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The morning sun streams in through the windows of the bedroom. Andrew opens his eyes slowly. “What a night,” he thinks to himself.

He turns his head slowly to see the sensuous figure sleeping next to him in blissful slumber. Her reddish-blonde hair is wrapped around her peaceful face. The sheet is pulled down just enough that he can glimpse her perky breasts, now standing “at ease.” Her lightly-tanned skin is marked in indiscriminate patterns with tiny beauty marks. Her breathing is shallow, relaxed and barely audible in the silence of the new day.

The sight of her breasts brings a tingling and familiar hardening sensation to his loins. “How did this all happen,” he ponders, unsure whether the question was spoken aloud, or confined to his pounding head. . . .

The night started innocently enough. He went to the local corner bar, as he had every Friday night for the past two years, looking for nothing but distant companionship. Even though the last thing he wanted was to meet someone, he certainly needed the comfort he gleaned from the proximity of other people during this troubled time. It had been a long hard road back to sanity after the separation from the woman he still considered the “love of his life.” The divorce papers he had received in the mail earlier that day shattered his wounded heart all over again. The stitches that had begun to heal were ripped apart like the shredded envelope he left on the floor. He was flooded with the guilt and shame he had been trying to bury, for what now seemed like a thousand lifetimes.

Why they had separated was still a nagging question he asked himself each and every morning when he awoke from his solitary slumber, and each and every night when he put his weary head on his pillow. Sure, he worked too much. But, she certainly loved the money and power he garnered as he climbed his way to the top of the legal tower at the law firm. It was only after she hit her “mid-life crisis” that the time he spent making a living for them became an issue. Could he have pulled back a bit from work? Yes. Could she have been more patient and understanding? Hell yes. In the end they just moved in different directions. She was lonely, and he was obsessed with the money and power he thought would make them happy.

After pulling himself together from the shock of receiving the divorce papers, he stripped out of his lawyer uniform, shaved, and donned a stylish, two-tone, silk button down shirt and a pair of easy-fitting jeans. He debated and eventually decided on his “scent-of-choice” for the evening.

Walking into his familiar watering hole, he immediately made his way to the little table in the back of the bar, where he had sought refuge on so many lonely nights. The bar-maid quickly brought him a tall Labatt’s and he tried to warm to her obvious overtures. She was young, probably a little too young for him, but nonetheless extremely attractive. Her thin, supple legs beneath her short black skirt, certainly tempted him in the most basic of ways. However, on this night he could barely offer a smile to the gorgeous pearly whites she flashed his way. Tonight, more than any other night, he just wanted to be alone.

As the evening progressed, he idly watched the commotion of the bar around him: friends meeting up to share a drink and a laugh; the two attractive couples sharing a game of pool and, by the looks of things, a whole lot more later that evening; and the baseball game playing on the televisions above the bar, periodically drew his idle attention.

As the hours passed, he proceeded to once again drink himself to numbing intoxication. . . .

Andrew rolls onto his back and places his fingers to his throbbing temples. “How the fuck did this happen?” he whispers to the devil on his shoulder. Seeing that the angel to his right is still tucked away in heavenly sleep, he closes his eyes and turns introspective once again. . . .

He knew she was there even before he lifted his eyes from his beer glass. He could sense her with every muscle and nerve in his body.

“Howdy stranger,” she said as she stood with her hands on her hips a few feet in front of his tiny table. Her face was amazing- smooth shiny skin, light make-up and a brilliant smile. Her hazel eyes burned into his soul with a fire and intensity that melted through his growing numbness. She was at most 5 feet tall. Her shoulder-length, light colored hair, hung loose about her shoulders in seamlessly never-ending spiraled curls. She wore a white t-shirt, cut tight to her taught bosom, with a sparkly sequin heart nestled between her ample breasts. Her ruffled jean skirt was short, but not too short, so as to remove any mystery from the equation. Her proportions were ataşehir escort perfectly symmetrical and, for a moment, Andrew thought that he was seeing an angel sent from heaven to mercifully take him from his self-inflicted misery. She had never looked this beautiful to him before.

