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Big Tits

Yes, it’s true. I like showing off and knowing that others are watching me. I don’t talk about it a lot, but other models I’ve been close to and talked to about it say the same thing to me. I don’t know how common it really is though.

Please note that all of the high school characters in this script are at least 18 and getting ready to go to college.

Episode 94: Spying on the Willing

We see a cute young woman in her school uniform come home. She goes to her room, puts her book bag on the floor. She gets her diary from her hiding place and sits at the desk and writes in it. We hear her reciting what she records in the diary as she writes it.

“I successfully spied on Arwyn today. It didn’t take me long to figure out her after-school training program, and I knew that would be the best time to catch her. On Monday and Tuesday, I go to the locker rooms too late to see her. But today, I got there right after she got out of the shower and was at her locker drying off. I pretended to be interested in the same college that Arwyn had applied to and got her to tell me about it while I watched her getting dressed. She’s only about five-two, but her breasts are larger than mine. She has a large birthmark on her right butt. Her pussy is shaved into the shape of a heart, but I don’t think she has a boyfriend or a girlfriend, so I don’t know who she’s doing that for. But like most of the other girls I’ve written about, my favorite part of her are her legs. They’re not skinny, bird legs. I would love to spend a night kissing and licking her inner thighs while my hands run up and down the back of her legs.”

She pauses and starts a new paragraph. “My next target is going to be my Journalism teacher, Miss Heath. Miss Heath has sexy blonde hair that just reaches the bottom of her neck and a round face and green eyes. She’s 27. I think she’s only a couple of inches taller than I am and has a slender body — maybe about 115 pounds. She always wears a blouse and a skirt to school, and the skirt is always above the knees, maybe shorter than anyone else’s there except for Miss Carlson, and I would love to get to touch them. I saw her at the mall one evening when I was at the food court. She had on tight jeans that were really sexy and showed off her cute, little butt that I either want to squeeze or spank.” She takes off her skirt and rubs her pussy through her panties for about five seconds before sighing and picking up the pen again. “I found out where she lives, and it’s only one story. I’m going to go over there bilecik escort tomorrow night and start keeping track of her schedule and figure out the floor plan and if there are any places to spy from.” She puts the diary away and climbs on to her bed. She rolls over on her stomach and has her hand in her panties and is masturbating as the scene fades.

In the new scene, it’s nighttime. Now, the writer is dressed in a T-shirt and jeans and drives into a neighborhood. She parks the car, gets out, and quickly walks to a house down the street. She spots a window with an open shade at the side of a house and sneaks behind the bushes and looks in the window. Inside is a woman who matches the description of Miss Heath. She’s wearing a blouse and skirt and is already barefoot. She watches the woman walking in the room and talking on her phone. Then she puts the phone down on her bed. She takes off her skirt and hangs it up. She unbuttons the top buttons of the blouse and turns around to get her phone. As she picks it up, she looks out the window, and the girl draws back into the bushes. Too late; she’s been scene. Miss Heath tells her caller that she has to go, puts down the phone, opens the window, and looks outside for the girl.

“Kaley, what are you doing outside my window?”

“Uh, good evening Miss Heath. I think I’m lost. I thought this was my friend’s house, but I saw you inside.”

“… and you decided to watch me? Come in here. We’re going to have a chat.” Miss Heath walks to the front door and opens it; she unbuttons another button on her blouse before she gets to the door. At the door, she lets Kaley come in and closes it behind her. “Now then, what were you really doing outside my window? Why are you spying on me?”

Kaley protests. “Oh, no, I’m not spying on you…”

“Don’t insult me like that. I know what you’re doing. And, actually, I admit that I encourage it.”


“You must’ve noticed that I’m an exhibitionist. I like it when people are looking at me, and I always undress with the window open. It excites me to know that men might be watching me. But this is the first time I’ve ever caught a girl watching me.”

“But I wasn’t watching you.”

“Kaley, we’re already past that step. The next question is whether you liked what you saw and want to see more.” Kaley’s stunned and doesn’t know what to answer. Miss Heath waits for an answer but doesn’t get one. “Okay, here’s what we’re doing next. I’m going to go into my bedroom and pull down the shade. escort bilecik Then I’m going to try on some new lingerie that came yesterday. You can either leave, or you can come watch me. What’s it going to be?”

Kaley struggles to answer. She knows that she wants to stay and watch, but she’s not sure if Miss Heath is sincere. “Miss Heath, I don’t know what to say. What do you want me to do?”

