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Imagine yourself on the streets of downtown Kansas City; tall buildings towering around you, horns honking in the distance, stoplights reflecting off the wet pavement. It’s about 10:30 at night, and you’re walking by yourself along the sidewalk. A cold breeze whips through the empty streets, pushing you along. Up ahead, you spot a club; the name, Club Eros.

A neon outline of a naked woman shaking her hips intrigues you, so you walk closer. The man in the booth looks and smells like he’s not had a shower in days. His eyes are blood shot with small puffy bags beneath them. You just stand in front of the club, watching the eerie shadows the blinking neon lights cast upon the ground. Do you go in, or don’t you? This obviously isn’t the most up-kept of places, and probably isn’t the safest. Just then, the wind kicks up, blowing a mixture of newspapers and cold air against your shivering body. “Hey bub… you coming in or what?”

“Yeah,” you reply. “How much?”

“Ten bucks. ” After paying your way in, and getting a black smiley face stamped on your right hand, you make your way inside. “Enjoy the show. “

You never used to go to these places. Well, every once in a while, but always with a group of guys. But that was in college, and college has been over for quite a few years now. Hell, half the fun was seeing who else was there, and having a laugh at the expense of the guys all by themselves. Poor old lonely bastards, but here you are. All by yourself in a strip club. A seedy strip club at that. Once inside, you’re almost knocked down by the smoke. An overpowering aroma of cigarettes mixed with sweat and perfume lingers in the air. You follow the floor lights past the bar and make your way to an empty table close to the back of the room. Don’t want to get too close, you might look desperate. Sitting down, you fumble in your pockets for your wallet.

Taking this as a sign, the waitress struts over. “What’ll you have, hon?” Surprised by her presence, you only managed to say “coke.. ” She gives you a once-over and a wink before departing back to the bar. Alone again, you look in you half-open wallet: a five, a ten, and six ones. It should be enough, you think to yourself. After all, you’re not in here to spend money, you just came in to get out of the cold. You’ll probably stick around for an hour, enough to get your money’s worth. You sit back in your chair and take a look around the place. Black leather couches border the back of the room, some occupied by men with their hands in their laps, waiting intently for some company. You chuckle to yourself and shake your head, hoping that you never end up like that. Besides, you think, you could never afford it.

Suddenly, a beat starts pumping over the sound system. You listen intently, trying to figure out the song, when the announcer’s voice booms over the loud speakers… “Starting off tonight’s festivities… a home-grown Kansas City girl… she’s sexy… she’s sultry… and if ya get too close she’ll bite your dick off… put your hands together for Club Eros’ own… VIXEN!” You know the song… but you can’t put your finger on it. It sounds like Nine Inch Nails… Just then, a spotlight shines on the stage, revealing a woman straddling a chair, her back to the crowd. Your breath catches… She’s wearing a black thong and fishnet kırklareli escort thigh-highs. You let me violate you… She starts to run her fingers through her golden blonde hair, piling it up on top of her head. It glistens in the spotlight. You let me desecrate you… Turning her head over her shoulder, she slowly lets her hair tumble down her back. You let me penetrate you… She opens her eyes and looks directly at you, a sly smile crosses her blood red lips as she slowly starts to turn towards the audience. You just barely catch a glimpse of her breast. You let me complicate you… As she begins to stand, you feel a sharp twinge stir inside of you. She’s topless, and her breasts… oh, her breasts. Bouncy white melons with such large nipples… such a rosy shade of pink… just the right size to suck on. She begins to swing on the pole a little bit, twisting her lean body around it like a vine… taking it between her legs and softly grinding. Every move she makes is in tune to the beat of the song, and every man in the room has his eyes all over her. She works the pole, getting down on her hands and knees to collect dollar bills with her tongue. God, she moves like a cat… moving across the stage to lap up her tips. Such a perfect ass… round, supple… but all you can see are her lips, so full… so glossy red… you begin to feel a little light headed. “I want to fuck you like an animal” you whisper.

“What?” You turn to the voice… the waitress! She’s back with your coke.

“Ummm.. the song. It’s the name of the song… ” She smiles politely, “here’s your coke, hon. that’ll be three fifty. “

Her voice starts to dissipate into the background noise; all you can hear is that beat… like a heart. “Huh? Oh, right… sorry. Here. ” You hand her the five.

“She’s pretty good, huh?” she cracks.

“Who is she?” you ask. “Her set’s almost over… why don’t you ask her yourself?” She turns to go, but calls over her shoulder.. “Oh, and the song’s name is Closer… ” You feel your face start to turn red, not that anyone could see, or would want to for that matter. All eyes are on her… Vixen.

As the last beat of the song ends, the spotlight’s killed and she makes her way off the stage and into the back. Stone Temple Pilot’s “Sex Type Thing” begins to play, and another blonde is on the stage. The emcee announces her name, but you don’t hear it. That beat is still in the back of your mind, that pounding. You shake your head and take a drink. Ugh… it’s flat, but you manage to throw down a few gulps. Suddenly, the backstage door opens, and it’s her. Vixen. Wearing a white mesh baby doll shirt that’s almost completely see-through and a silver thong. You scarcely feel your mouth opening as she walks through the room, hugging a few of the patrons, pinching the others. Her smile is so bright, even in the dimly lit room, it shines like a cluster of stars. Suddenly, your waitress is right by her side whispering something in her ear. “Oh God… ” you whisper. “No she isn’t… ” But she is. Vixen begins to make her way through the crowd, making a B-line right to your table. You straighten up, suddenly, almost violently, trying to adjust your pants which are surprisingly too tight. She sits down next to you. A light breeze smelling afyon escort of vanilla and musk wafts by your nose. It’s intoxicating. “Hi,” she smiles. “Hi… ” you stammer. “Did you like my set?”