He was barely able to stammer a “hello” in return as his breath caught at the sight of the beauty before his, red-tinged, brown eyes. He realized in that moment that he had secretly hoped she would be there on this night.

“Do you mind if I join you,” she said with a subtle smile.

“Sure, if you really want to,” he muttered, feeling a rush of blood to his cheeks.

As she lithely moved to sit across from him, he caught a whiff of her perfume. His nostrils flared at the invasion and his heart began to race. If beauty had a smell, this would be it.

“Can I get you a drink,” he asked her. Even before the words escaped his lips he noticed that she already had a mixed drink of some sort in her hand.

“I am good, thank you,” she said, kindly not bringing out his lack of attentiveness.

Still he felt obligated to utter a quick, “Sorry. I see that you are already taken care of. How silly of me.” Inside his mind, he kicked himself hard.


Andrew quickly drank down the last 1/3 of beer from his glass and leapt with both feet into the fire.

“I was really hoping that I would get the chance to talk with you,” he said mustering as much of a smile as he could on his weary face.

“I came here to see you,” she said bashfully with her head down, only lifting her beautiful eyes to look into his own.

Andrew’s heart raced at the thought that she had descended to this watering hole just to see him. Dare he hope that there was a chance?

“You seem sad, handsome,” she said with obvious concern.

“I was until you sat down,” he exhaled through shallow breaths.

“Is there anything I can do to pick you up,” she said coyly, while reaching across to place her manicured hand on his own weathered hand.

The touch of her hand on his own sent electrical shocks throughout his entire body. He could sense in her eyes, for a fleeting moment, that she felt the jolt as well.

“You being here has erased all of my sadness dear lady,” he said in his smoothest delivery. “Anything more at this point would be sheer pleasure.”

“Anything,” she said slowly breaking the word into minute syllables. “That certainly sounds like an invitation to me.”

With her words Andrew immediately felt a hard-on sprouting in his suddenly un-relaxed jeans. He wanted to grab her hand, pull her around the suddenly giant table between them, and clutch her into his aching arms. It had been so long since he had wanted a woman this much. He could feel all of the pain, sadness and misery of the last two years melting from the heat generated by the dazzling woman before him. He wanted her, and he was pretty sure that she wanted him. Was it too soon? He had so much baggage to lay at her feet. He wondered to himself whether she was willing to sift through all that. Maybe, she just wanted some fun and done. Hell, what did it matter at this point. He had hit bottom, it was time for him to start “rising” again.

“Follow me,” he said getting up from his chair, and taking one of her lovely hands into his own strong hand.

Andrew knew exactly where he was taking her. He pulled her across the room, negotiating the tables and patrons, to the small door on the side leading to the restrooms, kitchen and storage area.

He could not even recall if she said anything to him, or if she showed any hesitation.

As they pushed into the hallway, he felt her free hand come around and begin to caress his strong chest. As they pushed through the door to the storage area, his lips sought hers. The collision was explosive and passionate. He grabbed her around the waist and lifted her onto a broken bar stool so that she was seated with her legs open and her mouth at the same height as his own.

Andrew quickly shut and locked the door and pulled the chain hanging down from the sole source of light in the room: a solitary, uncovered, light bulb. It’s soft light shed a warm glow on their irrelevant surroundings. He moved in and continued to kiss her. Their tongues darted heatedly in their mouths. Their aggression was equal and relentless. He brought his hands up to her breasts and felt her nipples hardening beneath the t-shirt and lace bra beneath. With both hands he pulled on the t-shirt at the bottom of the cut-out on the front tearing the shirt in two from top to bottom, slightly exposing her incredible breasts. His hands worked feverishly up her back and quickly unclasped her bra kadıköy escort freeing her breasts to his eyes and his eager hands. The feeling of her nipples between his fingers gave him an immediate rush of adrenaline. They were engorged and there for his taking. So he did.

