Spark from Long Ago: Next Step

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Sunday morning I awoke slowly, feeling more completely relaxed than I had in years. I wasn’t sure what time it was, Jenn had pulled the curtains closed at some point but it was clearly already bright outside. She wasn’t in bed, and I could smell coffee from the kitchen. I sat up and stretched, then as I stood up Jenn came in with two cups of coffee, extending her arm to offer me one. As I reached for it she drew it back a little, and ran her eyes up and down my naked body.

“Nice view” she said grinning as she did, then handed me the cup and sat on a chair next to a dresser as I sat back on the bed.

She had on a short, light robe and as she sat back she spread her legs slightly so I could see that she had nothing on underneath it. “Nice view indeed” I threw back at her, laughing.

“I kind of monopolized your time yesterday, is there anything you need to do today?” she asked.

“If that’s what it was then I think I like being monopolized.” I replied. “There are just a couple things on my agenda for the day.” I continued. “First I think I need to try to convince my new girlfriend to come back to bed so I can make love to her.”

Jenn smiled, “Do you think she’ll be willing?”

“Then I think I need to go to my hotel and get some clean underwear and clothes. And maybe find something to eat. After that I’ll have to see what my girlfriend is up for.”

We just sat for a few minutes sipping our coffee. As we finished Jenn stood up and came over to the bed. She kissed me once softly, then again with more passion. She scooted back a little from me then looked up at me. “I was thinking” she said, “maybe you should check out of the hotel and just come and stay here.”

“Are you sure?” I asked. “Maybe I have bad habits that will annoy you and you won’t like living with me.”

“Yes, I am sure, in fact I want you to live here the whole time you are in New York. It would save you rent, and we would be together so much more. I can’t tell you how much I want to have you in my bed every night, but I promise I won’t ‘monopolize’ you if you aren’t in the mood.”

“How could I turn down an offer like that, I can’t think of anything that could make my stay better.”

I grabbed her and pushed her back on the bed, snuggling against her. We kissed again and I ran my hand up over her breast on the outside of the robe, feeling her nipple harden in response. My cock was also on the rise as I lifted my head to look at her. As I played with her nipple she reached down to touch me as well. As she looked down at my already fully stiff member she asked “Your new girlfriend certainly wants you to make love to her again, but before we get too involved what is the checkout time at the hotel?”

We had been so involved in our mutual passion for the previous day and a half I hadn’t even thought about my empty hotel room. “Ummm, I think maybe noon?” I replied.

“We slept in late this morning” Jenn said, “maybe we should go soon so we don’t have to rush anything?”

“What time is it now?” I asked.

“Almost 10. Not a rush but it will take a little while to get dressed and get over there.”

“Oh, OK” I said with my lower lip stuck out to show my disappointment but with my cock still sticking straight ardahan escort out.

“Don’t worry” Jenn said, leaning over to give it a quick kiss “we’ll have plenty of time later to take care of this. I’ll be really quick in the shower.” She quickly moved into the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on.

I took the empty coffee cups to the kitchen and rinsed them, then once I heard the shower go off I headed into the bathroom to get into the shower myself. Jenn was drying her leg with one foot up on the toilet lid, and I couldn’t resist sliding my hand up between her legs. She playfully slapped my arm away, and pushed me toward the shower. I soaped and rinsed, then dried and went back to the bedroom. Jenn had already put on a dress, and was pulling on her shoes. I pulled on my pants and put on my shirt and shoes, grabbed my wallet and said “Let’s go.”

We walked to the subway, and caught a train quickly. Three stops, and holding hands we walked up toward the hotel where I had left my things. Since this was to be an extended trip I had brought two large suitcases of stuff, but it was still all packed so I it wouldn’t be too hard to move to Jenn’s.

We reached the hotel and walked through the lobby to the elevators, pushing the button for up. When it chimed and the doors opened there was already a young looking couple in it, looking wet and wrapped in towels – presumably coming from the pool. Our destination, the 16th floor was already selected, the doors closed and up we went. As we waited to arrive on our floor I heard the girl say softly to the boy “When did you say your parents would be back?” He replied that it would probably be at least another hour. Then the doors opened.

My room was on the opposite corner of the building from the elevators, so it seemed like going into the left or right hallway should be almost the same. I headed right, and the other couple went left. As we got to the far corner of the building, and the door to the room, I heard the thump of a door closing just around the corner and guessed that our elevator partners had the neighboring room. We went into my room, of course finding the suitcases where I had left them next to the bed. I had only taken out my toilet kit, which was in the bathroom, and had the clothes I’d worn for travel in the dresser drawer.

“I’ll just grab my things from the bathroom, toss in my clothes and we’ll be good to go” I said, moved the suitcases over next to the door, and then went into the bathroom to collect my shaving kit. I also brushed my teeth, and then went pee and flushed before grabbing my kit and going back into the main room. Jenn was standing hear the head of the bed, near the wall, which seemed odd. She held a finger up to her lips, then wagged her forefinger to beckon me over.

I had a quizzical look I guess and she whispered “Listen.”

I really didn’t hear anything for a minute, and shrugged and said “What?”

Then came a soft but clear moan from the neighboring room. Jenn whispered again “It must be those kids, they wanted to have the room alone before his parents got back, you know what that means.” She made a circle with her forefinger and thumb, then moved the middle finger of adıyaman escort the other hand in and out. She nibbled on my ear, saying softly “It really excites me to hear other people having sex.” There was another sensual moan from the next room, clearly from the girl. Jenn kissed me, and slid her hand down to rub my crotch.

