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The room they entered was dim, the only light to fall upon the walls was the flickering of the candles she had carefully arranged earlier. A small smile plays about her lips as she leads him to the lone chair in the centre of the room. Her eyes twinkle as she gazes up at him, a small frown crossing his forehead as he leans down to whisper ‘ Just what do you have planned babe? ‘

Her lashes lowering slightly as a small giggle escapes her lips, she answers softly ‘ Wait and see baby .. I know you’re going to enjoy it ‘ Gently pushing him back into the chair she turns quickly, her full skirt spinning out around her, his eyes catching a brief glimpse of the smooth white skin of her legs before the skirt settles back into place.

His eyes lift and lock onto her hips, watching the gentle swaying motion as she walks away from him. She turns back to face him, a wicked grin lighting up her face, his eyes drop as he spots the pair of silk scarves dangling from her fingers. His eyebrow lifts slightly as she moves forward, heading back to his side to whisper in his ear ‘ Trust me baby? ‘

Head tilted to the side as his eyes lock with hers, his voice low, filled with love he answers ‘ Always my love ‘ His hand lifts to her face, the backs of his fingers brushing lightly against her cheek as he again whispers ‘ With my life babe, I’m yours, do with me as you wish ‘

Smiling softly she stands and walks behind him, her hands lifting to his shoulders, fingers gently caressing the bare flesh of his neck as they slowly move over his shoulders, trailing down over his hands, her nails gently raking against his flesh. Gently lifting his hands against the chair’s back, her fingers quickly lace the scarves over his wrists and onto the rungs, tying the silky fabric securely, yet not so tight to cause pain.

A small smile lingers on her lips as she slowly rises, her hands moving over his back, lips dropping to press a soft kiss against his ear, her warm breath washing over his skin, goose bumps rising over his flesh as a soft moan sounds low in his throat.

Standing swiftly she moves to the corner of the room, his eyes following her every movement as he tries to work out just what she has planned, watching carefully as she lifts a CD and places it in the player. His eyes widen and a soft gasp escapes his lips as he finally realises her intentions, a huge grin spreading across his face as he waits breathlessly for her to start.

Turning to face him as the first soft strains of music being to fill the room she smiles, her body swaying gently in time with the song, her hands lifting to run over her body, fingers pressing in against her flesh, soft moans sounding deep in her throat as the tips of her fingers brush against her nipples.Glancing up, her eyes locked with his as she slowly moves across the room towards him, hands dropping to the buttons of her top, fingers slowly sliding them through their holes, inch by inch exposing more of her pale flesh for his eager eyes.

Stopping in front of him, one lone button holding her top together, the material clinging to her breasts like a lovers touch, she lifts her hands to cover her breasts, fingers kneading the flesh as her body sways, head güvenilir bahis thrown back, her hair cascading down over her shoulders and back. Lifting her head to gaze back into his eyes, her hands move down her body, one finger dipping into the waistband of her skirt, teeth sinking into her lower lip as the tip moves closer to her panties.

Quickly sliding her finger from her skirt she returns to her task at hand, her body swaying in time with the song, her shirt shifting with the slight breeze she causes, his eyes dropping to catch the brief glimpses of her pale breasts as the material parts.

Sliding her hands back up her body, her fingers quickly slip the last button through it’s hole, her hands clutching the material tight to her body as she turns her back to him. Looking over her shoulder at him, a small smile playing over her lips she slips her hands free of the material, lifting a hand to grip the shirt at her shoulder, slowly pushing it down, exposing her soft pale flesh for his eager eyes, giggling softly as she glances back, catching him wriggling in the chair, arms pulling against their restraints.

Laughing softly she allows the material to fall from her other shoulder, her shirt dropping to her waist, her back bare to his gaze, his eyes travelling hungrily over the silken flesh. Turning towards him slowly, her hands lifting the material back to her shoulders, she faces him, hands dropping to allow the shirt to gape open, revealing the pale curves of her breasts, but still covering her dark nipples, the material caught against the hard peaks.

As she stares into his eyes, her hands slide up her body, fingers dipping into her long dark hair, lifting it up off her shoulders as her body slowly lowers towards the floor, knees bending as she twists and turns with the music. Closing her eyes as her body moves to the rhythm, slowly rising back from the floor, her shirt shifting, his body straining forward as his eyes dart over her body, eager for more glimpses of her skin as she twists and turns just for him.

Sliding her fingers inside her waistband she slowly begins to slide the material down over her hips, the material riding low on her body as her fingers move to her navel, one long nail flicking out against her piercing as it shimmers in the pale candlelight. A soft moan sounds over the music as her nail flicks the piercing back and forth, teeth sinking into her lower lip as the tugging of her piercing sends an answering tug deep within her lower body.

Her eyes open as she stares back at him, teeth still worrying at her swollen lip, hands moving to grip the waistband of her skirt, gently tugging it lower on her hips, sighing softly as it slides soundlessly to the floor. Her eyes still locked with his she steps forward, one foot catching the skirt and kicking it to the side, her body still swaying to the music, hands moving over her hips, lifting higher to cup her breasts beneath the gaping shirt.