“Really? You don’t know what you want to do? Well, I already told you that I like having an audience, so I hope you’ll stay. And if you stay, I also want you to call me Rhonda.”

Kaley relaxes a little. “Okay. Rhonda. Then I’d like to stay and watch. Please. If you’ll let me.”

Rhonda smiles. “Then come along.” She leads Kaley into the bedroom. “Why don’t you sit there on that chair?”

Kaley sits and watches while Rhonda takes off her blouse and walks around in bra and panties for Kaley to admire, then strips off her underwear and puts it into a clothes hamper in the closet. She goes to her dresser and opens the lingerie drawer and takes out a package. She opens it and takes out some new lingerie. She gets scissors from a drawer, cuts off the tag, and puts on the lingerie and then a sexy dress. She walks around and then takes the dress off.

Kaley has been squirming. “Miss Heath? I mean, Rhonda?”

“Yes, Kaley”

“Would you mind if I, well, I’m feeling a bit hot, do you mind if I pull down my jeans and maybe play with myself while I watch?”

Rhonda smiles. “You go right ahead, Kaley. I’m always trying to turn on people watching me.” Kaley unzips her jeans and lowers them to her ankles so she can hub herself on her panties while watching. Rhonda takes off the dress and hangs it and takes off underwear, folds it, and puts it back into the drawer. She takes out a thong and puts it on and then a short skirt and a bra. She keeps looking over and watching Kaley rubbing herself. “Kaley, do you spy on boys, too, or just girls?”

“Just girls. For one thing, it’d be too easy to get a boy to show off for me so it’s not very interesting. But girls are a challenge because they don’t expect another girl to be watching them. Another thing is that boy’s underwear is boring but it’s fun to see all the different styles and colors that women wear.”

“You probably like looking up skirts, too, don’t you?” She pulls up her skirt to show off her thong again.

Kaley just nods, and her hands move under her panties.

“Kaley, it’s really getting me turned on to have a girl bilecik escort bayan watching me. I’ve never felt this way about a girl, but you’re very exciting, very sexy. I wouldn’t ever be comfortable be doing with a man actually in the room, but I feel safe being with a girl. And I’m so turned on, and I have to masturbate now. I don’t mind if you stay. I hope you’ll stay. Would you like to watch me masturbate?”

Kaley’s mouth hangs open, but she can’t speak. She just nods excitedly. Rhonda removes the bra and reaches under her skirt and pulls down the thong. She leans back against the wall, across from Kaley, and pulls up her skirt to masturbates while Kaley watches. Then she takes off the skirt and walks directly in front of Kaley and continues masturbating. “Do you just like to watch or do you like to touch, too?”

Kaley keeps nodding. “I haven’t yet, but I want to. I want to touch and kiss your body, especially your legs!”

“Then lick my pussy.” She pulls Kaley’s head towards her, and Kaley kneels and licks her until Rhonda has an orgasm. Rhonda compliments her and leads her to the bed and tells her to do it again. Kaley licks her to another orgasm. Then Rhonda stretches, feeling satisfied. She tells Kacey that it’s her turn. Rhonda gets up and sits in the chair. She has her thighs spread. “You can take your clothes off for me, and then you can find something in my lingerie drawer to try on.” Kacey undresses like she saw Rhonda do it. Then she looks for some lingerie. She finds something sexy that will fit her and tries it on and walks around. She’s rubbing herself again through the lingerie. “Do you like showing off as much as you do watching? Are you ready for me to lick you”

Kaley is practically hopping with excitement. “Yes, I’m so ready. I don’t know what turns me on more, looking at you sitting like that or undressing and walking around naked for you.”

“Come on my lap.” Kaley sits on her lap so they can kiss while Rhonda fingers her. Next Rhonda removes Kaley’s lingerie and Kaley gets back on her lap for more kissing and fingering. Then Rhonda takes her to the bed so they can kiss and trib until Kaley has an orgasm. Then Rhonda has Kaley lie down so Rhonda can kneel over her face and get licked — and then leans over and 69s with Kaley. When they’re finally both satisfied, Rhonda gets out of the bed and puts her thong back on. “You better get home. We’re going to have a pop quiz tomorrow in class, and you better go get ready for it.” She watches Kaley get dressed and then leads her to the front door. “Tomorrow night, you don’t have to watch from outside.” She kisses Kaley. “I’ll wait for you before I undress” They kiss again “And wear your school uniform.” They kiss again. “And bring some extra lingerie. I want to watch you take off your uniform.” She kisses Kaley one more time, and Kaley leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32