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Hot, sexy times during San Francisco’s Summer of Love

This is my entry in Literotica’s Summer Lovin’ Contest. I hope you enjoy it and vote accordingly. It is not a true story, in that it did not happen to me, but this kind of thing happened to several of my acquaintances at the time, at least according to them.


Many years ago, when I was much younger, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area during the famous “Summer of Love.” It was a really great time for me and other young men, largely because the hippy girls had come there from all over the United States looking for fun and for free love, and we were all more than happy to provide it for them. Especially the free love. What that mostly meant to us guys was that we didn’t have to pay anything for sex, not even dinner, gifts, etc. It was a happy time for me and other young men I got to know at the time, and the girls mostly enjoyed the action too.

One fabulous carnal adventure with a young hippy girl especially stands out in my memory, although there were many days that were almost as good. Maybe I remember this time in particular because the woman’s name was Summer Day; at least that’s what she told me. I saw no reason to disagree, although I believed that was probably just something she was calling herself while she was in San Francisco. Back in her home town, she was almost certainly known by some other name but since, when I first met her, I had no intention of ever establishing a long term relationship, nor did she, I took her at face value.

I met her one Saturday afternoon when I drove across the Bay Bridge to the Haight Ashbury District and parked my car near Golden Gate Park. After walking around a bit and enjoying the warm August weather, I stopped to get a drink of water at a public fountain. When I raised my head, I beheld a beautiful sight no more than two feet away — a young woman with light brown hair and big breasts with nipples that protruded through the thin material of the tight t-shirt she was wearing.

“Hey, Man, ya wanna go back to my pad and have some fun?” she asked me.

I was pretty sure I knew what kind of fun she had in mind, so I quickly replied in the affirmative. Besides the cloud of hair cascading over her shoulders, she had a very pretty face, completely lacking in makeup, and she was wearing a short denim skirt and sandals. She obviously was not wearing a bra, and I wondered what other undergarments she might not be wearing. That was one of the things I expected to find out after we got back to her pad.

She took my arm and started to lead me in the direction of a row of Victorian houses that I knew had been divided into apartments. “My name is Summer Day,” she informed me, grinning with a nice, even set of teeth. “And I’m 18 years old, so I ain’t no San Quentin quail.”

I was glad to hear that, although I wouldn’t have been deterred if she had been younger, because she certainly had an adult body, and seemed to know what she wanted. “My name is George Smith,” I answered, only telling a partial lie.

As I said, Summer accepted me at face value, and I did the same for her. I’m quite sure neither of us cared exactly what the other’s actual name was, as long as we had something to call each other. A few years later, the Haight became ridden with crime, and I would no longer have dared walk with a strange woman to an unknown location but, at that time, I was quite confident everything would be alright, and we were going to have the fun she had in mind.

She led me through an open front door and up a wide flight of stairs and down a hall that was lined with doors. Summer opened one of them, which was also unlocked, and presented me to her pad. She really didn’t have much more than that. There was a narrow mattress, which was not much more than a stuffed canvas bag, lying on the floor and covered with a single sheet, a coarse blanket and a pillow inside a pink pillowcase. Next to an open window were a small table, piled with dirty dishes, and a single wooden chair, and in the corner was a small sink. A door beside the sink was open and I saw a cramped bathroom in there, but I didn’t see anything that even looked like any kind of closet.

Summer had no luxuries at all in her pad, which was very much in keeping with the original hippy idea of dropping out of Society to be a hedonist and having only a bare minimum of possessions.

She pushed the blanket out of the way, shucked off her sandals and got to her knees on the center of the mattress. I followed, and we embraced and shared a long, passionate kiss. “Do you want to eat my pussy?” she asked.


I definitely did, although I had a few reservations. Hippies were not known for their personal cleanliness, but Summer’s face was clean, and I could smell no offensive odor while I was hugging her. She crossed her arms in front of her body, took hold of the hem of her t-shirt and raised it up and over her head, giving me my first look at her beautiful illegal bahis breasts. They were big and were topped by dark pink nipples and, when she shook her hair out of her eyes, swayed alluringly in front of me.

