Summer Fire Ch. 3

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Another hot summer day! I was lying naked on my bed, my legs lifted up, and I was lazily playing with my cock. I licked the sweat off my top lip. I had just had the most enjoyable wank, daydreaming and masturbating about my own Aunt Rose and sexy Mrs. Meyer. A large pool of cum lay on my chest. I was running my fingers lightly over my balls and up the crack of my arse, enjoying the touch of my fingers and the lazy sensation of just having had a long, hard wank.

All day long, all I could think about was rushing home and doing this. Mrs. Meyer wasn’t at work today, and Aunt Rose wasn’t at home either, so it was just me and my fantasies.

I lay and played with myself in the heavy afternoon heat, and must have drifted off to sleep like this.

Suddenly, away in the darkness of my dreams I heard voices.

“Mmmm, Rose, he does like to touch himself doesn’t he ….? And it’s nice to see such a healthy boy with such a need to wank himself off all the time…..”

“Yes, Patricia, and what a big puddle of cum on his stomach. I’m almost tempted to lick it all up for him ……..”

And as I started to waken from my dreams, I felt the most wonderful sensations. A soft mouth was framing itself around my cock, and another tongue was sliding gently across my naked stomach.

Now I was truly awake. What a shock! There was Aunt Rose bending over me, her hair tumbling across my chest. She was trailing her tongue across my naked flesh, licking up the puddle of cum. I couldn’t see behind her, but I knew it was Mrs. Meyer’s mouth I could feel slipping up and down my cock that was growing harder and harder by the second.

I must have moved my head, because suddenly the both of them were looking down on me. Aunt Rose licked her lips.

“So, you’re awake! Well, Billy ……. Patricia and I have been having a little chat,” she said. “And we’ve decided that we should get together and show you how things get done.”

“Yes, Billy,” said Mrs. Meyer, her lips shiny with saliva. “All this wanking has made you a very naughty, lustful boy. So now we are going to show you what a mature woman can give you.”

My cock shuddered to its full height. The vision of these two beautiful women looking down at my naked body sent my heart thumping. Without thinking, I put my fingers around my cock, and realised it was all slippery and wet with Mrs. Meyer’s saliva.

“Yes, Billy, that’s right. You play with yourself while you watch us getting undressed for you. We like to watch gaziantep escort bayan you sliding that fist up and down your cock, don’t we Patricia? You can wank, Billy, but you can’t cum. You have to save that for us ……”

And as she spoke, Aunt Rose started to slowly unbutton her housecoat. Mrs. Meyer was dressed in a fluffy pink jumper, which she pulled slowly over her head. Her large breasts sagged inside her brassiere. Watching the two of them getting undressed for me, and feeling my hand sliding slowly up and down my cock at the same time, was like a dream come true.

By this time, Aunt Rose’s housecoat had fallen open, and she was naked underneath. She ran her hand sexily through her pussy hair and licked her finger.

“Mmmmm, nice and wet. Perhaps it’s time you got another taste of me.”

Mrs. Meyer was now dressed only in a thong and silvery stockings. Her breasts wobbled as she lazily played with her nipples.

“OK, Rose. You let him taste you, while I just make sure he’s hard and wet enough to slip inside me.”

I lay back and felt the blood in my cock pumping beneath my fingers. I couldn’t believe what they were saying to me. Was I going to get to suck Aunt Rose and fuck Mrs. Meyer at the same time?

As Aunt Rose moved around behind me, her housecoat flowed out behind her. I had a glimpse of her broad pale thighs, and then suddenly she was above me, straddling my face.

“Get a taste of that, Billy boy. Make me cum with your tongue,” she said, as the smell of her pussy filled my nostrils and I felt her wiry hair cover my face.

Then the bed sagged a second time, and another pair of wide thighs straddled my waist. A hand gripped my cock and I felt it sliding up a deep, wet crevice as Mrs. Meyer settled down upon me.

Then the bed erupted into thunderous squeaking as the two heavily built women pounded down on me, one fucking my cock and the other fucking my furious tongue.

The heat and the sweat, the taste of Aunt Rose’s hot pussy and the feel of Mrs. Meyer’s tight cunt slipping up and down my cock soon sent me into heights I’d never dreamed of. Suddenly my cock erupted and I felt the sweet, beautiful pain as wad after wad of hot cum shot out of me.

“Yes, Billy, cum inside me!“ groaned Mrs. Meyer, and I felt her body quiver as she orgasmed too.

“Ah! I’m cumming too, Patricia!” I heard, or rather felt Aunt Rose as her thighs quivered around me and I tasted a waterfall of cum pour out anal yapan gaziantep escort of her. I was like a doll, sandwiched between these two powerful women as they rode out their orgasms on me, pumping and slapping down on me.

