Summer Night

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Everyone in this story is over 18.


I’m parked under the suburban jungle of dark green trees at the end of the road, the car colorless under the yellow glow of an old streetlight. The air is hot even though it’s deep in the night; muggy and thick, so I can almost feel the weight of it on my skin. The night is alive with the buzz of crickets and cicadas, desperate for sex on this late summer night.

My body is tired from running around and swimming all day, but my mind is sharp and awake, ready for the night which is just beginning. Sweat lightly coats my skin and my long hair hangs loose in a wind-tossed tangle. I feel strong, and healthy, like I could run for miles, like I’ll never need to sleep again.

And you’re there. Leaning on the driver’s side door, and laughing as you light a cigarette. The yellow light makes you look different, like a half a stranger and it excites me. Your dancing blue eyes are cast in dark shadow and your new tattoo stands out dark on your skin. I lean close to your body and you hold me hard against you with one strong arm. You smell like sweat, Şerifali Escort and cigarettes and river water. A stranger might find it repulsive, but I put my face close to your neck and breathe in.

We leave, and the night air swirls in the open windows, cooling us and making my nipples harden, goosebumps rising on my legs. You drive too fast on the dark back roads and we laugh and whoop because we’re young and we will never fail, never die. You turn the radio up and the old songs seem new, seem like the DJ chose them just for us.

We go back to a room that smells like one of us. Sneak in and walk quiet-parents are sleeping upstairs. We tumble into a rumpled bed together and kiss and tangle, shedding shoes and shorts, trying not to laugh too loudly.

You pause and take my face in your hands, kissing me slow and deep until I can feel your rhythm sync with mine; we sync with the insects droning outside the window too- “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me,” they sing. One last time before summer ends.

I run my hands over your chest and arms, smooth and sleek with youth Üsküdar Escort and healthy exercise. I feel the soft hairs there and know that in the light they are fascinatingly golden, bleached by the summer sun to make you look gilded, god-chosen, if only for a season.

You kiss my face and neck and I arch into you, trying to get closer. You take one of my nipples in your mouth and lick it, making me stifle a moan. I can feel you hard against my hip. You’re ready (always ready), but tonight we are alone and together and we have the rest of the night. “Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me,” sings the chorus.

You glide a hand over my hip, then between my legs and I’m so, so wet. This is all I’ve been thinking about all day. Eating pizza with our friends, swimming and driving and talking and this is all I can ever think about when I see you, touch you, smell you. Close is never close enough until you’re buried inside me.

You nuzzle your way down between my legs, kissing and licking until I moan and hold you by the hair. Not like this, not yet. I pull you back up grinning and I Ümraniye Escort kiss myself off your lips, lick myself from your tongue.

I straddle you and return the favor. Gently, gently lick and suck your hard length and delight to hear you gasp and moan and shudder beneath my hands and tongue. But not too much, net yet. You flip me over and press me down, pinning me with strong hands and a smile. I smile back and open my legs, inviting.

You use a hand to guide yourself in, gently pressing deeper and deeper, until we can’t get any closer than this and I moan your name and you pull back to try and get closer again. You thrust into me slow, so slow. My whole mind is there, between our legs where your body comes into my body and I can feel it building.

You stroke faster, throbbing inside me, crashing gently against my clit. I’m moaning softly, mouth pressed to your warm shoulder to stifle the sound and you breathe in my ear, holding back until I can join you.

Sensation builds until I shudder and break apart, my concentration shattering into pleasure. You catch the back on my neck in one hand and come inside me, shuddering and straining deep into me.

We roll apart, but not far apart on the twin bed. We breathe and I can feel the night air from the window. Hear the crickets and cicadas sing “fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me.”

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