Stein’s Girl Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 – Clothes and Kathleen

Dr. Stein sat at his private desk. Occasionally he glanced at the many monitors arrayed in front of him, occasionally he wrote something down on his clipboard. As he wrote he talked to himself.

“Battery level – very poor. Have to do something about the drain on the battery.” He glanced up from his clipboard to the bottom monitor. “Still in the cab. I see the PH69 levels are starting to rise again.” Stein glanced at his watch and then made a note of the time. “55 minutes since the last peak. Ah here we are. Going into a clothes store are we my dear? This should be interesting.”


Angelique, having paid the fare with some of the cash that Dr. Stein had given her before she had left the clinic, stepped out of the cab and looked around. Random bits of thought and hazy memories struggled through her dazed mind. She was momentarily unsure of herself, of where she was and why she was there. And then she saw the mannequins in the window in front of her. They were posed in provocative positions, dressed in casual summer fashions. With a smile Angelique remembered that she wanted to buy some clothes. All she had to wear was an old flannel shirt and Khaki pants, both of which had originally belonged to Stein. Neither fitted her well and she had to constantly be pulling at the pants to keep them on her hips.

Some underwear, a bra perhaps, and a dress. That was what Angelique had wanted when she had first gotten in the cab. That was why she was standing now in front of this store. Finally, more certain of herself, she walked with momentary confidence into the store, her left hand holding up her pants.

Once inside some of Angelique’s confidence faded. A wave of deja vu filled her, as did a sudden awareness of a growing physical desire. She struggled to focus her mind and turned her head this way and that way looking for… something. Her eyes drifted over the many circular racks of clothing, focusing for a moment on a tall, blonde man. He was standing with one hand on the shoulder of a woman, also blonde. They were obviously a couple, looking for clothes for the woman. Angelique thought suddenly of the man naked, his hard cock buried between her hips. She shivered from the almost palpable feeling of pleasure that the thought gave her and forced herself to look past them, trying to put thoughts of sex out of her mind. She saw row after row of brassieres and panties just past the endearing couple and so stumbled in that direction.

As Angelique walked between the hanging pieces of lingerie she once more experienced a wave of desire for sexual pleasure. She was getting horny. Her breathing began to deepen and she could feel her pussy wetting from the idea of sex. Thinking about bras did not do much to alleviate her train of thought. Absently, her eyes scanned the various sizes on a row of escort black lacy bras. She saw 32B and for some reason that seemed right to her. Reaching out, she lifted one of the black bras off the hook it hung from.

“Can I help you? Are you finding everything all right?”

Angelique glanced over at the petite woman standing just a few feet away from her. Her name-tag read “Kathleen” and she was dressed in a simple white skirt and blue blouse. She stood only five feet tall, even in two inch heels, and were it not for the slight wrinkling around the eyes and the slight peppering of grey hair in her black hair, she might have passed for a teenager.

When Angelique did not answer right away, Kathleen was momentarily at a loss. The taller brunette was staring at her strangely and she was breathing heavily. For a moment Kathleen thought the woman might be on drugs, certainly her clothing was suggestive of somebody on the skids.

“What do you need?” Kathleen asked, trying to smile sweetly.

“I need to get fucked,” answered Angelique rather thickly.

Kathleen laughed, rather startled by the blunt response. “Don’t we all, sweetheart.” Kathleen took a deep breath and decided to play the scene professionally. “Do you need some clothes? Looking for something for a hot date perhaps?”

Angelique stared strangely at Kathleen, and then a moment later she nodded. She could feel herself beginning to sweat from desire and she thought once more of having a man’s cock in her pussy. Her thoughts felt strange and disjointed.

“I have money,” said Angelique suddenly and she pulled out a wad of cash from the left pocket of her pants. The action caused her pants to start to fall and she grabbed at them, dropping several twenty dollar bills on the floor in the process.

“Oh, darling, you don’t need to be waving that at me.” Kathleen bent to pick up the money and as she moved closer to Angelique to do so she caught a whiff of the other woman’s scent. It was like Caramel and Flowers all combined, sweet and heady. Almost immediately, Kathleen realized she liked this strange woman. She smoothed out the cash and put it back in Angelique’s hand.

All smiles now, Kathleen began to talk, her inhibitions and uncertainties forgotten. “So you need a bra? And some new pants I would guess, perhaps a dress? I think black would look good on you. Darling! 32B? If you wear a B cup I’ll buy it for you myself. It’s hard to tell in that shirt but you must be a D cup at least.”

Kathleen stopped talking for a moment for Angelique’s face was suddenly displaying signs of puzzlement and confusion. Angelique stared at the bra she held in her left hand and then her right hand reached up and felt her left breast, feeling it’s size. Confusion mixed suddenly with the pleasure of touching her own breast and tears began to form at the edge of Angelique’s bursa eve gelen escort eyes.

“Don’t cry!” Kathleen felt horrible. This wonderful woman should not be crying. “We’ll measure you. Let’s grab some of these things and on the way to the back we’ll grab a couple of dresses and let you try them on. New clothes will make you fell better. Promise.”

