Summer Luvin

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All those engaged in sexual activity are 18 or older.

I recently received a comment saying my stories sound like they’re written by someone “old”.

I have to admit that I’m older, but not quite “old”. For you see, we all age, which is inevitable, but getting old happens in your mind. The comment made me wonder if I’d missed the memo stating that only the young are permitted to write smut. I had meant for this to be finished in time for the Summer Lovin contest, didn’t happen, maybe next hear I’ll have another story to enter.

Summer Luvin

Pulling into Bob’s Burger’s in my 1937 Ford pickup I noticed it was a fairly slow night. With fourteen parking spaces only six were filled, as warm as it was for late May I thought more folks would be out for ice cream. The truck was mostly original with a 60 hp V-8 and little chrome due to the fact it was ordered by my great-granddad as a farm truck. I acquired it when my pa died. He’d been going to restore it since forever but never viewed it as a priority, I wanted to buy it in my teens, he would have nothing to do with that idea. When he died none of the other siblings wanted that * old piece of junk* as they called it, I was more than happy to assume ownership.

Mother had succumbed to pneumonia when I was nineteen, it didn’t take six months before my mom’s younger sister Martha was sleeping in the old man’s bed. When he died two years later she had nowhere else to go and I didn’t mind the fact that she wanted to stay. She was more than willing to cook, clean and do laundry in exchange for somewhere to live. I was 21 working full time at the feed mill, she had the money pa left her and didn’t want anything from me other than food and shelter. Why would I turn down an offer like that?

I think the old man knew he was gonna kick off sooner rather than later, he had set up an account with ten grand in it for Martha that she knew nothing of until he died. With the help of lawyer’s he divided up all he owned to be distributed upon his death, the two older kids got large amounts of cash, I received a smaller amount and the home farm. My siblings were happy with the will, they lived in the city and wanted nothing to do with the farm, on the other hand I wanted the place and didn’t much care about the money. With the crop land leased I would make almost as much in a five-year period as they received total, it covered taxes and everything else with cash left in the bank at years end.

I got used to Martha walking round in different states of dress and undress, though I wasn’t attracted to her, for a fifty one year old she could still hold her own. I especially liked seeing her when she got up to use the bathroom early mornings, her little shorty tee covering her breasts but not much else and her signature tight skimpy panties hiding what I was sure to be a bald pussy.

I’m not necessarily a bald pussy guy but seeing that camel toes every couple of week’s caused me to wonder what it looked like sans the panties, which I had the chance to find out, but only once. It occurred when I was in my early twenties, she had been dating a guy her age and seemed to be content in the relationship. On a stormy night I was half awake after an exceptionally loud clap of thunder when my door opened, next thing I knew Martha was getting into bed with me, naked, completely naked, sliding next to my body wrapping her arms around me. I pulled back.

“Aunt Martha????”

Her response was not only subtle, it was succinct, “Be quiet, just do what your cock tells you to do.”

We kissed and groped, I sucked her meaty nipples and slobbered all over her breasts as I kissed down her body. Imagine the grin on my face when my lips skipped across her bare shiny mound to the top of her slit. I opened the fold over her clit with my fingers and lapped at her clit like a kitten at a saucer of milk. As her breathing increased along with the constant Uh’s and “oh my’s” her abdomen began to slowly rise, soon her hips were bucking and her hands were clenching the sheets. Speaking in a husky voice as her body began to relax she whispered in my ear, “Fuck your auntie, I need a young cock.”

I obliged, as I slowly opening her legs I kissed the vulva again only to have her slap the top of my head.

“Stop it, get busy and screw me, I need this Boyd.”

I moved forward, rubbed my dick up and down a few times and pushed forward into her vagina. I didn’t go balls deep on the first stroke, after the first few strokes it seemed as though she suddenly opened and swallowed my dick. I was pushing the entire length into her with every stroke, it felt wonderful to me and she must have liked it as well because her hips continually raised to meet mine. The first time was fast and needy, we only went about ten minutes before she started to yell and I dumped a load inside her pulsating pussy, it just kept sucking and sucking. Or should I say it felt like that?