Moving closer to him as he struggles in the chair, his moans growing louder as more and more of her body is exposed to his gaze, her hands lift to reach out and caress his face, her nails gently raking against his cheeks as she sways her hips closer to his aching türkçe bahis body. Her hands lift to rest against his shoulders as she leans forward to whisper in his ear, her breasts brushing against his body, nipples hardening as they rub against the material of his shirt, her warm breath washing over his neck as the words flow past her lips ‘ enjoying this lover? ‘

His eyes lock with hers, body straining forward, desperately seeking closer contact with hers as he groans ‘ very much lover … let me taste you ‘ She giggles and skips back lightly, a cooling rush of wind flowing over her body as she turns her back to him, a wicked grin on her face as she glances back over her shoulder and looks at his face.

Winking cheekily she quickly lowers her hands to the floor, sighing softly as she wraps her fingers around her ankles, her ass high in the air, a low growl coming from behind her as his eyes lock on her lace covered cheeks, his hands jerking at the scarves as he tries in vain to reach her.

Slowly she releases her ankles, legs spreading apart slightly as she peeks between them, winking once more as she sees the desire evident on his face. Standing swiftly she spins and in one fluid movement tosses the shirt up and over her shoulders, baring her full aching breasts to him, her chest rising and falling as she breathes deeply. Darting her tongue over her lower lip she lets the shirt fall from her arms to pool around her feet, leaving her standing before him almost naked, a wicked smile lighting her face as she inches closer to his straining body.

Humming softly in time with the music as she wanders around behind him, her hands trailing over his back, her breasts brushing against the back of his neck as she leans down closer, her breath cool against his heated flesh as she softly sings along with the song ‘ Must have picked the stars out of the sky and left them in your eyes, I’m thinkin’ bout you every day and every night, I love the way you drive me insane, Make me laugh, make me love, make me crazy, I feel alive, you’re the only one to drive me wild ‘

Moving back to the front as she continues to hum along with the song, her hands lifting to grip the waistband of her lace panties as she moves to stand between his knees, leaning forward, breasts brushing lightly against his face, a nipple dancing teasingly against his lower lip. Moaning loudly as she feels his tongue dart out against the hard nub, her hands stilled momentarily as a slight shudder passes through her body, pressing closer against his lips as her hands push her panties lower, sliding them easily over her tight ass.

Her moan turns to a low groan as his lips enclose her nipple, sucking the tight bud deep within his mouth, his tongue swirling and flicking against the sensitive nub. Teeth sinking into her swollen lip she presses harder against his mouth, hands lifting to grip his shoulders as she tugs him closer, moans growing louder as she moves her breasts against his lips. Bringing one hand back to her body she finishes pushing her panties as low as they will go, her ass wriggling with the effort of dislodging them from her body, smiling as she feels them fall against her feet, carefully stepping out of them, güvenilir bahis siteleri kicking them gently under the chair.

Moving her body closer against his again she lifts a leg up and over his thigh, her body lowering as she grinds her aching pussy against his denim clad thigh, his leg moving with her body, pushing up against her, pressing harder against her swollen clit. Gripping his shoulders harder with her nails her body moves faster against his thigh, groans sounding loud in the now silent room as his mouth moves from one nipple across to the other to hungrily suck it deep within his hot mouth.

Gripping his thigh tight within her knees she grinds her clit down against him, her head thrown back in ecstasy, her long dark hair rippling down her back, shimmering in the faint light. His arms pull harder against the scarves, hands finally escaping their captivity he lifts them to cup her full breasts, fingers of one hand crushing a swollen bud as the other hand drifts down over her back, slipping lower on her body, cupping her ass to squeeze tight as he pushes his leg harder against her, the friction against her clit causing her body to tingle, shudders travelling across her skin as she drops her head against his, lips pressing against his salty skin, tongue flicking out to taste.

Her lips pressed tight against his skin she continues moving her hips against his thigh, moaning louder as she presses down harder against his hard muscles, her tongue moving against his skin, licking and tasting every available inch.

A loud gasp sounds in the room as she feels his hand slip from her ass cheek, down under her thigh, the tips of his fingers brushing against her ass, a finger pressing against the opening, her body jerking forward at the contact causing her clit to press sharply against his thigh, sparks shooting through her body radiating from her clit. Pressing her lips to his skin she gently sucks the flesh into her mouth, her teeth nibbling gently as she rocks her hips against his thigh, low moans sounding in her throat as his hand moves up and over her thigh, sliding down between her legs, his fingers pushing between her aching pussy and his damp jeans, fingers moving forward, seeking the warm entrance.

Groaning loudly she bites down on his neck as he swiftly slides two fingers deep inside her, teeth locked on the flesh as he slams his fingers in and out of her, his thumb moving up to rub against her swollen clit, pressing harder against the sensitive bud as he drives his fingers faster into her body. She releases his skin as her head rolls back, a deep groan sounding low in her throat as her hips slam down against his fingers, her body jerking against his thigh as the beginnings of her orgasm spread through her body. Screaming his name as he slams a third finger deep inside her, her orgasm racing through her body, skin tingling with the sensations as she continues to rock her body against his.

Low moans sound throughout the room as she rides out her orgasm, her hands gripping his shoulders tight as her head drops back against his shoulders, her chest rising and falling hard and fast as she struggles to regain her breath, her hands moving over his back clutching him close. Slowly she lifts her head to look into his eyes and whisper … ‘ so baby …. did you like? ‘ Her only answer is a low growl as he lifts her and carries her off to the bedroom to show her what he really thought of her show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32