Studying Insects Leads to Some Fun

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Nikhil was about 5 ft 11 inches, and had a lanky frame. He was Indian, very intelligent but somehow kept making bad decisions- so here he was, back at school.

He was taking an ecology class, and was pretty unenthused about being back in academics. His long term girlfriend dumped him, and he had to take time off from school. He missed his graduation year, and was deeply embarrassed, as he was a top student in high school. As he walked towards his class, he didn’t think he had anything to look forward to this semester. He took a seat and opened his books and flipped through his phone, browsing the internet. As people piled in, he wondered how long this class would drag.

But, as the class went on, he found he was actually interested in the material. They were talking about insects, and he was picking it up quickly. By the end of class, he felt somewhat better about how the semester was going to go.

As he got out of his seat and put his things away in his backpack, he heard a throaty laugh coming from a few seats behind him.

He looked over and saw her.

She was about 5’6 to his 5’11, wearing tiny shorts stretched over her tight, round ass, showing off her creamy tanned long legs, a flow top that clung to her small, round breasts, and very curly hair that was kind of brown-blonde, almost like an afro. She was talking excitedly to another girl, as she turned around, he got a full view of her face. Hazel eyes, a button nose, full lips. Her nipples were poking through her shirt, and her tummy looked flat and firm. Her skin was this even, creamy tan complexion. She looked delectable in the haze of the hot lecture hall. He already wanted nothing but to get her alone and run his hands all over her.

She noticed him and smiled.

His dick throbbed. He smiled awkwardly and embarrassedly, wondering if she could tell he was thinking about her naked, him naked, and completely intertwined in an empty classroom.

He passed by her desk as he was leaving and she smiled at him again. He got the courage and introduced himself.

“Hey, I’m Nikhil, or just Nick. You look kind of familiar, did you take Systems Physiology with me a few semesters ago?” He mustered, with a lame excuse. He hoped he didn’t come off creepy.

“Hi! I’m Kenni. No, I haven’t taken that class, but nice to meet you. Are you interested in insects and stuff?”

I’m certainly interested in sex with you, he thought in his head.

“This is only the second class I’m taking about it. I actually liked today’s class. How about you?”

They chatted for a while, walking back to the bus stop so she could get on with her day, him so he could leave campus. He found out she was latina and very into environmental science.

As they parted ways, he suggested they study together for the class and suavely got her number. He texted her right away, so she could have his. The gears in his head to get this sexy girl on his dick were spinning.

Every time the class met, he would sit somewhat nearby to Kenni. When there was a lull he’d text her with a funny joke and she’d look at him and smile, sending the blood rushing Göztepe Escort from his head. He watched the nape of her neck, wanting nothing but to run his lips up it, glanced at her abdomen when her short shirts lifted as she raised her hand to ask a question, watched her tight butt in those tiny shorts move as she got out of her seat to pack up, and her long, svelte legs, his weakness.

He just wanted those legs wrapped around him as he buried himself in her, his hands all over her body, his face pressed in her neck, her naked breasts pressed against his chest, moaning in his ear, them moaning together as he slowly slid into and out of her flaming hot pussy, her hips pushing back on his aching cock, her pussy gripping him, not letting him go.

“Hello? Earth to Nick! Where’d you go?” She said laughing sexily, throatily.

He smiled and shook his head. He had a raging boner but hid it with his messenger bag.

“Hey, sorry, just thinking about all the work we have to do. I’m getting a little stressed.”

“Oh, why don’t you come to my apartment after next class, we can study together. The exam is coming up.” She asked, as she tucked a curl behind her ear. She smiled.

His heart gave a leap, his stomach in butterflies.

“Oh, only if you don’t mind. I’d love to study together.” He smiled at her. She was wearing a push up bra today. She didn’t usually wear a bra at all, he wondered if she wore it for him.

Next class came and Nick took some extra care in the shower. He didn’t know if it would happen but he wanted to be prepared. He trimmed himself and showered very thoroughly. He wore a nice t-shirt and shorts and even dabbed a really small amount of cologne, so it didn’t come off douchey.

In class, his jaw almost dropped. She was wearing this tight, short red shirt that came off the shoulder and showed the tops of her handful sized breasts. Her nipples poked clearly through the thin material. Her curly hair was tied into two low pigtails. She wore tiny white shorts, and the top of her thong showed when she stretched her arms and back. She smiled at him, and he couldn’t tell if he imagined it, but she did it seductively. She bent towards him to get something out of her bag and her shirt dipped from her chest. He saw her perfect, puffy pink areolas and he immediately got hard.

He couldn’t concentrate in class at all. Every time he looked at her, all he could think about was all the different ways he wanted to fill her. He wanted to grip her ass and suck on her breasts as she straddled him, he wanted to push himself into her while she was on her back, he wanted to see her lovely lips on his stiff dick, he wanted to suck on her tongue while she rode him, he wanted to press his tongue into her pretty pussy and make her cum like she’d never cum before.

Class finally finished and Nick and Kenni walked to his car. They were sort of quiet and rode to her apartment.

They went upstairs and into her room and she shut the door. She put on some music. His heart was beating loudly.