An hour later we woke and İstanbul Escort began the second round, it was slow and deep probably lasting double the length of time as the first, the second time was about leisurely grinding out a massive orgasm for both. I couldn’t get over the fact that she had come in my bed intending to fuck me, she was like a tigress that needed to be tamed. When I awoke at six she was nowhere in my bedroom, after relieving myself, washing the smell of sex off my body and dressing I made my way to the kitchen where she was at the table slurping her coffee.

Looking up she smiled, “Coffee is ready, oatmeal in the pan. I’ll make some toast.”

When I’d finished eating I sat back and looked at her, “Aunt Martha,” which was all I got out before she held her hand up to stop me.

“Last night was a once and only once occurrence Boyd. I’m dating Charlie and he’s good in bed but is only good for once a night, I wanted to be screwed by a young man one more time before I committed to a long term relationship with him. It was once Boyd, but I must say it was good, your aunties private parts are sore and swollen to say the least.”

I wanted one more thing, “Aunt Martha I wasn’t able to see your shaved beaver in the dark, would you let me see it now?”

She sat pondering and then smiled, “No, but I’ll let you look at her tonight after I shower. Fair enough?”

That night after showering and changing into her night time clothes she sat next to me on the couch, raising the blanket that covered her legs I smiled, greeting my eyes was a glistening waxed pussy. When I reached to touch it she stopped my hand.

“That’s enough looking, if I let you touch me I’ll want to fuck you again and that isn’t going to happen. Let’s just be happy with the way things are and be glad we could share each other at least once. I needed someone I could trust to give me a final roll in the hay by a young guy, and that was you.”

We left it at that, we could see the desire in each other’s eyes from time to time but never acted on it, it was what it was, a once and done. It took me a year and a half to restore the truck, to pa’s credit at least he’d kept it indoors. I replaced what needed replacing and refurbished the rest, I then had it painted and re-upholstered. It was nowhere close to being a show vehicle but it was still fun to drive around the area and show off. All the old tobacco chewing, cup spitting guys would gather round and reminisce. I recently turned 29 and I have to say, listening to their stories became more interesting, it was something I looked forward to.

Bob’s had originally been an A&W complete with the girls on roller skates taking and delivering orders. It had been shuttered over ten years when the dentist in town bought it for his daughter to run, and damn if she wasn’t doing a bang-up job. She’d gotten her degree in marketing/business management and didn’t want to live in a city. Other than the name and the registered corporate colors of A&W she took as much as possible back to its original condition, including hiring kids to take and deliver orders on roller skates or roller blades. MayAnn, the owner, had two small kids, she basically ran it from home and had a fulltime manager, as I shut the truck off Ginger Ellings skated over and came to a halt at my window.

“Good evening Boyd. Nice night aint it? What can I git ya?”

She was the valedictorian of her class but still talked like a hick, never could figure that shit out. She was home from college for the summer making money at Bob’s. As gregarious as she was, along with a nice set of knockers that she didn’t mind you ogling, the tips came easily.

Putting my hand on hers as she leaned into the window I asked, “How long have you been home? I’d like a two-scoop raspberry sundae with extra pecans and no whipped cream, oh, and a root beer, frosted mug.”

In true Ginger fashion she chirped, “Got home three days ago, MayAnn needed help so bad she asked me to come in right away. Seein’s how I been here two years already I didn’t need any training, I slapped on the skates and here I am, be right back.”

I liked watching her skate away, she was what ma would have called a little chunky but she wasn’t fat by any means. She had a tiny roll around the middle, a curvaceous ass covered in her tight blue jean shorts that didn’t cover much more than her butt cheeks and cooter. The legs of the shorts were tight and crotch height, the front dipped well below her navel with lots of midriff exposed under the short top which was cutoff several inches below her ample breasts. As she skated way I could see the line across her ass where the elastic of her panties dug in, as low as the shorts were, I could only imagine how tiny those panties must be. I rolled the window up enough for her to hang the tray as she skated toward me, I handed her a twenty and told her to keep the change.

“Thanks. You gonna be home later?” I nodded. “Mind if I stop İstanbul Escort bayan in?”

“I’ll likely be in the shop working on a table I promised Mrs. Jenkins I’d have refinished by the weekend.”

