my spread legs and began savoring my wet pussy. I had obviously been aroused by disciplining Mom. Art licked me and turned my excitement up a notch.

“That’s really good, Art,” I told him as I felt an orgasm coming on. “Now I want you inside me, big boy.”

He moved up and guided his cock into my vaginal opening. I felt that he was extra big tonight and thoroughly enjoyed having him inside me, especially when he began thrusting and moving it in and out. He also softly petted my needy clit which began getting bigger and harder. This was leading me to a powerful orgasm that he must have felt as I clamped my vaginal muscles onto his penetrating cock.

I felt even better when Art exploded deep inside me; the jets of his ejaculation hit the inner walls of my pussy. I knew he had staying power, so I let him keep thrusting in me until I got off again.

“Did you feel as enraged toward Mom gaziantep kaliteli escort bayan as I did?” I asked him once we were lying next to each other in our afterglow. “I don’t think she has been quite as mean to you.”

“No, I didn’t,” he said. “In fact, I’ll confess that I felt warm and loved when I was across her lap when she has spanked me since you came home. She did hit that hard and she also used her finger to tease me under my balls and ran it up my cock, too. Sue, I started to sense that she wanted to go further with me.”

“Well,” I answered coolly, “she was absolutely disgusting to me, and I’ve not yet gotten it out of my system. I know I should but I’m just telling you how I feel.”

“I’m glad we’ve found each other,” Art said, not just trying to calm me down.

“You didn’t get off on all that, did you?” I asked him as we held each other tightly. “Like when she humiliated me?”

“I have to admit that it aroused me,” Art replied, “but it was pure indulgence, I realized. I felt very badly about how she treated you. With me, she seemed to know how to spank me just enough to get me excited. When she smiled when I caught her using her vibe the other night, it was what I had expected. I knew she wanted me in her bed.”

“A strange woman,” I declared. “Disciplining her now will get old for me soon. I’m assuming you don’t have any desire to spank her. Do you want to fuck her again or often?”

“Not especially,” Art admitted, “I don’t get anything from spanking her but if my fucking her keeps her the way she’s become, it may not be a bad thing. You know, a good fuck soothes the savage beast.”

“I like that, even if I’m not sure if it’s true,” I giggled. I was sitting up with my legs lewdly spread and I smiled and pointed to my pussy.

“Yes,” I said, “would you be nice enough to give me some licks there as I ooze out your cum and my squirts?”

Unhesitatingly, Art got down between my legs and applied his tongue to my leaking pussy. It felt so good having him do that. He had managed to get through his sexual initiation amazingly easily; perhaps fucking your mother and sister was the way to go.

He made me cum again and I graced him by oozing some more.

“I hope this all gets you together with one of the girls you like,” I said. “You damned well have the experience now that you needed.”

He chuckled and said that there was a girl in his graduating class for whom he had the hots. He assured me that she was of age because I told him he didn’t want to get in trouble so should make sure his dates were at least 18.

“Have you gone out with her?” I asked. “I’m not trying to pin down what base you’ve gotten to,” I laughed warmly.

Art took it the right way. “Sue, I don’t ask you about the guys you date,” he said softly. “I hadn’t actually fucked before, right, but let’s just say that recently, my fingers have found their way into…various orifices of the female variety.”

“I’m delighted to hear it,” I said happily. “And Art, remember that you’re welcome in my orifices any time you want me.”

“There still means an incredible amount to me,” he answered, “and I especially appreciate it now. But although I don’t perv on your worn panties, I do think about what it would be like if we keep having it off. People will figure it out”

“Yes,” I laughed, “I’m not very discreet, was I? And can you tell when I have my period?”

“No,” he said, “you don’t ever seem unusually bitchy. I assume, by the way, that you are aware that Mom still gets hers?”

“I wasn’t sure,” I said. “I even started thinking she had gotten on me about leaving my tampon box in the bathroom because she was sensitive about going through her change of life.”

“As you’ve gathered,” he said, “she’s been much more open with me, probably because she’s now hot for me. She toldl me that she was sorry for being crabby, but that it’s her ‘time of the month’.”

“Aside from her giving me shit about my Tampax box,” I said, “she never talks about it with me.”

That’s a main reason why I’ve eased up on my mother. I don’t spank her all the time and I leave her alone. She, for her part, givse me a wide berth, too. One reason I don’t go ahead and get my own place, which I’ve been ready to do after she gave me all that crap, was that I like being here to have it off with Art.

That was going to end soon, of course, and I would be having dates with guys I knew at home before going back to college. Art, too, would be off to college. I wondered what would happen to Mom then. She still was presentable and, according to Art, whose knowledge was still limited, she threw a good fuck. I was happier than I ought to have been that he felt compelled to tell me that I was better in bed.

The next day, Mom came up to me and thanked me for easing off on her.

“I do still love you, Mom,” I answered her, “but there was bad blood to be dealt with between us. A couple of spankings and light discipline won’t make up for how vicious you have been since I came home.”

“I’m sorry, Susan, or Miss Susan, I should say,” she offered. “I really was out of line, naughty. If you want to punish me, I know you will.”

I decided I would give in to her offer and my feelings.

“Mom,” I said, “I’m going to discipline you and then I hope in the future we can all get along. Art and I will both be gone in the fall, and you won’t see us except at the holidays and then not until next summer.

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