She sat near him on her bed, they smiled at each other. She reached over him, İstanbul Escort to her desk so that her breasts grazed his arm, he could smell her hair. From her desk, she pulled out a joint.

He was surprised. “You smoke? I smoke too. I didn’t know.”

She smiled and lit it up. “We need to relax a bit before studying.”

She took a hit and passed it to him. He took a hit or two and passed it back. It was strong, they were getting high quickly.

He decided to make a move.

“I know a way to get high fast. Want to see?”

She leaned back on the bed, her feet closest to him. She smiled, “Show me,” she said lazily.

He crawled over her, separating her legs so his legs and hips were now between them. They giggled.

“You want me to show you, for sure?”

She nodded taking another hit.

He held himself above her, took the joint and inhaled. He held it in his mouth and carefully lowered his mouth to hers. She didn’t move, she tipped her face towards his.

Their lips met. Her lips opened like a flower in bloom.

He exhaled into her mouth and she took it all in. Their eyes never closed, her hazel gaze on his dark brown.

As she exhaled out, in the air behind him, he stayed in that position, between her legs. She turned to look at him, her lips open, her face looking lustful. He brought his mouth back to hers and they kissed passionately. He sucked on her tongue and ran his hand over her. She folded her legs around him, bringing his hard, throbbing erection to her pelvis and ground into him.

He breathed hard. She pulled him down to her, and her hard nipples poked into his chest, they moved together on the bed, her arms around his neck, legs around his back, their mouths melded together, his hands snaked into her shorts, and cupped the cheeks of her ass, as they desperately ground their aching, covered sexes together, trying to achieve a closeness impossible by the layers of clothing.

She pulled his shirt off and he reluctantly took one hand out of her pants and ripped her shirt off. He immediately grabbed ahold of her little puffy breast, his lips went to her nipple and nursed it. She put her hand into her pants and started to rub her clit in slow long strokes as his lips clutched the nipples of her right and left breast. His hands went back in her pants, squeezing both her ass cheeks. She started unbuttoning his shorts and he slid them off. His thick, 5 inch cock stuck straight out. .

He pulled off her shorts and then her thong. He looked at her naked, bald pussy, heightening his desire; he stroked himself. It was glistening and musky and perfect. His cock ached to be nestled into it.

She pulled him back towards her and they resumed their grinding and kissing, but now his naked dick ground into her smooth, wet pussy, electrifying them both. They both rocked together, the bed frame hitting in the wall. She slid against him, her clit meeting his tip, as he glided through the folds of her vulva, slipping over her hole tantalizingly. He started humping more forcefully, and his cock moved into the folds of her pussy, entering her slightly. Anadolu Yakası Escort She groaned and he breathed in hard, as the head popped into her. She arched her back, trying to take more.

They looked at each other’s faces and didn’t say a word as he slid into her, completely. They both moaned as the sound of their consummation squelched wetly and his hot, stiff cock was gripped by her warm, wet, smooth pussy; he bottomed out into her hot, sticky pot.

They didn’t move for a few seconds as he slid all the way in, they kept their eyes locked on each other. When he fully sheathed himself in her, he closed her mouth with his and she moaned into his mouth as he sucked on her tongue. Her eyes rolled back, as he slowly, very slowly, ground his incredibly hard rod into the pressure of her burning pussy.

His blood was running hot, his mind not even processing. Her tightness was mind blowing. This didn’t compare to any of the millions of fantasies he had of this moment, the sensation of being ball deeps in this sexy beauty was exquisite.

She started moving her body against his, grinding his dick against her g-spot, moaning in his ear. He’d never been more turned on. He was breathing hard into her neck and bit her as he picked up his pace moving in and out of her. She grabbed his back and tightened her legs around him, refusing to let him slide out too far, wanting his thick dick to fill her.

His hands found their way into her thick, curly blonde-brown hair, and they both opened their eyes, staring with lust written all over their faces as he pumped in and out of her, as she met his movement with her own, back as he pulled out, and towards him as he pushed in, his dick going deeper, and deeper into her tightness.

They moved their faces together simultaneously, their lips opening immediately, their wet tongues dancing in perfect rhythm with their sex. They were moaning and grunting together, incoherently, as they both approached climax.

She was getting incredibly wet and precum was flowing out of him as they slowed their pace. He pushed her thighs back and ground himself in, as deep as he could go. The moan she gave was enough to send him over the edge.

His cock was throbbing in her, and she tightened against him. They moved together for another ten seconds, kissing desperately, their hands all over each other, pumping against each other, before he felt her milking his aching dick with her pussy. He pumped twice more in rhythm with her orgasm and then buried himself as deep as he could go and exploded in her, their mouths enclosed, his arms holding her to him, her hands in his thick black hair, legs holding his cock in place.

They moaned in each others mouths until his penis slipped out of the pool of fluid dripping out of her. He rolled off and she turned towards him, as they kissed sweetly, his hands grazing her waist and hips and butt. She placed a hand around his shoulder and moved closer, snuggling to him. He kissed her button nose before they fell asleep, naked and pressed together.

They napped for an hour or two, only to be woken up just as horny as before.

Kenni swung her leg over his waist and his fully erect cock immediately slipped into her. They stayed pressed together as he slid in and out of her, his hand on her ass, their mouths molded together and moaning into each other.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32