Looking at them was nice, but there were other things I might do that were much better. I cupped one of her luscious orbs in either hand and bent over to start licking one of her nipples. Summer gently placed her hands on either side of my face and slowly lay back, pulling me with her, until her head was on the pillow and she was lying flat on her back with her legs stretched out. I stayed with her all the way, and my tongue remained active.

“Take off your shirt,” she said. “I want to feel your skin against mine.”

Almost ripping off some buttons, I did as she asked, tossing the shirt onto the floor and resuming licking her nipples. I moved my mouth from one precious nubbin to the other, back and forth, until Summer’s upper body was squirming under me.

“Mmmmmm, I like that,” she murmured.

“Me too,” I answered while switching my mouth from one nipple to the other. I said nothing more than that, because my tongue and lips were having a far better time than they would have gotten from talking.

Summer was having a lot of fun too. Besides the movements of her sexy body, she was cooing happily from what my tongue was doing, and her nipples had become so hard I could feel the individual ridges and the pebbly texture of her areolas. I drew one of her lovely breasts into my mouth and sucked, while my tongue continued caressing her nipple. Her movements under me became more strenuous and, when I started to transfer my oral attentions to her other big globe, she thrust it up into my mouth.

Once again, I switched back and forth between Summer’s succulent breasts, while her body writhed under me and her cooing evolved into moans of bliss. She was reacting in another way too. I could smell the delectable aroma of her pussy lubricating, and I knew it was time for my mouth to take the delightful journey down her body. After kissing both rigid nipples a fond adieu, I started licking between the two orbs that had been so fantastic to my mouth.

Summer wanted it just as much as I did and, when she divined my intentions, reached down to unfasten the buttons on the waistband of her skirt and, from there, began pushing on my shoulders to speed me on my way. I did not need the urging, because the unmistakable fragrance of her fresh juices was luring me down her gorgeous body. Very briefly, I stopped to swirl my tongue in Summer’s navel; she giggled and continued impelling me downward on her sexy plump belly until I reached her loosened skirt.

I got off the mattress then, and quickly got back on to kneel between her legs, which she was spreading for me. Summer raised her ass when I started tugging on the bottom hem of her skirt, which I pulled down and off over her feet. She was wearing nothing but plain white cotton panties, which were soaked in the crotch, so I hooked my fingers in the waistband and removed them the same way, leaving them with her other clothing and my shirt. Summer was totally naked, and she raised her legs for me to duck under them and bury my face in her crotch.

Any worries I might have had about her smelling bad had been dismissed by then. Apparently, Summer had bathed before coming out to the park that day, and had used unscented soap, because the only thing my nose could detect was the heavenly natural aroma of her pussy and the juices she was producing in such volume. As always, they were a delight to my nostrils, especially when my face was just inches away from their source.

Complete shaving of pussies was quite uncommon then and never practiced by hippy girls like Summer. Her unshaven skin was a lovely creamy white, with the same shade of brown hair as was adorning her head. However, her pubic hair was sparse and helped show off the swollen inner lips that were pushing their way through her slit. When I spread the sides of that aperture, I was met by a delectable cloud of fragrance, and I breathed it in deeply as I gazed at the beauty of her pink and brown and creamy confection.

“Hey, Man, are you gonna eat my pussy or just stare at it?” Summer queried me.

Only slightly abashed, I lowered my face and started licking the delicious juices from those swollen inner lips. She squirmed slightly under my face as my avid tongue mopped up all the nectar that had trickled onto her thighs and crotch, before beginning to caress the first of her outer lips.

Summer’s pussy was truly a treat for all my senses, with her beauty, aroma and flavor, but the most delightful sensation was that of her soft, smooth skin under my tongue. Even her pubic hair was soft and fluffy and enhanced my pleasure as I slowly licked my way up her outer lip toward her Mount of Venus. She was having a great deal of fun too, and was letting me know by her moans and by the way her body was writhing under my ministrations illegal bahis siteleri by the time I reached her soft, white mons.