She winked, “I’m off at 9:30, I’ll be there by ten, save a cold one for me.”

Watching her skate to another car I felt that slow burn within my groin. I’d known Ginger from the time she was thirteen, she would often stop at my shop on the way home after school, living in the country she was one of the last to be dropped off at night. The bus would drop her off at the end of our road and she’d walk the quarter mile or so to my home. Ginger lived at the very end so she’d stop to pee and chat, her home life was less than exemplary. My workday began at six and I was done by three which meant I was around most afternoons when she walked by.

Though I worked at the feed mill I was also developing a furniture repair and refinishing business. City life was definitely creeping into the community but there were still plenty of people who’d just as soon have their heirlooms repaired as chuck them out for new. I took an upholstery class at the tech over in Winchester and had completed a course in furniture restoration online, ordering the restoration supplies online made it easy to not have to go to the big cities for supplies. The more I did the better I got, resulting in plenty of work mostly via word of mout. I advertised in the local fish wrap sponsoring the high school sports page, the most read section of our local newspaper, and I use the word ‘newspaper’ loosely.

When I’d first met Ginger at the tender age of thirteen she lived with her mom and an eighteen year old sister who was the town bike, she’d been ridden by anyone who wanted her. Gingers dad was in prison, her mom worked at one of the grocery stores as a butcher so the money was okay but the hours sucked. Ginger knew her sister was a slut and often talked about not wanting to be like her, which I always encouraged. As many times as her sister had come onto me I just couldn’t bring myself to stick my dick in that over used, abused and possibly disease harboring pussy.

Even at thirteen Ginger was thick, she carried extra pounds likely due to poor eating habits more than anything else. As the years went by she grew into a lovely young lady though she still harbored a few more pounds than she wanted to. By eighteen she was fully developed and looking good with a tiny roll at her tummy and a plump juicy ass designed to bang against with a cock buried deep in her cunt. Following graduation she was off to college, I came to miss our almost daily visits, her enjoying a Coke or Orange Crush as I nursed a cold one while we solved the world’s problems. I still had a few of her feminine products stashed in the medicine cabinet of the shop toilet, something she had put there *just in case*.

Later on as I home the thought of her stopping by after her shift brought about memories of her return for Christmas vacation during her first year at college. She’d turned nineteen a few weeks before, the day after she was home she stopped by the shop almost as soon as I unlocked the door. I have to say, she was looking good with all the right curves in all the right places and no longer jail bait. We hugged and smiled and were happy to see each other, I offered her a soft drink.

She laughed, “Nope, how about one of those cold ones, I’m nineteen now, that isn’t old enough to drink legally but I’ve been to enough parties that I know when to say whoa, besides, I won’t tell if you don’t.”

“Well miss smart ass you can grab one for both of us then.”

We got through the rest of the afternoon with her telling me about the differences between high school in a small town and college life in the big city. When I asked about boys she wrinkled her nose and shook her head.

“Nah, I aint ready for any of those pricks yet. I went on a few dates but all they wanna do is feel you up and fuck. One guy took me to a club about three miles from campus and then refused to bring me back if I didn’t give him a blow job.”

I raised my eyebrows, “And?”

“I told him to fuck off and started walking, I was really afraid until a squad car stopped to ask what I was doing in that part of town, when I told her what had happened she gave me a ride back to campus along with a short lecture. I didn’t mind though, she was right, I’d been a fool to trust the guy.”

It was early evening by then so I asked if she might need to get home for supper, her reply was no. Her sister had some guy living with her now and her mom was working.

“Mind if I stay and eat with you?”

I called the house and asked Martha if she’d be so kind as to bring two plates of food to the shop, she said she’d be there in a jiff seeing it was only a few hundred feet away. She and Ginger hugged, said their hello’s and Martha returned to the house telling me to bring the dishes when I came in for the night. Escort İstanbul We’d been sitting on an old couch the entire time when she pointed at a futon bed under a plastic sheet.

“So, what’s the bed for? Are you entertaining lonely widows and divorcees in the shop now?”

“Nope, sometimes I sleep out here if I work late, and there are times I just like to sleep out here where there’s more fresh air. I cover it so it isn’t full of sawdust, it’s actually quite comfy.”

