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Author’s Note: This is the first chapter of a new series. It starts slowly but there are several chapters to follow instead of providing one long story so that I can properly put everything together. I hope that you enjoy this new series from me!


Walking into the house for the first time gave me a feeling of apprehension. I had never been nervous about coming home from university before, but things had really changed over the past few months.

Recently my parents had split up due to various issues, not the least of which was my fathers’ fidelity problems which had caused most of the family to write him off for the past few years. It was very hard dealing with my teenage years without much of a father, but living with other relatives and seeing my mother struggle through it made me happy that things were finally resolved. Two years before I had decided to go to school far away from any of the drama. My mother now lived across the country and my father had finally found what seemed like a lasting relationship with another woman. They had been dating for about six months, quickly gotten engaged and had decided to move in together. My father and her had both owned large houses that they sold and had taken a big step of buying one together. While I still didn’t agree with what my father had done and still didn’t have a good relationship with him, I was willing to spend my holidays there to meet my new stepfamily.

I was excited about the new house because from the pictures it looked big, had a pool and lots of room for everybody. This was the first day meeting my new stepmother and her daughter in person. I had only seen pictures, and my new stepmother was a total knockout. My father had always liked his women a bit younger, and she was in her early 40’s but looked younger. Her daughter was also very hot and looked like the typical sorority girl I was used to taking home after the bar in school and having multiple rounds of sweaty drunken sex with. That got me excited a little bit just because having a hot sister, even if she was a stepsister usually meant she had hot friends as well. I was also happy for my dad that he was finally happy and had someone stable in his life.

“Hello?” I called out, dropping my bag on the ground.

“David?” I heard from the next room. My new stepmother Jackie walked out from the kitchen. She was dressed in a simple denim shirt and shorts but the shirt was tied, showing off her flat stomach and her legs were dark brown from tanning in the sun. There was obvious muscle tone in her arms and stomach and her dark eyes were stunning. She looked no older than her late 30’s. Her sandy blonde hair was up in a simple ponytail. She walked towards me in bare feet with her arms open and gave me a strong hug, and she was just tall enough to have my chin rest on her head. She smelled faintly like garlic and I realized that she was preparing dinner.

“It’s so good to see you! I hope the trip wasn’t too long.”

“No, it was fine. I’m happy to be here.” I said, taking it all in. She was incredibly beautiful, even more so than I had seen in the pictures my father had sent.

“Why don’t you head upstairs and unpack. Dinner will be ready in about 20 minutes.” She said. “Your Dad won’t be joining us, he had to work late tonight but he’s looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” I said, wondering what she was talking about.

“Your big fishing trip!” I groaned inside. The annual fishing trip was a tradition between my father and a few of his buddies where they spent a few days on a smelly boat drinking terrible beer and trying to catch at least one fish so we could say it was productive. It was boring. I had only gone once in the past ten years and didn’t really relish the idea of spending that much time with him. I quickly started thinking of ways to get out of it. She could see my expression clearly and smiled at me.

“I get it. You’re a little too old for fishing and a little too young for wanting to get away from your wife!” She laughed. “If you want, I’ll tell him that you need to help me with moving some things around the house and fixing some things so I need you here. That will give you time to relax and enjoy yourself.” The look of relief on my face was obvious.

“Thanks a lot, Jackie. I can do whatever you want if it gets me out of that trip.”

“Whatever I want eh?” A sly grin moved across her face. “You might want to watch it, it’s been a while since a young guy told me that.” Suddenly I felt awkward because my cock stirred in my pants. If I had seen her at a bar I would definitely have hoped she was just another cougar looking for a good time. I could see why my Dad was attracted to her, because she was very pretty but also had a really strong sexual air about her. My eyes dropped to take in her large breasts wrapped up in her shirt and her round ass that wiggled at me in her tight shorts as she walked back into the kitchen. “Go ahead and get settled, Erica should be home in güvenilir bahis a few minutes. I know she’s excited to meet you.”