Kathleen made a guess at the other woman’s size and grabbing some of the bras, she shepherded Angelique towards the fitting rooms in the back of the store. Angelique let herself be led and they paused only long enough to pull some dresses off of the rack.

The fitting rooms were empty and Kathleen, taking only a moment to find a measuring tape, led Angelique into the largest of the fitting rooms, one designed to allow a wheelchair. It would be comfortable for two people.

“Alright sweety,” said Kathleen, “Let’s get you measured. I need you to undo that shirt. It’s a little too bulky. We’ll get a better fit without it.”

Angelique stood for a moment, unmoving. Kathleen thought for a moment that the other was too shy but the truth was almost the opposite. So desirous was Angelique for sexual gratification that she almost could not think coherently. With thick fingers, she reached up and undid the buttons on her flannel shirt, letting it fall to the ground. Then, staring hard at Kathleen, she undid the button on here pants. They fell down around her ankles and she stepped closer to Kathleen.

Kathleen stared at this perfect woman, her round, firm breasts; her flat stomach, no fat on her anywhere; her perfectly smooth pussy, so obviously wet. The smell of Caramel filled Kathleen’s olfactory senses and for some reason she found herself thinking of Justin, her ex-husband. The man was a bastard and she was well rid of him, but he had been fantastic in bed. Then she thought of Carl, her fiancee and his hard cock. For a moment she had a brief image of Justin taking her from behind and Carl taking her from the front. With a deep breath she tried to bring herself back to the here and now. She needed to measure this marvelous woman’s marvelous breasts.

Reaching behind Angelique, Kathleen pulled the tape measure around. The feel of Angelique’s smooth flesh was like that of silk and Kathleen found herself thinking of silk sheets on naked skin. Angelique’s breast were almost at eye level for Kathleen and she stared, fascinated at the small, pert nipples, their size and dark pink coloring a contrast with the larger globes upon which they rested.

“I wish I had tits like that,” said Kathleen audibly and tape measure forgotten for the moment, she rubbed the left breast tenderly. Angelique moaned from the touch and rotated her hips sensually.

“I think I love you,” said Kathleen, “You’re so beautiful. So wonderful. You smell so delicious.” görükle escort Part of her wondered, confused at her feelings. She knew she loved Carl. They were going to get married. She had never been turned on by a woman, though Justin had once tried to force her to share him with a hired slut (that had been the final straw that broke their relationship), but she couldn’t imagine anyone more wonderful than this pale, luscious creature she was touching.

Angelique said nothing in return but she moved her head lower and kissed Kathleen on the cheek and then tenderly on the lips. Kathleen felt the other woman’s tongue, tasted her saliva in her mouth and suddenly it was as if she could feel Carl inside her, moving. Unconsciously, one hand, her left hand, slid down, into her own skirt and she touched herself, aroused and horny. Angelique stood straight and then started guiding Kathleen’s face towards her large breasts.

With one hand holding Angelique’s back and the other hand working itself inside her cunt, Kathleen sucked hungrily at the proffered breasts. First one and then the other. The more she licked, the hornier she became. The hornier she felt, the more she sucked.

“Eat my pussy,” moaned Angelique finally, enjoying the pleasure coursing through her body but wanting more. Kathleen did not immediately comply, so caught up was she in the feel of Angelique’s firm tits in her mouth. Her own finger had never felt so good and she could feel herself approaching a climax.

“Eat My Pussy!” growled Angelique, loudly and this time Kathleen did drop to her knee, stretching the band of her skirt around her forearm. The hand that had been cradling Angelique’s back now grabbed her shapely rear and as Angelique spread her legs Kathleen slid her tongue along the already wet cunt of her new lover. The taste was unlike any that she had ever known. Simultaneously, Kathleen slid her tongue into Angelique’s pussy and her finger deep into her own wet cunt. With a gasp Kathleen had an orgasm and her body trembled from it.

Angelique purred from pleasure and moaned loudly, “Stick your finger in my pussy. Stick it in deep, like a cock.” Kathleen reluctantly removed her hand from her skirt and slid her middle finger into Angelique, resting her chin upon her palm as she did so. All the while,l Kathleen lapped with her tongue, enjoying the delightful taste of this wonderful pussy. Angelique’s moans became louder and louder as she gyrated her smooth cunt against the other woman’s face. Kathleen smiled as she thought of the pleasure she was giving the woman she loved and she wished desperately that Carl was there, fucking her hard while she ate pussy.

Angelique’s cries slowly grew louder and louder, building to a crescendo. At last she screamed out, “Oh… Yes!”

It was then that a knock came at the door of the fitting room. “What’s going on in there?” It was the voice of the store manager and Kathleen, her face coated with wet pussy juices and her hair disheveled, had just enough presence of mind to think to herself, “Oh, shit.” Then with both hands she spread Angelique’s pussy wider and pushed her face once more into the breach.

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