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My Dad was always away on some sort of business trip. That always left my Mom and myself to fend for ourselves. I know you shouldn’t have thoughts about your mother but my Mom was so hot and being eighteen I was always horny. Mom had these huge tits that I just couldn’t take my eyes from. I knew I was going to do something I would regret.

One night when my Dad was away I was in my bedroom. I had stripped out of my clothes and I was on my back stroking my cock. I guess I am lucky as I have a big dick. Unfortunately I haven’t had much sex at nineteen years old. I was getting near to cumming when I heard this cry. It sure sounded like my mother. I got up from the bed and tiptoed down the hallway. I heard it again, it was my Mom.

It sounded like she was having sex. I cracked her door just a few inches and looked in. My Mom was naked on her back and I could see her using her fingers to touch her pussy. Damn, I wanted to open the door and walk in. I stood there for a few minutes before I made up my mind. I figured all she could do was yell at me and tell me to leave.

I opened her door the whole way and barged into her bedroom. Boy, did my Mom’s eyes go big.

“What are you doing here Eric?”

“I heard you Mom, I had to see you,” I told her.

There we were both naked and staring at each other. I walked closer to the bed. My cock was standing straight out still. I could see Mom had her eyes focused illegal bahis on my erection. She still didn’t tell me to leave so I climbed up onto the bed. I knew the next few seconds were going to tell me whether or not I would get what I wanted. I parted my Mom’s legs and I crawled in between them.

“We can’t Eric.”

Her words were saying no but her face said something else. I took hold of my cock and I began to rub the head across her damp opening. Mom let out this moan that told me I should continue. I was sliding my erect member up and down her slit. Mom reached out and took hold of my cock. She guided me to her folds and I started to slide into my Mom’s pussy.

I only had the head inside her. Mom threw her head back. I continued pushing my prick into my Mom’s pussy. I got the whole thing inside her. Mom brought her legs around my back and scissored me with them. I began to feed my Mom with my cock. We went very slow at first. I was looking down at my Mom’s big tits. Her nipples were so erect. I lowered my mouth and took turns sucking each one into my mouth.

My mother might have been in her mid-forties but her pussy felt so tight. She was squeezing my dick as I fed her all eight inches of my rod. We got into a rhythm, Mom pushed back each time I thrust into her greedy hole. My balls were hitting her ass hard as I sped up my fucking.

“You’re so fucking big, Eric.”

I just had to have my Mom, illegal bahis siteleri that was all there was to it. I had to make her completely mine. Mom placed her hands on my ass cheeks as if she was guiding me. I would circle my cock around to let Mom feel every inch of me. Mom eventually told me to stop. I didn’t want to but she had something else in mind. She unlocked her legs and pulled away from me. Mom told me to get on my back. I did as she asked.

My Mom then got on top of me. I felt her hand guide my shaft to her pussy and she slid down onto my cock. Mom rode me like I was some sort of wild beast. Her big tits were slapping against her chest, so I reached up and took each one into my hands. I was milking those big cans as Mom slammed down hard onto my groin. We ended up fucking like that for what had to be a half hour at least. I eventually felt that pinch in my balls, I knew I was getting close.

I didn’t ask my Mom if I should pull out or not. I just wanted to cream my Mom’s pussy. I brought my ass up hard a few more times and I unloaded. As soon as my Mom felt my hot milk she let out this scream. Her pussy muscles tugged hard on my cock and I flooded her pussy with more seed. All I can tell you is that I had a big load stored up. I could see that my cum was pouring from my Mom’s hole.

Mom kept milking my prick until I got soft. My mother finally fell onto my chest and she held me tight with canlı bahis siteleri her arms. I almost had to calm her down. Her body was shaking so badly. It got to the point where my cock slipped out and Mom finally got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. When she returned she got onto the bed and we kissed for some minutes.

“This is just between us,” she told me.

I wasn’t about to tell anyone what had happened between my Mom and myself. We fell asleep together that night. In the morning when I woke my Mom used her mouth to get me hard once more. I ended up fucking my Mom as she got onto her hands and knees. With my hands on her hips I fed her my cock. Mom was even more vocal that morning. I must have been hitting just the right spot. Mom ended up squirting. She sprayed my cock with her hot juices. I thought that was the hottest thing I ever experienced.

Dad wasn’t due back for some days yet. My Mom and I shared each other until he got back. To be honest, my cock was getting raw from all the sex we had together. Mom told me that Dad was away so much that she had to take care of her needs most of the time. When I walked into her bedroom that night, everything changed. She said that it was wrong for a son and his mother to do what we did but seeing my cock made her lose any self-control she had.

Thankfully when my Dad got home he didn’t stay long. I normally am fucking my Mom twice a day. We have done it every place imaginable and she tells me she can’t get enough of my cock. I was thinking about moving out on my own before we fucked but I am having second thoughts. I want to be close so Mom and I can continue what we started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32