Erica was her daughter and I was really looking forward to seeing her in person. After seeing many pictures of her both from photos they had taken on a recent trip and her Internet profile I knew that she was also petite like her mother, had long brunette hair, dark eyes and looked amazing in a bathing suit with curves in all of the right places. The pictures she posted were mostly of her typically partying and at various events, mostly with a couple of really attractive friends that I was hoping she could introduce me to. She was younger than I was, but not by much.

I walked upstairs with my bag and into the guest bedroom, where towels were laid out on the bed for me. My room was right beside the master bedroom, and then there was another one down at the end of a long hallway. Taking a quick wander down the hallway I couldn’t help but stop outside the door of the room that had to belong to Erica. It was at the end of the hall away from the other bedrooms. It was the typical young girls’ room with posters and a large mirror and a computer on the desk. I walked into the room to see that it was at the back of the house and had a view of the pool. What really caught my eye was the amount of lingerie that was lying on the floor. Along with various other things, there was a set of black lace panties and a silky tank top lying just beside the bed. Imagining the body I had seen in pictures inside that outfit made me get a little bit aroused, but I was snapped out of it by the sound of the door opening.

“Mom! I’m home!” Erica shouted as she made her presence known in the house. Quickly I moved to the doorway. Before I knew it I heard the sounds of footsteps running up the stairs and she appeared at the top of the stairs and looked at me. She was even prettier in person than in her pictures. Her dark brown eyes gave her an exotic look and her black hair was back in a ponytail, and she was incredibly cute. She was wearing shorts and a silky blouse so that I could see just a hint of her bra underneath.

“Oh. Hi.” She said. It probably looked a bit strange that I was standing halfway down the hall.

“Hi.” I smiled back at her. “We finally meet in person. I’m David”. I walked forward and extended my hand. Realizing quickly that shaking the hand of a cute girl was really awkward I dropped it to my side.

“Just taking a look around?” She asked. I had to come up with an excuse as to why I was standing close to her open bedroom door and not unpacking in my room.

“Got lost on my way to the bathroom.” She laughed. Stepping forward she embraced me in a quick hug. Since she was quite a bit shorter than I was she had to reach up to get her arm around my neck and I got a scent of her hair and felt her small breasts pressing against my chest. I had to tell myself that this was my new sister because my body started to react very naturally to an attractive little brunette hugging me.

“I saw pictures of you but I didn’t know you were going to be so cute.” She said.

“I could say the same thing. I hate to admit but I checked you out already. You’ll pass.” She grinned at me.

“My room is off limits, just so you know.” She said with a smile so I could tell she was just testing me.

“So this is what it’s going to be like to have a little sister. Great!” I rolled my eyes sarcastically. She laughed and walked down the hall, shutting the door of her room.

I unpacked quickly and set up my own room, trying to make it as comfortable as I could considering that all of this was new to me. Before I knew it my father was home and it was time for dinner. The first meal we had together as a family was great. My father was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going fishing tomorrow after all, but Jackie covered for me quite well. Sitting across from Erica we laughed and joked quite a bit. She loved to be the centre of attention, but not in an obnoxious way. Several times I think she caught me stealing glances at her body and looking into her eyes. When we finished dinner and got up to clean the table, she jumped right up with me and offered to help. Quickly we were working together doing dishes and getting to know each other. She was not only cute, but also really well spoken and funny. She was outgoing and loved to joke and laugh. I had to stop myself from flirting a few times, realizing quickly that it would be totally inappropriate to try to make a move on someone I know lived with, even if we weren’t blood relations. I could tell that Jackie and my father were really happy we got along. They were also flirting up a storm after a couple of bottles of wine. More than once I caught Jackie while her hand was under the table obviously playing with my father’s crotch. As the night progressed she couldn’t keep her hands off of him.

After a night of getting to know each other the two parents retired up to bed and Erica and I were alone. Pouring her some more türkçe bahis wine, we talked all about school, life and the things we liked to do. I kept my flirting well in check but stole many glances at her body. I thought again about the lingerie I had seen on her floor and what she would look like wearing it and started to feel a stirring in my pants. It got later and later and passed midnight without us realizing it. She suddenly looked at the clock.