I kissed her there and brought my mouth back to her adorable pink hole and licked off all the fresh juices that had just been produced. As my eager tongue started up her other outer lip, Summer’s body became even more active, with her pussy starting to fuck up against my face. I love everything about eating a pussy, especially one as enticing as the one in front of me then, and one of the best parts is what she was doing. I pressed my face more snugly against her body and continued to lick, reveling in what I was doing.

I was definitely not the only person enjoying our activities on the mattress that day. I treated her second outer lip even better than I had the first, advancing very slowly upward and letting my tongue caress the same small areas over and over. When I reached the end of the lip this time, I raised my head to see how the pretty hippy was reacting to my ministrations.

The sight was highly gratifying. Summer’s whole body was writhing before my eyes, seeming to be almost falling off the small mattress. Her head, both eyes closed and a blissful smile on her face, was tossing back and forth on her pillow. This was especially good to see, because sex with a woman who really gets into it is always so much more pleasurable than a partner who lies quietly and lets the intercourse happen.

I brought my mouth back down to where I had started and relished all the fresh nectar, before beginning to lick between a pair of Summer’s inner and outer lips. The place I started was the small, ultra-smooth and soft area right between the origins of the two labia. I leaned forward and gently caressed that marvelous place with the tip of my tongue, loving her response.

“Oooo, yeah! Yeah! Lick me there!” Besides Summer’s verbal urging, the erotic movements of her body became more strenuous.

I did lick her there, slowly and gently before starting to advance upward on the journey of my tongue between the two lips. My movements were very slow, as I relished everything about the delectable pussy I was eating and the responses of the sexy girl, until I reached the point where the labia were close together. I tilted my head slightly so I could thrust my tongue in between and start receiving the sensations from the textures of her slick outer lip and the spongy, swollen inner one.

As I continued upward on that same path, Summer’s movements became even wilder. It felt as if she were trying to wrap her pussy around my face and her legs started thrusting out and back past the sides of my head like a beautiful pair of white pistons. When I reached the end of her inner lip, where it merged with the other to form her clit hood, I raised my head briefly to see how else she was reacting.

Among the many great pleasures of eating a pussy is seeing how the girl reacts to my endeavors, and I couldn’t have asked for better responses than those of Summer. Besides what her dripping pussy was doing to my face, her whole body was thrashing all over the mattress, and I was glad I had a tight grip on her thighs. With her eyes closed and her lips parted in an ecstatic smile, her head was tossing from side to side on the pillow while she moaned and sobbed and whimpered in bliss and beseeched me to make her come by sucking her man in the boat.

I lowered my eyes and gazed on her clit and saw how the little darling looked like a lovely pink pearl nestled in the folds of its protective hood. I could have easily brought Summer to an orgasm, but I was having so much fun eating her pussy I wanted to continue, and I knew she could become even more highly aroused. Instead of stimulating her clit, I brought my mouth back below her gushing pink hole, devoured all her nectar and started licking between the other pair of inner and outer lips.

I treated this pair the same way, except for taking even longer because it was so fabulous for both of us. This time, by the time I reached the end of the inner lip, Summer was so sexually excited the muscles in her thighs had turned slightly outward, presenting her pussy even more fully to my mouth. Not only were her legs thrusting out and back past my face, they were swinging from side to side, so her thighs were thumping against me. Her head and the rest of her body were equally active, and I knew she was as highly aroused as she was going to get, and it was time to take her precious clit into my mouth and bring Summer to her first orgasm of our time together.

She thought so too. “Suck my clit! Suck my clit! Make me come!” she loudly demanded of me.

Allowing her legs to move freely but still keeping her on the mattress, I clung to Summer’s thighs and moved my mouth slightly to engulf her clit. With my lips forming a seal at the base, I sucked while my tongue caressed the engorged top and sides. Her movements became even wilder, with her legs pistoning out and back and swinging from canlı bahis siteleri side to side while her pussy rammed up against my face, but I hung on until she announced what I had been wanting to hear.

“Omigod, I’m coming! Keep sucking my clit!”

