Sue Next Door and Her Broken Leg

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It was on a nice Wednesday afternoon. I was on day-one of a two-day break between the weekend day shift and the dreaded midnight shift that started Friday Morning (actually I had to be there by Midnight Thursday night) I was reading a book out on my apartment balcony and enjoying the early afternoon sun of a nice spring day.

There were very few people out and about and all that caught my attention was the occasional bird that chirped in the nearby trees. I was beginning to sense the possibility of an oncoming nap attacking me when I heard a voice from the next-door balcony. It was a young lady that I had met on a few occasions who lived in the next-door apartment. Her name is Sue and she is a nurse at the nearby hospital.

I was a little startled by her: “Hey, how you doing?” and looked around for a few seconds until I saw her head looking around the wall that separated our balconies.

“Hello there, yourself, how are you today?”

Sue watched as I got up out of my chair and walked the short distance to be as close to her as the dividing wall would allow. I leaned over the railing so that I could see her better and she was looking really good. Sue is a good looking twenty-seven-year-old lady with dark hair and an athletic looking body. And a cast on her right leg. Wait! “Where did that cast come from?”

“I managed to fall off a horse.” She replied. “Actually, I hadn’t really gotten all the way onto him when I fell over the other side of the saddle and broke my leg just below the knee. It was really kinda dumb.”

“Wow, that must have really hurt. Will you need surgery?”

Sue thought for a few seconds before: “Yes it did hurt and no, I probably won’t need any surgery. I just need to have this cast on for six or seven more weeks. Meanwhile, I’m on short-term disability from the hospital. So, I’ll be OK; just a little bored.”

She really did look a little bored so I asked: “Is there anything that I can do for you?”

Sue appeared to have been waiting for just that sort of a question: “Well, I really could use a ‘store run’. It’s not easy for me to go up and down those stairs and driving my car with this cast would be really tough. Is there any chance that you could ‘please’ make a run to the market if I give you a list and my debit card?”

I agreed to making the run but doubted that the cashier would believe that my name is ‘Sue’ so I declined using her card and told her that we could figure out something on the costs. She offered to send me an electronic check. I suggested that we wait to see how much it cost at the market before she got all involved with the finance.

I asked: “Do you already have a list?”

Sue reached into the back pocket of the cutoff jeans that were hugging her fine-looking ass and came out with a folded sheet of notebook paper. She unfolded it and passed it to me.

I scanned the list and noted that it was mostly food items and a few other ‘essentials’ that I knew that I could probably find at the local market. “I’m on my way!”

Sue thanked me and handed me a key for her front door: “Please come right in; that way I won’t have to make another awkward trip down and up those stairs.” I accepted the key and told her that I should be back within the hour. I asked her for her phone number: “In case I have any questions.” She gave it to me and I entered it into my cell phone.

I was soon ‘off on a mission’ and pushing a shopping cart around the local grocery. I went systematically from aisle to aisle picking up the things that were on her list. One item caught my attention; a tube of soothing medicated cream that she specified by brand name. There were two sizes available and her list did not indicate which one. So, I called: “Which size of the cream did you want?”

Sue replied: “Get the biggest one that they have; I really need it.”

I asked if there was anything else? She said that she couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t already on the list. Since it was getting toward late afternoon I asked: “Is it too early for supper?”

She told me that she hadn’t thought that far ahead yet; so, I offered to bring ‘fried chicken’ when I returned. Sue thought that was a good idea and told me that she really appreciated my running the errands for her. I told her that I should be back within the half-hour and we rang-off.

I checked out, stowed the groceries in my car and headed for the chicken place drive-thru. I was soon on my way back to the apartments and started trundling the bags up to Sue’s place. It took three trips to get it gaziantep rus escort all in. I brought the chicken on the first trip so by the time that I was done Sue had set the table and had all the perishables put away. We sat at the table and pushed chicken down our necks.

I offered to clear up and Sue looked happy to accept. We had eaten on paper plates so there were only a couple of glasses and some silverware to worry about. Sue, meanwhile, retreated to the living room and put herself down on the couch. I heard the TV come on; she had the early evening news program playing. I went in and sat on the opposite end of the couch with her feet next to my hip.

We watched the news for a few minutes before I picked up her foot (The one not on the casted leg) and began rubbing her instep and ankle area. Sue, at first, looked a little startled but quickly changed expression to a happy face: “Oh wow, that feels really good.”

I smiled and applied myself to rubbing and smoothing her foot for another few minutes before asking: “Would it hurt you if I did the other one?”

Sue seemed very happy to have me paying attention to her feet. She smiled and moved herself down on the couch so that her feet were, more or less, on my lap. I started on the other foot and this time she actually moaned a little: “Damn, that feel good.”

I didn’t say anything; I just kept up rubbing. With her new position, I could reach as far as mid-calf and she seemed to appreciate that. After a few minutes of rubbing I asked: “Your skin seems a little dry. Do you have any hand cream or lotion that I could put on?”