He moved his mouth from her lips, to her neck, gently sucking and nibbling his way to the point where it lusciously met her collar bone. He then descended with his tongue to her right, and then her left, breast. At each stop, he lightly flicked her nipples to get their attention. Her hands sifted through his short, dark, hair, urging him further in his exploration of her body.

His hand moved to her legs, which had somehow become wrapped around him, like a trap holding its prey. He pushed his hand up her thigh and moved aside the thin barrier provided by the very wet, pink, thong. His finger were singed by the heat emanating from her sopping center. His mouth returned to hers. As he thrust his tongue deep into her waiting mouth his finger plunged upward into her wanting pussy. She came instantaneously.

The feeling of her juices running across his hand and down his arm only provoked him into fucking her with his finger more. He gently turned his hand over, so that it was facing palm up, and thrust his index and middle fingers into her eager pussy. He sought out and located the rough spot on the roof of her vagina and began to coax, with a come-hither motion, her g-spot.

She wrapped her hands around his torso, and dug her nails deeply into his back through his silk shirt, causing him to grunt in the painful pleasure of it all. A low moan escaped her full lips as his hands began to toy and tease her towards another orgasm.

He once again moved down and took her left nipple into his mouth. He sucked down very hard – so hard that she caught her breath. He did not stop, and she did not make any sign that she wanted him too.

As her pelvis and hips raised he knew that she was nearing another climax, so he increased the pressure of his fingers on her g-spot. With a sexy whimper, she came again: her lips clenching and spasming on his invading fingers.

Andrew now reached up with both hands and removed her thong. He lifted her skirt high enough to take in the beauty of her clean-shaven pussy. Her lips were pouting eagerly at him.

“I want you inside me,” she said in a husky voice.

Her hands began to work on his belt and zipper. She tugged at his engorged cock, letting out an audible sigh of pleasure at finding his immense arousal. She used her feet to remove his jeans leaving him standing before her with his throbbing cock poking though the slit in his boxers.

Andrew pulled down his boxers and stepped closer leaving the head of his manhood nestled on her smooth labia.

His hands reached down and grabbed her taught ass and pulled her closer to the edge of the stool. Agonizingly, he slid her to the edge until her ass was barely on the seat. Slowly, he lowered her opening onto his incredibly hard shaft.

The feeling of her heat enveloping his cock as she slid lower, and lower still, ultimately resting balls deep on his cock, was incredible. He pulled out and thrust quickly back in. He continued this assault on her pussy gradually increasing the tempo. She reclined her torso backwards finding the wall behind her with her hands for support. This position raised her breasts up for close and intimate inspection by Andrew. He definitely liked what he saw.

His need to fuck this woman; cum in this woman, was incredible.

He began to grunt with exertion as he repeatedly embedded his dick into her slick, warm, wetness.

The stool fell over leaving him holding her up to him with the only support being his hands beneath her ass. Her legs were wrapped around his back. Her moans began to keep time with his labored grunts. Their breathing fell in unison with the chain swinging from the solitary light casting its shadow on the wall.

Her legs dropped down his and she reached towards him grabbing him around his neck.

As her feet hit the floor she pulled away from him. The loss of her heat on his cock brought a chill up his spine. She dropped to her knees and grabbed hold of his penis with her hand. He felt her tongue start at the base and begin to lovingly move up lapping her juices into her mouth.

“Hmmm . . .I taste sweet,” she muttered from below.

Andrew began to enjoy the feeling of her mouth, lips and tongue on his dick and balls. His hands reached into her curls and pulled her mouth further onto him. She moaned, and began to move her mouth faster, taking care to tug at the head of his cock with her lips and tongue.

After what seemed like bostancı escort bayan an eternity, Andrew knew that if he did not stop her soon he would cum into her mouth. As great as that would feel, he wanted, no he needed, to cum inside her fire-hot pussy.