That was what I wanted to do more than anything, but it was hard to keep doing it with the exaggerated movements of her body. Summer’s legs swung so far over she actually carried both of us off the mattress and onto the floor, until her body was on top of me, grinding her pussy into my face. It was all I could do to hang on and keep breathing but, throughout her wildest movements, I kept her clit securely inside my mouth and my tongue never ceased caressing the swollen morsel.

When Summer climaxed, her back bowed, ramming her pussy down against my face for a final time, and all her muscles clenched. After her orgasm, her whole body relaxed, and I did the best I could to devour most of the nectar that gushed from her pussy onto my face. There was a lot of it, and every drop that met my tongue was delicious, but I know a large part of it was wasted, besides what I left to provide the lubrication we would need for fucking. After I had gotten as much of the treat as I could, I helped her lie back down on the mattress. She nestled her head in the pillow and lay serenely, with her eyes closed and her lips parted in a happy smile.

This was before the advent of AIDS, but venereal disease was a constant threat, and I didn’t want to risk impregnating Summer either. I was still wearing my pants, but I had come to the city prepared for sex, and I took a condom out of the pocket before I finished undressing. It was enclosed in tinfoil, so I removed the wrapper, rolled the latex disk onto my cock and returned to the mattress, where Summer was still lying on her back. Her eyes were open, though, and her smile turned from one of happiness to one of lasciviousness when she saw my cock all stiff and ready to provide pleasure for us both.

“That was great, man. I really came big. I see you’re ready for something more now.” She raised her head slightly from the pillow and spread her legs with her knees bent.

My knees were bent too, because I was walking on them until I was between her legs. Holding my cock with my right hand to guide it, I leaned forward and supported most of my weight on my other hand. Summer reached between her thighs to spread her pussy lips, and I moved in closer until I could feel the end of my cock between her fingers. She moved the tip slightly; I thrust forward and felt the head of my cock wedge into the waiting pink hole.

“Oooo, yeah,” she murmured. “That feels gooood.”

It felt good to me too. Summer’s pussy was really tight, even with all the juices I had left in there, so I waited a few seconds later and gave another firm but gentle push. I felt almost two more inches of my hard shaft burrow into her, and she expressed her delight again. My cock was deeply enough inside her that I no longer needed to guide it, so I placed my other hand on Summer’s other side and leaned closer.

She looked up at me and gave me a very lewd and pretty smile. “I love that, Georgie. Really give it to me now, all the way in my pussy.”

I started to thrust forward again, and she must have felt my cock surging into her, because Summer hooked her ankles around my legs and pulled her body toward me. Almost all the rest of my shaft plunged into her, and she cooed in delight. I prefer the full-body, skin on skin missionary position, and I was sure she would too, so I gently lay atop her, sliding my hands under her shoulders and supporting my weight on my elbows. I was right in my belief about her preference, and Summer reached up, wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my face down to hers so we could share a long, passionate kiss.

Our mouths separated, but we remained where we were, murmuring of how wonderful the sex had already been between us and how it was getting better. Finally, I drew my cock back until just the head was still inside the opening to her love channel, paused briefly, and plowed it slowly back into her. Summer must have felt my cock stuffing her pussy, because she hooked her ankles around my legs and fucked back to meet me. Once more, our bodies came together, this time with a satisfying wet sound, and I knew every bit of my cock was imbedded in the marvelous place that was being so hospitable.

We lay together again, before I drew my cock back for the second slow, deep stroke. This was just as great as the first had been, and we both moaned in pleasure at what we were doing for each other. The third stroke was just as wonderful, maybe even better, and we ended it with mutual sounds of happy lust as our pubic hair mingled.

All those that followed were the same. Summer’s hands were gripping my upper arms and she used them and her legs to pull herself to meet me when my cock drove into her pussy. We weren’t saying anything, except for sighs and murmurs of joy every time our bodies came together. She met me halfway with every thrust, and I could feel Summer starting to rock back and forth under me, and I could see her head tossing from side to side with her eyes closed and her mouth open in bliss.

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