“Oh yesss” came from the next room, and Jenn started to unbuckle my belt, then opened the button and unzipped me. My pants dropped, and since I had no underwear on my cock immediately popped out, already stiffening in anticipation. I started to lift Jenn’s dress, but she pushed my hands away and kneeled down in front of me. With her hands on my thighs she slowly moved forward, opened her mouth and slid the tip of my cock in. I was already erect, but her licking and soft sucking brought me to bone-like hardness. She was treating it like a lollipop, licking it from one side then another, putting it all in her mouth and then sliding it slowly out sucking as she did so. Each time her tongue moved over the especially sensitive spot on the underside it induced a spasm, muscles clenching making the whole cock throb. She clearly enjoyed making this happen, but she kept changing the stimulation she was applying.

There were more sounds from the neighboring room. I guessed the layout probably mirrored my room, so the bed was against the wall we were near. “Keep doing that … oh fuck yes… right there… right there… ” we heard, making me think he was licking her pussy. Jenn looked up at me smiling as she sucked, her eyes sparkling with enjoyment.

As the moans got more frequent next door Jenn’s motions became more deliberate, one hand moving up onto my shaft and pumping it, and the other playing with my balls that were already pulled up and quite tight in the sack. Her head moved steadily back and forth, giving me the sensation of really fucking me with her mouth. She moved her tongue, altering the sensation somewhat depending on where it was. I think she heard the urgency in the moans next door and applied even more suction on me. A series of sharp cries next door signaled the girls orgasm and that put me over the top.

“Oh god Jenn I’m gonna cum” I moaned, a little more loudly than I intended. She continued and within a few seconds the first jet of cum shot into her mouth, “Uhhhhh” I gasped loudly with each successive squirt. Finally after six or seven my balls were empty and the spasms of my orgasm stopped. Jenn very deliberately swallowed, then wrapped her fingers at the base of my cock and stroked up slowly, producing a last bead of cum at the tip, which she licked off. She stood up and kissed me with lots of tongue, leaving the faint taste of semen in my mouth.

Next door was quiet at that point. I pushed Jenn back toward the bed whispering to her “I wanna make you cum now!”

She laughed and kissed me again, then whispered back “You already did … you just weren’t paying attention. When you started cumming in my mouth, with the sounds from next door I came too. Not as big as the last few you gave me, but definitively an orgasm.”

“Oh no, no, that doesn’t count.” I stepped over to the bed and quickly tossed all the extra pillows karabük escort to the far side, and then pulled down the cover. I stepped back to Jenn, and as I embraced her pushed her back toward the bed. As her legs came into contact with the edge of it she flopped backward onto it. I reached over and lifted her dress, then slowly pulled down her silky little panties as she extended her legs to let me take them off. “These seem a little damp?” I commented.

“You do that to me you know.” she replied matter of factly.

I spread her legs apart, exposed her dark furry patch to my lustful eyes. I pulled her slightly forward so her legs were over the edge of the bed, then knelt between them and bent over to kiss my way up her thighs. As I got higher she spread her legs further apart to give me access to her honeypot. I kissed her mound, then with both hands spread open her vulva and licked slowly from bottom to top. Jenn moaned softly, and I licked again but taking more time to sample all the parts as I moved slowly up, ending with an extended lick over her clit. I pulled back and licked my lips, looking up at Jenn as she looked down at me.

I had stopped paying attention to the room next door, but as we paused briefly I could hear a slapping sound, with a slight squeak of the bed and thump against the wall. It was pretty clear at that point that they were fucking.

Leaning over again I spread Jenn’s pussy again and stuck my tongue as far in to her slick hole as I could, and moving it up and down, my nose was right near her clit. Her scent was amazing, subtle yet like pure distilled sex. As I moved up again I started to focus my tongue on her clit, and moved the first two fingers on my hand up to the vaginal entrance. As I circled her clit with my tongue I pushed the two fingers up into her, eliciting a distinct moan of pleasure. I played with her hard little bump with the tip of my tongue as I slowly pumped my fingers in and out. There started to be moans from the girl next door as the steady rhythmic slapping continued. I gradually increase the pressure of my tongue, and started to curl my fingers upward, rubbing where I hoped that mythical G-spot was, still pumping them slowly in and out. I started to suck on Jenn’s clit instead of playing with my tongue, which caused a distinct gasp. The slapping noise next door was increasing in rate, accompanied by “Ungghh, unggh” kind of moans from the boy. Maybe a minute later the “Ungghh” changed to a slightly higher pitched “Aahhh” with slightly slower but louder slaps as he seemed to thrust hard against the girl, I guessed shooting his load. Just as he finished Jenn let loose, bucking against my tongue as I kept fucking her with my fingers. She cried out loudly over and over as she also came hard. When she finally slowed her movements she reached down and pulled me up and onto her, giving me a deep kiss. We could hear laughing next door, it was not clear if they were laughing about their fun or ours – since we could hear them I was sure they could hear us too.

“You taste and smell like pussy.” Jenn said as she kissed me again and again. She reached down, moving her hand gently over my balls and then up to my cock. “That was fun. We better clean up and check out before you get charged for another day though.” Her hand was wrapped around my cock, which was stiffening again. “Save whatever thought is making that happen” she said, “if you can wait for a little while.”

“I’ll try” I answered. We showered quickly, grabbed my bags and headed back to her (to become our) apartment.

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