“Oh wow, I have to go to bed!” She got up from the table quickly.

“I didn’t realize you were on such a strict schedule.” I said with a smile. I hoped that she wanted to stay up later with me because I was really enjoying her company.

“No…I just try to stick to the same thing all of the time. Good night!” She was stammering suddenly and was gone. It almost seemed like she was making an excuse as to why she had to go to bed. I heard her footsteps heading upstairs. Not quite ready for bed yet, I watched the end of a basketball game on the television and then decided to retire myself.

Walking into my room I closed the door and started to get ready for bed. Suddenly I heard a very quiet female moan from the other room. My parents’ room was right next to mine. My father and Jackie were quietly having sex. Part of me was torn, but part of me was also horny from hanging out with Erica and Jackie all night so I couldn’t help but put my ear to the wall and listen to what was going on right next door to my room. I heard some low mumbles and then the sounds of two people right in the middle of some intense pleasure.

At first all I could hear was my father breathing hard and then a faint sound that had to be Jackie with her lips wrapped around his cock. She was definitely very good at what she was doing if the noises coming from her partner were any indication. Combined with the sounds of sucking there was lots of moaning from her. I was imagining those dark eyes looking into mine while my cock was sliding in and out of her mouth.

I heard some rustling of sheets as they changed positions. She started to moan in a low voice. “Yes baby…lick my pussy good for me” I heard. Jackie’s voice was low but very sexy. “Mmm…yeah…squeeze my tits…” I could hear the faint sounds of the bed creaking. “Oh…. right there…. suck my pussy baby…yes! Yes! Oooohhhh! I love your tongue on my pussy” she quietly moaned through the wall. It was turning me on a lot just hearing her voice. Imagining her naked body lying there exposed I couldn’t help but drop my pants and take a hold of my cock, which was starting to get hard.

Her moans soon became soft cries. “Yeah! I need your cock! Get that cock inside me, baby. I want to feel you inside me.” Her voice was louder and obviously she didn’t know or care if anyone else could hear.

Keeping my ear to the wall I heard the sound of rustling sheets and then my father gave a loud groan. The only voice I could hear was Jackie’s.

“You like when I ride this big cock, baby…” The bed started to creak in rhythm and I knew that she was probably on top riding him. I could imagine her body with her tits swaying right above the cock she was currently fucking. “Take me, lover…” I heard their combined breathing getting harder and louder as they continued to pump into each other. “Mmm…mmm…mmm…yeah, that’s it, squeeze my tits while I fuck your cock!” the bed continued to creak in a steady rhythm. It got a bit louder and in my mind I could almost picture her riding my cock, which was now rock hard in my hand.

“Shoot it inside my pussy! Yes!” She started to moan loudly and my father started to groan louder until I heard a very quiet release and the bed stopped creaking. “Mmm…” I heard her voice softly murmur. “That was great, baby…”

Coming to my senses I had my cock in my hand stroking it to the sounds of my new stepmother having sex with my dad. Shaking my head I dropped my cock and pulled my pants back up. It was going to be a long frustrating time at home with two gorgeous women around that were obviously very sexually aware. After my hard cock had diminished I needed to pee quite badly. There were no more sounds coming from the bedroom next to me so I figured it was safe to venture into the hallway.

Walking into the hallway after going to the bathroom I noticed that Erica’s light was still shining faintly under the door. Strange, I thought since she seemed to be really urgent to get to bed earlier. I was only wearing my boxers and a t-shirt but wondered what she was up to so late at night in her bedroom.

I crept quietly down the hall, hoping that maybe she had her door open a bit and I could see her getting ready for bed. I needed to have something to release the strain in my groin from listening to Jackie and my father go at it right next door to me. It was risky but at that point I was willing to risk getting caught.

Slowly walking to her door I heard Erica’s voice softly talking inside. It sounded like she was online with somebody. I just overheard the güvenilir bahis siteleri tail end of a conversation.