Soon Aunt Rose slid from my face, her wet pussy slicking a trail of juices across me.

“What shall we do now, then, Rose?” asked Patricia, an evil grin lighting up her face.

“Need to get him back up again as soon as possible, I think,” laughed Aunt Rose.

They pulled me up at the side of the bed, and Aunt Rose covered my mouth with hers, and I tasted the bitter-sweetness of her sweat and my own semen sticky on her lips. As she did so, she slipped her finger into my arse.

Mrs. Meyer was furiously sucking my cock, fingering my balls, slapping her fingers up and down the cheeks of my arse, running her fingers up and down the inside of my legs.

I felt like a blow-up doll, except that wonderful sensations were rippling through me; the feel of heavy naked breasts moving over my body, the fingers up my arse slipping and twisting, soft wet lips sucking up the length of my slowly engorging cock.

My legs almost gave way. I could hardly breath against Aunt Rose’s kisses, and as the soft wet bodies rubbed against mine I felt a lustful sensation trickle though me. I felt the pleasure in the heat of the two mature women’s bodies as my cock grew stiff and hard again.

Aunt Rose pulled away. She growled in a low voice that I hardly recognised.

“You gotta fuck me now, Billy!” she whispered.

So it was back on the bed again, the same except this time it was now Mrs. Meyer that I was sticking my tongue into, and Aunt Rose who was grunting and whacking up and down against my thighs.

I was really getting into this, and it seemed a shame when both ladies came very quickly, both crying out with pleasure as their orgasms swept over them. I hadn’t cum a second time, and I really wanted to, but Aunt Rose slipped up off me and sat down on the bed.

“We’ve been discussing this, haven’t we Patricia?” she said, in a thick sexy voice. “And we think we know some of your fantasies, Billy.”

Mrs. Meyer gave one last quiver of delight and slipped off my face.

“Yes, there’s something we know you want Billy, and we want it too …..”

I didn’t know what they were talking about, but my cock did, and it grew stiff and hard and purposeful again. Yes, there antep escort was a dream I’d had. How did they know about it?

I slipped off the bed, and stood looking at these two mature ladies as they laid back together side by side on the bed. Their breasts touched and their legs lay across each other. Mrs. Meyer was lazily fingering herself and Aunt Rose was licking her lips.

“Go on, Billy .. we want you to do it,” she said, and slipped a finger into her pussy.

My cock was raging. I put my fist around it. It felt good. I stood over them, looking down at them, and slowly started to move my fist up and down.

“Yes, Billy ….” gasped Mrs. Meyer. “Wank that big fat cock for us …… let us see how you really do it……”

“Go on Billy,” echoed Aunt Rose. “Slap your meat. Spank the monkey. Wank out for us and cum all over us ……..”

I took it slowly. I was really enjoying this. Aunt Rose and Mrs. Meyer lying naked together on my bed. Their bodies touching, as together they started to masturbate themselves too. I watched their wet, shiny fingers sliding in and out of their pussies, and I slid my hand hard up and down the full length of my cock. I moved closer until my legs straddled their legs, feeling the touch of their flesh. My cock seemed huge ….. engorged …. and my fist slipped easily up and down the juicy cum-covered length of it.

Oh! Yes! This felt good! I looked to the side and saw the image in the mirror. Two naked sweat-covered woman writhing beneath me as I stood above them, cock in hand, wanking myself over them. I watched myself get faster and faster. And all the time, the two women muttered dirty words to me ….

“Whack that fat cock, Billy …”

“Watch us wank as you wank ……”

“We want you to shoot your cum all over our naked bodies and then we’ll lick it off each other …..”

I felt the pressure rising. Their bodies started to writhe as their orgasms came thick and fast, and still I was pumping. I looked down at them, watching their breasts joggle against each other as they came.

I pumped faster and faster.

At last a wave of infinite pleasure swept over me and suddenly I felt the sperm collect and shoot up inside me. Then out it came! Spurt after spurt of thick white seed that splattered over their flesh. They cried out .. “Yes! Yes!” .. still masturbating furiously.

The strands shot everywhere. Into their hair, across their breasts, over their stomachs.

“Yes! Cum for me Billy….!” grunted Aunt Rose, another orgasm shaking her body.

I thrust my fist and watched the last spurt as it flew from my body.

Then they pulled me down, and I fell into a heavenly pit of heavy flesh, cum and sweat and felt their hungry fingers and hands, their lips and their tongues moving across and all over my body ………

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