This question seemed to get a very happy reaction from Sue: “Yes I do. But I would really like to not get anything on this couch. Would you mind doing that on my bed sheets?”

On the bed with Sue? Are you kidding me? I tried to keep my voice calm: “That would be ok by me. Lead the way. “

I helped her to her feet and followed her down the hallway toward the bedroom. She ducked into the bathroom and retrieved a bottle of body lotion taking it with her. She went directly to the bed pulling the light blanket and top sheet off. She let the bedclothes drape down over the foot of the bed then sat herself down with her back against the headboard.

At first, I just stood there admiring the view. When she looked at me and smiled, I lifted her legs and sat down on the side of the bed with her feet again on my lap. Sue handed me the lotion bottle and I pushed down on the pump depositing a nice big blob into the palm of my hand. I put the bottle down on the bed before beginning to apply the lotion to her good leg ankle and instep. Sue closed her eyes while whispering: “That really does feel good.”

I said nothing; just kept rubbing for a couple of minutes. I then switched to the other leg after putting more lotion on my hand. Sue was very appreciative and I think that I heard a little moan. “I’m not hurting you, am I?”

Sue: “Not in the least. Would you mind if I rolled over so that you could do the back of my legs?”

I told her that I wouldn’t mind ‘in the least’. I sat there while she rolled over keeping her lags on my lap. I applied a little more lotion and rubbed from her heel to her knee on the good leg and from her heel to the bottom of the cast on the other. The whole time that I was doing this, I had the opportunity to ogle her finely shaped butt. And a great butt it was.

After a little while, I offered: “Would you like me to do your back and shoulders?”

Without saying a word, Sue reached down and pulled her tee-shirt up and off. She was not wearing a bra but she was laying on her front so I really didn’t get a good look at her tits. Sue had average sized tits for a woman her size; not too small nor not too big; just about right.

I lifted her legs off my lap and took up a position on the bed sitting next to her. I put a big blob of the lotion on my hand and warned her: “This might be a little cold” before putting my hand on the middle of her back. Sue didn’t say anything but when I started to rub the lotion around, she let out a long slow moan. I rubbed up to her shoulders and down to the waistband of her shorts. When I started on her shoulders, she moaned a little louder: “Damn that really feels good; you have talented hands.”

I kept at the massage and I kept at looking at her fine butt. After about ten minutes of this treatment sue asked: “Can I ask you for another big favor?”

I told her that I would be happy to help any way that I could.

Sue seemed to think about it for a few seconds before: “A very special and a little personal favor?”

“Name it” I said with as assuring a tone as I could muster.

“Do you remember that cream that I had you get?”

I nodded before I realized that she couldn’t see me while she was face down: “Yes, why?”

“Well it’s for my behind. All this sitting around has made my ‘sit-down’ areas a little tender. Almost like bed sores only not so bad. There isn’t any break in the skin but I could see some reddened and raw spots when I took my shower. Would you be willing to apply some of that cream to my butt?”

Good grief! This fine woman wants me to rub her ass! Trying not to stammer or blurt out something rude: “No problem, where did you put that cream?”

Sue: “On the counter to the left of the coffee pot.”

I was gone and back in record time. Meanwhile, Sue had rolled back over to face up. She had draped her tee-shirt over her tits but I could see her nipples poking through the fabric. I held the tube up so that she could see it. She looked closely and said: “You’ll have to break the seal; there’s probably a sharp pointy thing in the cap.

I undid the cap and sure enough there was a little aluminum foil seal on the tube. I pushed the opposite end of the cap into it putting a nice hole there. I was careful not to squeeze the tube so that none of the cream leaked out. I put the cap back on temporarily: “Ready?”

Sue smiled again then reached down to unbutton and unzip her shorts. She arched her back and slid them down to mid thigh area: “A little help please?”

Not sure what to do, I put the tube down onto the bed and grasped her shorts on both sides and slid them down her legs. It was a little tricky getting them around the cast but I managed to get them all the way down and off. I put them onto the floor next to the bed and stood back up admiring the view again. Sue lay there in her dainty pink panties with her tits covered by a couple of layers of tee-shirt. I couldn’t see any pubic hair anywhere and concluded that she is either clean shaven or very closely trimmed. I could make out the cleft of her womanhood through the thin material. My cock was starting to send me messages.

Sue rolled over onto her front again trapping the tee-shirt under her. Now I could see her butt even better clad only in her panties. I admired the view for a few seconds before: “Should I put it on under your panties, or what?”

“Would you mind sliding them down? I think that you will be able to see the sore spots if you do.”

I needed no further invitation. I put my fingers into both sides of her waistband and began sliding her underwear down her hips. Sue lifted herself up a little and they went easily down her legs with the same interference as I went past the cast. Wow, what a view!

I deposited her panties on the floor on top of her shorts. With trembling hands, I put s small blob of the cream onto two fingers and began a close inspection of her fine-looking ass. I could easily see the red spots that she was talking about. They seemed to me to be where her hip bones pressed down when she was sitting. I started to apply the cream, rubbing gently: “Does this hurt?”