“… Yes, yes it was… very good. Good song pick. “

“I’ve always liked that song… it’s easy to move to. Do you like it?” Suddenly, your mouth is dry. You gulp. “Yes! Yes… I mean, yes. I do. ” She crosses her long legs, rubbing them together. You can see the muscles in her thigh as she leans in closer to you. “I could see you watching me,” she purrs. “You… you could?” Leaning even closer, she breathes into your ear… “I liked it. ” Your eyes wander to her breasts… her nipples now fully erect and almost popping out of her shirt. “Would you like me to give you a private dance?” she breathes. You nod your head slowly. Her breath hot in your hear… sending goosebumps down the back of your neck. “Good… follow me. “

She takes your hand and leads you to the back of the room, to one of the corner couches. It’s darker than the rest of the room. She sets you back onto the couch. It’s cold to the touch; you sink in as the couch molds around you. “How much… for the… dance. I’m just asking, because I don’t want you to start and then me not have enough money, because that… ” She puts her finger against your lips, quieting you. “Shhhh… I’ll make you a deal. We spend some time together, and you pay what you think it was worth. ” She then makes her way onto the couch, straddling you. Her heat dangerously close to your crotch, you feel it jump a little bit. “Do we have a deal?” she asks. You nod your head very slowly, your eyes never leaving hers. “Good. ” She begins pealing off her shirt, letting her breasts bounce back into place as she throws her shirt in the seat next to you. Then the song begins. “Blood, Sex, Sugar, Magik” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers begins to play, and she places her hands on the back of the couch. Moving her body closer to yours, her breasts move right next to your face. They brush against your cheeks as she begins to move to the music.

She undulates against your crotch, pressing down in circles. She begins to moan softly as she feels you growing harder beneath her. Too turned on to be embarrassed, you press your face against her chest; completely submerged between her breasts, you begin to kiss them. Softly at first, testing her limits. She lets out a louder moan and presses closer against you, so you kiss harder, taking more into your mouth. You move your hands from their frozen place on the ends of the couch to her back, moving slowly around to cup her breasts. Not expecting it, she moves suddenly away, leaving her nipples right under your nose. Still holding onto her breasts, you begin to suck on her left nipple, teasing it with your tongue inside your mouth. Looking up at her, you lightly bite down. A look of ecstasy comes over her as her lips part. She opens her eyes to make contact with yours, and in that moment there is an understanding. She moves back in closer, her mouth to your ear… “I want you inside me… ” Her hands move in down and unzip your pants. Suddenly her hand is in and your dick is out. Still undulating, she sticks her hand inside of her thong and fingers herself.

A sound of disbelief escapes amasya escort your lips as she sticks one, two, three fingers inside. Bringing her hand back out, she sticks one finger inside your still open mouth. Instantly, you begin sucking, circling her finger with your tongue, lightly biting it. As you suck her finger, your hand moves down to her crotch… lightly moving your finger against the underside of her thong. You can feel her vaginal lips part as your finger presses in harder. She begins moaning again, this time in shorter breaths. You move the thong aside, pressing your fingers against her… almost inside her. She’s so hot, you can feel the heat emanating from her body. Your thumb finds her clit and you begin to lightly rub it. She almost loses it right there… having to press her face against the back of the couch to stifle her cries. Inserting two fingers, you continue to rub her clit. She’s violently shaking now… building to her climax, it’s getting harder to control her cries. She begins moving up and down on your fingers, fucking herself with your hand. Faster she moves, your fingers getting wetter and wetter… then you press down hard with your thumb. She tenses and freezes as the muscles inside her grip your fingers in erratic spasms. She almost collapses onto your lap, but you hold her steady. Regaining consciousness, she smiles and whispers “your turn. “

Adjusting herself onto you, you feel her drenched lips pressed against your dick, ready to take you. The sensation is almost too much to bear. Her juices drip down onto you, lubricating your dick. Suddenly, your head is inside her, barely. She begins to undulate again, pushing your dick back and forth against her… slowly sliding down onto it. A choking noise escapes your lips as you feel about ready to burst. Then, you’re inside her. A most delicious feeling; hot, wet, pulsating around you… She begins to move up and down, slowly fucking you with exquisite precision. Knowing when to speed up and slow down, making the experience as enjoyable as possible. Your hands move to her back again, gripping her ass you pull yourself up and deeper into her. You both cry out as you go deeper, deeper… pushing against the wall of her cervix.

She begins to cry as you speed up, fucking her faster… her breasts bouncing with every thrust. You move your hand to her front, parting her lips and finding her clit once more. “… ohgod… “she whispers as you begin rolling it around with your fingers. You feel yourself getting closer, every thrust pushing you closer to the edge. Flicking her clit with incredible speed you bring her back to orgasm. She begins to spasm, and it’s too much for you… you finally give in. Simultaneously, you both orgasm. Her spasms combine and become one with yours. It seems to last forever, the exquisite feeling of release. Pumping her full of juice, it begins to spill out and onto you… and then, it’s over. You hold her to you as she whispers inconceivable words into your ear. You just hold her there, and in that moment nothing else existed.

Back outside the club, you pull your jacket close as you make your way back to the car. What time is it? How long had you been in there? Did that just really happen? Smiling, you laugh at yourself as the realization sinks in. You fumble around in your pocket for her number. Finding it, you stop and unfold the napkin… Come back and see Vixen soon.. or, call Suzie… 816-505-7857… either way… 🙂 Suzie, so that’s her name. You stuff it back in your pocket, pull your collar up and quickly cross the street. Note to self, you think, buy that Nine Inch Nails Cd…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32