I needed to work on Mrs. Jenkins table, I gave Ginger the option of helping me sand or calling it a night. She spent the next hour sanding the old finish off the table surface before heading home just after nine. She stopped in every day for the next ten days, each day I felt as though she wanted to talk about something but never did. Knowing she was going back to the campus in three days I decided to push the issue. I had given her the car keys and told her to pick up pizza I’d ordered at five, we’d eat in the shop.

Picking up the trash and depositing it in the bin we walked back into the shop where I took her arm by the elbow and turned her to face me.

“Okay kiddo, what’s up? You’ve been circling for ten days, time to land the plane.”

“Can we sit Boyd, please? On the couch?” I nodded, as we sat she looked like someone who was ready to burst into tears.

I put my finger under her chin looking her in the eye, “Hey, hey, hey. What’s going on Ginger, I’ve never seen you like this?”

“I need to ask you something, but it’s personal and I’m afraid you’ll think badly of me.”

I wanted to reassure her, “Not a chance, spit it out, I promise I won’t be upset or think badly of you.”

Fidgeting around I finally took her hands in mine calming her down, then she blurted out.

“Will you have sex with me? I don’t want those college pervs to take my cherry, but I wouldn’t mind if you do. Before you say no and send me away you should know this, I’m gonna hook up with somebody before next semester starts, I’d really like it to be you.”

Flabbergasted would be an understatement, I was floored. I’d known her since she was but a girl, now as a young woman she wanted me to take her virginity, I wasn’t sure I could do such a thing, then her last words flooded my mind. She’s going to hook up with somebody before next semester begins and she wants it to be me.

“Ginger honey, are you sure? I’m almost ten years older than you, wouldn’t you rather lose your virginity with someone closer to your age?”

Tears were welling up in her eyes, “Are you saying you won’t have sex with me? My friend told me to find someone older that I trusted, someone that would be more gentle and make my first time good. Aren’t I pretty enough? I’m on the pill, I won’t get pregnant.”

My heart was breaking at the same time my dick was hardening, I needed to put her young heart at peace with her decision. I pulled her to my chest and held her, softly caressing her back as I kissed the top of her head.

“Shhh shhh, shhh, no crying. You’re more than pretty enough, I’m just surprised that you would want me to take your virginity, but I can understand where you’re coming from. How about a kiss first?”

Turning her head to me I softly kissed her sweet tender lips as my hand slid up to her breast cupping it through her shirt. She instantly tensed, I squeezed it a little and kissed her again, then said softly.

“Are you sure you’re ready for sex? You seem tense, if you want me to do this then you’ll need to relax, touching your private parts is all part of the process Ginger. Should I proceed or shall we stop?”

“No man has ever felt me before, I wouldn’t let the few dates I had feel me up even though they all tried. I’ll relax, I know you won’t hurt me except when you pop my cherry, please, kiss me some more and feel my tits, it’s making me tingle between my legs.”

As I held her tight kissing her I let my hand roam over her ample chest, slowly I began to unbutton her shirt, I felt her shiver slightly from excitement. With it opened completely I tugged it from her jeans and pulled it to the side away from her chest. I cupped her breast through the simple bra, one of those molded cup things that holds everything in place but is about as un-sexy as you can get. Pushing up the cups her now dangling breasts were bare, waiting for me to play with them, nice and big, stiff and pointed, no droop , no sag, just 4 inches of tight nineteen year old flesh waiting to be played with and sucked.

I didn’t look down but from rolling the nipples in my fingers I already knew they were thick and meaty, probably a half inch long, damn I wanted to see those things. As I caressed and moulded and tugged the flesh her abdomen was beginning a slow but definite undulation. When I pulled and tweaked a nipple softly she gasped and pushed her tongue down my throat. Moaning into my mouth as I played with her breasts I noticed her breathing had stopped, her mouth was pulled away from mine in a large O shape, her eyes were clamped tightly shut and her body shook.

Catching her breath she slumped her head against my chest and sighed before she spoke, “Oh my gosh Boyd, I’ve never cum like that before, it’s so much different than using my fingers.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32