“No, in fact it is very soothing. Keep going. “

So, I did. I quickly noticed that as I rubbed her cheeks parted a little. I quickly figured out just how to rub so that I could catch a glimpse of her pretty pink butt hole. And pretty it was. A slight repositioning of myself allowed for a few peeks at her vaginal opening. This was almost too good to be true.

I continued to apply the cream to all the areas that I could. The job was eventually done and I couldn’t think of any excuse to just sit there ogling her most private parts. I think that Sue figured that out also.

Keeping the t-shirt against her chest, Sue began to roll over onto her back: “Thank you, that really made me feel better. Can I ask you to wash your hands to get that stuff off; I’m not sure that it should be spread around where it’s not needed.”

I agreed and got up to go into the bathroom. I washed and dried my hands and returned expecting to find Sue up and redressed. To my pleasant surprise, she was still on the bed. She was on her back with the tee-shirt on her front. It was down a little covering her nipples and her pussy. What a sight!

Looking very relaxed she said: “Is there any of the lotion left? Can you do my front?”

With that, she pulled the t-shirt off dropping it onto the floor on top of her other clothes. I was stunned.

I picked up the bottle of lotion: “It will certainly be my pleasure.”

Sue responded: “Mine too, I hope.”

I sat next to her again and put another big blob of the lotion onto my palm. I put my hand onto her chest between her tits and began to spread it around. Sue closed her eyes and seemed to relax even more. I was soon paying particular attention to her stiff nipples and delicate areolas. I noticed her breathing had changed a little; Sue was now taking slow deep breaths.

I gradually worked my way down to her tummy. Hearing no objection, I proceed further South and soon had a big handful of pussy. This was really getting interesting.

Sue opened her eyes and looked directly at me: “It isn’t going to fuck itself.”

I almost came right then! I rubbed her pussy for another few seconds before dipping my finger in to massage her clit a little. This elicited another moan from her after which she spread her legs a little.

That was all I needed to see. I quickly got up, pulled my t-shirt off and went to the foot of the bed. I dropped my cut-offs there and knelt down on the bed. Sue kept her legs spread for me as I slowly moved between her legs to a position where my face was right over her now very damp pussy. I kissed her outer folds and nuzzled myself further in with my tongue searching for her clit. Just as I found it, Sue put her good leg over my shoulder and tried to get the casted one over the other. I helped her get her leg up and felt the scratchy cast on my back. It was easy to ignore the cast as I began giving her some apparently very welcome head.

Sue was quite vocal as I continued to tease her clit. She moaned, she mumbled and she made a little squeaky noise as I took her love button between my lips and teased it with the tip of my tongue. She went over the edge just after I began sucking on her clit. She had a good orgasm and I helped her ride it out for at least a full minute. She was extremely damp at this point.

“I’m a little afraid to have you get on top of me; with my leg in this damn cast.”

I asked: “What would you suggest?”

Sue put her legs back onto the bed (unassisted) and indicated that I should get up. She held her hands up to me causing me to help her get up: “Follow me, I have an idea.”

With my cock sticking straight out in front of me I followed her as she limped down the hallway toward the living room. Sue stopped at the bathroom and retrieved a bath towel. She draped the towel over the back of the sofa, looked back at me, smiled and bent herself over: “Have at!”

I quickly moved up behind her, slid my cock up though her moistness and located her opening. One push put me half way in and the second one had me all the way inside this beautiful woman. I gave her a few tentative strokes before she said: “I’m not going to break; let me have it. “

So I did. I quickly began some long strong thrusts but was soon self-occupied with some short fast ones which resulted in my realizing that the end was imminent: “Can I come inside you?”

Sue: “Of course, I’m safe.”

That was all it took. I erupted filling her with a long-awaited load of man juice. I half expected to see her nose running as a result of it. Sue pushed back against me milking my cock with her internal muscles. That really felt good but I could sense that my body was about to reclaim all the blood that it had loaned to my cock so I withdrew before being evicted.

Sue stayed where she was for a few seconds before straightening back up. She turned to face me and planted a big wet kiss on me while pressing most of her body up against me. She really felt good.

I followed her back to her bedroom where we started to get redressed. I put my clothes back on while Sue selected a new pair of panties and a one-size-fits-all pull over thing that went down to her knees. She still looked good.

I was still recovering from the great orgasm so I stupidly asked: “What made you think of doing that over the back of the couch?”

“You did! I saw you doing that other woman out on your balcony a while back. She had put a beach towel over the railing and you got behind her and did her standing. You never noticed me peeking around the wall!”

I remembered that great night with Tina out there on the balcony: “You saw that?”

Sue smirked: “You thought that you weren’t seen? It was a very sexy show and I want to try that someday. Someday when it’s dark out. OK?”

I agreed and soon felt the post sex ‘sleepies’ approaching. I excused myself after telling Sue that I am available for any ‘errands’ whenever she feels the need.

I went home and went directly to bed.

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