“Thanks so much! Mwah” it sounded like she blew a kiss towards somebody. There was light music playing in the background. She seemed to be having random conversations with several people. There were the faint sounds of typing as well. It sounded like she was having a conversation on the internet, but with several different people.

“Okay guys, for all your wonderful support you can all enjoy the show!” She announced to somebody. I heard her get up from a chair and cross the room, and then the bed creaked as she lay down. What was she doing? I had to find out. I knew from the layout of her room that her bed didn’t face the door so was hoping that if I opened the door a crack she wouldn’t notice. It was really risky to chance getting caught perving over my step sister on our first night meeting each other, but the blood in my penis was more important than the blood in my brain at this point.

I slowly turned the round knob and eased the door open very slowly without a sound. The music inside the room was louder now and once the door was open about half an inch I was able to see inside. Erica had her body facing away from me but what I saw was incredible.

Her body was clothed in only a skimpy bra and panty set, both blue in colour. Her hair was down and flowing around her shoulders. She was kneeling on the bed facing slightly away from me and slowly gyrating to the music. The best view I had right now was of her ass encased in her bikini panties swaying back and forth in front of me. Then I saw the web cam on top of her computer that she was facing. She was putting on a show for somebody online! I could clearly see the gyrations of her firm butt moving side to side but her hands were busy moving up to her chest, and then down her sides. I could see a small vibrator beside her on the bed.

Glancing at the computer on her desk I realized what was going on. My stepsister was on a live camera web site putting on a live show. Her tight lingerie clad body was clearly visible on the computer screen on display along with a counter and a bunch of chatter. Every few seconds the computer chimed and she would thank somebody, so it must have been guys tipping her while she danced.

As she danced I saw her hands go to the clasp of her bra and slowly release it, letting it fall to the bed. She grabbed her breasts in her hands and cupped them, rubbing each of them in turn and gently pinching her nipples and moaning as she fondled herself. They were a perfect looking B cup with small pink nipples that were rock hard. Her flat stomach was flexing as she gyrated on the bed slowly to the music. Her firm ass stood out and flexed inside her blue panties. I could see the crack of her ass and the faintest outline of her clean-shaven pussy through the thin material.

This was too much for me and my cock instantly got hard again. Reaching inside of my boxers I started to stroke myself, not even thinking about what might happen if I was caught masturbating right outside of her door. The music was just loud enough and she was so absorbed by what she was doing that I felt that I was safe. I eased the door open just another half inch to get a better view and pulled my cock right out of my boxers. Pumping it gently I was more turned on than I had been in a long time. This was an incredible view.

She let one hand drop down to gently rub her pussy through her panties. She was clearly getting into the show and was really aroused from what I could see. Her panties were moist and clung to her with a dark patch across them. Shifting her position she lay down sideways on the bed and lifted one leg up to reveal her panty covered pussy clearly to the camera, which also exposed her ass wide to me. I watched her pull her panties to one side and then slowly slide a finger inside her pussy. She was smiling at the camera constantly and moaning. As her finger slowly moved in and out of her wet pussy I could see it was almost shaved bare except for a small landing strip. It was glistening with wetness.

Suddenly she turned over to show her ass to the camera and her head was facing the door. I saw her eyes widen as she saw the small crack in the doorframe. She paused for a second and looked straight at me, even though I was sure I was hidden due to the darkness in the hallway. Her body was firm and tight and her breasts were in full view for me. Her beautiful face was flushed with effort and she was lightly sweating. She smiled. I went rigid and stopped moving, wondering if she knew I was outside the door.

Without missing a beat she slowly closed her legs pulled her panties down over her firm ass cheeks. Holding them up in one hand towards where I was standing she blew a kiss in my direction, not towards the camera. She bunched her panties in her hand and threw them towards the door, so that they landed about a foot away from where I was standing. Now I knew that she had seen me watching her. Suddenly I realized that she probably enjoyed the attention. It wasn’t like she wasn’t naked in front of a bunch of strangers, so being naked in front of me as probably nothing to her. It might even have turned her on even more.

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