He grabbed her ears and gently pulled her up before him into a long and tasty kiss. She had not lied. She tasted sweet and musky. The taste of her drove him crazy with want for more.

He slowly walked her backwards, in a gentle tango of kisses, gropes and passion, towards a covered pool table in the corner. As her fine ass hit the table, he not too gently flipped her around placing her hands on the oak rails.

She turned to look back at him with fire gleaming in her hazel eyes, “cum in me, make me yours,” she said with sultry lust in her voice.

As he flipped up her denim skirt to reveal her heart-shaped ass, he could not help but marvel at the beauty of the moment.

Her pussy was still very wet and he slid into her easily, deeply. He began to thrust with animal passion. All of the pent up anger, emotion and heartbreak he had felt the past two years was delivered with each smack of his balls on her pussy and ass. He wanted her to beg him to stop. He wanted her to plead with him to stop fucking her. His hands moved up and grabbed her ass and spread her cheeks apart to further enhance his attack on her.

She laid her head down on the rail and closed her eyes, clearly lost in the moment. Her right hand slipped down and began to caress his balls, while her left hand toyed with her clit. The feeling she provided to him only served to make him drive into her harder and faster.

Over and over he thrust into her. She began to moan and move her head about rustling the plastic cover on the table. He continued to fuck her harder; faster; deeper. His eyes closed as he began to feel the release welling up inside. With one final earth-shattering thrust he drove into her releasing his seed and fluid into her center. At the same moment, she came mixing her juices with his own. Her walls clenched on his draining cock as if to suck every last drop of him into her.

They collapsed to the floor leaning against the legs of the pool table.

He looked over into her hazel eyes, blazing now with the glory of orgasm, and he melted.

His hands came up to his face as the tears of two-years of guilt, frustration and loneliness welled up uncontrollably.

His walls had finally come down. He could start over now.

She sat there in silence with him. He was surprised, but very glad, that she did not leave. After what seemed like forever, his tears dried and they each began to go about dressing themselves. He put his silk shirt on her, to replace her shirt that he had unceremoniously destroyed earlier.

The walk back to his place was golden. She held his hand and he hers. No words were spoken. She gave him space and time.

As they entered his home, she went to the restroom to freshen up, while he went to get her a replacement t-shirt from the bedroom.

As he stood with his back to the bedroom door, he sensed her once again behind him. He could smell her perfume. He could taste her still on his lips.

“I am here for you,” she said easing all his fears.

“I . . .,” he uttered while turning around only to be interrupted by her mouth and tongue descending on his own. Her kiss was passionate and gentle with just a hint of tease. Her lips tasted like strawberries.

He took her into his arms and pulled her close to his naked chest. His need for her this time was no longer animal – it was the need to be close with someone special.

They made love all night. It was intimate, gentle at times, rough when expected. The feel of her incredible body beneath his own was mesmerizing to his aching heart. With each touch, kiss, caress and thrust his heart repaired itself to be ready to start over.

After she rode him like any good cowgirl, she collapsed on the bed beside him. Her naked body glistened with a cool sheen of sweat in the full-moon light coming in the windows.

He laid there in bed beside her for what seemed an eternity. He watched her fall into sleep. Everything he had always wanted was lying there beside him, but what did it all mean? Finally, he too drifted to sleep. . . .

Andrew hears her begin to stir. She turns and looks at him, while slowly opening her eyes.

“Were you watching me?” she asks, in barely a whisper, her face partially hidden by the falling tresses of her hair.

“Yes. It has been such a long time since I last slept with an angel,” Andrew whispers, with hope pounding in his heart. “I wanted to capture this moment forever.”

“Forever started last night my handsome husband,” she says with a smile spreading from her hazel eyes to her full, pouting lips. “Care to help me burn those divorce papers?”

“I was hoping you would say that my love,” Andrew exhales, as his life, and love, start over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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