Started the Week with a Bang!

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Welcome to my latest adventure. This, like my other stories, is a true story, my story. And it happened yesterday (21st March, 2022).

I was online few days back, checking out profiles. I chatted with some, but nothing happened. I then came across a profile that really caught my eye. He was very tall, cute, and was within 600 metres of my location! I immediately messaged him, but I didn’t get a reply. I waited, kept checking my phone, but nothing. Thought it just wasn’t my day. Couple of days later (21st), he replied! We started chatting, and I instantly liked him! He was chatty, easy going, seemed lively, and it felt like we were on the same page. Things were progressing very well, and I already knew what I wanted. I was already wet! Anyway, we decided to hookup late that evening. So I took a shower, cleaned up nicely, and left for his place.

He welcomed me into the house, greeted me with a hug, and we sat in his living room! It was a beautiful living room. We started chatting, got to know each other, even checked out his ps4 games collection. He was incredibly nice, and talkative which made me feel sure I was going to enjoy what came next, and his height was a major plus point, because I could totally see him dominate me. While we were chatting, I mentioned what a sweet place it was, and he said, “Yeah, well let me show you my room. It’s a lot nicer than the living room!”

We went to his room, and he climbed into bed, and got under his duvet, and asked me got to climb in. He said he wanted to cuddle a little first, so we did and just talked, and laughed a lot. Then he climbed over me and started kissing my neck. He lifted my legs and put them over his shoulders, and then continued to kiss my neck, and then my chest, and I started to do the same. He began to dry hump me, before proceeding Beşiktaş escort to take off my shorts and underwear. He leaned over me again and then, we kissed. It was a warm and gentle kiss, and then our tongues met. He smiled, and then got up, and took off his clothes. He was standing in his underwear, and I couldn’t take my eyes off his bulge. I crawled over and put my hands on it and said, “woah, how big is this?”

He replied, “why don’t you find out?”

I pulled down his underwear, and my eyes lit up. It was at least 7 inches long. Without wasting any time, I leaned forward whilst in a crawling position, and gripped his cock with one hand, and went to work. I licked the base of his cock, and ran my tongue up his length, and over the head, before taking it into my mouth. I started to move my head in anti-clockwise motions, taking in more and more with every motion, until I was gagging on all 7 inches.

I took off my shirt, and then he pushed me onto my back. He leaned over to the bedside and got some lube onto his fingers, and proceeded to finger fuck me. Couldn’t tell how many fingers he’d slipped in, but it felt good. Then he put on a condom and pushed his cock into anus. With my legs over his shoulder, he began to thrust into me bit by bit, until he was completely inside me. “Ahh. Oh fuck yeah. Aww. Oh yeah.” He continued to fuck me hard and I was getting louder and louder. I loved how he was making me scream, and it was a good thing he was home alone.

He moved away and I laid sideways. He laid sideways behind me, and I lifted one leg up, allowing him to put his cock inside me again. As he began to fuck me, he proceeded to kiss my neck and shoulders, and I extended one arm to hold his head. I then turned over with my back facing up, and got ready for doggy Beşiktaş escort bayan style.

He came from behind and started ramming into my anus and I started moaning, and then screaming. “Ahh. Ahh. Ahh. Ahh. Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Ahh.” I continued to scream, and the bed was creaking loud!

I then told him to stop, but we didn’t change positions. This time, I started to push my anus against his cock. I wanted to control the pace, but in a few seconds, he pushed my head against the bed and started ramming me from behind. I wanted to take it slow but I loved the way he was in control so I kept going. Then I told him to lay back and I squatted over him, taking his cock into my anus. This time I really was controlling the pace. I started to bounce on his cock, and the bed creaked louder and louder.

After a while, I told him to stop because I needed a break and we just laid back, and continued to chat. And then the best thing happened. I got into a sort of role-playing mood. I wanted to enact my fantasy of being controlled or dominated. And the best part was, he was completely in sync. I didn’t have to tell him anything or give him a heads up or anything.

While we were chatting, he said, “I can fuck you again when you’re ready.”

“What if I don’t want to?”, I replied. He immediately climbed over me, and put on another condom.

“You don’t have a choice”, he said. My heart was racing at this point.

I looked him in the eyes and said, “well I’m not doing this”, and began to move away. He immediately put his hand on my neck and considering how much bigger and stronger he was, I couldn’t move.

He leaned forward and whispered, “you don’t want to make me hungry.”

“No, stop”, I said.

As though he didn’t hear me, he said, “I’m in control Escort beşiktaş now, and I’m going to fuck you hard.”

He turned me over and from behind, he grabbed my waist and slid his cock into my anus. We went at again for a while.

“Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!” He continued to ram into me mercilessly. After a while, I genuinely asked him to stop. I’d hardly spent any time with his cock in my mouth and as much as I enjoyed him doing ungodly things with me, I wanted him in my mouth more than in my anus.

He laid back and relaxed and I began to suck him delicately. I held his balls with one hand, and gripped his cock with the other as I started to suck him off. He then said, “I’m going to fuck you again. I want to cum in you.”

I looked up and said, “I’ve never swallowed. I want to try. And I want you to be standing up when you do it.”

He obliged. He dropped a pillow on the floor for me to get on my knees, and he stood up. He stood so close, I had to lean back to hold his cock, and then leaned forward to take it in my mouth. I went on to suck him again, and continued to devour his cock. He then said, “to make me cum, you have to suck faster.” So, I did.

Then he took it out of his mouth and started to wank really hard and the said, “oh I’m going to cum!” I leaned forward with my mouth open and looked at his cock like my life depended on it. I then took his whole cock into my mouth and he immediately came. He shot load after load into my mouth, straight into my throat. I gagged hard and it got a bit too much. I choked a little and some came out, and started dripping from my chin.

I leaned forward and sucked him again. I cleaned up his cock with my mouth. I wanted more, but I knew it was over for the night. We then laid in bed and continued to chat, and laugh some more. While he was talking, I was laying sideways beside him, and although I was listening to him, I had gripped his cock and kept stroking it slowly. He looked at me and laughed. “Don’t be a slut. I’m tired.” We laughed. And then we got dressed, and then I left, already thinking about next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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